Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 494

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Episode 494 Run away! He’s a real devil!

Episode 494 Run away! He’s a real devil!

“This is today’s daily wage. And Magin intern, please come forward.”

Assistant Manager Jeff gave the employees their daily wages and called Magin.


Magin steps forward after hearing Jeff’s words.

“This time, Magin intern concluded a deal with the Electric Hippopotamus tribe. And this is an incentive.”

Jeff informed everyone of Magin’s achievements and handed out 3 top coins.

It was money given to Magin based on the 100 Top Coins in sales made through transactions with the Electric Hippopotamus tribe, plus a 3% intern incentive.

“thank you!”

Magin bowed his head and took the money.

‘Muhhh. fun.’

Magin lowered his head and was smiling brightly.

At first, he was dissatisfied that he, a member of the Damon family, was being asked to do such menial tasks.

It was natural. Magin is a direct descendant of the Damon family. Because the amount of money I usually dealt with was a golden spoon, starting from at least 100 million won.


is it worth it?

When I started working here, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had never felt before.

Developing your own sales channels, making deals, and building relationships.

It was fun, unlike the times when I instructed my subordinates to open up sales channels and blushed as I tried to get even more from my trading partners.

“good. Then we disperse today and start again tomorrow. dissolution.”

With Jeff’s words, the wandering merchants dispersed and said,

‘Mhihihi.’ I’ll use this to buy snacks from a street vendor.’

Magin headed to a street vendor on the shopping street. It is a snack made by coating the outside of the fruit with sugar and making it on a skewer, and it was really delicious.

“How much is this…”

When Magin arrives at the street vendor and is about to buy fruit candy,


“Fuhuhuhu. “You become my target!”

Magin shivered at the familiar voice speaking to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

It’s him!

An evil yellow demon who carries a seal and turns it into a slave (employee).


There’s something familiar about the back of my head!

Meanwhile, Theo also felt something familiar and quickly moved forward to check Magin’s face and was disappointed.

phew. Did I buy it?

Magin was relieved by Theo’s reaction. It seemed like it wasn’t him.

Magin is happy to be free from the devil’s clutches.


“Margin, wait here!”

The devil didn’t let himself go.

With Magin next to him, Theo searches for a merchant who will become his target again.

Thanks to this, even though there was fruit candy in front of her, Magin couldn’t buy it and just waited, drooling.

After a while.

“uh?! brother?!”


Like Magin, Machun, who was trying to buy fruit candy at a street vendor, was caught by Theo.

Certainly, it is not for nothing that it is said that half of the wealth in the Golden Tower belongs to the Damon family, and both of them had the ability to become targets.

In this way, Theo found two merchants who could become targets.


“Nyan… these are fish that have already been caught!

Theo was not satisfied.



A new face!

Theo saw a sheep with red fur approaching a fruit candy stand.


“Fuhuhu.” “You become my target!”

Theo quickly approaches and speaks.


“Really?! “Are you going to let me be the target person?!”

An unusual answer came back.

“Of course! “If you get this stamp, I’ll make you a grand prize winner!”

Of course, this wasn’t normal either.

“yes! I’ll do it! “If you can become a target person, you can sell your soul to the devil!”

The red sheep answers boldly.

Run away! He’s a real devil!

The devil only takes souls! He takes it all!

Machun and Magin desperately shook their heads at the lamb who was under the clutches of the evil yellow devil, but


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they cooed.

[The nine dragon employee contract seal has been stamped.]

[Activates the eternal contract.]

[The contract with the other party will remain in effect forever.]

The lamb, possessed by the devil’s words, ended up being stamped by the devil.

“Welcome! But what’s your name?!”

“You’re asking so quickly. It’s Ninir! “I’ve stamped it, so please make it quickly!”

“Fuhuhuhu. I understand! “Everyone gather together!”



Machun and Magin rushed to Theo’s call.

“hello! “I am Ninir, a sheep who will soon become a target!”

“I am Machun. “This is my sister Magin.”


While the three of them were exchanging greetings,

“Hey, Herr, please make these people targets!”

Theo asked Her to make the three subjects.

[Her, the god of merchants, says that he will make the three of them the best merchants who can take the exam.]

[Her, the god of merchants, uses his authority to pass the promotion level 1 test, which is a test of a merchant’s connections.]

[ He says that although he cannot pass the promotion level 2 test for Her, the merchant god, on his own authority, he can easily pass it by lending 1,000 copies of your employment contract to each of the three.] “

Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Her, surprisingly, cooperated obediently…

[Her, the god of merchants, says that it would be good if you spoke well to Park Se-jun and place believers in his temple.]

It was to receive believers from Se-jun.

Theo already has 10 votes out of 20. Here, if the three targets of the Black Tower are added, it will have 16 votes, which is more than half of the 26 votes.

Because Black Giant Tower recipients can cast two votes.

Moreover, even if he rejects Theo’s request, if Theo increases the number of votes by capturing the target person passing by, the majority will be passed.

Ultimately, it was only a matter of time before Theo gained the power to impeach himself.

So, I decided to trust Park Se-jun and just cooperate with Theo. Because believing is always right.

Next, the promotion level 3 test, which tests the target’s strength, was easily passed because the three of them were strong.

I passed the stage 4 test of getting 11 trillion Top Coins because Theo insisted that I do it on credit.

[Her, the god of merchants, says that the final test will begin.]

With Her’s words, five scrolls with numbers from 1 to 5 written on them appeared in front of the magician Magin Ninir.

[Her, the god of merchants, says that you must open them in order and that if you open them instead, you will be disqualified.]

“Nyan… That’s a shame! “Hurry up and open number 1!”

Theo, who had tried to open the scroll himself, looked disappointed and urged the three.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


[Dad, Kuengi dug up herbs!]

In the late afternoon, Kuengyi returned from the herb field and handed Sejun a green arrowroot root.

“huh. thank you.”

Sejun immediately put the arrowroot root he received from Kuengi into his mouth.

Munching, munching.

There was no chewing of the soil on the herbs that Kueng had already cleaned in the herb field.


[You have consumed the blue-potential arrowroot root.]

[The potential of all stats increases by 7.]

The message that appears when you swallow the arrowroot root.


It’s 7, not 5?

When Sejun checked the green potential arrowroot option in a message that was different from usual,

the word Grower: Intermediate Herbalist Kueng Park

Herbalist had the word Intermediate in front of it.

As Kuengi’s herbalist level rose to intermediate, the power of the arrowroot he harvested increased.

“oh! Our Kueng has become an intermediate herbalist?!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. That’s right!]

Ahem. Kueng is now an intermediate herbalist!

With a proud look on his face, Kueng follows his older brother Theo, putting both front paws on his waist and preparing to be praised by Sejun.

“congratulations! To celebrate Kueng becoming an intermediate herbalist, let’s go to the 75th floor of our tower and eat something delicious!”

Sejun decided to go down to the 75th floor of the tower with Kueng.


[I like it!]

Hehehe. With this, I’m going to buy something delicious with my dad!

Kueng was delighted with Sejun’s words and checked to see if his pocket money was in good condition.


you’re going to eat something delicious?!

As the atmosphere between Sejun and Kkueng was unusual, Karr eavesdropped on their conversation.


(The great Kamangi, Sejun, and Kuengi are going to eat something delicious!)

Karle hurriedly reported what he heard to Kamangi and

whimpering?! Beep!

[What, you’re going to eat something delicious?! Butler! Take us too!]

Kamangi came running with his men in a huff, fearing that Sejun would leave him behind.

Sejun goes down the tower with his family.

I wasn’t worried about crossing paths with Theo. Because Theo takes care of finding himself.

After a while.

[Arrived at the 75th floor of the Black Tower.]

[I moved from the 99th floor of the tower, the highest floor, to the 75th floor of the tower.]

[I went down 24 floors.]

[ and , making him invincible for 1 second.]

Sejun arrived at the 75th floor of the tower using the waypoint.

“No. “I came to find you.”

Is it about 10km away?

Sejun said, calculating the distance to Theo, which felt far away.



“Fuhuhuhu. Great Hybrid Chairman Park Are you here to see me?! Even if that wasn’t the case, we needed Chairman Park!”

Theo, who sensed Sejun’s energy, quickly moved to Sejun’s face and clung to Sejun’s face.


Booby booby.

When Theo meets Sejun in an unexpected place, Theo can’t control his joy and rubs his body against Sejun’s face.

“You needed me?”

“Nyan! That’s right! Let’s go over there quickly! “It’s over there!”

Theo clung to Sejun’s lap and pointed toward the merchant area with his front paw,

and kuang!

[Let’s go quickly and buy something delicious!]


[Butler! Delicious food!]

Kkueng and Kamangi, who came out of the subspace warehouse late, also urged Sejun.

“okay. okay.”

Sejun takes care of Kuengi and Kamangi and

says Dadadada.

I quickly ran to the merchant area.

10 minutes later.

“Here you go! “If we want to turn these guys into targets, we need the items from Chairman Park’s subspace warehouse!”

Sejun, guided by Theo, arrived at the place where the witch Magin Ninir was waiting.


Theo took out the items on the scroll the three of them had opened from Sejun’s subspace warehouse and said,

“I’ll help you too.”

Sejun also helped Theo.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It looks delicious!]

Kihihihi. Bip!

[Hehe. It looks like delicious food!]

Meanwhile, the two are snooping around the street vendor.


[How much is that?]

Kueng asked, pointing to a skewer with five fruit candies on it.

“10 top coins each.”


[Then I will give you 1000!]

Kueng shouts boldly.

The money in his pocket money was less than 5,000 Top Coins, but it didn’t matter.

Kkueng has his father’s number 3 sharpener!

All you have to do is sharpen it 3 times.


[I’ll give it a discount!]

“Then for 8 top coins…”


[They give you more discounts!]

“So, in the top 5 coins…”


[They say they’ll give you a bigger discount!]

“Well… since you bought 1,000 of them… then I’ll give you 3,000 Top Coins.”

Today was the day the wildling came home, so he planned to go in early, so the street stall owner decided to sell it with just a small mark.

Kueng bought candy for 3 top coins by cutting it 3 times.

“It takes some time to make 1,000. “Please eat some first.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s good!]

When Kkueng picked up the strawberry candy skewer,

whine! whine! whine!

[brother! brother! Just one for me too!]

Black Mangi hurriedly barked for him too.


[I understand!]

A cool older brother gives up food to his younger brother!

When Kkueng took a strawberry candy off the skewer and gave it to Kamangi,

it was like that.

“hey. Buy me one too. And give me some money. Don’t even think about hiding it. If you get caught, you get one hit for 1 Top Coin. “Kkkkkk.”

A tiger tribe warrior put his arm around Kuengi’s shoulder and tried to punish him.

Hehe. Sounds fun.

Kamangi watched Kuengi with an interested expression.

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