Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 509

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Episode 509 Hehehe. My name is the best.

Episode 509 Hehehe. My name is the best.

Seed Store Headquarters.

[The third apostle of creation, Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple.]

[Holy power increases by 5.]

[The third apostle of creation, Kamangi Park’s first subordinate, Eomdori, witnesses your temple.]

·· ·






Leah and other non-combat gods are chanting slogans today as they see the message of rising divine power.

[Mubalchil, the seventh subordinate of the third Apostle of Creation, Kamangi Park, witnesses your temple.]

[Divinity power increases by 1.]

When the last message appears ,

“Wow!” Mr. Kkamangi Park’s new recruit has arrived!”

Cheers erupted. Because the number of people to increase sacred power has increased by one more.

The non-combat gods who cheered like that.

“But your name is Mubalchil?”

“Who built it like that?”

We started talking about Mubalchil’s name. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it was such a miserable name that it stuck in my mind.


“Couldn’t it be Park Se-jun?”

“What are you talking about?! Don’t we know the new god of loneliness? Park Se-jun is a warm-hearted human being who gives the god of loneliness a name, ‘Uri.’ “There’s no way you could give it a weird name like Mubalchil.”

“ah. That’s right. I made a mistake. “There’s no way Park Se-jun would do that.”

Thanks to our name, Sejun was never suspected in the divine world.

“Because I suspected Park Se-jun. “Say the slogan ten times.”

“huh. Ask! Ask! Ask…”



When Hana started chanting and the other non-combat gods also started chanting again,

“I’m jealous…”

There were non-combat gods who watched these non-combat gods secretly from inside the house.

They are gods who have not received divine power from Sejun because they have no contact with him.

At first, all the non-combat gods were excited and they also happily participated.


is it okay for me to continue to be indebted to you like this?

At some point, as I continued to receive divine power from other non-combat gods, my self-esteem gradually fell along with the thought that I was shameless, and

I also wanted to receive a temple from Park Se-jun… but there was no way… I

became more depressed due to envy and deprivation, and became more isolated.


I was lonely…

I ended up being alone at home. no. I started to feel comfortable being alone.


, knock, knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door of the ant god Bena’s house.

If you keep quiet, it will just go away.

Bena deliberately did not answer.


knock, knock, knock.

The other person didn’t go and knocked on the door again. continue.

Knock, knock, knock.

The knocking was regular, but it was leisurely, as if there was no intention to rush the door.

As the knocking continued,

it squeaked.

“who are you?”

Bena has no choice but to open the door.


“Hello. We are the gods of loneliness. Bena, let’s talk together. “Can I come in?”

We asked in a bright voice,

“Huh? uh.”

Bena let us into the house, feeling glad without realizing it.

After a while.

“Hehehehehe. “I was so lonely…”

Bena, who was talking to us, started crying.

“are you okay. Don’t be lonely. “I will be by your side.”

“really? thank you. But you are the god of loneliness. Why don’t you look lonely?”


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“Because I am not alone.”

“You’re not alone?”

“yes. “Because Sejun is always with me.”

“to?! Park Se-jun is with us?!”

“yes. “In my mind.”

“Foot. what?!”

Bena burst out laughing at our words.

It’s true, why are you smiling?

We tilted our heads and said,

“Hehe. Bena, let’s pray to Sejun together. Also, you don’t know. “I wonder if Sejun will give Bena a temple.”

He suggested praying to Bena.

“Is that so?”

“yes. Our hearts will definitely be conveyed to Sejun! Sejun, can you hear me? “It’s us…”

The god of loneliness, we prayed to Sejun with Bena.

It was a scene where you didn’t know who God was.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Aileen, please change my name.”

Sejun asked Eileen to change the name of Slime Meat Vampire Leech Skin Soup.

It was difficult to call, and every time I saw that name, I thought of a wriggling leech.

[The tower manager asks if there is a name you have in mind to change to.]

“Slime Seaweed Soup.”

I just added the slime. Because it seemed to have a better name than pork seaweed soup.

[With the authority of the tower owner, the name of the dish Slime Meat Vampire Leech Skin Soup is forcibly changed to Slime Seaweed Soup.]

When the name of the dish was changed to Slime Seaweed Soup,

“Guys, let’s eat seaweed soup.”

Sejun started eating seaweed soup with white rice with his companions.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park’s grilled fish is the most delicious!”

Theo only ate grilled fish again today

and hehehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. As expected, all of Dad’s cooking is delicious!]

Even Kkueng, who is not a picky eater, ate it deliciously.


whine?! whine?!

[This is that vampire leech?! Were they this delicious?!]

Salty, salty, salty.

Kamangi and his subordinates were shocked by the deliciousness of the vampire leech.


Sejun also enjoys eating rice with seaweed soup.

When disaster is used as an ingredient in cooking, a special effect is created in the dish.

First Calamity Locust (stat increase)

Second Calamity Giant Vampire Leech (recovers a portion of damage as life when attacking an enemy)

Fifth Calamity Slime (reduces physical damage)

[Talent: Grotesque Eating]

Stats increase when eating strange food (The worse the food, the more the stat increases.)

I confirmed the nickname and talent given by the system.


I don’t think there’s any need to write about weirdness, but tinnitus was really good.

The only benefit of tinnitus is that you don’t have to eat strange foods.

Impeachment on hold.

Sejun decided to hold off on impeaching the system. There was no way to impeach the system anyway.

After eating such a delicious breakfast,

“Kueng, make me some coffee.”


Sejun asked Kuengi for morning coffee.



Kueng was embarrassed as he put his paw into the bag containing the beans to give Sejun coffee.

“Kueng, what’s wrong?”


[There is no coffee…]

Dad likes the morning coffee that Kueng gave him… but I’m sad that I can’t make him happy…

Kueng, the dutiful son, looks at the few coffee beans in his front paw and starts crying. built.

“are you okay. “You can go down and get it.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “So you’re going on a picnic?!”

Theo rushes to Sejun’s words and packs his belongings.

Kueng! Kueng!

[It’s a picnic! When you go on a picnic, you have to eat snacks!]

Kihihihi. Pfft!

[Hehe. I have to take care of the dried sweet potatoes that I have hidden!]

Kuengi and the Kamangi family also started to busily pack snacks.

The journey to get coffee suddenly turned into a picnic and

“Let’s make Sejun’s No. 1 rice balls.”

Sejun also prepared for a picnic by making rice balls with Sejun No. 1.

At that time,

[Due to the effect of , White Tower Tower Farmer Ajax Mambe gains job experience and 1% harvesting skill proficiency.] A

message appears.

Ajax harvested and sent Sejun job experience and skill proficiency.

“Hehehe. “Good.”

When Sejun is happy to see the message,

[ brings job experience points and 1% seeding skill proficiency acquired by Green Tower Tower Farmer Ophelia Iolg.] [ >The effect of Golden Tower Farmer Cecilia gains job experience and harvesting skill proficiency by 1%.]




Next, a message appeared asking if other top farmers were also starting work.



Meanwhile, Kkueng and Kamangi, who had finished preparing for the picnic, urged Sejun outside the kitchen and said,

“Okay. I’m going out. “Eileen, eat this.”

Sejun hurriedly sent heart-shaped rice balls to Eileen without being noticed by his companions.



Fuhehehe. If the great hybrid Chairman Park does it, it must be good! I should make it in the same shape and give it to Iona!

Theo, who was hanging on Sejun’s lap, began to make a heart shape by stroking the tuft of his fur with his front paws.

After a while.

[Move to the 94th floor of the Black Tower.]

Sejun arrived at the waypoint and moved to the 94th floor of the tower where the coffee farm was located.


“Huh?! “A while ago, Hegel went up to the 99th floor of the tower with coffee for Sejun.”


You could have just waited.

The paths diverged.

“Give me some Ninir coffee. “Because I can’t drink coffee in the morning.”

“yes! wait a minute.”

At Sejun’s words, Ninir made coffee and brought it to him.

“thank you.”


Sejun drank coffee.

“oh! “It’s really delicious?!”

The taste of coffee made me gasp.

“Nihehe. “What you are drinking now is the highest quality coffee we will sell from now on, Black Giant 94 Chikasan Sejun.”

“Eh?! But why is my name included in the coffee variety?”

“That’s because Sejun’s name means he’s the best.”

“no way. “It’s the best… I’m up to that level…”

Sejun trembles with humility.


hehehe. My name is the best.

The corners of Sejun’s mouth were raised high, forming a half-moon shape.


“Hehehe. it’s good.”

Perhaps thanks to the compliments, the coffee tasted even better. Plus, the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

“Nyan nyang nyang. Chairman Park, please pat me more!”


While Sejun was happily drinking coffee while stroking Theo’s stomach as he lay on his lap,



Kuengi and Kamangi family had fun wandering around Chikasan Mountain as if it were their own home.




[What is this?]

While picking up a stone to see if there was anything underneath, Kkueng discovered a hole that seemed far away beneath the stone.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It’s an exploration!]


A black bird that fearlessly throws its body towards the hole.




Kueng! Kueng!

[No! Blacky is dangerous!]

It was caught by Kuengyi’s telekinesis and was left floating in the air.

Go on adventures with dad!

Kuengi took the Kamangi family and ran to Sejun.


90th floor of the Black Tower.

“Kk-kk-So, someone robbed Dev’s warehouse a week ago?”

Iona asked the giant hippopotamus in an extremely angry voice.

I was planning to go to Theo!

When Iona, who had finally handed over one task to Heukster and had some free time, was about to go to Theo,

“Iona, I received a call from Dev on the 90th floor of the tower!”

In the past, when the Gravity Magic Tower was on the 90th floor, Yuji Dev of the 90th floor of the tower, who had been indebted to him, asked for help, and

Theo-sama ㅜㅜ

Iona put her regrets behind her and came down to the 90th floor of the tower.

“That’s right.”

Norma, who works as a butler at Dev’s mansion, answered Iona’s question in a very frightened voice.

“Please guide me to the warehouse.”


Iona, guided by Norma, moved to the warehouse where the thief was located.

“The power of mana. Find the traces. Detect.”

I need to deal with it quickly and go to Theo.

I started using magic to find traces left behind by the thief.


“Pfft. I found it. “There are traces of a magic circle that moved to the 94th floor of the tower.”

The 94th floor of the tower is close to here! Plus, I can feel Theo’s energy from the 94th floor of the tower!

Iona suddenly lost her temper and spoke with a bright smile.

“Pfft. Then we’ll leave right away! Teleport!”

I’m going to catch the thief and see Theo too!

I quickly used magic.



“oh. “Is it deep here?”

Sejun, who was slowly going down the hole holding Kkueng, who uses telekinesis, looked down and said.

I went down for about 10 minutes and still couldn’t see the bottom.

I was scared, but

I said, “Fuhuhu. “I can feel the attraction under Chairman Park!”


Theo’s words gave me courage and I went down the hole.

At that time

, Kwakwang!


A strong upward current of air, accompanied by an explosion from below, hit Sejun and his companions.


“Nyan?! I can feel Iona’s energy from below, Nyan!”

Iona is in danger!

Sensing that Iona was in danger, Theo hurriedly kicked the wall and used Nyambo to disappear into the darkness.

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