Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 484

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Episode 484 A hybrid?!

Episode 484 A hybrid?!

Hehehe. I’m afraid I’ll be suspected in the meantime. I couldn’t feed it, but I have to feed it all today.

Black Mangi was simply trying to strengthen Sejun’s powers by feeding him the core pieces he had collected.


boom! boom!


[What is this?!]

A strong rejection reaction occurred in Sejun’s body.

The dragon energy contained in and the divine energy contained in clashed with each other.

Planting a dragon’s bone in a human body was possible without much resistance because the dragon’s status was much higher, but

God was a being of similar status to the dragon, and the two energies did not acknowledge each other and were pushing each other away.

If things continue like this, Sejun’s body will be in danger, like a shrimp’s back bursting in a whale fight.


whine! whine! whine!

[These! Because of you guys, our butler is sick! Let’s get along well!]

Kamangi used the core to force the two energies to reconcile for a moment.

Blackfish’s specialty is swallowing all energy and turning it into its own energy.

And since Sejun has the core of a black man, it was very easy for a black man to prevent the energy of a dragon and a god from colliding.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. good! This was 30 dried sweet potatoes!]

After doing such an incredible job of preventing the conflict between the two powers, Black Mang thinks of receiving 30 dried sweet potatoes from Sejun.


Kak! Kak?

(Kamangi brought the core! Should I bring more?)

Karle brought a total of three core pieces, one in his mouth and one in each foot.


[of course! Keep bringing it!]



To reliably suppress both energies, the deacon’s core must be stronger!

In order to stop the energy of the dragon and god from pushing each other away, the core had to use greater strength to balance itself.


[Swallow it, Butler!]

While Theo and Kuengi were busy massaging Sejun’s body, Blackman put a piece of the core into Sejun’s mouth and

swallowed it.


I pressed it with my front paw and made it swallow.

While Sejun swallowed the three core pieces and waited for the next core piece.


[What is this again?]

A suspicious movement was caught in Black Mangi’s eyes.

Sejun’s shadow slowly moved and tried to cover Sejun’s body.

dare! Are you trying to steal my butler’s body?!


[Eomdol and Kkomi go and sort it out!]



Eomdori and Kkomi, who had received instructions from Kkamangi, start

shaking when they touch Sejun’s shadow.

Sejun’s shadow suddenly fluctuates.

After a while.

“The great black man has been caught!”

Eomdori carried a black stone larger than himself on his head and brought it to Kamangi.


– Fenrir, please save me!

A black stone as soon as I saw it. no. The heart of Dark, the god of darkness, cried out for help.


About 3 months ago.

‘ha. Sejun, when will you become stronger?’

The heart of Dark, the god of darkness, was waiting for Sejun to become stronger and break the seal.

I was so tired…

I fell asleep.


‘Huh?! Sejun, why did you become so strong?!’

Is this enough to break 10% of the seals?!

Dark’s heart was filled with joy when he woke up 15 days ago and saw Sejun’s remarkable condition.



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what?! Sejun, why do you have dragon bones on your body?

The dragon bone in Sejun’s body prevented the heart of Dark, the god of darkness, from approaching Sejun.

On the topic of rolling stones! Sejun is mine!

The heart of Dark, the god of darkness, who was trying to take over Sejun’s body with the dragon bone.


it’s a joke.

Why is Fenrir here?!

He found Blackbird sleeping on Sejun’s chest and stayed very quietly so that he would never be found out.

Because his body was eaten and sealed by Fenrir, Dark’s heart was not fooled by the cute black exterior.

You have to tell Sejun!

-Sejun, this guy is dangerous! I’m Fenrir, the wolf who hunts the first apostle of destruction, God!

Whenever the opportunity arose, Dark Heart tried to tell Sejun about Black Mangi’s identity,

but ah! Get out of the way!

I couldn’t talk to Sejun because of the dragon bone.

Dark’s heart failed so many times.

‘This is new blood?!’

When new blood is injected into Sejun’s body,

it’s your chance!

While trying to push the dragon bone together with Shinhyeol, he was caught by Kamangi and was captured by Eomdori and Komi.

It was really fortunate for Kkamangi.


what if he tells the butler my identity?

Black is troubled as he sees the heart of Dark, who knows his true identity.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. This will do! Come here!]

Kamangi releases Dark’s soul, which is connected to the heart of Dark, the god of darkness, and


[Now that you are free, go back!]

I took Dark’s thoughts from Dark’s heart and sent them to my soul.

In front of Blackman, only Dark’s unconscious heart remained

and whimpered!

[Swallow it, Butler!]

Kamangi also fed the heart of Dark, the god of darkness, to Sejun and used it as an ingredient to strengthen his power like the core.

Hee hee, whine…

[Hee hee. I’m tired now…]

I need to get 30 dried sweet potatoes from the butler

As Kamangi, who had strengthened his power by feeding Sejun 10 cores, fell asleep, his subordinates also took their seats next to him and fell asleep.



Sejun wakes up from fainting from the pain of having his blood replaced.

“Chairman Park are you okay?!”


[Dad, are you okay?!]

Theo and Kueng, who were massaging Sejun, asked in worried voices.

“huh. Are you okay? “I think it’s gotten better.”

Sejun answered in a lively voice and degurrched as he got up


Black Mangi and his subordinates, who were sleeping on Sejun’s chest, followed Sejun’s body and rolled several times until they stopped at Sejun’s stomach.


A black cat sleeping with a big smile on his face as if he was having some kind of good dream.

When he carefully put the Black Family sleeping on his stomach into the sling bag and tried to stand up, he said,

“Chairman Park, you can’t get up yet!”

Theo urgently stopped Sejun as if something big had happened.

“why? “What’s wrong with me?”

Do you think it’s okay?

“That’s right! The condition of my face is very serious! Chairman Park keeps frowning so much that wrinkles appear on his rotten face! “I need treatment!”

I can’t tolerate Chairman Park becoming even more shabby when I meet Eileen tomorrow!

Although Theo had his own desperate reasons,


I couldn’t get Sejun’s sympathy.

This is it again.

When Sejun quietly vented his anger, he said,

“Fuhuhu. Don’t worry! “I, Vice Chairman Te, removed the wrinkles from Chairman Park’s rotten face.”

Theo nuzzles Sejun’s face without notice.


“It’s not rotten.”

“If you open the barracks, there will be more wrinkles on the fishing gear.”

In the end, he was punished by having both cheeks caught by Sejun’s exploding hands.


Hehehe. Shall we check the results of pain?

Sejun confirmed his newly acquired power by gently touching Theo’s cheek.

You said, ‘God’s blood mixed with a little bit of godliness,’ right?

When Sejun confirmed his power,


The power called ‘God’s blood mixed with a little bit of godliness’ was not visible, but a power with a different name was visible.

Divine blood is passing through the heart of Dark, the god of darkness, and circulating through the body.

Level +10

, all stats +100,

all stat potential +1000,

special stat godhood is unlocked.

Divine Prestige +10

Each time the divine blood circles the body and passes through the heart of Dark, the God of Darkness, the Divine Prestige increases by 0.0001.

You can use the power of darkness to summon a shadow minion that imitates 5% of the master’s power. (It cannot imitate skills due to low godhood.)

“Ah. “The heart of Dark, the god of darkness, has been merged into power.”

That’s right. I also had the heart of Dark, the god of darkness.

As Sejun read the explanation, he remembered something he had forgotten.

But the divinity has been opened?

Sejun continued reading the explanation.

When I checked the stats, I saw

the stat: Shingeki (10.0252/100)


The decimal point at the back looked messy, perhaps because the divine power increased by 0.0001 each time the blood circulated around the heart.

So it’s been about 2 hours since you passed out?

[The divine blood has passed through the heart of Dark, the God of Darkness.]

[Divinity increases by 0.0001.]

A message saying that Godhood has increased approximately every 30 seconds appears, and Sejun calculates the passage of time with numbers other than the 10 Godhood obtained through authority.

“Summon a shadow minion.”

To confirm the last explanation, I summoned a shadow minion.

‘It’ll work out this time, right?’

Remembering that he couldn’t summon any shadow minions in the past due to low magic power, Sejun waited for the shadow minions to be summoned. Sreuk



One by one, Sejun’s shadows wearing straw hats began to rise from Sejun’s shadow, and

a total of five shadow minions stood up and waited for Sejun’s instructions.

Let’s take a look at one of Sejun’s shadow minions.

[Park Sejun’s Shadow Minion]

It is a shadow minion modeled after Park Sejun, the Black Tower Farmer.

Stats: Strength (155) Stamina (180) Dexterity (150) Magic (225)

Unique skill: Son of Darkness (Master)

Disappears after 3 days. (When it disappears, what it saw and heard is relayed to the owner.)

An explanation was shown.

“oh. “You also have unique skills?”

The Son of Darkness skill states that abilities increase by 20% at night.


First of all, I have to carry the luggage.

Shadow minions did not have farming or cooking skills, so it was difficult to entrust them with farming or cooking.

“Sejun 2 3 4 5 6 helps the mushroom ants carry the crops to the storage.”


As the shadow minions moved under Sejun’s instructions, Sejun also confirmed his newly acquired nickname.

– The god facing you is intimidated.

“The God who faces me is intimidated?”

It was nice, but I wasn’t very happy with it.

God may shrink when he sees himself, but he himself will die when he sees God.

Sejun, who had already gained a lot of practical experience, was not fooled rashly.

Sejun confirmed his newly acquired powers and nickname.

“How long until the competition?”

I went to the altar and checked the time.

[Time remaining until participation application – 29 minutes 34 seconds]

[Current number of participation applications]

– 99th floor of the Black Tower: 301,887

– 4th floor of the Black Tower: 55,214

– 82nd floor of the Silver Tower: 113,313,191

This time, 100 million The number of participants in the silver tower exceeds 100 people.

“What is it here that there are so many participants?”

There were too many.

Is Silver Tower very populated?

Sejun never thought that all the residents of the tower would be gathered on one floor.

Hehehe. Then we can hire more employees, right?

I feel a little more motivated to go to the silver tower.

At that time

-Sejun, some Samyangju…huh?! Sejun, why do you feel fresh blood in your body?!

Kelion, who came to buy Samyang liquor to comfort Kaiser, who was depressed after being expelled by Eileen, looked at Sejun and asked in an angry voice.

“yes? “That’s…”

When Sejun tried to explain

-Dark, you killer! What did you do to our Sejun?!

-Sejun, are you okay?!

-Dark If you get caught, I won’t let you go!

Kaiser Lambtor Tear, who heard Kelion’s voice, hurriedly flew over and looked at Sejun.

He was worried about a collision between the dragon bone and divine blood in Sejun’s body.


– huh?! Are you okay?

-What is this? It prevents clashes of power.

I was relieved to find the core of Blackberry in Sejun’s body.

-It’s a good thing… So, our Sejun has now become a hybrid?

-yes. A hybrid is a hybrid…

“A hybrid?! Please call me Hybrid Sejun!”

Sejun shouted angrily at the dragons’ words.

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