Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 492

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Episode 492 Chairman Park, what about you?

Episode 492 Chairman Park?

Seed Store Headquarters.

“Are we here?”

Dark God of Darkness looked around and opened his mouth.

My first impression of the seed store headquarters was…

‘It’s terrible.’

It was completely bad.

From the mud walls to the grass-topped roof.

It seemed like the building was built by a skilled craftsman, but the materials themselves were poor, so it was bound to be shabby.

When Dark looked at the seed store headquarters and frowned,

“Believe it, believe it, huh?!” Are you dark?!”

Pearl, the god of pearl, was passing by, humming a tune to his own rhythm, and was embarrassed when he spotted Dark.

“uh. nice to meet. “Where should I stay?”

Dark greets Pearl coolly and confidently asks where she will be staying.

“Uh… are you going to stay here?”

Pearl asked while looking at Dark. Because Dark was a battle god.

“of course.”

“okay. Follow me.”

As Pearl guides him, Dark follows quietly.

At that time,

“···Miracle! made! Warriors! Warrior Park Se-jun! “When you fight, you risk your life!”

The warrior songs of the battle gods could be heard beyond the wall.




The non-combat gods put up their own resistance as if they could not let Sejun be taken away.

Is it true that you are with these people?

Dark began to feel skeptical about choosing the seed store headquarters.


82nd floor of Silver Tower.

[He had 100 slaves.]

[All stats increase by 1 due to the effect of .] As the

number of employees increased after receiving Theo’s stamp, Sejun’s stats also increased.

[Sejun Company employees, eat as much as you want!]

Then, when Pose’s permission was given to the Silver Tower residents who became employees,

[1,000 people were fed.]

[All stats increase by 100 due to the effect of .]

The stats increased once again.

“Hehehe. “It’s so sweet.”



Sejun, holding Kueng and Kamangi in his arms, smiled as he checked the messages.


While eating plump seedless green grapes made by Fosse.

“But it’s a bit lacking.”

Sejun looks regretful. Although his stats went up a lot, there was no praise to improve his mental strength, which was one of his goals.


“Sejun No. 1 sortie.”

Sejun opens the subspace warehouse and has Sejun No. 1 cook and shouts


Once Sejun No. 1’s dish was completed, he infused magic into the ingredients and started printing out the dishes that Sejun No. 1 had made.

And let’s carry food from Sejun No. 2 to No. 5.

[The soul is filled with the pouring praise.]

[Spiritual power increases by 1.] [

The soul is filled with the pouring praise.]

[Spiritual power increases by 1.5. ]




Soon the responses started coming.

“good. This is it.”

Hehehe. Let’s use this momentum to steadily increase our mental strength stat!

Sejun’s stats are rising rapidly.

After a while.

Stats: Strength (5723/5723) Stamina (6197/6197) Agility (5522/5522) Magic (7107/7107) Spirituality (1501/3000) Divine Power (12.3054/100)

The growth of the four major stats has stopped. Because the stats are up to potential.

Now the number of employees has only exceeded 100,000…


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“Vice President Te, let’s stop here for today.”

Since all the stats gained from now on will be discarded, Sejun was disappointed and stopped hiring employees.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand…”

Theo responded to Sejun’s words in a slightly lethargic voice and clung to Sejun’s lap.

Theo’s all stats increase by 1 for each employee due to the effect of .

This means that Theo’s total stats soared by more than 400,000 in a short period of time.

As Theo’s original stats rose by about 50% at once, he was using all of his mind to control his power.

You can’t hurt Chairman Park!

To protect Sejun.

So tired.

Normally, it would be easier to get out of Sejun’s side, but

once you get a knee boost from the great hybrid Chairman Park, you’ll be fine!

Theo, a fanatic of Sejun’s knees, was invincible when he was with Sejun’s knees.


“Fuhuhu.” “I’m charged!”

Theo soon perked up. Theo’s recovery mechanism that no other being can ever understand.

When Theo was clinging to Sejun’s lap and the hiring process was over,

he said, “Sejun, we also want to become employees of Sejun Company!”

“Please accept me as an employee!”

Silver Tower residents who could not become employees cried out urgently. If Sejun leaves, they will have to starve again.

Now that the wind had weakened, it was worth growing something, but there were no seeds to plant, and even if there were seeds, we needed food to last until the seeds grew enough to harvest.

“hmm. Residents who are not POSE employees are given 3 green grapes for every 1,000 green grapes they pick.”

[yes! I understand!]

So, the rest of the Silver Tower residents who could not become employees were made to do simple tasks and prepare meals.

Since Fosse’s green grapes taste good and are not effective, I was thinking of selling them to another tower.


“First of all, Kwin, plant this with your employees and restore the soil’s strength. “The land was so barren.”

“yes. thank you!”

Kwin and his employees were given kidney beans of intelligence to plant.

As soon as the work at the Silver Tower was completed,

things went smoothly.

Sejun approached the bare vine that allowed the residents of the Silver Tower to participate in the harvest festival.

This is because the Land Document quest has not been completed yet.

A vine that has become so withered that there is no trace of life in it.

are you okay. I’ll treat you soon.


Sejun used a skill and stroked the vine.

If you treat this vine, you will be recognized as the rightful owner of the land, right?

This was certain, considering Sejun’s experience of completing dozens of land document quests.


[Farmer’s Warm Touch Lv. 8 is activated.]

[The vine has no vitality left, so treatment is impossible.]

The vine was already so close to death that it could not be treated with Sejun’s skill.

At that time,

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: The vine that has maintained the vineyard alone for hundreds of years wants to have a name as its last wish before it dies. Please name the vine.] Reward:

A quest

to be recognized as the rightful owner of the vineyard on the 82nd floor of the Silver Tower has appeared.

“What a name…”

Sejun’s heart became heavy at the thought of having to name the vine that had guarded this place alone for hundreds of years.


So, we chose the name ‘Uri’ with the hope that we would not be alone next time.

“Your name is Uri. “We’ve worked hard to protect the farm.”

When Sejun called our name

(thank you),

the vine shattered and disappeared, leaving only the name “Uri” behind.

[Quest completed.]





I completed the quest, but I wasn’t happy at all.


Feeling depressed, Sejun sighed for no reason and got up from his seat and looked at the sky.


“Chairman Park, Woonyang?”

“I’m not crying.”

“No? “So it’s raining?”

Theo wondered about the identity of the water droplets that fell on his head.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Silver Tower.]

In order to register the waypoint on the 99th floor of the Silver Tower, Sejun arrived at the 99th floor by setting the Return of the Dragon Bracelet to relative coordinates.

“welcome! Sejun! “I’ve been waiting for you!”

[Silver Tower 99th Floor Boss Giant Silver Monkey Derrius]

The 99th floor boss greeted Sejun with courtesy.

‘Kaiser said he had already talked to Chrysella…’

I’ll have to give you some Samyangju later.

Sejun thanked Kaiser when he saw Derrius waiting for him, but it was Sejun’s misunderstanding.

Chrysella agreed to help Sejun on the condition that Fireworks delivers news about Stella to Chrysella in the future.

The reason Kaiser was able to bring Kwin was because of the permission of Silver Tower Manager Chrysella, who wanted to help Sejun.

“huh. nice to meet you. “Derrius.”


After Sejun said hello to Deerius, he placed his hand on the red crystal.


[You have achieved the achievement of clearing the Silver Tower, following the Black Tower, White Tower, Green Tower, and Golden Tower.]

[As an achievement reward, .] [ is acquired.] [ With the effect of >, the effect of increases 5 times on the conquered tower.]

[With the effect of , you become invincible for 1 second after going down the tower.]

The message that appears.

The retrograde effect is 5x plus you are invincible for 1 second after going down the floor.


Sejun laughed as he watched the effect of .

It was good up to this point…

[The name value of Black Giant Park Se-jun has increased significantly.]

[The name of Black Giant Park Se-jun begins to spread among the Nine Towers.]

[The rewards for future achievements are reduced.]

Next, The message that appears.

It was a natural result of Sejun’s rising expectations from the top, but

what a bad system! How much more?!

Of course, Sejun didn’t think so.


“Nyan!” You harassed our great hybrid Chairman Park again! “I’m going to scold the system!”

We need to increase our impeachment power!

Theo followed Sejun, becoming angry at the system and thinking of ways to scold it.

While Theo was thinking of a way to punish the system,

“Then I’ll go.”

“good bye!”

Sejun returned to the 99th floor of the Black Tower while receiving greetings from Delius.


10th Tower Administrator Area.

“Patrick! “I found both door pieces leading to the 10th tower!”


Hamer shouted as he put down the huge spirit pressure stone he was holding.

“Who wants to put it down?”


“Listen again.”

“Yes… grunt! Tea!”

Seeing Patrick’s cold expression, Hamer hurriedly picked up the spirit stone again.

“Quickly inform Park Se-jun of the location of the two door pieces.”

“yes! “Park Se-jun…”

Hamer, who received Patrick’s instructions, hurriedly gave Sejun a quest, telling him the locations of the two door pieces leading to the 10th Tower.


“Well, Patrick, can you get off now?”

Hamer looks at Patrick’s notice and tries to put down the spirit stone again.


“No. “Hold on to Park Se-jun until he gets both door pieces.”

Patrick did not allow it.


Park Se-jun! Hurry up! hurry! hurry!

Hamer, anxious to quickly put down the spirit stone, urged Sejun, but

[Black Tower Farmer Park Sejun blocked the conversation for three days.]

It only backfired, inciting Sejun’s animosity.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun arrived home in a good mood.

“Luckily, it’s before the blue moon begins. Kueng, please make me some coffee.”


[I understand!]





When Sejun and his companions drink coffee under the starry night sky and wait for the blue moon to rise,

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: A piece of the door leading to the 10th tower that Hamer, the god of agriculture, has not yet found. 2 It tells you the dog’s location. Find the remaining two door pieces and complete the door leading to the 10th tower.]

Black Giant Tower, 59th floor 0/1

Black Tower, 94th floor 0/1

Reward: None

A quest that appears in front of Sejun.


There is no quest reward?!

It was my first time doing a quest like this since Eileen.

“no way. “I’ll have to do it later when I remember.”


Disappointed, Sejun closed the quest window and drank coffee again.

At that time,

[Hamer, the god of farming, urges you to complete the quest quickly.]

[Hamer, the god of farming, urges you to complete the quest quickly! hurry! I urge you to do it.]

Hamer began to urge Sejun.

Even though there is no compensation, you are urging me to do so?

Last time, it felt a little strange…

“Block Hamer.”

When Sejun blocks Hamer,

“Ah… hello. This is Uri, the new god of loneliness.”

For the first time since the creation of the Seed Store Headquarters, a new god has appeared.

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