Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 555

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Episode 555

I have dragon bones. If I go, will the dragons give me preferential treatment?

The morning of the 6th day of fireworks vacation.







Sejun and his companions came out of the house built in the snow, yawning.

Sejun was still on the 89th floor of the tower.

I completed the land document quest, obtained the arrangement of Amur Lange, and registered the waypoint, but did not return to the 99th floor of the tower.

Because there is still something left to do with my companions here.

After a while.

When breakfast was over,

“Guys, we’re going to build a snowman today.”

Sejun showed the group a demonstration of rolling a snowball to increase its size and a demonstration of making a snowman.

I wanted to have a snowball fight, but I held back because I had to risk my life.

When Sejun demonstrated how to make a snowman,

“Fuhuhu.” “I’ll build you a huge snowman for Chairman Park!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kkueng is making a snowman bigger than his older brother!]

“Kkueng. “I’m going to build a snowman, Theo!”


Teo Kuengi Iona instantly created a snowball over 5 meters in diameter and began rolling it, and the snowball quickly grew in size.

As expected, they have different scales.

Sejun looked at the three and looked in the other direction.


Fireworks was rolling a small snowball made from leaves, but in the middle, the leaves seemed to be cold and fell from the snowball



He set fire to the leaves to warm them up and rolled the snowball again.

Even fireworks get cold.

“It would be good to wear gloves…”

Sejun thought for a moment and then said,


I took out four pieces of fabric, roughly cut them into squares about the size of a leaf, stacked two pieces on top of each other, and

closed the holes in three directions with sewing to make a pair of square mittens.

[Rough Square Mittens] These

gloves were made by Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower, by cutting fabric and completing it with minimal sewing.

Since these are square mittens, it is difficult to do detailed work while wearing gloves.

When worn, the warmth of the area covered by the gloves can be maintained a little longer.

Usage Restrictions: None

Creator: Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Grade: F

Is this enough?

Because it was made in a hurry, it was rated F, but it had the most important thermal insulation function.

“Flame, stick out the leaves.”

[Hehe. Yes!]

The flame laughs brightly at Sejun’s words and shows off its leaves.


Sejun put gloves on the two leaves of the flame. Fortunately, the gloves fit well.

The square shape was a bit of a problem, but

[hehe. Thank you, Sejun! I’ll use it well!]

Fireworks didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Hehehe. This is the first gift Sejun made!

Rather, I looked at the rough gloves that Sejun had made with grateful eyes and looked at them for a while, as if I was looking at a work of art.

But where did Kamang go?

Sejun looked around, but couldn’t see Blackman.

You’re not going to buy it anywhere, are you?

I felt a little uneasy, but everything around here is a field of snow. I felt reassured because I wouldn’t get hurt even if I had an accident.

Sejun thought that Kkamang was working hard to build a snowman somewhere and said,

“Fireworks, let’s make a snowman now. I will help you.”

[Hehe. Yes!]

Fireworks and I started making a snowman.

While Sejun was rolling Fireworks and Fireworks’ snowballs and making several 1m snowmen,

Kugu Googung went on.

Theo Kueng and Iona’s snowballs, obsessed with size and competing with each other, were getting bigger and bigger.


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The snowballs, which were 15 meters tall and were the size of a small hill, moved to distant places in search of more snow.

And here…


[Hehe. The biggest snowman is ours!]

With the help of Kabi Karre Shari Mubalchil, the Kamangi Family, who flew through the sky and reached the top of the highest and snow-covered mountain nearby, also participated in the snowball growing competition.


[Guys, let’s roll!]







Kamangi started rolling two small snowballs with his subordinates.

You need two bodies, upper and lower, to make a snowman.

Hehehe. As expected, the great Kkamangi is a genius!

I was proud of myself for thinking of rolling two at once.


Two small snowballs starting to roll from the top of the mountain.

It was slow at first, but as the rolling speed gradually gained momentum, the speed of the snowball became faster and faster, and

the snowball quickly grew larger as it absorbed the snow on the ground into its body.

Two snowballs that quickly grew to 10m in size.

Hehehe. good. We will win it all!

Showing off the essence of snowballing, the Kamangi family eagerly chased after the snowballs on the board made by Sejun.

But was it because the greed was too excessive?

Thump, thump.

The impact of two giant snowballs rolling irritated the snow that had accumulated around them


With a loud noise, the surrounding snow began to collapse.


It was an avalanche.


A huge wave of snow quickly chased after the Black Family, opening its mouth high enough to swallow everything.


[Guys, let’s fly and run away!]

Black Mangi tried to run away with the help of his subordinates who could fly,

but failed.


He was hit by a snowball that suddenly flew from an avalanche and was buried inside the snowball.



It became part of a snowball and started rolling like a snowball.




As a huge tremor occurred, Sejun raised his head and looked around.




I could see snow rolling down the mountain like waves.

“and. Flame, look at that. “That thing is an avalanche.”

Sejun said, putting Fireworks on his straw hat.

Since the mountain where the avalanche occurred was a considerable distance away, Sejun was able to see it comfortably with Fireworks.


“Yes. The more snow accumulates, the heavier it becomes. Then, when it is shocked or cannot bear the weight, the snow collapses all at once, creating an avalanche like that.”

[Hehe. I see!]

Sejun explained to Fireworks that he had no idea that the Black Family created that avalanche.

“But it’s really cool.”

The grandeur of Mother Nature.

Sejun could not take his eyes off the majestic sight of the avalanche.

[Hehe. I see.]

Sejun likes this kind of thing. You have to remember that.

Fireworks also said while looking at Sejun’s eyes that were focused on the avalanche.

When the avalanche was almost over,


From the side of the mountain where the avalanche occurred, a huge snowball rolled quickly towards where Sejun was.

The huge snowball became smaller and slower under the resistance of the trees.



Clap and flutter.

The Black Family rolled in front of Sejun’s feet.

Hee hee… whine…

[Hee hee… The butler is spinning…]


I felt somewhat uneasy…

Sejun also became dizzy when he saw the Black Family that had had an accident, but asked,

“Are you guys okay?”

I quickly came to my senses and checked the condition of the Kamangi family.

“You have a little fever.”


Fortunately, there were no other symptoms other than a cold and dizziness.

So, I lit a fire in the brazier inside the house and tried to make them lie down in a row in front of the brazier, but

they whined… whined…

[Butler, give me a hug… I also give you dried sweet potatoes…]

The black dog whined while looking at Sejun.



Sejun put the Black Family in a sling bag and placed a dried sweet potato in their mouth.


Kamangi is shivering with chills, but he smiles and chews the dried sweet potato that Sejun gave him


I fell asleep soundly.

Sejun took out a wide cloth and rolled up a sling bag with the cloth to block the cold wind to keep the

Kamangi family from getting cold, and made food to warm the Kamangi family’s bodies.

It was a honey pear that was good for colds, made by digging the inside of the pear, putting honey and the pulp of the pear inside, and steaming it.

Let’s steam the honey belly like that.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s definitely a honey dish today!]


Kueng, the honey ghost, smelled honey from afar and came back rolling a 30m snowball.

When Sejun started cooking, he thought it was lunch time. Of course, it was also lunch time.

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s time to eat?!”


Next, Theo and Iona returned, rolling snowballs of similar size to Kueng, and everyone ate lunch together.

“Eileen, this is called honey pear and it’s delicious. “Try it once.”

[The top manager says he will eat well.]

Sejun also sent food to Eileen and started eating.


[the tower manager says this looks easy to make and says he should try making it too.]

“Huh?! “Aileen, can I talk to you for a moment?”

When Eileen showed confidence in cooking honey pears, Sejun hurriedly spoke to her.

It’s too much for your skills.

Since I can’t just throw out facts like this,

“Aileen, how is top management these days?”

Sejun naturally changed the topic of conversation to something else and made Eileen forget about cooking.


[the tower manager says that managing the tower is very easy these days thanks to you.]



[The manager of the tower recently heard from Hakoon that the Blue Tower is connected to the world where dragons live.]

Fortunately, as Sejun intended, Eileen forgot about cooking and told Sejun the stories she had heard.


Dragons are beings that look similar to dragons, but are far inferior in rank.

It will be easier to understand if you think about the difference between God and humans, who look the same.

If I have a dragon bone, will the dragons give me preferential treatment?


Sejun finished his lunch while imagining the happiness of being supported by dragons.

After lunch, the second round of snowman building began.

You have to make one more snowball to complete the snowman.


[Hehe. [The great Kamangi is back!]

After eating the honey pear and gaining strength, the Kamangi family tried to build a snowman again, but they said,

“No. “I’m not over my cold yet.”


With Sejun’s dissuasion, Kamangi chewed dried sweet potatoes in his sling bag and fell asleep again.

3 hours later.

“Fuhuhuhu. “The super-giant President Park snowman is complete!”

[Chairman Park]

Theo proudly shouted as he carved his name on a snowman that looked nothing like Sejun.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kuengi’s dad also finished it!]

[Kuengi’s father, Park Se-jun]

It was the same with Kuengi. Even though he doesn’t resemble Sejun, his name indicates that he is Sejun.

“Pfft. “I also completed Theo!”


Only Iona made a snowman that looked exactly like Theo. no. This wasn’t a snowman, it was a piece of snow.

Perhaps thanks to her dexterity in carving elaborate magic circles, Iona was also good at carving.

After we finished building the snowman, we said,

“Let’s go home and sleep today.”

Sejun decided to return home.

As Sejun leaves for the waypoint to return to the 99th floor of the tower with his group

[Super Giant Chairman Park]

[Kuengi’s father Sejun Park]

[My Love Theo♡]

There are three giant snowmen left.


[Bak Fireworks]

[Bak Kueng]

[Bak Kka Mang]



Next to it, there are small snowmen that Sejun and Fireworks made and had their names engraved on them.

Hehehe. Goodbye, guys. I’ll come back later.

Fireworks turned around, looked at the snowmen left behind, and promised next time.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]



When Sejun arrived,


Why are you here now?!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ace, excited, ran toward Sejun, making heavy footsteps.

With a huge body.

Until a few days ago, it was just a kid, but now its size is close to 3 meters. Of course, his strength also became stronger.

However, Ace didn’t seem to realize that he had grown bigger, so he rushed at Sejun like usual and



Sejun was greatly shocked.

[I received a fatal attack.]

[I am invincible.]

[I do not take damage.]

Fortunately, I was invincible, so I did not show the shame of fainting in front of my brother-in-law.

“Brother-in-law, I’ve grown up a lot now, so next time, I’ll take you with me!”

“no. “I can’t take you with me.”

“yes?! why?! I’ve grown up a lot now! “Keep your promise!”

Ace cares for Sejun.


“I mean, it’s gone too far.”

He was an ace who had grown too much.


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