Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 495

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Episode 495 That loyal employee, Bayonne, did it!

Episode 495 That loyal employee, Bayonne, did it!

“Hey. “It’s been a while since this city smelled like this.”

Merchant District Halla, the grandson of Hannibal, the head of the Free Mercenary Association, known to the merchants as the bastard Halla, took a deep breath as he entered the merchant district.

“Kkkkkk. “It was worth setting off without Grandpa and Uncle Lark knowing.”

Halla escaped while Hannabal and Lark were sparring. I smiled as I looked at the shops and street vendors that were still open.

After training hard every day, we go out once a month.

But every time I came, the shops and street vendors were closed, so I was so bored.

When the merchants discovered them, they either hurried away or quickly closed their stores.

Cough. where should we go?

Halla looked at them and wandered around the merchant district as if looking for game to hunt somewhere to play today.

At that time,

“Huh?! “Halla, the Tiger Tribe’s next ace, has come, but there is no response?”

A lot of my reputation has died. Dead.

Halla frowned as he found a street vendor that wasn’t closed.

It was a fruit candy street vendor that I couldn’t find Halla because I was bargaining with Kueng.

“Kkkkkk. “I guess I’ll have to go there today.”

Halla shows up and you don’t dare close the door?!

Halla walked toward the fruit candy street vendor.

But who are those guys? Are they guys from out of town?

A young bear and a puppy buy a skewer of fruit candy in front of a street vendor and share it happily.

It was clear to anyone that they had first followed their parents into the merchant district.

Maybe you should buy one of those and share it with the pocket money you worked so hard to save?

“Kkkkkk. “It’s fun to take money out of your nose.”

Halla should teach me the spiciness of the city.

Before yelling at the street vendor, Halla decided to briefly show the young bear and puppy the horrors of the world.


First, I started working while holding the young bear on my shoulder.



Kueng was taken aback when he saw Halla talking to him while putting her arm around his shoulder.

My dad clearly said that shoulder-to-shoulder hugs are something that only happens between close friends, but the other person hugged his shoulders even though he wasn’t even close to me.


one for 1 top coin?!

They even threaten me at the same time,

so they are friends? Are you a bad guy?

Kueng was confused about how to deal with the other person.


[Did you just say Kueng was taking money from Kueng?!]

So I asked Halla back to see if the other person was a bad guy.

Although he tried not to get angry yet, Kueng unconsciously showed a hint of life towards Halla who tried to take his pocket money.


Halla suddenly got goosebumps without realizing it due to the bloody energy she felt from Kuengi.

My instincts told me something was wrong, but I was like,

‘What?! Are you saying I was scared by a guy like that!?’

My grandfather is the president of the Free Mercenaries Association, and my uncle is the black bear Lark, the ruler of Mount Orin!

Ignore your instincts and

say, “Okay!” Give me money. money! Are the bear cub’s ears clogged? “Please pierce my ears?!”


Halla puts her arms around his shoulders and speaks in an even more delinquent tone.

‘This guy is a bad guy! ‘You can hit me!’

Thanks to this, Kueng gained confidence that it was okay to hit Halla.

“uh?! what···.”

He shook off Halla’s hand on his shoulder and slammed it down on the floor.


“Gagging! This bearded bird…”


Before Halla can finish speaking, Kueng throws her in the other direction again.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

Then he was pinned to the floor dozens of times.


When Halla fainted like that,

what happened?

[Are you done with 1,000 fruit candies?]

Kueng asks the street vendor owner with a bright expression.

“yes?! yes Here it is!”

The street stall owner trembled in fear and hurriedly handed over the fruit candy



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Hee hee hee hee hee

[hee hee. brother! Give me one more!]

Kueng and Kamangi ate fruit candy and returned to where Sejun was.


Dragging Halla, who fainted, away.


“Hehehe. “Halla, this guy can’t stand it anymore.”

“Hannibal, stop laughing and scold the kid! “What are you going to do if you get into a really big accident later?!”

When Hannibal seemed to have no intention of scolding Halla for running away, Lark raised his voice.

“When the time comes, even we, Halla, will come to our senses.”

“What if I get into an accident before that time comes?”

“I have to stop that.”


No matter how much he has left, it’s true…

When Lark sighs as he sees Hannibal making no attempt to change his attitude toward Halla, he says,


One of the mercenaries who had planned to go to the merchant area in advance and hold Halla back so that he would not get into trouble, quickly ran over.

“Hehehe. What’s going on? “Did our Halla go to the store again and do something bad?”

It looks like our Halla has had an accident again. I need to apologize to the store owner and compensate him.

“no. While I was trying to behave, I was hit by a customer and passed out. “Now they are being dragged away.”

“what?! “Is it so true that our Halla faints?!!!”

Where can we beat Halla?!

Hannibal is usually calm, but loses his cool when it comes to his grandson.

“Where are you?! Guide me quickly!”


He rushed to the merchant area, urging his subordinates.


“Halla guy. I thought I would meet the owner someday. But was there not enough training? “I’m not the kind of kid who gets beaten up…”

Lark slowly followed Hannibal.


“Machun and Magin each get 1000 flame beans, one golden dragon scale.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I found something easy!”

“I know. ruler. here.”

When Sejun took out the items from the last 5th scroll from the subspace warehouse and handed them to the magician Magin Ninir,


Documents 1 to 5 were combined and the target item began to be created.


[Carpet wandering between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower]

[Botjim wandering between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower]

[Ultra-high thermal furnace that produces goods]

Machun is a carpet that can fly in the sky and travel between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower. Magin

is similar to Theo. However, Ninir obtained a furnace that produces money by burning the items placed in

Botjim, which can only travel between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower .

“Fuhuhuhu. “I got three targets!”

When Theo, who has increased his impeachment power like that, is happy,

he shouts! Kueng!

[dad! Kkueng brought snacks! Let’s try this!]

Kueng appeared with a bunch of fruit candies and handed them to Sejun and the other three new targets.


wow. wow.

Kueng is clinging to Sejun’s side and eating his snack eagerly.

“But who is he?”

Sejun asked as he looked at Halla, who was dozens of times bigger than Kuengi that he was dragging.


[This guy tried to take Kueng’s money, so I scolded him!]

“Fuhuhuhu. “Did you get Kueng’s stamp?!”

Theo smiled and asked Kuengi.

Kueng! Kueng!

[I couldn’t take a picture because I didn’t have a stamp! My eldest brother takes pictures for Kueng!]

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”


Theo stamps the back of Halla’s head after she faints.

At that time,

“Who are you?!” “How dare you hit my grandson?!”

Hannibal roared from afar and ran towards where Sejun was.

When children’s fights grow into adult fights,

“Fuhuhu.” “Hannibal, welcome back!”


Slave hunter Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower?!

Hannibal’s anger quickly cooled as he saw Theo welcoming him with a seal.

“That guy knocked Halla unconscious.”

The subordinate quietly pointed to Kuengi and said to Hannibal.

Who is that?!

Hannibal was shocked to find Kueng hanging on Sejun’s side. I’ve seen it before in the Red Ribbon Kingdom.

Kuengi Park, son of the great black dragon.

I’m sorry Halla. This isn’t a problem that grandpa can do anything about.

The accident caused by Halla was far beyond what Hannibal could handle.

He never thought his grandson would mess with the great black dragon’s family… he was lucky that he didn’t die.

Now that I think about it, it’s time for our Halla to come to her senses.

Hannibal heard many stories of transformation after joining Sejun Company.

He believed the rumors about Sejun Company and decided to entrust his grandson to them. no. I had no other choice.

“ha ha ha. Let’s meet the great black dragon Sejun and Sejun’s right-hand man Theo. Please take good care of my grandson Halla in the future.”

“You mean this guy?”

When Theo points to Halla, who fainted,


Halla began to come to her senses.


“Grandpa, this bearded bird…”


“100 million!”

Halla, who found Hannibal, tried to tell him in a loud voice that Kuengyi had hit her, but Hannibal hit him in the back and fainted.

“ha ha ha. sorry. I raised him too much. “Please don’t kill me.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Don’t worry! “I won’t kill you!”

Then it



[Dad, are we not going to eat something delicious?]

Kueng, who had already finished eating the fruit candy, looked at Sejun and asked.

“uh!? okay! “Let’s go eat something delicious.”

right! I came to congratulate Kueng on becoming an intermediate herbalist.

Realizing the original purpose of coming here, Sejun hurriedly found a restaurant and entered,

“Fuhuhuhu. “Hannibal is doing the billing today?”

“Sure… of course!”

Naturally, Hannibal calculated the cost of the food.

After a while.

“ah. full.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It tasted even better because it was free!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It was a good meal!]

When the meal was over,

“Fuhuhu. Assistant Manager Jeff This is the new intern, Halla Danyanang! “I will take Machun and Magin with me!”

Theo stopped by the Sejun Company branch in the merchant district and took over the unconscious Halla.


“let’s go to Mason.”

While Sejun was here, he visited Mason, the head of the Wandering Merchants Association, to obtain land documents for the 59th and 94th floors of the tower.

We arrived at the office of the president of the Wandering Merchants Association.

“Mason, can I get the land documents for the 59th and 94th floors of the tower?”

“wait a minute. “I was worried that Sejun might not be looking for land documents again, so I was collecting them in advance.”

Mason takes out a land document from a drawer at Sejun’s words.

“oh. Fortunately, there are also land documents for the 59th and 94th floors of the tower that Sejun is looking for. “Please take the rest with you because you may need it later.”

I handed Sejun five land documents.

The remaining three were land documents on the 65th floor of the Black Tower, the 72nd floor, and the 62nd floor of the Red Tower.

“Thank you. “I will use it well.”

When Se-jun, who had taken the land document, got up from his seat,

[It was confirmed that U-don, the pagoda farmer of the Red Tower, was planting scorching cherry trees without permission.]

[According to the laws of the pagoda, Park Se-jun, the pagoda farmer of the Black Tower, will be U-don, the pagoda farmer of the Red Pagoda for the next 100 years. .]

A message appeared in front of Sejun.

[You have achieved the great farmer achievement of having all 8 tower farmers.]

[As a reward for the great farmer achievement, the job characteristic of borrowing the stats of the tower farmers you have is strengthened.]

[Depending on the job characteristics, the White Tower Farmer Ajax’s Borrows 1% of stats.]




At the same time, the stats borrowed from top farmers as a reward for the Great Farmer achievement increased from 0.5% to 1%.

“uh?! what?”

How come Udonmon?!

Sejun was taken aback by the sudden message.


93rd floor of the Red Tower.

Bayon, the red fox, secretly mixed the fiery cherry seeds into Udon’s fire bean seed container.


‘Chairman Park! Vice President Te! That loyal employee, Bayon, did it!’

I laughed as I hid and watched Udon scream while sowing seeds.


you two are doing well, right? Our loyal full-time employee, Bayonne, is doing well. I sometimes think of the food I ate with these two people.

‘You haven’t forgotten me, have you?’


Bayon looked at the sky with faint eyes and swallowed his mouth. Today, the clouds resembled hot cakes that Sejun had topped with ice cream.

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