Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 479

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Episode 479 What?! What is this fraudulent item?!

Episode 479 What?! What is this fraudulent item?!

Below the 82nd floor of the Silver Tower.




The residents, who had eaten their fill for the first time in decades, were sleeping while waiting for the next wine drinking competition.


it looks good.

Kwin watches this with envy.

Currently, the vines were being guarded by other wind wizards in shifts.

After a while.



Kwin, who had dozed off for a split second, groaned and came to his senses.

With bloodshot eyes like a crazy person.

“Let’s hold on just a little longer.”

Kwin said as if comforting himself.

Although the great silver dragon Chrysella Hisron cured Kwyn’s madness, it was not completely cured, and

Kwynn’s madness began to slowly return decades ago.

In particular, the mania became most severe when he was sleeping, so Kwin endured without sleep for several years.

I want to sleep.

Thousands of times I have almost given in to the temptation to just sleep.

He knew that everyone in the Silver Tower would die the moment he fell asleep, so fortunately, he had been able to overcome it despite his desperate efforts so far.

At the very least, he planned to find his successor and sleep well. eternal sleep.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Hehehe. “What kind of miracle is going to happen?”

Sejun looked around with eyes full of anticipation.


He belatedly found Theo’s golden boots shining on his lap. It was really dark under the lamp.

Perhaps because of the light, the name of the item was not visible.

“Chairman Park! Chairman Park worked a miracle on my golden boots! As expected, Chairman Park is amazing!”

Theo, who made eye contact with Sejun, looked at his golden boots and shouted in an excited voice,

“Hehe.” of course. “I created a miracle especially for Vice President Te, who was suffering.”

Sejun swaggered to Theo like he had originally intended and said,

“Fuuuuu.” Was it something like that?! Chairman Park performed a miracle for me!!!

Theo was greatly moved by Sejun’s words.


break it!

Yellow light exploded from the golden boots, and auspicious light spread around.


the name of the golden boots worn by Theo appeared,

[Golden Boots of Those Who Believe in Miracles] .

“Then shall we see the miracle that this body has achieved?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Hurry up and check it out!”

Theo stretched out his back foot so that Sejun could get a good look at the golden boots


Sejun grabbed the golden boots and checked the options.

[Golden Boots of Those Who Believe in Miracles]

A D-class item called ‘Fluttered Golden Boots’ has been transformed into a completely different item due to a miracle.

The golden dragon leather used as the material miraculously came together and the seams disappeared, greatly increasing defense and lightning resistance.

The stronger your faith in Park Se-jun, who created the miracle, the higher your stats and potential. (Stats increase up to 10,000, and there is no limit to the increase in potential.)

Creator: Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Usage Restrictions: Those who believe in Park Se-jun

Grade: ★★★★★★

Skills: < Light Cat (Master)>

Moves at the speed of light for 1 second. (1 per day) Can only be used once.)

While hugging Park Se-jun, the Black Giant Top Farmer, you can earn 10,000 Top Coins per second.

You get 100 million Top Coins every time you eat the Chur that Black Giant Top Farmer Park Se-jun made himself.

What?! What is this fraudulent item?!

Sejun was astonished after reading the item’s options.

It’s too good to be true!

He was happy that his potential increased by 1000, but here, there is no limit to his potential.

Of course, the part about being strong only when you have a strong belief in yourself was a very satisfying part.



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‘Six stars?!’

This one had six stars.

They said 5 stars was Genesis level, so what level is this?

Sejun’s expression became increasingly blank as he read the explanation.



What are these Theo convenience skills?

As I checked my skills, I gradually came to my senses.

Putting Gwangnyangbo aside, Money Hug and Money Chew are clearly skills for Theo’s personal desires.

‘Lucky guy.’

Envy you. Even helps with skills.

So, when Sejun envied Theo,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Sejun achieved the great achievement of creation by producing a primordial level item.]

[As a reward for the great achievement of creation, was obtained.]

[As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 3%.]

Sejun received a second name.

The effect is…


Usually, when you get a tinnitus, you immediately see information about it, but this time, there was no information.

“Hehehe. Still, I confirmed something good.”

The miracle I created was enough to turn a D-class item into a primordial one…

Sejun smiled happily after seeing the effect of the small miracle.

Of course, it was Sejun’s mistake.


Seed Store Headquarters.

[5000 Mushroom Ants, tenant farmers of Black Giant Tower Farmer Sejun Park, witness your temple.]

[Holy Power increases by 1.]

[500 Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourers witness your temple.]

[Holy Power This rises by 5.]




“Hahaha! Blessed is he who believes! Trust me! “Believe me!”

Uncle, the god of grapevines, passionately shouts ‘Believe and believe’ while looking at the message.

Usually, there were non-combat gods beside me shouting along, but today I was alone.

They didn’t fight because of the distribution of divine power, but because Sejun shortened the seed shop opening period by 6 days with 6 seed shop random period shortening tickets, and the seed shop opens tomorrow.

Everyone was making seeds at home to be picked by Sejun.

At that time,

[the auspicious light created by the atmospheric miracle caused by the Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun occurred and reached the temple.]

[Sacred power increases by 10.]

A message appears in front of Uncle.


Why is it not a small miracle but an atmospheric one?

The golden grape that contained the essence of the world that he had given only had the ability to cause small miracles.

Uncle has doubts.

In fact, what Sejun caused was a small miracle.


Fuhuhu! Chairman Park created a miracle for me(?)! As expected, Chairman Park is great!!!

Theo, who was moved by the miracle that Sejun had created, praised Sejun even more.

In the process, the sacred power that Theo had absorbed from the temple of the gods strengthened the miracle, turning the small miracle into a major miracle.


“Believe it!”

“Trust me!”

“Trust me!”

Non-combatants who were making seeds at home came out one by one and started shouting slogans.

Not only Uncle, but also the temples and sacred instruments on the 99th floor of the tower received the light of the great enemy, and the sacred power of the non-combat gods increased.

When the non-combat gods are shouting ‘Believe’,

“It’s noisy!”

“Be quite!”

The harsh voices of battle gods heard from beyond the wall.



Thanks to this, the non-combat gods had no choice but to shout slogans with voices the size of ants.

At that time,

“The warrior song begins now! “Hannat! Hannat! Two! Three! Four!”

“Brave! Warriors! There are many, many! miracle! made! Warriors! Warrior Park Se-jun! Risk your life when fighting! Don’t hesitate! “I won’t go to any lengths!”

The loud singing voice of Bev, the god of bravery, and Thunder, the god of storms, heard from beyond the wall.

The light of the great enemy also affected Sejun’s Heart of Valor and Kuengi’s Thunderbolt, and thanks to this, their sacred power also increased significantly.

That’s why I sing a song for Sejun.



Why do the battle gods call our Park Se-jun’s name?

The non-combat gods who heard the battle gods’ song fell into panic.


“Hehehe. Then the next miracle…”

When Sejun was happily imagining where he could use a miracle,

“Chairman Park, take this too!”

Theo handed over the three land documents and the green life orb he received from Turbo and Shark.

[Green Tower 35th floor land document]

[Brown Tower 50th floor land document]

[Silver Tower 82nd floor land document]


Is it the Silver Tower land document?

As Sejun was checking the land documents, the silver tower land document caught his eye.

If Yuren had brought the Silver Tower land document, Sejun would never have gone to the Silver Tower, regardless of the quest.

But it was Lucky King Theo who brought this.

Shall we visit later?

Sejun’s thoughts about the silver tower changed to a positive one.

“good job. Vice President Te.”

Sejun, who gathered his things, patted Theo’s head and praised Theo, saying,

“Fuhuhu. “I, Vice President Te, always do a good job!”

Theo was so flattered and excited after receiving Sejun’s praise.

“Yes, yes.”

Hehehe. soft.

Sejun stroked Theo’s head more carefully.


“Huh?! “Why am I sleeping here?” It wasn’t

until I noticed that Yuren, who had eaten the sleep plum, woke up and looked around

. right.

Sejun hurriedly started making lunch.

After a while.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad sits there and waits!]



Kueng sits Sejun down after lunch and grinds the coffee beans into powder with his front paw.

It was ground more evenly and finely than when Sejun grinded it with a millstone.


I put the finely ground coffee beans into the dripper and

it clicked.

Kueng gently hit the dripper on the table to flatten the coffee grounds.



[Fireworks, are you ready?]

[Yes! It’s just right!]

Fireworks moved the kettle boiled with flames using telekinesis

and clucked it.

I slowly tilted the kettle, poured hot water into the dripper, and started making coffee.

Kueng’s coffee making skills were excellent because he usually saw Sejun making it.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Dad, it’s done! Let’s drink it quickly!]

Kueng handed the coffee he brewed to Sejun with an expectant expression on his face.

“huh. “I’ll drink it well.”


Sejun took a sip of the coffee Kueng gave him.


The fragrant floral scent and sweet scent filled my mouth, and the savory taste and mild bitterness mingled together, waltzing in my mouth and taking a gulp


As the coffee went down my throat, the sour taste of fresh lemon gave me a refreshing finish.

At the same time

, drinking coffee brewed by our friend…

I was moved like a wave of water.


Sejun gave a thumbs up, praising Kuengi’s coffee, which touched both the senses of smell and taste.


Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I was recognized by my dad!]

Kueng, who was recognized by Sejun, twitched his butt and expressed his joy with a butt dance.

Honestly, it tasted better than the coffee I made myself.

‘Shall I ask Kuengi to make coffee from now on?’

I think you can seduce him with his pocket money…

While watching Sejun dancing and thinking about drinking coffee in peace from now on, he was

in the Black Tower manager’s area.

“Heeheehee. exciting. “I need to get ready to meet Sejun soon.”

Eileen was preparing to meet Sejun by trying on various clothes.

As a blessing of peace, attack power is reduced by 30% on the last day of the Harvest Festival.

In addition, when Sejunga receives all kinds of buffs such as absolute protection and bean sets, and she herself receives all kinds of debuff magic…

Although she usually used debuff magic, Eileen recently discovered a powerful debuff magic in the library.

It was originally a terrible curse created to kill the cheating boyfriend, but

“Hehehehe.” Sejun, wait a moment! “Now we can meet!”

Contrary to the intention of the curse’s creator, it seemed like it would be used for the purpose of protecting her boyfriend.

“But why doesn’t this change? Sejun will be happy if you grow up quickly. “Let’s grow up quickly, dragon fruit.”

Eileen said, looking at the flower pot with the dragon fruit floating next to her.

When Sejun told her to keep him by her side, Eileen cast a spell on a flower pot to keep following her.


Of course, there was no word with the dragon.

At that time

, “Hahaha! Eileen’s rain has arrived!”

Kaiser is back.

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