Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 460

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Episode 460 Hehehe. The great Kamangi will end this battle!

Episode 460 Hehehe. The great Kamangi will end this battle!

Battle Store Headquarters.


It’s so frustrating because I want to talk but I can’t.

Bev, the god of bravery, who realized after a few days of experience that even if she tried to talk to Sejun, she would be blocked, sighed in frustration,

“Trust me!!!”


The voices of non-combat gods heard beyond the wall.

Even today, they were shouting out strange words like ‘Believe’.

Bev was momentarily annoyed, but said,

‘No. How frustrating would it be if they shouted quietly too? ‘Please be patient.’

Bev tried to be generous and let him go out of curiosity, but he said,

“Hey! Won’t you be quiet?! Kuengi Park! “Answer me!”

The storm god Thunder, who was walking from the other side, was blocked by Kuengi for the fifth time and took out his anger on the non-combat gods beyond the wall.



The voices of non-combat gods became frightened and small as a result.

“Just because Thunder gets angry like that doesn’t mean the ban will be lifted. “I’ll teach you how to avoid being blocked, especially for you.”

Bev scolded Thunder, saying that she had also been blocked by Sejun and had taken out her anger on non-combat gods.

“Hey Bev! Is there really such a thing?!”

Thunder, intrigued by the words of Bev, one of the five executives at the combat store headquarters, urgently asked.

“Yes. “But I’m thirsty.”

“Bev, let’s go to the bar and have a cold beer! “I’ll buy it!”

“Hmm. “Is that so?”

So the two went to the bar.

“Wow. That’s cool. Simple. “If you don’t talk to them, you won’t be blocked.”

Bev, who took a refreshing shot of beer from a huge glass of ice, opened her mouth.

“yes?! “Then isn’t it so frustrating?!”

“Thunder foolish warrior. A warrior must also know how to be patient. “If you wait, the time will come.”

“So Bev, has the time come?”

Thunder asked, looking at Bev with disbelief.


“Keuhum. Still waiting…”

When Bev answers in an embarrassed voice

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun is confronting an unstoppable enemy.]

A message appears in front of Bev.


Bev hurriedly identified Sejun’s enemy and said,

‘Park Sejun, this guy!!! Are you fighting Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction, the Demon of Corruption?!’

I was shocked to see who Sejun was fighting.

Park Sejun, you had a plan! He blocked me on purpose to scare me. What a wonderful guy!

Bev is alone in her delusion and has a happy expression on her face.

“ha ha ha! Park Sejun! I believed it! After all, you are very brave! Park Se-jun, I recognize your bravery!”

Sejun’s bravery was officially recognized.

“Did you see it? If you wait like this, the time will come. “Can I have one more drink?”

Bev bragged to Thunder and ordered him another beer.


Golden Tower 35th floor.

Chi profit.

The energy of creation quickly faded away as it was consumed by the energy of corruption emanating from Delia.

The energy of creation is barely 1cm thick.

“Okay. The power of dimension. The power of magic! Follow my command and block everything! “Dimension Shield!”

Iona sealed Delia with a dimension shield to save time.




It wasn’t enough to withstand Delia’s formidable power. The dimension shield was cracking.

“Chairman Park is in danger! Chairman Park is protected by Chairman Park’s loyal right-hand man, Vice President Na Te!”


Theo hurriedly stood in front of Sejun, holding a money bag in his left front paw and preparing to use the energy drain and energy intake device in his right front paw. Kueng


[Dad’s left arm, Kueng, also protects him!]

Kugugung . .

Kkueng released the calm state of and went up to the sky, charging the thunderbolt as much as possible and preparing to attack the power of destruction directed at Sejun.

As the two were preparing to protect Sejun, they actually protected him. When you can’t see the target, Sejun

[Your bravery has been acknowledged 3 times by Bev, the god of bravery.]

[You can now use the Heart of Valor.]


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[Skill: Information about the brave shout (Master) is now open.]

[ The heart of bravery is absorbed into your heart.]

The heart of bravery in Sejun’s arms turned red and was forcibly absorbed into Sejun’s chest.


Meanwhile, the dimension shield that had been imprisoning Delia was broken in vain and the dimension shield was broken. Delia’s energy trapped in swallowed up the energy of creation like a wave and shouted,

“It’s coming!”


It encroached on the place where Sejun and his companions were.


It’s a big deal! The energy is too much!


It’s a big deal! Dad’s going to die like this!

The power of Delia, the Apostle of Destruction who broke the 4th level seal, was greater than the two expected.


“Hehe. Guys. don’t worry.”

Contrary to the two’s worries, Sejun’s calm voice comes from behind.

A brave person does not give in to the energy of the enemy.

Resistance increases as the gap with the enemy increases. (Up to 1000%)

was activated and Sejun’s resistance increased.

Of course, Sejun’s resistance increased by 1000%, which is the maximum.

Thanks to this, it was enough for Theo alone to protect Sejun and shout,

“Guys, attack!”

Sejun used the skill: Brave Cry and instructed his companions to attack.

[Skill: Brave Cry] is a buff skill that increases the abilities of his companions by up to 100% by shouting.


, he used [Skill: Brave Cry] ]

[The shout is not brave.]

[The abilities of companions increase by 10% for 2 minutes.]

If it is not a brave shout, it is less effective.

I did not know that a buff is given by judging the shout.

Sejun said after 10 minutes , I decided to use it again and said,

“Meteor Shower!”

Iona and Kueng drop dozens of meteorites


[New technology, Kueng Thunder!] While

Kueng, who drops 1000 strands of lightning with the power of the lightning charged in the lightning rod, attacks Delia’s main body from a distance,

[You are a field Lv. 6 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 7: I planted the Devourer of Destruction seed in the body of Kuruger, the rock that destroys the mountain.]




went into the subspace warehouse and planted the Devourer of Destruction diligently.

Delia is spreading it. Since I couldn’t get close due to the energy of corruption, I planned to surround the surrounding area,

absorb the power of destruction little by little with the Destruction Devourer, and remove the energy of corruption with the energy of Creation.

So, I planted a seed while using a brave cry every 10 minutes. 5 hours.


A sound came from Kueng’s stomach.

Shall we eat?

– Kekeke. Let all these people rot!

Strangely, Delia was not threatening at all as she just stayed in place and spread the energy of corruption while making threats.

It was okay. “ Okay,

kids, let’s eat!”

Sejun hurriedly started preparing the meal.


How did it come to this?

Delia, the 8th seat demon of corruption, the Apostle of Destruction, lamented and was lost in thought as to where the mistake came from. The

stupid Magin could simply break this stone and go to the 35th floor of the Golden Tower. It was thought that the earth would die, but the navel of the earth was connected to the earth of all the towers.

So Delia planned to destroy Patrick, the earth god, and corrupt the earth of all the towers.

Then, she sent the fragments of the god here one by one, eventually destroying the main body. I succeeded in bringing everything in.

Everything was going smoothly… but

when Sejun and his companions appeared, everything went awry.

Suddenly, Theo Kueng’s lightning magic circle was destroyed by Iona’s attack, and he hurriedly put the fragments together and returned to his original form. Delia returned.

Thanks to that, she had to be hit by a thunderbolt falling from the sky.

In addition, Patrick suddenly tormented himself with a flame burning the power of destruction, and was in a situation where he was fighting both above and below, inside and outside.

‘You evil bastards!’

It’s all because of you!

Delia was furious when she saw Sejun and his companions who had dared to eat in front of her for days on end.


– rot these bastards!

Because they couldn’t move because of Patrick’s fire, she was only angry.



After breakfast and dessert. Sejun drinks his morning coffee.

-Let these guys rot!

“It’s already been 10 days since we fought with Delia.”

I opened my mouth as I listened to Delia’s cries, surrounded by the blue energy of creation.

Before I knew it, the distance from Delia had gotten closer from 5km to 1km.

When I was hungry, I ate and fought, and then when I got sleepy, I slept, woke up, fought again, and ate again, and before I knew it, 10 days had passed. It’s over.

The other party can’t eat or sleep, but they only eat and sleep and only attack from afar, so Delia can be said to be vicious bastards.

At that time

, [1,000 great dragons cursed with oblivion drank the golden Samyangju and the curse was lifted.]

[Complete the quest. Completed.]

[Three drops of growth elixir were obtained as a reward for completing the quest.]

A message appears in front of Sejun:

“Hehehe. Eileen is selling well.”

Contrary to Sejun’s worries, after selling a glass of golden Samyangju for 50 billion TopCoins, Samyangju was selling like crazy.

This was already the 5th quest completion message.

Sejun checked the message.

“But I really collected a lot of elixirs of growth. ”

Sejun said while looking at the glass bottle containing hundreds of drops of the elixir of growth.

Recently, he planted a large number of Destruction Predators and received 5 drops of the elixir of growth as a quest completion reward for every million seeds planted.

“Then, shall we fight today too!!!” ”

When Sejun shouts while using the skill Brave Cry

[Skill: Uses Brave Cry.]

[It is a brave cry that is a bit lacking.]

[The abilities of colleagues increase by 80% for 2 minutes.] The skill

that is activated.

After many attempts, Sejun realized that the standard for a brave shout was a high decibel.


, I couldn’t make a high note…

80% was Sejun’s limit.

As Sejun’s shout spread ,

“I like it!”

Theo responded vigorously and continued to sweat on Sejun’s lap as usual, absorbing the remaining energy. “Queng


Kuengi Iona attacked Delia diligently.

The companions, who could not attack from a distance, picked up the trees and lightning stones that had fallen nearby, and

hee hee

. Hee hee! Cheer up, guys! Quickly, get Delia out to my subordinate 3. Make me a hero!]

Black Mangi, who was excited at the thought of making Delia his subordinate, also eagerly led the destruction predators. Of course, it was just words.

Headbutting was impossible due to the corrupting energy that Delia gave off.

While each person is doing their own work,

[You are a field Lv. 7 is activated.]




Sejun also entered the subspace warehouse and diligently planted the Devourer of Destruction seeds.

Thanks to using the skill diligently, the level of the You Are Field skill has increased.

At that time

, [Disaster Sentinel Doom Devourer population reached 100 million.]

[Quest completed.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, a new breed of Doom Pioneer Seed was obtained.]

[Quest contents are updated.]

[Quest: Doom Pioneer Seed. Plant 100.]

Reward: 1 drop of Elixir of Growth is given for every 100 Doom Devourer seeds.

The content of the existing quest to plant 1 million Doom Devourer seeds has been updated along with the quest completion message.

[Destruction Pioneer Seed]

Due to the influence of the medicine, Black Tower Farmer Sejun Park’s magical cherry tomatoes…

hate the power of destruction more than the destruction predator.

Although it cannot directly prey on the power of destruction, it pioneers destruction directly by planting the seeds of the destruction devourer.

A bit of combat is possible.

Destruction Pioneer seeds cannot be planted.

Grade: D


Are you planting the Devourer seeds yourself?

Sejun planted the seed right away out of curiosity.

[You are a field Lv. 7 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction 7 Seeds of Destruction Pioneer were planted in the body of Kuruger, the rock that destroys mountains.]




Then it



The Doom Pioneer grew quickly, making a different sound from the Doom Devourer. It was about 1.2 times larger than the extinction predators.


Tsk tsk tsk!

The Doom Pioneer walked around the Doom Predators, collected seeds, and puked


I picked up the Doom Predator seeds with a branch and started planting them in the ground.

5 days later.


Around Sejun, who was planting the Devourer of Doom seeds, 50 Pioneers of Doom were diligently planting the Devourer of Doom seeds.

“Hehehe. “I feel reassured.”

When Sejun smiles happily while looking at those pioneers of destruction

, hehehehehehe!

[Hehe. It’s finally time for the great Kkamangi to step forward! Charge!]

“The Great Black Man commands you to charge!”




As soon as he was within range of a headbutt with Delia, Black Mangi rode on the Destruction Devourer and charged.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hee hee. The great Black Man will end this battle!]

The Black Man flies towards Delia, leaving 10cm of unpurified corruption energy behind.


He headbutts Delia and


Oh my gosh.


fell asleep with his men.

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