Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 552

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Episode 552.

But I’m a sunfish.

55th floor of the Black Tower.


Back! Back!

Bang! Bang!


When the rabbits who left to meet Sejun return much earlier than expected,

why have they already returned?

Did you get into an accident on the way?

Parents were very worried.


“Huh?! “Is that a dragon tattoo?!”

When I checked the dragon tattoo on the left front paw of the baby rabbits, I

saw that I had met Sejun.

That’s why I came back early.

The parent rabbits were relieved.

Sejun and Theo Kueng are the only ones carrying dragon scales for tattoos.

And Theo and Kueng hang out with Sejun most of the time.

In other words, having a dragon tattoo meant there was a high probability of meeting Sejun.

When the baby rabbits met their parent rabbits, they

said, “Dad, I met Sejun!”

“Mom, Sejun, you don’t have horns! “Mom, you didn’t know, right?”

“Sejun has two arms!”

“Uncle Theo is good! “I’m not scared anymore!”

He started chattering about Sejun and Theo to the parent rabbits as if he was the only one who knew about them.

I miss playing with Sejun.

There was a time when Theo took care of me.

The parent rabbits recalled their own childhood while listening to the baby rabbits’ stories. Because there were times like that themselves.

The baby rabbits and parent rabbits smiled as they recalled other memories they had with Sejun.

When the baby rabbits and parent rabbits smile happily,

“Wolha is here.”

“Are you from Wolgang?”

Wolgang and Wolha were embarrassed and called each other’s names.

Because calling a new name felt a little awkward and exciting.

“But Wolgang, did Sejun give us our name? “I was surprised that you suddenly gave me a name.”

“huh. I said to Sejun, ‘How can you not give us a name?!’ “It’s like this.”



Wolgang must have been amused by bragging, so he lied every time he opened his mouth.

“Wolgang is cool!”

“Hmm. “With something like this…”

Thanks to this, my status as the head of the family was greatly enhanced.

“Then should we go to our room and talk?”

But it seemed like there was too much.

“uh?! Just here…”

“Follow me!”

“ah. okay! “I’m going, so leave your ears alone!”

It was Wol-gang who was dragged by Wol-ha by the ear.


Morning on the 89th floor of the tower.

“eww. hot.”

Sejun opened his eyes wet and sweating profusely.

I slept on the frozen lake surrounded by ice, but Iona used her magic to keep the bonfire burning all night long, and

Theo Kueng, a furball, slept with his black blanket on, so it was so hot that I started sweating.

At that time

[hehe. Sejun, are you awake?]

A cool breeze gently blows towards Sejun’s face along with Fireworks’ voice.

“ah. I’m going to live now. thank you. “Flame.”

Sejun placed the flame that he had fanned with his leaves on his palm and stroked it with his hand, then gathered up his companions and went outside.

“and. Cool.”

The cold air cooled my sweat instantly. Soon the sweat started to freeze.

“eww. cold.”

Sejun hurried into the igloo, shook off the frozen sweat and ice, warmed himself by the fire, and prepared breakfast.

“In a place like this, you have to eat something hot.”

The menu was spicy fish porridge made with piranha caught yesterday. Sujebi included.

Cooking cold piranhas had the effect of increasing cold resistance.

After a while.


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“Eileen, eat this.”

Sejun sent a huge pot of fish porridge to Eileen.


“Eat, kids.”

Kueng distributed fish porridge into bowls to the Kamangi family.

Theo and Iona, who had strong tastes, were given grilled fish and roasted peanuts. Looking at these things, it was clear that they were a well-matched couple.

Now I have to eat too.

Sejun, who took care of everyone, scooped up a large bowl of fish porridge with a spoon and

said, “Whew. Phew.”

After cooling it with the air, I put it in my mouth.


As the spicy fish porridge went down my esophagus, I said,

“Ugh. kill.”

My stomach relaxed and an exclamation of exclamation came out.

After warming up my body with such hot fish porridge,


The surface of the frozen lake was broken overnight with Iona’s magic and she said,

“Okay. “The second ice fishing competition begins!”

The ice fishing competition started today as well.

“ah. Today I’ll add a new rule. If you catch a giant piranha, it will be considered that you have caught 5,000 regular piranhas. If you catch a super giant piranha, it will be considered that you have caught 15,000 regular piranhas.”

Yesterday, Theo and Kkueng were too independent, so Sejun added a new rule to make it fun.

This rule was added for fun, but there were kids who wanted to kill themselves for something that was supposed to be fun.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. The great Kkamangi came up with a good solution! You’re going to become the bait yourself and lure the giant piranha!]

Puu?! Puu?!

[yes?! Me?!]

Mukppupal takes a step back at Blackman’s words.



[Tie your kids up!]

The youngest had no choice


[Pupal, fighting!]


Mukppupal was thrown into the cold ice lake instead of slime meat, with Kkamangi’s support.

with a splash.

As soon as they entered the water, the piranhas that caught Mukppupal’s scent rushed at Mukppupal.


[These guys! Are you attacking Mukppupal, who swallows the sea?! I can’t forgive you!]

Slap, slap.

Mukppupal lightly killed the approaching piranhas by hitting them with his legs. It was thanks to getting his name from Sejun and all his stats increasing by 888.

While killing the approaching piranhas,

‘Ink Palyeongbunshin!’


He used his power by spouting out ink.

The ink sprayed out by Inkppupal took the same shape as Inkppupal and scattered in all directions.

The purpose was to find and lure giant piranhas.

The ink clone’s ability was 20% of the main body’s ability, so it was weaker than the ink pupal, but

it was good.

It was enough to move while killing the approaching piranhas.

While Mukppupal and Mukppupal’s clones were looking for the giant piranha,

[hehe. Sejun asked!]

“Okay! “Tsk!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Got caught!


[I caught Kuengi again!]

The group, except for the Kamangi family, worked hard to catch piranhas.


“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Why aren’t they biting my bait?!”

Iona’s surprising positioning allowed her to catch a very rare piranha in a place where there were more fish than water.

Hehehe. After all, the world is fair.

When Sejun laughs while looking at Iona like that,


Water rose like a fountain from a hole made in the ice lake, and the piranhas that rose into the sky with the water began to fall freely to the ground.


“Magic power. Move according to my command. “Recognizable Hand.”

Iona catches the falling piranhas and water and says,

“Kkkkkkkk.” “Now I’m in first place!”

I laughed happily.

“That’s a foul. “We only accept what we catch with a fishing rod.”


When Sejun tells Iona the rules of the ice fishing competition,


At the bottom of the ice lake, a giant piranha was running away desperately. I found it

a little while ago


Mukppupal’s clone found the giant piranha, and it was good enough to lure Mukppupal to it, but

1,000 giant piranhas that were guarding the area around the giant piranha also came along.


what?! If I want to catch that guy, I have to get eaten, right?

Mukppupal belatedly realized that this operation would only be completed if he was eaten.

I hate that!

Sukppupal ran away at full speed, and the super giant piranha and giant piranhas began chasing Mukppupal.

Although he created a second self from time to time to distract the enemy, the giant piranha persistently chased after him.

In the process, the water stirred and a fountain was created.

Mukppupal tried hard to run away, but

he survived.

It was soon eaten by a huge piranha. The insignificant ability of the inkhorn arm was not enough to shake off the giant piranha.


kihihihi. whine! whine!

[Hehe. Asked! Kids, pull!]

The Black Family excitedly pulled the fishing rod.



The power of the giant piranha was too strong for the Black Family to handle,

and whine!



Blackfish was dragged along with the fishing rod and called out to Sejun.

“uh?! “Kamang!”

Sejun hurriedly ran away and caught Black Mangi, but



I just took it with me and


[What if the butler comes with me?!]


But I’m a sunfish.

Your true feelings finally come out.

Just before Sejun and Kamangi enter the cold lake,


Kuengi used his telekinesis to pull Sejun and Kamangyi up and

into Kugugung.

Even huge piranhas attached to fishing rods began to arrive.



The fishing line was too weak to handle the huge piranha.




The rope broke and only Sejun and Kkamang came to the ground, and the rescue operation began.

Of course, there was nothing special.

Stop the ice fishing competition for a moment and say,

“Let’s go!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

[Hurry and save Puppal!]




Together, we entered the waterproof bubble that Theo had made and searched the lake.


Why is it so empty?

The piranhas were so active that the bottom of the lake was completely empty.

After wandering around the lake for about an hour, we came to

Kugu Palace.

The super giant piranha and the giant piranhas that discovered Sejun and his group approached with their huge mouths open.

“uh?! “It’s Pupal over there!”

Fortunately, the snake was unharmed as it clung to the gums of the giant piranha.




[You came to save Mr. Black!]

Whip! Whip! Whip!

[of course! We are family! Little girl! Spider web!]


Shuru look.

Kkomi, who received Blackman’s instructions, spewed a spider web at Pupal and tied Mukppupal up,



The Black Family and Sejun pulled the mukppu arm and brought it inside the waterproof bubble made by Theo, and

kuang! kuang!

[Our Pupal touched it! I’m going to scold you!]

It’s a joke!

When Mukppupal was rescued, Kueng took out his thunderbolt and destroyed the giant piranha and the piranhas around it.

[Intermediate herbalist Park Kueng has killed the giant piranha, the ruler of the ice lake.]

[Intermediate herbalist Park Kueng has acquired 50 million experience points, which is 50% of the experience gained.]

[Intermediate herbalist Park Kueng has defeated the giant piranha of the cold. .]



The piranhas were eliminated and the rescue operation was successfully completed.


[By reducing the population of piranhas, the ecosystem of the ice lake has begun to be restored.] [

The quest has been completed.]

[You have been recognized as the rightful owner of the Ice Lake land document on the 89th floor of the Black Tower.]

The quest has also been completed.

The ice fishing competition ended prematurely, but

“Fuhuhu. “The huge grilled fish and the giant grilled fish are all mine, Vice President Te’s!”

“Pfft. Congratulations, Theo.”

[Hehe. Sejun, it was fun!]

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. There’s a lot to eat!]


[Hehe. [It was our Kkamangi family who performed well this time!]

Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the results.


“Now let’s make a sled and have fun.”

The competition is not over yet.

Sejun made a sled and a stick to push ice using a wooden plank and a metal fire ant shell.

“ruler. “Stand at the front of the line.”

At Sejun’s words, the group climbed into their respective sleds and took their seats,

“Let’s go!”



“Yep! Wind.”


Theo and Kueng arrive on the other side of the ice lake in an instant.

Wow! Wow!

[Sejun, cheer up! If I keep doing this, I’m going to catch up with Black Man!]

“Yes! “Huff! Huff!”

In the end, this time it was a fight for last place between Sejun and the Kamangi family.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Kids, push quickly! If we just have a little patience, we can win the butler!]

The Kamangi family pushes the sled hard under the direction of Kamangi.


In particular, as he even used his alter ego to push the ice with 72 sticks in perfect order, the distance between him and Sejun gradually narrowed.

After a while.

“Huh. Hah. Hah. “I won.”

When Sejun barely beat the Black Family and arrived at the other side of the lake, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “I can feel the pull of the great hybrid Chairman Park from about 10km away!”

Chairman Park’s face is rotten!

Theo looked south while massaging Sejun’s face with his front paw and said,

“What?! 10km over there is where Amur Lange, the second apostle of the Creator God, stayed!”

Iona said, looking in the direction Theo was looking.

“Hehehe. Really?”

There must be something there in the place where the second apostle of the Creator God stayed?

Sejun smiled and prepared for a new adventure.


[I lost to the butler…]

Not knowing that behind him, the third apostle of the Creator God was sullen from the wound of defeat.


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