Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 459

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Episode 459 Hehehe. Butler, I scolded the boy who laughed at you.

Episode 459 Hehehe. Butler, I scolded the boy who laughed at you.

[The waypoint on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower has been saved.]

While Sejun was registering the waypoint,

“Fuhuhuhu.” “Quickly give me the money you borrowed from Yuren!”

“Uhehe. Give it to me! Hey!”

Theo and Yuren searched for Nellie, who was unconscious and tied up with rope.



“What?! “You’re such a bastard!”

All that came out of Nellie’s arms was 900 Top Coins.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Now Kueng has collected 3300 Top Coins!]

It was less than the pocket money Kueng had saved.

“This can’t be happening! “Give me my money!”


So, I tried to collect money by stamping five tower slave seals on Nellie, but

[Nellie Hong was stamped with five tower slave seals.]

[Nellie Hong incurs a forced debt of 50 billion Top Coins.]

[50 billion Top Coins. Forced execution to receive .]

[Nellie Hong’s cash assets are 0 Top Coins.]

[Nellie Hong is already a slave, so 50 billion Top Coins are added to her existing debt.]

[Nellie Hong’s remaining debt: 10.499 trillion. 99,999,100 Topcoin]

Nellie was truly an asshole who had nothing.


“I think I gave it to Magin.”

“Something like that?!”

“yes. It worked out better. The money Ebisu Madaf took probably also belongs to Magin.”

“Then let’s wake this guy up and ask him where Magin is!”

“But… Theo, can I wake you up?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s 100 million Top Coins per unit!”

Theo, who sensed the meaning of Yuren’s words, smiled sinisterly and said.


“Yes! Here is 50 billion Topcoin! hey! wake up!”


As soon as Yuren gave Theo the money, he started beating Nellie.

After a while.

“Huff. Huff. Huff. Where is Nellie Marguin?

Yuren gasped and asked,

“Why are you asking about Magin’s location?”

Nellie, who had received 500 hits from Yuren, asked in a calm voice.

Because it was a clash between provinces and provinces, only Yuren, who hit hard, was exhausted.

“Because Magin was the one who told me to borrow money. “All the money you and Ebisu Madaf borrowed from me is with Magin.”

“···Mr. Magin? “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Say it! “Where is Magin?!”

Theo, who was listening next to her, grabbed Nellie by the collar and asked.

Chairman Park’s cooldown is back! I want to be praised quickly!

Theo is always aware of Sejun’s condition.

I realized that Sejun’s praise would weaken if I did a good job too often, so whenever the time was right, I brought Sejun something he liked.

The time it took for Chairman Park, who became hot after receiving something he liked, to become cold again.

Fuhehehe. That’s Chairman Park’s cooldown time!

Theo urgently needs a tribute to receive Sejun’s praise.


“Hmph!” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Sigh! “Say it!”

Nelly did not open her mouth despite Theo’s urging.

At that time,

“Hehe. Is it time for me to step forward?”

When Sejun, who had been watching from behind, stepped forward and spoke arrogantly,

“Everyone, step back!” “The great Chairman Park is trying to show me something!”

Theo made a fuss, which focused everyone’s attention on Sejun.

‘It’s burdensome.’

It’ll work out, right?

Sejun’s idea was to appease with food.

Nellie thought that since she was a pig like Yuren, she had no choice but to be excited about food, but…

“Puhup. What are you doing? Are you sure you were trying to get an answer by cajoling me with raw food?”

It only earned Nellie’s ridicule.

“Eight. “Let’s eat something.”


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“Give me some grilled fish!”

“Pfft. “I will eat well.”




Sejun and his group ate lunch so early.

In the meantime,

whine?! whine!

[How dare you laugh at my butler?! Guys, get ready!]



Black Man, angry at Sejun for laughing at him, runs towards Nellie and pounces


After a trivial headbutt, he

flails away.

The black-and-white little ones fell asleep together.

“Puhup. “What are these again?”

When Nelly laughs at Black Man and his men,


Nellie’s eyes turned black and she lost consciousness.


Inside Nellie’s mental world.

“Where am I?”

When Nelly looked around,



“Crumbling. How dare you laugh at my butler?!”

A huge wolf appeared, crushing Nellie with its front paws.




“How dare you laugh at Sejun?!”

“How dare you, Sejun!!!”

Next, a giant rock man and spider appear.

It was smaller than a wolf, but it was still huge.

‘What is this?!’

This was my first time experiencing such fear. I wasn’t afraid of death, but this was a fear that was far beyond even the fear of death.

I felt like I would be completely erased from the world.

“Please…please save me!”

A frightened Nellie cried out,

“Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! late. “My butler is already heartbroken!”

“If you did something wrong, you should be punished.”

“Kiik. okay. “Didn’t you see our Sejun’s hurt face earlier?!”

The three are already angry.


Black and Eomdol, a former apostle of destruction, showed Hell to Nelly.


[Entered the navel of the earth.]

“We have arrived.”

As Magin read the message and followed his subordinate into the basin, he saw a huge round stone placed in the center of the basin.

“It’s almost done now.”

Magin said as he looked at the stone that had turned dark red over 90% of its area.

“Mr. Magin, but is it really okay?”

Ebisu, who came with Magin, asked in a fearful voice.

“Don’t worry. “No matter how much the Apostle of Destruction is, he cannot show his strength inside the Golden Tower.”

A fragment of Delia, the 8th seat demon of corruption, an apostle of destruction that I encountered by chance a year ago.

-You smell good. I will help you.

The fragments of Delia discovered Magin’s corrupted soul and showed favor, offering an alliance and saying,


Magin accepted.

Magin, obsessed with the idea of exterminating the elves, did whatever it took to do so.

Of course, he was confident that he could control the situation well.

Magin, who formed an alliance with Delia, brought Delia to the navel of the earth and had her destroy the stone filled with the energy of the earth.

Magin confirmed that strong earth energy was flowing into the ground from the stone, so he thought that destroying just this stone would significantly lower the intelligence of the 35th floor of the tower.


When Magin arrived near the stone, a lightning magic circle drawn with a 100m radius centered around the stone was seen, and

within the magic circle, fragments of Delia were seen sending red energy toward the stone.

“How many fragments are there now?”

“Three thousand.”

“There are a lot.”

I was embarrassed because there were more fragments than I expected, but I wasn’t worried.

Because the Apostle of Doom fragments cannot withstand lightning.

“How much time is left, Delia?”

When Magin asked one of the fragments of Delia surrounding the stone

– kekekekeke. It will be over by tonight.

Delia’s fragments responded at the same time and laughed bitterly.


Magin sensed something ominous in their laughter, but


Because there is lightning.

As long as there is lightning, they cannot come out of the lightning magic circle.

Magin relieved himself by believing in the thunderbolt.


“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park’s grilled fish was great again today! After all, Chairman Park is good at grilling fish!”

After enjoying Sejun’s grilled fish, Theo lay down on Sejun’s lap, patted his stomach, and smiled happily.

Kuhehehe. Kueng! Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad is also good at baking hotcakes! [Dad Kueng has a lot of money, so he tells me everything he wants!]

Kueng, who was excited after eating hotcakes dipped in honey, opened his pocket money pocket, took out 3300 Topcoins and said excitedly.

Today, Kkueng surpassed 3200 Top Coins, the most pocket money he saved in his life, and reached 3300 Top Coins.

It was exciting enough.

“huh. okay. “I’ll tell you later if there’s anything I want.”

While such a pleasant conversation was going on,

“Wow!” you’re right! That bastard ordered everything! I told Yuren to borrow money and bring it to me! Sobbing. “I’m really sorry for laughing at you.”

Suddenly, Nellie started screaming, confessed to herself, and apologized while crying.


“As expected, it’s Chairman Park! The food temptation from earlier worked! “That’s amazing!”

Theo started praising Sejun.

“Is that so?”

Sejun is confused.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Where is Magin?!”

“Magin is in a place called the navel of the earth…”

When Theo finds out Margin’s location from Nellie,


[Butler! Give me 10 dried sweet potatoes!]

You worked hard today, so you can confidently ask for 10!

Kamangi woke up before he knew it and called Sejun.


Sejun knew that he wouldn’t eat it all anyway and stored it in a secret warehouse, so he gave 10 dried sweet potatoes to Kamangi.

Salt, salt, salt.

Hehehe. Butler, I scolded the boy who laughed at you.

Kamangi grinned and ate the dried sweet potatoes deliciously.

After a while.

“There is Magin in a place called the navel of the earth?”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “Nelly will guide you!”

“okay. “Then let’s go right away.”

“Let’s go!”

Sejun and his companions, guided by Nellie, moved to the navel of the earth where Magin was located.


‘I’m scared.’

Nellie trembled with fear as she looked at the black man in Sejun’s sling bag, wide-eyed, wondering if he was doing well.


you can’t sleep! If someone laughs at the butler again, they should be scolded!

It was a black man with his eyes wide open trying to overcome sleep.

Sejun and his group traveled for about 3 hours like that.

[Entered into the navel of the earth.]

Arrived at the place where Magin is.

At that time,

[the power of Delia, the 8th position of the Apostle of Destruction and the Demon of Corruption, was discovered 5km to the west.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

“Delia, the demon of corruption?”

If it’s Delia…

“A good guy with a rotten face but given fermentation skills?”

It doesn’t mean the face is ugly, it’s really rotten.

Sejun’s first impression of Delia was quite good.

So, in order to maintain a good first impression, I decided to kill him from a distance without seeing his face.

5km west…

“Guys, attack that way!”

I had Sejun attack the huge dark red stone in the center of the basin.

“Fuhuhuhu. I understand! “I’m the chieftain of Yuseong!”

“Pfft. yes The power of gravity. Drop stones floating in the sky on the enemy. “Meteo.”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I understand! It’s a Kueng Bay ticket!]


Teo Iona Kuengi’s attack struck the stone and its surroundings.


‘what is it?’

No message appeared.


“Pfft. “Something is strange.”


[Attack again?]

The three also felt that something was wrong and prepared to attack again.


– these guys! How dare you attack Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction and the Demon of Corruption!

A huge demon twice as tall as the deep basin appeared.

[Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction, the Demon of Corruption]

The main body of Delia, wearing a pair of huge black wings and a stuffy black long dress that covers her entire body, and a face with rotten skin.

Why is the main body here…?

“Guys, take this!”

Before Delia breaks the seal, Sejun hurriedly distributes the Black Bean of Transcendence and a bean set containing 4 beans to the group and

gulps them down.

[You have consumed Transcendence Black Beans (+2).]




He ate it too.

And then

it clicked.

“Guys, come out!”



The subspace warehouse was opened and the destruction predators came out.

At the same time, the dense creative energy that had been trapped in subspace flowed out of the warehouse.


-kekeke! Let it all rot! Lift the seal!

Four pairs of wings grew from Delia’s back, and the earth and air were quickly polluted by Delia’s energy and turned dark red.

All four stages of sealing were released at once.

Chi profit.

When the blue energy of creation is consumed by the corruption that has spread to where Sejun is,

[Bev, the god of bravery, shouts out, ‘I trusted you, Sejun Park!’ and rejoices.]

[Bev, the god of bravery, thanks you for your bravery . Recognizing one achievement.]


Sejun unintentionally received recognition for his bravery from Bev.

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