Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 551

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Episode 551

Our fireworks are so special.

2nd floor of the Black Tower.

“Gyeongcheol, take this.”

Sejun gave Gyeongcheol, who was depressed after hearing that he was called an uncle by Fireworks, the persistent hunter’s bow from the god of hunting, Hunt.

“huh? “What is this?”

Gyeong-cheol received the bow in confusion.

“oh. and. wow!”

As he examined the bow, he continued to let out exclamations.

It was natural.

It was a miracle created by God himself that the hunters on Earth had never seen before.

In addition, the grade was SSS level, but there were no restrictions on its use, and it even had a tremendous skill called Homing Wind Arrow that chased the enemy to the end.

“Thank you so much, Sejun. But can I use this sacred device?”

Kyung-cheol, who was preoccupied with the items, thanked Se-jun and asked with a worried voice.

In order to use sacred weapons, in addition to the restrictions on use, you also have to be liked by the gods, but I heard that the gods are very picky.

“It’ll be okay.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Kyeong-cheol, don’t worry! “If Hunt gets fussy, tell me!”

“huh. okay.”

Gyeong-cheol completely believes in what they say.

“Sejun, what are you going to do now?”

I asked Sejun about his future schedule.

To be exact, he was asking because he wanted to quickly go shooting an arrow, but he couldn’t leave Sejun, who came to visit him.

“we? We’re going up here to plant some green onions. Don’t worry about us, let’s go. Because it’s okay.”

Hehehe. Just by looking at the expression on Gyeongcheol’s face, you can see that he wants to go shooting an archery.

Sejun said with a smile on his face, thinking that Kyungcheol liked his gift that much.

“really?! Is that okay?”


“thank you!”

“Take care and see you next time.”

“huh. Sejun, be careful too!”

With Sejun’s permission, Gyeongcheol hurriedly went hunting and asked,

“Shall we plant some green onions?”

Sejun started planting green onions with his companions.

After a while.


Gyeong-cheol, who was wandering around the 33rd floor of the tower, found a group of spider monsters and pulled an arrow to the string of his bow.



A protest that won’t go away no matter how much you try.

At that time,

[Hunt, the god of the hunt, angrily asks if you dare to use his divine power with such trivial abilities.]

[Hunt, the god of the hunt, tells you in a bloody voice to quickly return his divine power to Sejun.]

Hunt He said angrily to Kyung-cheol.

Sejun thought he lost his bow.

“…Sejun gave it to me. And Theo told me to tell him if Mr. Hunt gets fussy.”

Kyung-cheol answered in a depressed voice.



Hunt suddenly became quiet.

[Hunt, the god of hunting, urges you to start hunting quickly, asking what you are doing when there is prey nearby.]

[Hunt, the god of hunting, tells you to be sure to tell Sejun and Theo that he was helpful.]

Soon Gyeongcheol He urged him to use Shingi actively and asked him to speak well to Sejun and Theo.

“yes. “I saw you doing it.”

Hunt’s reaction made Kyung-cheol realize once again how great Se-jun was.

My motivation is the best!

Gyeong-cheol was reborn as the strongest person on earth by being a bit abusive towards Shin, who had only one good motivator.


Sigh. Sigh.

[Hehe. It’s fun!]

Fireworks said as they put seeds into the hole Sejun dug.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi will cover it for you!]

Paba Park.

Next, the black man covered the hole where the flame put the seeds.

Sejun is planting green onions in a group of three, and the fireworks are black.


“Puh-hu-huh.” “Nya nyana nyang!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!


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[Hehehe. Even Kuengi can plant green onions quickly!]

Seeing Theo and Kuengi planting green onions at an incredible speed, Sejun was shocked.

It was a speed that I simply could not keep up with.

Isn’t that too much?! I’m a top farmer!

As expected, the answer was physical.

At that time,

[The watchman created 10,000 pyeong of green onion field with a strong blade.]

[50,000 experience points were obtained.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.


No. You missed the point.

Sejun realized what was important.

All you have to do is become friends with guys who are physically good.

Sejun was quick to objectify himself.

About an hour after I came to my senses and started planting green onions again,

[The farm reconstruction rate was achieved at 100%.]

[Quest completed.]

[I was recognized as the rightful owner of the green onion farm land document on the second floor of the Black Tower.]

[ Land Document Skill: Farm Information Lv. Max is activated.]

The farm on the second floor of the tower has finally been completed.


“what?! “Stop working?!”

Thanks to this, the hamsters and people who lost their jobs were angry, but Cheval 18 will take care of that.

There was also a grape farm on the 4th floor of the tower, and the 3rd floor of the tower had to be rebuilt in advance, so there were plenty of places to work.

“Let’s stop going up. “Guys, go into the subspace warehouse.”

Sejun cries, leaving 18-year-old Cheval behind, who is surrounded by angry hamsters and people


He opened the land document on the 89th floor of the Black Tower and quietly disappeared.

Before returning home, I haven’t been able to make any special memories for Fireworks yet.


The 99th floor of the Black Tower, the magic tower in the black gourd.

“Pfft. “I finally finished all the work that had been delayed during the closing training!”

Iona, who was working while holding the heart ball that Theo made for her, got up and shouted.




Hamk’s hamsters are happy together, thinking that their work is over.

Iona, who had come separately from Sejun, returned separately from Sejun and brought with her five hamsters that were good at magic.

I wanted to bring more, but due to limitations in ability, the maximum was 5 people.

At that time,

“Are you laughing? Are you laughing now?!”

It’s all annoying! If you touch it, it will bite you!

Heukster desperately craves them.

Although it was not visible because his body was black, Heukster had dark circles down to his knees as he had been handling the work alone.



When the new hamsters are scolded by Blackster, they say,

“Kkkkkkkk.” Since Heukster worked hard, I will give him 3 days of vacation. movement.”

Iona gave Heukster a vacation and disappeared in search of Theo.


“Hehehe.” Well, you can laugh. Shall we go eat? “I’ll buy you something delicious.”

Heukster, who received leave, turned into a gentle senior and took the hamsters to the restaurant.


[Arrived at the 89th floor of the Black Tower]



“uh?! “Is it cold?”

Why is it cold?

Sejun hurriedly looked around and saw that

everything was ice.

The transparent ground you are stepping on. No, I discovered that the huge lake was frozen.

It won’t break, right?

Thump, thump.

Sejun taps the ice of the lake with his foot.

Fortunately, the lake was frozen quite thickly.

While Sejun was looking around, he

cried out.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I missed you, the great Hybrid Chairman Park!”

The subspace warehouse opened and Theo rushed into Sejun’s face

[Hehe. Sejun, I missed you too!]

The flame burning on Theo’s head also shouted.

It’s warm.

Theo’s fur made my face feel warm.



Next, Kkuengi and Kamangi ran out and were put on Sejun’s body(?), and Sejun felt reassured as if he were wearing a fur coat.

When the group came out of the subspace warehouse,

“Isn’t there a message saying you have become the owner of the land?”

So that means there is something, right?

Sejun walked gently on the ice-covered lake without slipping, hoping that Quest would appear.

Of course, that was only for a moment


“how is it? “I’m good at not falling, right?”

Sejun moved quickly, sliding on the ice.



Suddenly the floor shook.


When Sejun looked at the bottom, there were so many fish gathered at Sejun’s feet that the bottom of the ice looked pitch black.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Other creatures are dying because of the cold piranha that has taken over the ice lake. Please reduce the population of cold piranhas to prevent the ecosystem of the ice lake from collapsing.]

Cold piranhas (0/100,000)

Extremely cold giant piranhas (0/1000)

Super giant piranhas, the ruler of the ice lake (0/1)

Reward: Recognized as the rightful owner of the ice lake on the 89th floor of the Black Tower.

A quest appeared in front of Sejun.

“Frozen Piranha?”

Catch 100,000 marina?

In addition, there were 1,000 giant piranhas and a super giant piranha.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I’m excited!!!”

Thanks to this, Theo was excited.

“Let’s make a hole first.”

Sejun took out his sword and

said, “Magic swordsmanship!”

He infused his magic power and diligently drilled a hole about 1m in diameter in the ice.

However, there was something Sejun overlooked.


What’s so deep?

The ice was much thicker than Sejun expected.

When the ice thickness exceeded 10m, Sejun felt something was wrong.

However, if you just break the ice, there is a risk that all the ice on the lake will break.

Of course, it’s okay to break all the ice, but

“that’s not okay.”

I want to show Fireworks how to ice fish.

Sejun didn’t want it.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park or Vice Chairman Te will open a hole!”


Theo pulls out his dragon claws

and squeaks.

I did a lap with my front foot on the ice and


The ice was neatly cut into circles with a diameter of 1 m.



Kueng then used his telekinesis to lift the cut ice and remove it.

The ice is almost 30m thick.

This won’t cut it.

Sejun could understand why he couldn’t cut it.

“Please make three more holes for Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

As Theo drilled three holes and created an ice fishing spot, he said,

“Kids, from now on you will only catch piranhas by fishing! Understand?”

Sejun made and distributed fishing rods and held an ice fishing competition.

There are no prizes, but

“Fuhuhu.” “I, Vice President of Hybrid Te, am absolutely number one!”

[Hehe. I can do well too!]

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kkueng will catch the most!]


[Hehe. 1st place belongs to the great Kamangi!]

Everyone was motivated.

Because everything with Sejun is fun.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Little girl! Make a net!]


“Hey, that’s a foul! “If you do it one more time, you’ll be disqualified.”


Blackfish was trying to catch a piranha with a net, but was caught by Sejun and grabbed the fishing rod again.

“I got caught!”


All I had to do was hang a chunk of slime meat on a fishing line, but since the opponent was a piranha, it bit as much as I put it in, and

every time I lifted the fishing rod, dozens of piranhas that were greedily eating the flesh of the slime meat came up along with it.

[Hehe. Sejun, we asked too!]

“Yes. Then pull it.”


Sejun lifted the fishing rod together with Fireworks at Fireworks’ call.

Since Flame couldn’t lift the fishing rod on his own, Sejun was assisting Flame.

In the case of the Kkamangi family,

kihihihi. keup! keung!

[Hehe. Caught! Guys, pull it!]









Everyone worked together and lifted the fishing rod.

After fishing for about 3 hours, the sun began to set.

“Let’s call it a day.”

Sejun ended the competition.

Piranhas in the cold (10,000/13,000)

About 10,000 piranhas were caught.

In terms of ranking, Theo came in 1st place with 4,500 animals, Kuengi came in 2nd place by a narrow margin, and Firefly family came in 3rd place with 900 animals, and the Kamangi family came in 4th place.

“Pfft. Congratulations on winning first place, Theo!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s natural for this body to win!”

Iona, who arrived halfway and dozed off with Theo’s tail wrapped around her, rubbed her eyes and congratulated Theo.

“I need to eat dinner.”

Sejun took out wooden boards to prevent heat transfer from the subspace warehouse, laid them on the floor in several layers, and laid stone boards on top of them.



I made a bonfire and started roasting piranha.

[The cold piranha was defeated.]

[100 experience points were obtained.]



The piranhas were roasted and spit out experience points as if they were still alive.

While the piranhas were being roasted,

“Vice President Te cut the ice into brick-sized pieces.”

Sejun had Theo cut the ice.

Since I plan to go ice fishing here for a few days, I’m thinking of building an igloo.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Theo cut the ice he had cut earlier to make a hole into a brick shape



Sejun started building an igloo with ice bricks brought by Kuengi and Kamangi.

Since we had already made it several times, the igloo was built quickly.


“Come on. come in.”

Sejun and his companions ended their rewarding day by eating grilled fish in the igloo.

“Isn’t it amazing, Flame? We’re sleeping on the lake. “These are all memories.”

Sejun forced the flame to remember, but

[hehe. I have memories of everything since I met Sejun.]

Wow. Our spark is so special.

Rather, it was Sejun who was moved and made memories.


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