Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 478

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Episode 478 Should we try a miracle now?

Episode 478 Should we try a miracle now?

“Fuhuhuhu. “Hurry and guide me to attraction!”


pretended to move his front paws, giving in to the pull.

The front paws moved over the head.



You say you have to go to the sky?

The point where the front paws were pointing was towards the sky above their heads.

“If the attraction is towards the sky, then of course it goes to the sky!”

Although Theo cannot fly, Theo boldly jumped towards the sky.

Of course, it has to return to the ground by gravity, but

it’s so awesome!

Faba Park.

Theo started running through the sky, using Nyambo as a polarity, stepping on the air.

I will give Chairman Park a nice gift and receive praise!

Negative words such as fear, impossible, and limit have long been erased from the mind of Theo, a fanatic whose goal is to be praised by Sejun.

Theo just ran as hard as he could.

Repetition of fall and rise.

Because the rise was greater than the fall, Theo continued to get closer to the sky, and

after an hour,

there he was!

Theo’s eyes began to see a huge silhouette of land floating in the sky.

After a while.

“I’ve arrived!”

After climbing for another 30 minutes, Theo was finally able to set his feet on the ground.

“It was hard!”

When Theo was sitting on the ground and resting for a while

[Achieved the feat of climbing to the sky bare-handed without the ability to fly.]

[ was acquired.]

A message appears in front of Theo.

Thanks to my tinnitus, I gained the ability to experience stronger air resistance when stepping in the air.

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park is great! “I got a tinnitus when I went looking for a gift for Chairman Park!”

Theo gained strength by attributing his nickname to Sejun.

“Let’s go!”

I ran towards the place I was attracted to.

As Theo runs toward the place he is so drawn to, he sees a wide wasteland and a dazzling building in the distance.

“Nyan! “This is where Chairman Park once received shoes!”

It was only then that Theo realized that the place he had arrived was where Emilla Ivenus, the first apostle of the Creator God, was located.


Chairman Park was very disappointed at that time!

I remembered Sejun, who regretted not being able to take care of the crops in the flower bed because he suddenly fell asleep.

“Fuhuhuhu. This time, I’ll take a lot!

When Theo is determined to get plenty of crops from Emila’s flower bed

– come on. Theo Park, the subject of the Black Tower.

A beautiful woman with emerald hair suddenly blocks Theo’s path.

“Who?! “If you have something good, give it to me!”

I feel drawn to it!

Theo, unable to look at the woman properly due to the dazzling golden light emanating from her, frowned and shouted.

-Hehehe. I am Emilla Evenus, the first apostle of the Creator God. Even if it wasn’t, I was waiting for you, Theo. Theo, I knew you would come find me.

Emila smiled and answered Theo.

“Nyan?! What do you mean?! “This body is not an easy cat whose behavior can be predicted!”

-Of course it’s unpredictable. But I was preparing something for Park Se-jun, so I knew you would come.

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! “I, Vice President Te, will take care of Chairman Park’s gift!”

Theo immediately felt better after hearing the words of recognition for himself.

“Then quickly give me Chairman Park’s gift!”

Theo, wanting to quickly deliver the gift to Sejun, urged Emila by wagging his tail.

-ruler. here.

Emily handed two golden objects to Theo.

“Nyan?! What is this?! “Something seems to be lacking!”

Theo asked as he put on his two front paws something that looked like an arm sleeve made of leather on the outside and fabric on the inside.

-This is a good one. When combined with the shoes I gave Park Se-jun, they turn into boots.

“Is it okay if I turn into boots?!”

-of course! I worked hard to make it!

Seeing Theo’s distrustful expression, Emila became angry without realizing it and raised her voice.

“I understand!”

Theo took Sejun’s gift.


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“But I don’t have anything belonging to Vice President Te?! “I want to wear the same boots as Chairman Park!”

He began to satisfy his own self-interest.

Himself wearing the same golden boots as the great Chairman Park and hanging on the lap of the great Chairman Park.

My heart feels majestic!

Just imagining it made my heart pound.

-Wait a minute…

Can you make it with the leftover golden dragon leather?

Emila is lost in thought when Theo sees her with an expectant expression.

-Hang in there.

Appeared after 1 minute of disappearing

– here.

Soon, Theo was handed golden boots that matched the size of Theo’s hind feet.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Thank you!”

Now I’m wearing the same golden boots as Chairman Park!

Theo expressed his gratitude to Emila, hugging his boots with a very happy expression.


“Then I’ll go!”

He put the golden boots in his luggage and ran quickly and jumped to the ground.

-Should I have made it better?

Seeing Theo so happy made Emilla feel guilty.

This is because it was roughly made with leftover fabric and leather.

-Well, first of all, they are golden boots. uh?! You’ve already been following me! Boring apostles of destruction!

Emilla hurriedly moved the location of the flower bed.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

Today is the 5th day of the Harvest Festival and there is no competition, so Sejun spent the whole morning in the sub-space warehouse harvesting Devourer seeds and other crops.


Sejun was harvesting a plum that looked no different from other plums.


, [Sleep Plums were harvested.]

[You are the Field Lv. 8 activates and deals additional damage.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]

[100 experience points have been obtained.]

A different name appeared in the message.

“Plums for a good night’s sleep?”

[The achievement of creating a new breed in the tower has been achieved.]




[As a job characteristic, all stats increase by 20.]


Sejun smiled at the new breed after a long time.

“What are the options?”

I expected it to be effective because the name said it was good sleep, but I still checked the options for accurate information.

[Plums of good sleep]

Plums grown in the black tower are nutritious and delicious.

Grown by farmers with excellent farming skills, the taste and efficiency have improved significantly.

When ingested, you can get a good night’s sleep for 1 hour. (If you take several at the same time, the good night’s sleep effect is reduced, and if you take more than 1,000, there is no effect at all.)

During the deep sleep time, your body’s fatigue is quickly relieved, and you wake up immediately after the deep sleep time is over. .

Cultivator: Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Expiration date: 1 year

Grade: S

“Hmm. “They say that eating these plums guarantees a good night’s sleep.”

I thought it would be a good idea to eat one before taking a nap.

“good. Then plant it right away!”

Sejun cut the plum of deep sleep, took out the seed, and planted it on Kuruger’s body.

Then it


Fast-growing plum seeds.

While the seeds were growing,

“Yuren, come and try this.”

“thank you!”

I called Yuren, who was passing by, fed him plums for a good night’s sleep, and said,

“Wow! It’s delicious. uh?”

Hair stone.


Yuren immediately fell into a deep sleep.

“and. It’s effective. “When Yuren wakes up, I’ll make you something delicious.”

Sejun covered Yuren, who had fallen on the floor, with a blanket and got up to go to the kitchen.

At that time,

“Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Theo, who returned from the green tower, clung to Sejun’s face.

“okay. “Did you have a good time?”

When Sejun grabbed Theo’s sides with both hands and pulled him away, he said,

“Fuhuhu.” That’s right! Take this! “It’s a gift for Chairman Park!”


Theo takes out a golden object from his bag with a proud expression.

“What is this?”

“I got it from Emila! Just attach it to your shoes like this!”

Theo twisted his body to escape Sejun’s hand and then let out a


He kicked the air and landed on the ground, holding a golden object in each front paw and bringing it to Sejun’s feet


A golden flash exploded.


“Huh?! “Why did this turn into a boot?”

Sejun is already wearing golden boots.


Sejun hurriedly checked the options for golden boots.

[Great Farmer’s Golden Boots]

These are boots for farmers made by Emilla Evenus, the first apostle of the God of Creation, stitching stitch by stitch using the fur of golden sheep and the skin of the great golden dragon.

By using the leather of the great golden dragon, defense and lightning resistance have been greatly increased.

When worn, the potential of all stats increases by 1000 and movement speed on the field increases by 30%.

If you wear these boots and hear the sound of your footsteps to the crops, they will grow 50% faster.

Usage Restrictions: Tower Farmer

Creator: Emilla Evenus, the first apostle of the Creator God

Usage Restrictions: Black Tower Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Rating: ★★★

Skill: [Grand Reward for Crops (Master)]

[Grand Reward for Crops (Master)]

Sound of farmer’s footsteps The crops that hear this are grateful to the farmer who raised them, and the farmer’s potential grows greatly.


A much better option than before.

Movement speed increases by 30% in the field?

Sejun hurriedly ran around Kuruger’s body.



The speed is no different from before.


Sejun was puzzled.

ah. no way?!


As Sejun moves to plant the seeds of the Devourer of Destruction on the ground,

[You are a field Lv. 8 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 7 A plum seed of deep sleep was planted on the body of Kuruger, the rock that destroys the mountain.]




Swish. Swish.

Much faster movement speed.

The enemy’s body seemed to recognize it as a field only when the You Are a Field skill was activated.

It was a little uncomfortable to write, but

still, where is this?

Sejun was fully satisfied.

Defense and lightning resistance increased, and the growth speed of crops increased by 50% when footsteps were heard.

And the name of the skill changed from ‘Repaying Crops’ to ‘Repaying Crops’, increasing its potential even further.

Especially potential +1000.

It was a very necessary option for Sejun, who wanted to work a miracle by eating golden grapes containing vitality.

“Hehehe. Well done Vice President Te. But how did you meet Emilla?”

Sejun, who liked the golden boots, put Theo on his lap with a bright expression and asked,

“Fuhuhu. “Chairman Park taught me!”

“huh?! I?”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! And hurry up and give me the churro that Chairman Park made himself!”

Theo, who was already flattered by Sejun’s praise, urged him to lie down and churn without answering Sejun’s doubts.


Sejun gave Theo some homemade tuna churros

and he laughed.

I started eating the churro eagerly.

“good. “Now shall we try a miracle?”


Sejun stroked Theo’s head, who was humming, and began to consume the golden grapes containing vitality.

Since it was written as a small miracle, I didn’t have high expectations.

While Sejun was eating grapes,

Theo, who had eaten his fill of cheese, took out the golden boots that Emilla had given him from his bag.

[Shabby Golden Boots]

There was no leather of the right size, so there were padding marks here and there, but

hehe. Now I’m wearing the same golden boots as Chairman Park!

As long as it was golden boots like Sejun’s, everything was fine.

“Nyan nyang nyang.”

Theo hums a song and puts on golden boots.

“Puhuhu. I’m wearing them all!”

I felt very proud as I kept looking at Sejun’s golden boots and my own golden boots in turns.

At that time,

[I consumed the golden grape containing the essence.]

[All stats increase by 10.]

[The world’s essence gathers minutely.]




[The world’s essence gathers to create a small miracle.]

Sejun, who ate 100 golden grapes containing the essence, caused a miracle and said,


The golden boots Theo wore began to shine.

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