Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 491

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Episode 491 Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I’m finally sitting here.

Episode 491 Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I’m finally sitting here.

A commercial filming location in the United States.

“ruler. Miel, just relax and do it as naturally as possible.”


Miel confidently responded to the cinematographer’s words and began acting.

“You bad monster! Take my pineapple bomb! “You’ll explode from the deliciousness?!”

Miel delivers prepared lines and throws a pineapple at a giant leech doll mask.



The pineapple was hit by the body of the leech doll mask and rolled on the floor in a pitiful manner,

“Deal… Licious…”


The leech monster let out a single word with difficulty and fell down.


Miel’s immersion was almost broken by the situation being so contrived.

Didn’t you say that the explosion and the leech monster’s smile were done with CG?

I continued acting, imagining an explosion and a leech’s smile.

“ha ha ha. How do you feel?! “The taste of Bomb Wizard Miel’s pineapple bomb?!”

Miel grabbed the leech monster by the collar and spoke the following line:

“One… more…”

The commercial filming ended with the leech monster spitting out its final line.

“Cut! Thank you for your hard work, Miel. “The acting is very good.”

“ha ha ha. thank you.”

When Miel was talking to the cinematographer after finishing filming, he said,

“You have to leave now to get to the Miel Hawaii Pineapple Festival.”

Miel’s manager approached and urged the next schedule.

“ah. sorry. “I have my next schedule, so I’ll have to go.”

“yes. Because you are busy these days. Please go quickly.”

After greeting the director, Miel quickly left the filming set with her manager for the next schedule.

Miel became famous for being the first person on Earth to use a pineapple bomb and discover how to become a bomb wizard.

Recently, we have been receiving hot love calls from pineapple-related workers.


82nd floor of Silver Tower.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Backwind is a power that when you counter an enemy’s attack with a stronger attack, the enemy’s attack and Kueng’i attack combine to attack the enemy with even stronger power! I think it would be nice to have a dad too!]

Yes. It would be nice to have it. But son, your assumption is wrong. Can Dad really make an attack stronger than the enemy’s attack?

Sejun thought it would be impossible to gain powers, but

he said, “Yes. “Let’s practice later.”

He answered and patted Kueng’s head so as not to hurt Kueng’s feelings for him.

Suk. Suk.


Kueng, who was in a good mood after Sejun’s petting, laughed and said,

“Nyan!” “Please pet Vice President Hybrid Te too!”

Theo quickly places Sejun’s other hand on his head.

Suk. Suk.

When Sejun strokes Theo and Kuengi with both hands,


[hey! Me?!]

The black cat also started barking to be petted.

“ruler. “Kkamangi eat this and wait.”

Sejun, who can’t use his hands, gives Kamangi some dried sweet potatoes, and

he whimpers!

[Ask for my hand, not this!]

I asked for Sejun’s hand again. Of course, I didn’t return the dried sweet potatoes that Sejun gave me, but quickly put them in my sling bag.


Then I guess I’ll have to use this method.

“Kueng, please give me a little black bird.”


[I understand!]

As Kkueng was being petted by Sejun and used his telekinesis to levitate Blackbird in front of Sejun,

“Boo bub boop.”

Sejun placed his mouth on Kkamangi’s stomach and blew on it, making a belly fart.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It tickles!]

While Sejun was playing with the three of them and resting for a while,

Kugu Goong.

“huh?” It crackles


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with a huge vibration


The World Tree grew rapidly, as if it were suddenly emerging from the ground, and quickly grew to a height of 30 meters above the ground.

Picking up Sejun and his companions.

Plop, pud, pud.

The vine that had grown huge began to move its vines in earnest and weave a thick net with its vines.

Dozens of layers of vine netting.


This is how you weaken the wind.

Sejun watched the net being created at the top of the World Tree and realized the World Tree’s intention.

The net was not dense enough for residents to pass through, but the wind would collide with the net and gradually lose its strength.

At that time,

[The grape seeds containing the World Tree planted in the Silver Tower grew and weakened the wind in the Silver Tower.]

[Quest completed.]

[50 billion Top Coins were obtained as a quest completion reward.]

[As a quest completion reward All stats increase by 100.]

[30 drops of Elixir of Growth and 1 drop of Elixir of Great Growth were obtained as a reward for completing the quest.] [

As a reward for completing the quest, [Job Talent: Growing Seed] will bloom.]

The quest A completion message appeared.

“Growing seeds?”

Sejun first confirmed his talent.

[Job Talent: Growing Seeds]

Each time the top farmer carefully sow seeds, grow crops, and harvest, the seeds grow by absorbing the top farmer’s sincerity.

Additional effects occur depending on the seed’s growth stage.

Growth stage: Seeds that failed to germinate


Is it good?

“You worked hard to raise it, but it’s not like it’s going to have insignificant effects, is it?”

Does it matter? The work was the same anyway, but the reward was greater…

Sejun decided to think positively.

“Then we should check this.”

Sejun then checked the elixir of great growth that gave off a fascinating red glow in a small glass bottle.

[Elixir of Great Growth]

This is an elixir containing a little of the energy of the Supreme Creator God.

Upon consumption, you gain 10 million experience points.

When consumed, it has the lowest stat of 100 among Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Magic. It significantly increases the proficiency of one of the skills.

For every 10 drops of Great Growth Elixir, all stats increase by 300.

Amount remaining: 1 drop

Usage limit: None

Creator: ???

Rating: ★★


After checking the options, Sejun immediately drank the elixir of great growth.


[I took the elixir of great growth.]

[10 million experience points were acquired.]

[The lowest stat, agility, increases by 100.]

[Weeding Lv. 1 skill level increases significantly.]

[Weed Pulling Lv. 1 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

[Weeding Lv. 2 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]




The message that appears. Experience points, agility stats, and weed pulling skill proficiency have increased.

“no. “Why are you pulling weeds?”

When Sejun was disappointed to see his weed pulling skill reached level 7

[Hello, Sejun!],

the world tree that had made the net spoke to him.

“huh. hi.”

When Sejun answered by placing his hand on the tree he was stepping on,

[Sejun, I don’t have a name! Please give me a name!]

A world tree that boldly asks to be given a name.

“Is that so?”

When Sejun decided to name the world tree,

I was excited! Excited!

Hehehe. I’m looking forward to what name will come out!

Black and his subordinates, with their eyes full of anticipation, pricked up their ears and concentrated on what kind of miserable name would come out of Sejun’s mouth.

Because it’s the vine world tree. Fosse.

“How about Pose?”

[Pose… I love it!]

Pose, who received his name from Sejun, spoke with a happy voice.

It would probably have been quite unfair if Podori, the same vine, had heard this name.

If Podori had been a world tree from the beginning, Podori would have been given the name Pose, but when Podori first met Sejun, it was not a world tree.

And there’s one more thing that Podori doesn’t know: If Podori was female, the name Posun was waiting for her.


[Butler is disappointed…]

“Sejun, your naming skills are not what they used to be.”



“That’s right. “Sejun, your senses have also died a lot.”


and his subordinates are disappointed after hearing the great(?) name Pose. In particular, Karr’s disappointment was even greater.

At that time,

[Sejun, Pose will make grapes, so hurry up and try them! Hey!]

With Pose’s cute spirit, green grapes, not purple, began to grow on the vines.

“Green grapes? “I’ll eat well.”


When Sejun picked a bunch of grapes,

[A bunch of plump seedless green grapes (20 grapes) were harvested.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. Mastery level 9 increases slightly.]

[2000 experience gained.]

A harvest message appeared.

“uh?! “There are no seeds?”

Is this really astringent too?

Sejun looked anxious and checked the green grape options.

[Plumply seedless green grapes]

These are grapes from which World Tree Pose removed the seeds for Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower.

You can get enough nutrition by eating just one pill.

When consumed, all stats increase by 1 and satiety remains for 6 hours. (If total stats exceed 10,000, all stats increase by 0.01.]

Cultivator: Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Expiration date: 150 days

Grade: S

“Oh. ”

You removed the seeds for me. That’s amazing.

Reading the explanation made Sejun feel better.

It didn’t matter that all stats went up by 0.01 when ingested. You could just eat something else and raise it.

How does it taste?!


Think about yourself. Sejun believed in Jun Pose and boldly put grapes in his mouth.

There was no bitter taste, and the unique scent of grapes had both strong sourness and sweetness, so it was delicious.

“It’s delicious.”



[Ihihihi. There are more, so there are more. Eat!]

Pose laughs with a strange laugh at Sejun’s praise.

[Don’t eat!]

He suddenly shouts fiercely.

“Huh?!” You just

said eat it? Pose, are you really a double personality?

He sneaks the grape that Sejun is trying to put in his mouth. Let’s put it down.

[Ah… No. Not Sejun. Those guys.]

Pose quickly explained, pointing to the Silver Tower residents who were targeting the grapes with branches.

And ,

[Only those who become Sejun’s employees can eat my grapes! So, if you want to eat grapes, come quickly to Theo and get a stamp!]

I knew where they had received early training, so I recruited employees.


[I stamped the nine dragon employee contract.]

[I signed a one-year contract with the other party. [Employee contract signed]

“Puhuhuhu. Welcome to Sejun Company!”

Thanks to that, Theo excitedly stamped the silver tower residents, and

kuhehehe. Kihihi


Sejun was comfortable playing with Kuengi Kamang on the pose. We were able to increase the number of employees.

After a while,

“Puh-huhu. Pose is great! Especially, Theo Park, who is a hybrid target, said I will make Pose a target person! Herr, please make Pose a target person too!” I learned

from Pose the possibility of becoming a target person. Theo recommended Fosse as a target.

“If you refuse, you will be impeached!”

Of course, as a serial impeachment blackmailer, he did not forget to threaten.

However ,

[the World Tree cannot be a target.]

A system that refuses.

“Whew. “I lived.”

It was Her, the merchant god, who escaped the risk of being impeached thanks to the system’s protection.

“Nyan! “I don’t like the system!”

You don’t listen to me and you always harass our great hybrid Chairman Park! Someday, I will definitely get access to the system and punish you!

Theo decides that one day he will punish the system


If I want to increase my strength, I need Chairman Park’s knees!

I hugged Sejun’s knee and started to recharge my energy.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“Kkkkkkkk. “I’m finally sitting here.”

Following Fenrir and Halfas, Jormungand, who was being revived after being attacked by dragons, was absent, and the next in line, Melphis, the 4th Apostle of Destruction, the Demon of Destruction, began leading the destruction.

How much I’ve wanted to try this.

Melpix controls disaster and destroys the world.


“Huh?! what?”

Why does disaster die so quickly?

The harder Melphix commanded the disaster, the faster the disaster was destroyed and the power of destruction that destroyed the world weakened.

“what? Hey! Fight well!”

Melpix does not know that he is a disastrous Vulcan.

Thanks to this, the power of destruction was cut by more than half, and the destruction of the world was greatly delayed.

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