Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 554

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Episode 554.

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Sejun’s mental world.

“ruler. Come on.”

The expressionless expression of Amour Lange’s thoughts snapped his fingers at Sejun and said.


Amur was unarmed, but Sejun did not let his guard down and took out his sword and

performed magic swordsmanship.

Infused with magical power.


The sword cried and transparent energy formed on the blade.

“Then let’s go!”

Sejun ran towards Amur and swung his sword strongly


The wind blew strongly along Sejun’s sword path.

A clean blow.

This is the swordsmanship I learned from being beaten by Master Pbo…



But what came back was Amur’s solid fist.


It really hurts.

When Sejun lifted his head, shaking his face distorted in pain,


Amour moved his fingers in the same position as before.

Seeing Amour like that made Sejun angry.

So I rushed to kill him, but

he shouted, “Haaap!”






Only Sejun was beaten to death.



Amour’s resignation taunts Sejun by moving his fingers with an expressionless face.


can your skills be this poor?

Inside, I was very embarrassed by Sejun’s abilities.

Amour left a very weak impression that Sejun was a farmer…

It was a skill that he couldn’t give up even if he wanted to.

As it is, there is no answer…

When Amour’s resignation becomes a headache due to Sejun’s skills, he says,

“I won’t do it.”

Something happened that made Amur even more embarrassed.


“I’m not taking the test.”

“Are you saying you won’t accept the arrangement?!”

“yes. “I just want to go.”

Sejun got beaten up so badly that he sulked.

What is this?

The order he received from the main body was to test Sejun’s qualifications and make arrangements.

But you don’t want to take the test?

We have to make arrangements somehow.

“Hmm. “I’ll attack you gently.”

“I don’t like it.”

“I heard it’s really gentle.”

“If that was possible, I should have done it a long time ago.”

“I…I’m sorry. Instead, we will change the testing method.”

Amour Lange tries to coax Sejun into getting the arrangement he needs.

“You’re changing the test?”

“Yes. If you complete the holy battle of destruction with the apostles of the Creator God, I will consider you as having passed the test.”

I decided to replace qualifications by studying history.

A test that you can pass just by taking it.

“I will!”

Audio-visual classes? It’s so sweet!

Sejun smiled broadly and agreed, and the battle of destruction with the apostles of the Creator God unfolded in front of him.


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At almost 10,000 times speed. The speed was possible because it was a mental world.

The first battle is a battle between the nine Apostles of Destruction (excluding the Apostles of Destruction 1, 2, and 3) and the 50 Apostles of Creation.




Sejun watched the battle with excitement as it was a spectacular battle that felt like watching a movie.

As the battle continued, the number of apostles of creation decreased and the number of apostles of destruction against them also decreased.

As the battle continued for about 5 hours,

Sejun started to get bored .

No matter how spectacular the battle was, it was just boring after it lasted for 5 hours.

As the battle continued for 10 hours,

it got bigger.

Sejun realized that he could sleep even in the spirit world.

In the middle of the episode, there was a scene of the fearsome Black Man fighting with the apostles of the God of Creation, but thanks to Sejun sleeping, the Black Man was able to avoid being discovered.

“Hmm. “You need to speed up a bit.”

While Sejun was sleeping, Amour increased the speed of the ship to 300,000 times.

As I was watching this 3,000-year battle, I felt like Sejun was going to quit halfway through.

After dozens of hours,

“It’s over.” “Get up.”

Amour woke up Sejun, who was watching the battle while dozing off.

“Uhm. It’s done?!”

“okay. Now that you have passed the test, the arrangement is yours.”

Amur Lange’s thoughts disappeared as he completed his mission with a reassuring voice, and Sejun returned to reality.


It’s been three days since Sejun lost consciousness.

“Nyan! “The face of the great hybrid Chairman Park is rotting!”

Hold. Hold.

Theo eagerly massaged Sejun’s face with his front paw.

When Theo eagerly massaged Sejun’s face, he said,


Iona was curling up on Theo’s tail and enjoying a good night’s sleep


Fireworks were busy walking around and drawing something invisible on Sejun’s hands, legs, head, etc. with leaves.

Kuhehehe. Kueng! Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad, I need to eat something to cheer up! One for Dad and one for Kueng!]

Kueng put food in Sejun’s mouth so he wouldn’t be hungry,

and Kihihi. Bleep?! Bleep!

[Hehe. Butler! Is it still far?! Let’s play quickly!]

Blacky whined, pulling on Sejun’s clothes.

Batbat is sleeping now, but at night when the rest of the group is sleeping, he watches over Sejun alone and sings a song to cheer him up.

At that time,


Sejun woke up.

“Fuhuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park woke up?!”

[Hehe. Sejun, are you awake?]


[Dad, are you okay?!]

Kihihi. Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! Let’s play!]

“Queep. Sejun, are you okay?”

The group asks about Sejun’s well-being, each in their own way.

[You have passed the test given by Amur Lange’s thoughts.]

[All stats increase by 100.]

[Spiritual power increases by 100.]

They give you something like this just because you passed the test.

“Hehehe. are you okay.”

Sejun checked the message and answered his companions with a smile.

“But how much did I sleep?”

Hold. Hold.

Sejun asked while watching Theo massaging his face. Because I felt so refreshed considering I only slept for a short time.

“I slept for three days!”

“Three days?!”

“That’s right!”

I slept for a really long time.

“Then shall we go take care of the arrangements?”

Sejun got up and entered the mansion.


“A picture?”

I saw a painting placed in the center of the mansion’s lobby.

“uh?! “Is this us?”

A picture depicting Sejun and his companions.

Theo is hanging on Sejun’s lap and smiling, and Iona is smiling with Theo’s tail wrapped around him.

Kueng is hanging on Sejun’s side and laughing, and the Kamangi family is laughing while eating dried sweet potatoes in a sling bag.

The fireworks stretching and basking in the sun on Sejun’s straw hat.

Don’t we have a bat?

When Sejun looked closely at the picture, he also saw a bat hiding on Sejun’s thigh.

It was a great picture that well expressed the cute faces of the group.

Except one.

“But why didn’t you just draw my face properly?”

Sejun said, looking at his face where, unlike his companions, the eyes, nose, and mouth were not drawn.

The canvas on which this painting is drawn automatically depicts the images of those who passed the exam through the arrangements left by Amour Lange.

However, because Sejun did not pass the test properly, his face was not drawn properly.

Is it because I don’t take the test?

“and. “It’s shameful.”

When Sejun looks at the picture that doesn’t depict his face and gets

upset, [Sejun, I’ll scold Amur Lange later!]

Hee hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! I’ll scold you when I see Amour later!]

Flame and Blackberry comforted Sejun.

“okay. “Thank you guys.”

I’ll just take your heart.

Sejun thought that the words of the super sunfish, Flame and Black, were just words to comfort him.


you didn’t draw our Sejun properly?! If you meet Amur, don’t leave him alone!!!

Just meet Amour! How dare you not draw our butler’s face?! I should have drawn it even if it was ugly!

Fire and Black were very, very angry.

Because Amour ruined the meaningful portrait of Sejun and other family members.

Amour was picked by Fire and Black, who were competing to be the strongest member of the Sejun family.

If I meet Amour, I’ll scold you!

If I meet Amour, I will scold you!

Of course, Theo and Kuengi were also preparing.



Why is it suddenly cold?

Amour suddenly felt a chill down his spine and got goosebumps.


Sejun, who had received comfort from Flame and Black, grabbed the painting,

a message appeared

: [The arrangement left by Amur Lange has been received.]

[The portal order form has been obtained.]

Amur Lange left an arrangement for Sejun to come to the temple of the Creator God, thinking that he might be helpful in the fight in the Land of Destruction.

“Portal order form?”

“Pfft. If you write a portal order, you will be creating a portal that connects to a specific location!”

Iona answered Sejun’s question.


When Sejun looked at the back of the picture, he saw a magic circle drawn on it.

It was an order book with a picture on the front and a magic circle on the back.

Sejun checked the options on the portal order form.

[Portal Spellbook]

This is a spellbook inscribed with portal magic by Amur Lange, the second apostle of the Creator God.

The back of the order form depicts those who have been permitted to enter the portal.

Once opened, the portal remains open for 24 hours.

Connected portal coordinates: Temple of the Creator God

Restrictions on use: Park Se-jun, a black tower farmer with over 50,000 pure magic power

Creator: Amur Lange, the second apostle of the Creator God

Rating: ★★★★★

“It is a portal leading to the Temple of the Creator God…. “

The grade is very high?

The portal order itself is not of a high grade, but since the Temple of the Creator God is a place that only those with permission can go, the grade has risen significantly to 5 stars.

If I go, will I be able to meet the Creator God who escaped?

“But um…”

I have about 12,000 horsepower.

This is also a stat achieved by borrowing the stats of other top farmers with various power talents.

“There is no Park Se-jun in this world, a black tower farmer with 50,000 pure magical power.”

Sejun grumbled and carefully took the portal order form with him.

Even if you can’t use the portal order form, the value of the picture depicting the companions is overflowing.

“let’s go.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

[Hehe. Yes!]



“Pfft. yes.”

Sejun, who took care of the arrangements for Amur Range, left the mansion with his companions.

As Sejun and his companions leave,

he squirms.

The mansion disappeared, and snow that fell from the sky began to pile up in its empty space.


“Wow. “It’s snow!”

Sejun stops walking and looks at the snow piling up with his companions and


“ah. “I’m hungry.”

I boiled the fastest ramen I could eat. I was so hungry after starving for 3 days.

Kueng put food in his mouth, but he couldn’t eat much because he couldn’t chew it properly.

After a while.

“Wow. and. kill!”

Sejun spits out an exclamation as he eats a spoonful of ramen soup and slurps it down


I started eating ramen in earnest.

The taste of ramen while eating it under a snowy sky was truly the best.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad, I’m drinking coffee!]

Plus, there’s the delicious coffee that Kkueng brews.

“Wow. “My son is the best!”


Sejun stroked Kueng’s head while drinking coffee.

“Hehehe. happy.”

But what do you think you forgot?

When Sejun was enjoying a slightly uneasy happiness

– Sejun, what happened?!

-A promise to a son-in-law is a precious thing!

“You said you cook and give it to Park Seo-bang, Eileen, every day?!”

“crying! Brother-in-law, why are you lying?! “Come back quickly!”

The in-laws’ family members on the 99th floor of the tower were in danger.

[Top’s manager tells him to try the new dish.]

It’s because of Eileen that Sejun fainted for three days and started cooking again.

At that time

, [The manager of the tower shouts not to touch the food.]

[The manager of the tower says that since Sejun has woken up, this food will be given to Sejun.]

Fortunately, Eileen discovers that Sejun is awake, and they take Eileen’s food. I was freed from food

– thank you, Sejun!

-I will not forget my son-in-law’s sacrifice!

“Thank you Seobang Park!”

“Brother-in-law is the best!”

The in-laws’ family expressed their gratitude to Sejun.


[the tower manager has made food and tells you to eat it quickly.]


Sejun realized what he had forgotten.

“Wow. It looks delicious.”

Sejun speaks and eats food more unnaturally than a robot.

I put Eileen’s food in my mouth

and gulp.

I pushed the food down my throat with my drink.

[Hehe. Cheer up, Sejun!]

The night deepened while Fireworks were cheering Sejun by his side, waving leaves.


there are only 5 days left to spend with Sejun…

Fireworks was disappointed that the vacation was going by so quickly and resolved to work harder to make memories with Sejun.


[But the more I think about it, the angrier I get! Sejun passed out and lost 3 days of vacation!]

Amour was a spark that could not be forgiven no matter how much I thought about it.


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