Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 542

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Episode 542

Hehehe. It’s like team play.



[Then, I will teach you the skill.]

Pozzi climbs on Sejun’s head


He placed his hand on the top of Sejun’s head and began teaching the skill.

A skill transfer permitted only once by the Great Will.

Pozzi chose the strongest skills and tried to pass them on as the Great Will desired.


[Hamk’s hero Pozzi teaches the skill: Invincible Pozzi Sword Technique.]

[Because it is a skill with racial characteristics, only hamsters can learn it.]

[Failed to teach.]


Failed because the species did not match.

[Hamk’s hero Pozzi teaches the skill: Shinsword Unity.]

[It is a sword technique with too much enlightenment.]

[The opponent cannot understand.]

[Failed to teach.]


Failed because the level was too high.

[Hamk’s hero Pozzi teaches skill: Advanced Auror swordsmanship.]

[The opponent has no Aurors.]

[Failed to teach.]

Failed because there are no Aurors.


[What should I pass on…]

There were no strong skills that could be passed on.

This was natural. Sejun is a sunfish, but the Grand Sword Master’s skills are not easy.

However, Grand Swordmaster Pozzi’s pride did not allow him to teach too low a level of swordsmanship.



[Sejun, we will spar from now on!]

I decided to lay the foundation for Sejun so that he can pass on his skills.



[yes. I will pass on my skills through sparring. Take out your sword.]

Since basic training may not be learned, Pozzi said that skills are taught through sparring.

There were a few lies mixed in, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t wrong. You have to improve your skills through sparring to be able to transfer your skills.

“Eh? “Is this how you learned your skills?”

Sejun is disappointed because he thought he would be taught comfortably.



Still, I took out my sword. Because I can’t waste the reward I received.


it was kind of cool.

Pozzi’s swordsmanship, fighting an ogre with a sword, was cool even to Sejun, who doesn’t know much about swordsmanship.


Pozzi also picked up a leaf that had fallen on the ground for sparring.

“You want to fight with that?”

Wow. Wow.

[yes. What I hold is the sword.]

These are extremely maddening words.

However, Grand Swordmaster Pozzi was fully qualified to say such a thing.


[Please come.]

“Yes. Goes!”

Since he saw Pozzi fighting the ogre, Sejun did not let down his guard and swung his sword with all his might.




Pozzi easily blocked Sejun’s sword. A leaf strengthened with aura and made harder than steel.


[Keep coming!]


Kang! Kang!


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Sejun swings a sword under the guidance of Pozzi.


[How are you going to defend yourself if you swing that big?!]


[You must swing your sword as fast as a typhoon, but your legs must be as heavy as Mount Tai!]

Let’s take Pozzi’s tongs tutoring

[Intermediate swordsmanship Lv. 7 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

[Strength increases by 3.]

[Stamina increases by 2.]

Swordsmanship skill level and stats quickly increased.

Ppo master!

Afterwards, Sejun took Pozzi as his master and moved to the capital of the Toonham Empire to receive training.

On the 3rd day of moving while receiving training from Posabu,

“Huh?!” Master Ppo was originally a slave?!”

Sejun heard about Pozzi’s shocking past.


[yes. It’s already been 300 years. At that time… Straighten your back!]

Pozzi, who was following Sejun holding a huge rock, corrected Sejun’s posture.

Even while moving, Sejun was receiving training from Pozzi.

Thanks to this, his total stats increased by about 500, and his swordsmanship skills mastered intermediate swordsmanship and advanced swordsmanship level 3.

And thanks to Pozzi, I learned that once you master advanced swordsmanship, the next step is magic swordsmanship.

The stage where magical energy can be transferred to the sword.

Please note that you must re-master magic swordsmanship from beginner to advanced in order to enter beginner auror swordsmanship.

In short, the advanced Auror swordsmanship that Pozzi was trying to teach was a level that could only be reached with a lot of dedication.

“But Master Po, did you just say 300 years ago?”

Wow. Wow.

[yes. The life of a former slave was so difficult that I ran away. At Barasan, where I met Sejun, I met a deceased person and was taught swordsmanship. As I continued to practice swordsmanship, 300 years have already passed.] What is it

? Master Pbo is very old.

Sejun is surprised by Pozzi’s age, which is different from her cute appearance.

However, he was not treated well because of his age. Then Sejun’s position is in jeopardy.

In the Sejun family, in terms of age, Sejun is the youngest after Kueng and Batbat.

Theo also lived for over a hundred years, and the Kamangi family were beings who lived for at least 10,000 years.


[Concentrate! I just lost my stride!]


So, under the guidance of Pozzi, Sejun and his group headed to the capital of the Toonham Empire.

Along the way, other hamster employees heading to the Toonham Empire joined, and Sejun’s group gradually increased.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Let’s eat Ace!”


Mom, I told you I don’t cook anymore!

Ace quickly waddled away when Elizabeth called him to eat.


“ho ho ho.” Our Ace was here? Come on, let’s eat. “That way you can grow up quickly.”

It was impossible for Ace, who was not yet a week old, to run away from Elizabeth.

“…Mom cooked it?”

“no. Mom, you don’t cook anymore. “My sister did it.”

“really?! “I want to eat quickly!”

Unlike his mother, Ace expects his older sister to be good at cooking.

There was some basis.

Sejun and Eileen were dating, and since the lovers resemble each other, the basis is that their cooking skills would also be similar.

So, holding Elizabeth’s hand, we went to the kitchen and saw two black dragon statues sitting side by side in front of a plate piled with dumplings.

-Hahaha. Our grandson has arrived.

-Hurry up and sit down.

It was a black dragon statue controlled by Kaiser and Anton.

Anton also created a black dragon statue in his own image and sent it to the 99th floor of the tower to see his wife and children.

-ruler. Let’s eat…

As I was trying to eat, Kaiser’s voice sounded somewhat listless.


Only Ace responded vigorously, picking up a dumpling that Eileen had made while taking cooking lessons from Sejun’s mother Kim Mi-ran and putting it into her mouth.

Eileen was still diligently taking cooking lessons from Kim Mi-ran these days.



Ace was greatly shocked after eating Eileen’s cooking.

My sister made it, but why does it taste like my mom’s handmade food?

“This is trash…”

When Ace was about to sob in frustration at eating a tasteless dish

– Sigh!

Kaiser cleared his throat and


I quickly put the honey jelly in Ace’s mouth.

“Fuhihihi. Sweet.”

Ace smiles at the sweetness of honey jelly.

– Anton Let’s eat.


Meanwhile, Anton and I quickly devoured food for everyone.

As the food disappears,

[The tower manager asks if her food was delicious.]

Eileen asks how her food tastes.

Since Sejun wasn’t there, he called his family and made them taste it.

-Hahaha. When did my granddaughter’s cooking skills become so good? It’s so delicious. Right, Anton?

Kaiser, who couldn’t bear to tell his granddaughter that it wasn’t delicious, praised Eileen’s food and quickly asked Anton for his consent

– yes. It’s delicious.

Anton had difficulty spitting out the word delicious.

[It is said that the manager of the tower knew that would happen and made a lot of it.]

[The manager of the tower tells them not to eat this time, but to leave some food for Mom and Ace.]


A huge plate piled with dumplings reappeared in front of them.

Sejun! Come quickly!

Son-in-law, come back quickly!

Park Seo-bang, please come back quickly!

Brother-in-law! Please come quickly! Now I will listen carefully to what my brother-in-law says!

Eileen’s family, who had to eat Eileen’s cooking instead of Sejun’s, eagerly waited for Sejun’s return.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“Two of the ogres Jormungand sent to Hamk were killed.”

“Hmm…was there anyone in that world who could deal with ogres?”

If we continue to lose ogres like this, destruction will become angry.

Jormungand fell into deep thought after hearing Kraken’s report.

Unlike other disasters, ogres and planet destroyers are beings that cannot be created with the power of destruction.

If I lost, that was the end.

So, as the number of ogres and planet destroyers decreased, reprimands inevitably followed.

Of the 10 ogres received from Destruction, 5 have already been lost in Lesia. Losing more ogres was dangerous.

“Kraken, I need you to go one more time.”

“All right. Fortunately, the level here is high, so there is no pressure.”

“Then please do me a favor. “Hydra and Leviathan will soon finish molting, so I’ll give you some rest then.”

“yes. “Then I’ll be back.”

The Kraken has prepared to descend on Hamcrow.




[Now just three more days and you will reach the capital of Toonham.]

Louis, the second prince of the Gonzola Kingdom who joined the party yesterday, said to Sejun.

Sejun, who had been heading to the capital of the Toonham Empire until now, was able to no longer get lost thanks to Louis’ directions.

At that time

, wow!

[The speed has slowed down!]

Pozzi’s voice is heard.


Sejun was still carrying a huge stone and receiving training from Pozzi.

When I moved for another day like that,

it was a disaster.

Suddenly the sky began to crack.

[A powerful force of destruction has been detected.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.


Even if the message didn’t tell me, I couldn’t have known even if I wanted to, seeing the huge power flowing from the crack and the red mist that turned the sky red.


“Guys, take this.”

Sensing that something was unusual, Sejun put down the stone and quickly prepared for battle by handing out bean sets to his companions.

“For now, please have your boss too.”

Sejun also gave a bean set to Pozzi and said,

“You guys avoid it!”


The hamsters were evacuated.


The space in between shattered like glass, and two huge legs with countless suction cups emerged from the broken space.

Wiggle, wiggle.

The two legs that squeezed out of the space began to widen the space and

made a crunch.

The space gradually widened.



A huge octopus head visible across space.


[It’s a Kraken!] I’m dumbfounded

by Blackman’s shout


Welcome! Kraken!

Mubalchil, who was hiding in the black cat’s fur, peeked out his head and looked at the Kraken with hopeful eyes.

Hoping that a miserable name will come after him.

At that time,

[The 6-seat Apostle of Doom, the sea-devouring monster Kraken, descended on Hamk.] [

A quest occurs.]

[Quest: Drive out the 6-seat Apostle of Doom, the sea-devouring monster Kraken, from Hamk.]

Reward: Hamk’s When Destruction Delay

fails: Hamk’s Destruction

Quest appears in front of Sejun.

“Nope. “I’m going to catch it.”

A better option would have been to catch the guy and exorcise him to prevent him from doing bad things in the future.

“Guys, let’s catch it!”

Of course, Sejun doesn’t do it himself.

Hehehe. It’s like team play.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Great Hybrid Chairman Park, give me your strength this time!”

Theo came forward, probably because he was jealous of Kueng’s performance when he was taking down Melpix, the demon of destruction before Mubalchil.

“okay! “Guys, stick to Vice President Te.”

When Sejun and his companions come in contact with Theo’s body,

[11 divided powers merge into one and the power: Thirteen Handfuls of Sky Support is activated for 13 seconds.]

[Power increases by 1300%.]

The power is activated. . Paaat



Theo further strengthened his abilities by burning money.

Theo strengthened like that.

“I’m going!”

Using the skill Gwangnyangbo built into the ‘Golden Boots of a Believer in Miracles’, he moved quickly towards the Kraken at the speed of light.




Theo was caught in vain by the Kraken’s legs.

There was something everyone was overlooking.

The reason Kuengi was able to knock out Melpix was because of the power of the Demon Beast of the End.

Their power has not yet overwhelmed the Apostles of Destruction.

“Nyan! I can’t get out! “I’m getting sucked in!”

The multiple suction cups on the Kraken’s legs used suction power to prevent Theo from escaping.

I need to ask Chairman Park for help! Just

before Theo goes into fanatic mode,

it’s a disaster.

Once again, the sky cracked and


The space was broken.


“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Kkeun-kkeun-get away from us Theo!!!!!”

It’s my cat!

Iona, the wizard of great destruction who descended on Hamk.

“Merge the black hole and the white hole and turn them into nothingness! Vanish!”

I used a new magic I learned while practicing Pegwan.

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