Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 508

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Episode 508 Hehehe. Butler’s naming skills are back!

Episode 508 Hehehe. Butler’s naming skills are back!

[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

When Sejun opened the door to the 10th tower and came out, it was dark outside and the lights of 12 stars were twinkling, welcoming Sejun.

Then it



Kueng’s belly clock rang loudly.


Then, a sound was heard from the boat of Sejun and Theo Kamangi family.

Sejun and his companions forgot their hunger while fighting Melphix, the Apostle of Destruction. When I returned home, I felt tense and hungry.

Come to think of it, we didn’t eat lunch or dinner at all.

“Our Kueng held back well even though he was hungry. “Let’s eat quickly.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng! Kueng!

[Hehehe. Good! Kueng wants to eat soy sauce butter egg rice!]

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, I want grilled fish!”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! I’ll give you dried sweet potatoes!]


Sejun headed to the kitchen with the urging of his companions and said,

“Sejun No. 1, make soy sauce butter egg rice.”

I had Sejun No. 1 cook the food that Kueng wanted to eat.


“Come on. “Kkamang shares it with the kids here.”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Yes!]

After giving 10 dried roasted sweet potatoes to Kamangi, Sejun started grilling Theo’s grilled fish.

After a while.

“ruler. Vice President Te here.”

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, the grilled fish made with Chairman Park’s sincerity is different from the color of the fish! “It’s delicious!”

Theo began to enjoy the grilled fish that Sejun had prepared, and

hehehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s delicious!]

Kueng also enjoyed the soy sauce butter egg rice with 30 soft-boiled eggs.

“I should try it too.”

When Sejun tries to eat the soy sauce butter egg rice from Kuengi’s bowl

[The tower’s manager tells him not to eat that.]

[The tower’s manager confidently says he has a dish prepared for you.]

Eileen hurries to speak . I walked.


Sejun’s voice trembles at Eileen’s words.

[The tower manager says he made a lot of your favorite puffed corn.]

“Huh?! What are you talking about?!

You say I like puffed corn?

When Sejun asks with a completely clueless expression,

[The tower manager says in a puzzled voice that your mother definitely said you like popped corn.]

Eileen was greatly embarrassed.


mother… no matter how much I want to score points with Eileen, it’s the same. Are you selling your son?

In the meantime, Sejun grasps the situation.

“ah. Corn that has blown up?! sorry. I mistakenly thought it was burning corn! Bloated corn?! How I wanted to eat that! Eileen, give it to me quickly! “I feel dizzy.”

He played the role of Park Se-jun, who wants to eat corn that has popped with all his might.

[The tower manager asks if that was the case and says in a happy voice that it is okay.]

[The tower manager tells you to enjoy your meal.]


With Eileen’s words, a pyramid-shaped tower of blown corn appeared on a huge plate.

How many floors is this?

The 130-story Corn Pagoda is taller than the Black Tower.

Can I clear this?

Sejun thought for a moment and thought,

‘I have to do it!’

I’ll get points from Eileen too!

Munching, munching.

I started eating the swollen corn. Still, it was still edible compared to the charcoal-based food of the past.

[You have consumed corn with bloated stamina.]

[The corn swells and bursts, reducing the effect by 30%.]

[Strength increases by 14 for 30 minutes.]



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When we conquered 50 floors from the top, we faced a difficult time, but


[Vitality Lv. You used 8.]

[Digests the food in the stomach immediately.]

[All stats increase by 8% for 180 minutes.]

[Digestion speed becomes very fast for 180 minutes.]

Use the skill to empty the stomach and eat the corn again. ate.

At that time

, kihihihi. whing! whining!

[Hehe. Butler! Give him a name!]

The black cat barked as he put Melpix in his mouth and put it down in front of Sejun.

Melpix, which was taken into Black Mangi’s mouth, didn’t even know the fate that was coming to him.

Mumu?! Mumu?!

(What is this?! Why is it delicious?!)

He was so excited by the sweet taste of dried sweet potatoes that he was eating them hungrily, emitting small flames from his horns that could only be seen if you looked closely.

ah. That’s right, you should give the newbie a name.

“Let’s see…”

Original name: Melphix. ladybug. 7 black dots on the back.

It makes a mumu sound and spits out fire when excited.

Sejun summarizes the characteristics of Melpix.

Whip! Whip!

[Butler! He’s really bad at conducting!]

Kamangi gave additional information to Sejun.

Plus Vulcan.


When Sejun entered the naming stage, my

heart pounded! My heart pounded!

The Kamangi family looked at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation.


please the lame name!

Karle’s eyes contained a sincerity that went beyond expectations.

With everyone’s wishes,

the name Melfix is Melatonin Melyu.

Because it’s a ladybug, it’s irrational.

It’s a fire-breathing ladybug, so it’s a Buddhist temple.

Is it incompetent because it’s a Vulcan? no. This was too much.

Sejun thinks hard about his name.


it was difficult…

I couldn’t find a name I liked.

At that time,

a ladybug cried, “Mumu.” Vulcan. 7 dots on the back.

The above three characteristics are combined in Sejun’s mind and

he wears no hair!

One name came to mind.

Do you think it’s okay?

For some reason, it’s a name that makes your toes tickle, but


When I made the sound with my mouth, I thought it was even better.


kihihihi. bleep!

[Hehe. The butler’s naming skills have returned!]

“It’s the old Sejun!”



“You’re back!”



The Kamangi family, who were very worried because they couldn’t come up with a good(?) name after Karrr, cheered when they heard the name Sejun had chosen.

Karrr. Karrr.

Karr, who had been feeling sad because of his name, laughed at Mubalchil a lot.

After a while.

Munching, munching.

“I ate it all!”

After digesting the name and digesting it, Sejun cleared the blown corn tower and fell asleep.


Sejun’s coffee farm on Chikasan, the 94th floor of the tower.

“Well… from now on, the highest grade of coffee produced in Chika Mountain will be Black Giant 94 Chika Mountain Sejun, and the next grade will be Black Giant 94 Chika Mountain Mosque.”

Ninir, the person in charge of managing the coffee farm, named the coffee.

The top grade bears the name of Sejun, the chairman of Sejun Company, and the lower grade bears the name of Black Drake Mozak, the ruler of Chikasan.

“great. Then, send 100kg of Black Tower 94 Chikasan Sejun to the 99th floor of the tower where Sejun is…”

Ninir, who named the coffee like that, told Black Wolf and Silver Wolf where to deliver the coffee.

“But didn’t you contact Ninir that you were here?”

“okay. It looks like Mimir is looking for you…”

Hegel and Elka approached Ninir and asked him carefully.


“Hmph! Do you think you guys would be worried that your proud sister like me disappeared?! “She’s so busy working that she doesn’t even care about me!!!”

Ninir yells at the two.


A brilliant flame burned from Ninir’s red fur.

Mimir and Ninir were born with unique colors among the white fur tribe.

The two were sisters.

The Baekyang tribe was born with the ability to use lightning, but Mimir, who had golden fur, was recognized by the tribe as soon as he was born by showing a high level of achievement by covering his entire body with lightning.



Ninir, who had red fur, had poor talent in handling brain energy. no. It was almost non-existent.

Even though I was over 10 years old,

I said, “Neuang!” “It stings!”

They couldn’t handle brain power at a level that newborn Baekyang tribesmen could handle.

So, among the Baekyang tribe, older sister Mimir and younger brother Ninir were always the subject of comparison.

The more this happens, the more Ninir becomes intimidated.

Moreover, when Mimir became the target,

“Oh my sister is a genius, but my younger brother is an idiot…”

Ninir was compared to her older sister even more and was unable to stay in the village of the Baekyang tribe.

“Hmph!” “I will become a target person too!”

He ran away from home, wandered around the tower, and worked hard to earn money to become a merchant.

Then I met Theo and became a target person.


I’m not without talent! My talent is fire!

In the process of creating the target item, Ninir discovered that he had a great talent for handling firearms, not brain weapons.

I will work hard under Theo and show my skills to my sister and the White Sheep!

Ninir imagines a golden return as he improves his skills.

However, I didn’t know that my sister was already a senior full-time employee at Sejun Company.


The next morning.


Sejun wakes up from a good night’s sleep.



Theo and Kamang woke up taking care of their family.

“Keep clean.”

Using the skill, he washed his companions and washed himself.



Mark the date on the wall, go outside and

“Move the Earth.”

A 10m high monument was erected for Hamer.

[Hamer Achievement Monument]

– Hamer, the god of farming, was the first to be under the guidance of the great Park Se-jun


Sejun feels proud of what he wrote.

I raised my kids really well.

Theo Kueng, who allowed me to take charge of Hamer, thought about the Kamangi family and


I walked around the farm.

Let’s walk like that for about 30 minutes.

[The cabbage of the wind appreciates the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and gives strength.]

[The crop’s great reward (Master) is activated, and the magic stat potential increases from 7157 to 7167.]

Increasing potential.

Horsepower (7167/7167)

Of course, it was filled quickly.

So today, Sejun waited for Sejun’s stat potential to increase and shortened the queue of waiting stats a little.

After a while.


[Dad, good night!]

After waking up, Kueng joined Sejun and walked around the farm together, clinging to Sejun’s side.



Sejun’s eyes caught the eye of a pile of something hard mixed with brown and green.

Did BatBaet bring it?

Usually I bring slime, but today it seemed like I brought something different.

Sejun approached and touched it carefully.

This is…

“Is it seaweed?”

good. This morning is seaweed soup!

Sejun hurriedly ran to the kitchen with seaweed, rinsed the seaweed in water, and soaked it in water. Because it has to be called.

After about 20 minutes, the seaweed that had absorbed the water became plump.

“I will perform the surgery today.”

Sejun cooks for himself after a long time. Because there was no seaweed soup recipe in the cooking skill, Sejun No. 1 could not make it.

Of course, after seaweed soup is registered in the cooking skill recipe, Sejun No. 1 becomes possible.

Chi profit.

Sejun put the slime meat in a sturdy stone pot and stir-fry it until the color changes


Add soaked seaweed and stir-fry it together.

‘Pour soy sauce, add garlic, and add some tuna broth.’

Add the seasoning and ingredients and stir-fry again to season the meat and seaweed


Add water and close the lid.

“Time acceleration.”

Finally, after using the skill, I waited for 1 minute and opened the lid, and a white seaweed soup appeared.

[I achieved the skill of making slime meat, blood-sucking leech skin soup for the first time in the tower.

] The recipe is registered.]

[The cooking (Master) skill level increases significantly.]

A dish with an odd name has been registered in the recipe.


“It’s not seaweed soup, it’s vampire leech skin soup?!”

“What’s your name?!”

Sejun is surprised by the name of the dish.

In fact, what Sejun thought was seaweed was the corpse of a vampire leech.

When Batbat kills the vampire leech, the liquid inside its body drains and the leech skin turns into dried seaweed.

The smell and taste are exactly like seaweed soup…

When Sejun tilts his head while eating the seaweed soup

[I have achieved the great achievement of creating the first food in the tower using two types of disasters.]

[Reward for the great creation achievement . Obtained .]

[As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, Talent: Grotesque is blooming.]

[As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower is reduced by 0.1%. ]

The message that appears.


Who is this kidding?!

“You can’t be Vice President Te! “Let’s impeach the system!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “It’s impeachment!”


[Kueng is also impeaching!]

Beep! Beep! [We’re surprised too

! Please join us!] Sejun and his companions are plotting impeachment on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

It was a system where Sejun was strangely criticized even though he was given nicknames and talents based on his achievements.

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