Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 418

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Episode 418 Black mang is cool?

Episode 418 Black mang is cool?

[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

“It’s home!”


[Hello, Sejun.] When

Sejun appeared at the waypoint, King Uma greeted Sejun.

“huh. hi. But our Kkueng is doing well in his special training, right??”

Mmm. Mmm!

[sure. I will be able to show you my good side soon!]

King Uma answered Sejun’s question with a confident voice.

Good look? What good looks?

Our Kueng is already strong?

Feeling anxious, Sejun wanted to ask more, but it was too late.


Under the dark sky, black minotaurs were lying on the ground, snoring and sleeping.

On the way back, it was too late because I had to harvest pears at a pear tree farm.

It seemed like parent consultations should be held next.

Sejun greeted Uma King and said,


I quietly summoned Toryong.


Toryong also quietly appeared, as if he knew Sejun’s intention.

Sejun climbed on Toryong’s head to go home.

But why don’t they come out?

Normally, Teo Kueng would have rushed out of the subspace warehouse as soon as he arrived, but he was quiet.

Piyote and Yuren left to collect Yuren’s debt again.


As Sejun carefully opens the subspace storage room,

he is surprised.


I saw Theo and Kuengi sleeping, hugging each other, half buried in the treasure.


Between the two, Black Mang is sleeping whining as if it’s hard to breathe.

Hehehe. cute.

Sejun, who was watching the three of them sleeping, pretended to separate Theo and Kuengi so that he could sleep comfortably



Theo wears it on his lap and

holds it.


Kkueng held

Sook in his arms.


I put the black cat in a sling bag.

As I was about to pack up my companions and leave the subspace warehouse,


heard a sound from the corner of the warehouse.


When I looked where the sound came from, I saw Rune transformed into a cicada trapped inside a jewel box.

It looks like they locked him inside for fear of escaping.

If you change drastically like this, won’t you die?

Sejun took out the cicada, placed it on the floor, and placed a gold coin on its body to prevent the cicada from escaping.

After a while

, the master arrived.

“···huh. thank you.”

Sejun, who had been dozing off while sitting on Toryong’s head, pretended not to have slept, hurriedly raised his head and opened his mouth.

Sejun came down from Toryong’s head and

said, “Kueng wake up. “I should sleep with my mom.”

I woke up Kueng and sent him to Pink Fur.

Kueng… Kueng…

[I understand… Good night, Dad…] Hearing

Sejun’s words, Kueng waved his paw in greeting with his eyes almost closed and used his telekinesis to go to the place where the pink fur was. It flew away.

Then I went into the kitchen, cleaned the pears and other fruits harvested today, and put them up.


“I need to sleep now.” I

went to bed



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took out the black bag from the sling bag, placed it on my chest, and

took a gulp.

[You have consumed medicinal wormwood.]

[All stats increase by 20.]

[Life increases by 3 months.] [

You have consumed bitter medicine.]

[Talent: A medicine that is good for stamina is bitter and then activates.]

[Stamina. This raises 9.]

I fainted after eating wormwood. It was a bitter taste that I still couldn’t get used to.

About 2 hours after Sejun fainted,


The bat that was hiding on Sejun’s forehead stood up and stretched.

A later time than usual. Today, I overslept later than usual because I had to wake up in the middle of the day to watch over Sejun.

(Batbat! Good night everyone!)

Batbat quietly said hello to Sejun and Theo Kamangi and left the bedroom.


flutter. flutter.

I went to the kitchen to eat.

(Batbat! There is also a pear today!)

Batbat got excited and ran over to see the pure white pear piece that Sejun had carved.

Tsk. Tsk.

(Babat! It’s so sweet!)

The Batbat sucked all the juice from the pear.

Bat Bat?

Only then did I find a note next to the plate of fruit.

[Tell this to Iona, Baby – Sejun]

It was Sejun’s errand.

Bat Bat!!!

Bat-Bae got excited after seeing Sejun’s errand note.

(Finally, I can get a five-star stamp!)

I prepared in advance for this day!

Bat-Bae smiled brightly and took out a small wad of paper that had been kept in his fur.

Good, good, good.

When I opened the paper, which had been folded dozens of times, there was a picture of a bat that BatBaet had carefully drawn, and there were 10 empty circles inside.

Bat Bat.

Bat-Bae looked at the paper happily, folded the paper dozens of times, put it in his arms


and flew to the Black Gak Tower on the south side of the farm.


The top floor of the Magic Tower in Black Gak.

“There’s so much work!”

Iona was angry about the heavy workload again today.

I had no choice but to be busy as I had to handle my duties as the head of the Magic Tower in Black Park as well as my duties as the head of the Wizards Association.

So, he recently hired 10 vice presidents to help him with his work, but they couldn’t last a few days and ran away. All 10 people.

“Kkkkkkk-I won’t leave you alone when you come back!”

Iona was furious at the vice presidents who had run away and roughly flipped through the documents.

At that time

(Batbat… Iona, can I come in?)

Batbat stuck his head out through the gap in the window, looked at Iona, and asked.

“Pfft. Come in!”

Iona hurriedly put down her documents and greeted BatBaet.

(Batbat. Thank you!)

With Iona’s permission, Batbat said thank you and entered the room.


(Batbat! Sejun wants you to deliver this!)

I delivered Sejun’s note to Iona.

“What? “Is it a note?”

Iona opened the note and began to read it quickly.


You caught the Faceless Great Sword rune?!

Iona was surprised after reading the note.

The faceless great thief Rune was chased for a year with the cooperation of the Wandering Merchant Association, Wizard Association, and Free Mercenary Association, but they were unable to catch him.

The note stated that the rune was caught at the faceless great thief Rune’s hideout and the location of the hideout was written. With a request to take care of the items in the lab.

“Pfft. Even though I had to go to the 81st floor of the tower, it worked out well!”

Slave…no. The place where one of the vice presidents escaped was the 81st floor of the tower.

“Pfft. But Theo, what are you doing these days?”

(Batbat! Big brother goes to work at the green tower every morning…)

To Iona’s question, Batbat eagerly answered what he knew.

After a while.

“Pfft. thank you. Then go back. “I’ll go straight to the 81st floor of the tower!”

(Batbat. Yes. Goodbye!)

Iona, who was relieved from her fatigue while listening to Theo’s story, sent Batbat away and set off in earnest to pick up the vice president who had run away.


“Tsk tsk.”

Sejun opens his eyes in the morning.

[The seal of the Earth Jewel has been released.]

[Rock God Locke, who was sealed in the Earth Jewel, is released from the seal.]

[Rock God Locke returns a favor to the person who released his seal.]

[Rock God Roke repays the favor by creating a rocky path on 1 pyeong of land.] [

10% of the life force was stored while sleeping.]

[The Orb of Life is 8.69% complete.]

[Magic power is reduced by 0.1 for 24 hours. It has accumulated.

[Magic power increases by 0.1.]


If it is a rocky road, is it a golden rock?

While checking the message, Sejun hurriedly took Theo and Kamangi and got up.



I marked the date on my bedroom wall and went out to find the Golden Rock Road.


“Oh! “It’s bread!”

Contrary to Sejun’s expectations, it was not a golden rock, but brown bread. It was different from what I expected, but that made it even better.

It seemed like the gods had finally caught on.

“Hehehe. “French toast for breakfast… huh?!”

Sejun’s face, who was grabbing the bread with an excited expression, hardened.

Why is it so hard?

The bread was as hard as a rock. However, it wasn’t a real rock. If that were the case, there would have been no real soup.

“I need to grind this and make breadcrumbs.”

Locke, you need to work harder. Locke’s score is 0.2 pyeong out of 10 pyeong.

[Lord Roc]

Roc, the god of rocks, who rewarded us with bread so hard that our teeth would chip. bad.

Sejun built a 0.2 pyeong rock road at the corner of the farm and walked around the farm before heading to the kitchen.


When we went to the kitchen, there was a tattered piece of paper on the table that had been folded dozens of times with traces of the fruit that Bat-Bae had eaten.

[Sejun, I ran an errand for you, so please give me a five-star stamp – Batbat]

With the text that Batbat worked hard to write.


When did Batbat make something like this? Hehehe. cute.


Sejun took out a five-star stamp, stamped Batae’s compliment paper, folded it up, and placed it in his pocket.

After a while.


[Good morning, Dad!]

Kueng came into the kitchen rubbing his eyes.

“okay. “Did you sleep well, Kueng?”

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! It was a great sleep!]


I think so.

The thick fur around Kuengi’s right front paw and mouth. There were traces of waking up at night and eating honey.

I have to eat and take a shower.

“Sit down and wait a moment.”

Kueng! Kueng!

[No! Kuengi said he would set up the spoon and milk!]

Rejecting Sejun’s words, Kuengi put the spoon and milk in their respective seats.



[Hehehe. If you get the stamp today, Kueng can get his allowance again.] He

sat down in his seat and looked happily at the praise paper with 9 stamps on it, waiting for Sejun to finish cooking and stamp it.


“Come on. “Let’s eat now.”

When Sejun put the sweet potato stew he made for breakfast on the table,

he cried!

[It’s delicious soup! I’ll eat it well!]

Kueng forgot that he had to get a stamp and began to eat the soup hungrily.

“ruler. “Eat black beans too.”

When Sejun puts a few pieces of spicy stew in his bowl, he


[Is there another sweet potato dish?!]

Kamangi was astonished when he saw the new sweet potato dish.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. [It’s delicious!]

I was shocked for a moment, but I enjoyed the sweet potato stew.

“Vice President Teh, let’s eat grilled fish too.”

“I understand!” Hold on

while everyone enjoys their breakfast


Sejun stamped Kueng’s compliment paper.

“Our Kkueng collected 10 stamps?”

Kueng! Kueng?

[That’s right! Kueng can now get pocket money?]

Kueng quickly nodded his head at Sejun’s words and looked at Sejun with bright eyes.

“huh. ruler. Pin money.”

Sejun gave 1000 Top Coins to Kueng.


[Thank you, Dad!]

Kueng politely took the allowance from Sejun with both front paws and bowed at a 90 degree angle.



I took out my pocket money pocket, put money in it, and felt proud.

When breakfast was over,

“I’m coming back from Chairman Park!”

Theo went to work on the first floor of the green tower and

said, “Let’s take a shower with Kueng.”

Sejun took them to the tap and washed them.


[I don’t like it!]

Of course, Kkamangi tried to run away, but


[The black man is coming!]


[I’ll go…]

I had no choice but to return due to the yelling of the scary little brother who took out a club.

“ruler. finished.”

While Sejun was washing them both and drying Kueng’s fur with a towel,


[Black mang is cool?]


Kuengi used a kkuenghu to dry Kamangi’s fur. Because of the wind, I couldn’t hear the answer clearly, but it seemed like he liked it when I saw him cheering.

While I was drying Kuengi’s fur while watching Black Mangi cheering like that,

[The Locust, the first plague sent by Destruction to Neta, has become extinct.]

[As a reward for this great achievement, the Locust, the first plague of destruction sent to Neta, cannot invade Neta. .]


Sejun once again accomplished a great feat by wiping out the Locust.

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