Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 543

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Episode 543

Yes?! Sejun is not solo?!

Iona’s magic literally erased a 1km diameter spherical space, and

the end of the Kraken’s leg that was holding Theo disappeared without any sound or sign.


Thanks to this, Theo was separated from the main body and easily escaped from the weakened suction cups of the Kraken’s legs.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Thank you, Iona, I missed you!”

He conveyed his feelings to Iona and said,

“Fuhuhu. I’m going to punish you properly this time! “Iona, just wait a moment!”

“Pfft. yes!”

I started running towards the Kraken again.

Iona’s magic was powerful, but it did not cause much damage to the Kraken, which was the size of a world.

All I could do was cut off the end of the Kraken’s leg.

That was also possible because the ends of the legs were thin.

Even if it rose slightly, it was impossible to completely cut off the leg.


“How dare I cut off the legs of Kraken, the 6-legged Apostle of Destruction, the sea-devouring monster?!” die!”

Even that hurt Kraken’s pride, making him angry.

Quad deuk.

He forced his six remaining legs into the small space and attacked Theo, who was running towards him.


I won’t let down my guard anymore!

Theo moved quickly and dodged the attack, but the Kraken’s legs were too big.

It was difficult to approach the Kraken while avoiding all attacks, and Theo could hardly move forward.

“Pfft. Theo, I will cover you! A passage is created by connecting a black hole and a white hole! “Wormhole!”

Seeing Theo in trouble, Iona

squirms as she uses magic.

A black hole appears in front of Kraken’s bridge.


The Kraken’s legs disappeared into the black hole

and boom!

As he came out of the white hole created by Iona, he collided with his other leg trying to catch Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Thank you, Iona!”

“Pfft. “Theo, just trust me!”

Theo, under Iona’s protection, arrived in front of the Kraken that had just entered Hamk.

Please help the great hybrid Chairman Park!

I prayed to Sejun and asked for help.



The super-giant Chairman Park’s right hand rested on Theo’s right front paw.

Theo possessed Chairman Park’s super-giant hand in his front paw.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, he is the great Chairman Park! Now, the super-giant Chairman Park is joining Vice Chairman Teh!”

Today again, the fanatic did something ridiculous.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park’s super-giant right hand punch!”

When Theo hits the back of the Kraken’s head with his right front paw,



The shocked Kraken’s head was forcibly pushed towards Hamk, and

there was no way to remove the body like this!

Kraken got caught between spaces.

In addition,

“Queep. “I tied it all up!”

Before I knew it, Iona had twisted the Kraken’s legs and tied up all eight legs.


A Kraken that can’t be moved.

“Guys, let’s go!”

Sejun finally came out.


Sejun ascended to the sky through Kuengi’s telekinesis.

chuck. Let

‘s land on the Kraken’s legs


[Kuengi says he will help his big brother!]

(Batbat! I will go too!)

Kuengi and Batbat flew towards the Kraken’s head to help Theo.


Chairman Park’s huge right hand punch!


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Kueng Man Loe Dayo!


Bat-dol! Bat-dol!

“Pfft. Combine a black hole and a white hole and turn them into nothing! extinction!”

While the four of them, including Batbat and Iona, were frantically attacking the Kraken’s head, Theo Kueng

said, “Please exorcise me, Black Man.”

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! I only trust the great Kkamangi! The Black Family is on the move!]


The Black Family, who were unable to fall off the Kraken’s legs thanks to Kkomi’s web, began the exorcism and


“Swallow, kids.”

Now it’s our turn to punish!


Sejun opened the subspace warehouse and let the destruction predators feast on the power of destruction.



[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated.]

[Magic cherry tomato seeds were planted in the body of the 6th Apostle of Destruction, the sea-devouring monster Kraken.]



I planted all the different crop seeds I could find in my pocket.

Wiggle, wiggle.

The Kraken’s legs moved violently to shake off the enemy attacking it, but down, down.

It didn’t matter because the destruction predators were just sticking their mouths out in the subspace warehouse, hehe

. It’s no use.

Thanks to the effect of the You Are the Field skill, which creates adhesive properties on Sejun’s feet when planting crops, he did not fall off even when hanging upside down from the Kraken’s leg.


[Invincible Pochi Sword Technique Chapter 1: Biting by the vicious beast hamster!]


Pozzi also tried hard to be helpful to the group by attacking the Kraken’s legs.


Meanwhile, the crops absorbed the Kraken’s life force and grew quickly, bearing fruit, and


As the Kraken moved its legs vigorously, the fruits that had been harvested on their own began to fall to the ground.

Crops falling from the sky.


[What is this?]


[Are you going to eat it?]

The hamsters hiding on the ground picked up cherry tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. that had fallen in front of them.

Wow. Wow.

I naturally put it in my mouth and watched the epic battle taking place in the sky.


The mental world of Kraken’s eighth leg.

“Kraken! The great Kamangi has arrived!”

A huge wolf appears and shouts,

and it wriggles.

One giant octopus leg waved a white flag and signaled its surrender.

“what?! “Where is the Kraken?!”

When Black Mang asks the bridge waving the white flag,

wiggle! wiggle!

(Our mind is divided between the head and the eight legs! Please save Yeoda!)

The legs hastily responded.

“what?! “The mind is divided into 9 parts?”

To be precise, it was a system in which the mental bodies in the head controlled important things, and the mental bodies in Sasosan’s legs moved on their own.

Information I didn’t know because I’ve never fought a Kraken.

“Follow me first!”



At Blackman’s instructions, the Kraken’s eighth leg hurriedly followed Blackman

and one of the Kraken’s legs stopped moving.

Wiggle! Wiggle!

(Don’t eat Yeoda! Please save me!)

Instead, a thin octopus leg wriggled desperately in Black’s mouth.

I am holding on to it because there is still a possibility of betrayal.


[If you don’t hold still, I’ll really swallow you!]



She became calm due to Black Mangi’s threats.


[It takes a long time to subdue the legs one by one!]

Then the butler won’t look upon the great Black Mangi as great, right?

Whip! Whip!

[That’s not allowed! Guys, let’s attack the Kraken’s head right away!]

Black Mangi decided to aim for the Kraken’s head with his subordinates,

and hehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. The great black man is leaving!]

It flew through the sky towards the Kraken’s head.





To be precise, Kabir Shari Mubalchil held the end of the spider web made by Kkomi in his mouth and carried the black fish that was hanging on the net.

Because blackbirds don’t have the ability to fly.




Blackfish also added propulsion by turning its tail like a propeller, but it didn’t help much.



Unlike the other three, Mubalchil’s flapping wings were particularly powerful.


[Balchil, you’re too fast!]

So I got scolded by Kkamangi,

but muhihihi!

Still, the smile did not leave Mubalchil’s mouth.

After a while.


The battle ended when the black bird collided with the Kraken’s head and said,

“Guys, let’s take care of the Kraken.”

When Sejun took care of the black family sleeping on the Kraken’s head, he said,

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”




Theo and Kueng hit the back of the Kraken’s head, took out the Kraken’s body stuck between spaces, and placed it in the subspace warehouse.

While Theo and Kkueng were putting the Kraken’s body in the subspace warehouse, they said,

“Kkkkkkkkk.” “There are a lot of hamsters here.”

Iona came down from the sky to meet her people.

“The legend was true…”


Chocolan Hamsteria, the emperor of the Toonham Empire, looked in awe at Iona, a pure white hamster descending from the sky.

At that time

, I was confused. I was confused.

A frivolous sound coming from next to you.

what is this sound?

When Chocolan Hamsteria frowned and turned his head towards the sound, he said,

“Oh! “What is this drug-like crop?!”

His son eagerly gnawed on the peanuts.

A hamster that is so fat that it looks like it will roll like a ball. It was Moose Hamsteria, the crown prince of the Toonham Empire.

okay. I had a son! If we marry the savior and our moose, the Toomham Empire will live forever!

When Chocolan decides to marry Iona and Moose no matter what happens

[Beautiful girl, marry me…]

The reason I was so lonely was all because I wanted to meet this hamster!

There was a hamster that was more aggressive than Chocolin.

It was Sejun’s teacher, Pochi, who had been training at Barasan for 300 years.


“Kkeun-kkeun-kkeun-get out of here!” The power of gravity. Tear the enemy to pieces! Triple black hole!”

Wow?! Wow!!!

Because of his confession, Pozzi had to desperately run away to avoid being sucked into the black hole.

It won’t work.

Looking at Pozzi like that, Chocolan hurriedly gave up his thoughts. A single thought about getting married could have led to the destruction of the Toonham Empire.

“Greetings to the great savior!”

When Chocolan Hamstrea, the emperor of the Toonham Empire,

bowed to Iona…

Pozzi, who was completely devastated and unable to even make a proper confession, approached Sejun in gloom. Because I thought Sejun was the same as me.


“Cheer up, Boss. “Someday, a good day like mine will come.”

Sejun’s reserve is sold out.

Hehehe. This body already has my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law.

I was flattered and comforted Pozzi.

Wow?! Wow?!

[yes?! Sejun is not solo?!]

“What is it? “That look of disbelief?!”


Pozzi was once again hurt by Sejun’s words, became sullen, and moved to find someone of his kind somewhere.

At that time,

[Watchman Iona is praised as a guardian deity by the residents of Hamk.]

[Currently, there is no guardian deity in Hamk.]

[Watcher Iona does not have enough godhood to become Hamk’s guardian deity.]

[The guardian deity of Hamk replaces Watchman Iona. Please designate a substitute guardian deity.]

[The substitute guardian deity can be revoked at any time if Watchman Iona gains godhood to manage Hamk.]

A message appeared in front of Sejun.

Iona, who gained great strength after gaining enlightenment this time, immediately achieved a higher level of godhood than Sejun, but Hamk was in a level 7 world.

In order to become Hamk’s guardian deity, a higher deity than the rest of the world was needed.

“Who should be the substitute guardian deity?”

When Sejun is worried,


[Daddy, it’s over!]


Kueng and Batbat, who had loaded Kraken’s body into the subspace warehouse, flew over and clung to Sejun’s side and shoulder, shouting,

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, I’m back!”

“Pfft. “Hello, Sejun.”

Theo also appeared with Iona, who had frustrated Pozzi, on his tail and clung to Sejun’s lap.

“Good job guys.”

Stroke, stroke.

Sejun patted the heads of the group and praised them.

“Is Black Mang far away?”


Kraken’s mental world

while he was stroking the head of a still sleeping blackbird .

“Pick up the Kraken’s seven legs and hit it on the head!”


“Now tell me everything you know!”

“yes! Jormungand is currently leading the disaster, and Hydra and Leviathan are escaping! And…”

Blackman was getting information about the destruction from Kraken.


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