Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 417

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Episode 417 Fuhehehe. It’s a great transformation show!

Episode 417 Fuhehehe. It’s a great transformation show!

My name is number 13-2279. As soon as he was born, he was kidnapped by the cloning artist Copy and became an experiment.

Copy was a crazy wizard who was fanatically obsessed with transforming into different forms. To the extent that they are willing to undergo biological experiments for that purpose.

At first, the friends that were around me suddenly disappeared one by one.

Only later did I realize that the ’13-‘ in front of the name was a trace of 10,000 test subjects disappearing 12 times.

The more I experimented, the more my friends disappeared and I was left alone. Unfortunately.

When he was the only one left, he said,

“Now your name is Kabbi.”

He was given a new name by the cloning wizard Kapi and was forced to become his disciple.

However, although he was a disciple, he was an experiment until the end.

Then one day.

“Drink this.”

The teacher handed me a dark silver liquid. Not having the courage to go against my teacher’s orders, I drank the liquid and lost consciousness.

When I came to my senses afterwards, the surroundings were completely devastated.

I came to my senses and waited for my teacher for several days, but he did not appear.

Is it finally freedom? The freedom I have dreamed of so desperately.

I squirm when I think I have escaped my teacher


The body began to change into a completely different form. Maybe I wanted too much freedom.

Because I am free from my body.

My second transformation, and the first transformation I remember, was a gray wolf. Because he was not used to walking on all fours, it took him a few days to learn how to walk.

And when I finally got used to running,

I started to wriggle.

transformed again.

Afterwards, at some times, he transformed into an orc, a goblin, a man, a woman, a child, an old man, an animal, or an insect.

At least animals still have consciousness, but they were unconscious when they turned into bugs.

Then, when he transformed into a different form and regained consciousness, he recalled the memories of when he turned into an insect and fell into a sense of shame.

In addition, I turned into a weak being and almost died hundreds of times.

Fortunately, even if my arm was cut off and I lost a lot of blood, my body returned to normal as long as I transformed and I was able to survive.

Even if I wanted to settle down in the village and be safe, I couldn’t stay. Because the appearance keeps changing.

I couldn’t control my transformation abilities.

In fact, there was a time when I was with everyone and my appearance changed and I barely escaped after being attacked.

Realizing that I couldn’t live like this, I had no choice but to take the risk and return to my teacher’s laboratory.

I was afraid to meet my teacher, but I was even more afraid of the world.

Fortunately, the teacher was not in the lab. Perhaps because I hadn’t been there for a long time, the lab was filled with dust.

Feeling relieved, I studied my teacher’s research materials and found a way to control my transformation abilities.

And as I studied the research materials, I realized what my teacher had done to me.

The strongest living thing.

They conducted an experiment on me to transform into a great dragon.

It was a crazy idea.

Naturally, it was impossible for me to become a great dragon, and as a side effect, I even lost my original appearance.

I remembered it after that.

During my first transformation, I transformed into the Black Minotaur and defeated Copy, the clone wizard.

I continued my research based on Copy’s research materials and completed two potion recipes.

[Transformation Suppression Potion]

[Transformation Acceleration Potion]

One was used when one wanted to maintain one’s appearance and the other was used when one wanted to change one’s appearance.

After completing the recipe, I went outside to get the ingredients for the potion.

However, most of the ingredients for making potions were extremely expensive, and with no way to make money, I used my shape-changing ability to become a thief.

Because his appearance changed, no one could trace him unless he was caught, no matter what traces he left behind.

Starting with petty theft, he developed his skills and gradually increased the scale of his theft, and

before he knew it, he was given a new name, Rune, the faceless thief, instead of Kabi.

And back a little while ago…



Rune, a faceless thief, tossed and turned in bed due to the alarm magic that alerted him to an intruder.

When he turned into a flying squirrel with weak combat power, he was an intruder…

I wondered how he found his hideout, but I wasn’t too worried.

Because there was a trap with a huge investment just in case.

So, without worrying, I covered myself

with the blanket again and fell asleep…

but I opened my eyes to the sound of something breaking.


Rune quickly got up and activated the video magic stone that allowed him to see the lab.



Before I knew it, I could see intruders entering the lab and all the reagents displayed on one side of the wall had been smashed.


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How much is it all?!

When Rune gets angry that his efforts and money have been wasted, he asks


A small brown bear was seen producing a dazzling white light from its front paws.


In the event of a fire, my research materials…

especially the recipe for the potion to return to my true self, the masterpiece of my life that I finally completed yesterday, were placed right in front of that bear.

So, I quickly took the transformation suppression potion and the transformation promotion potion and left the shelter.


“Is that the Faceless Great Blade Rune?”

Sejun was embarrassed as he saw a flying squirrel with its limbs spread wide open.

A kid that small like that?

Sejun was almost caught off guard by his small and cute appearance,

but no! Iona is small and cute, but she is a wizard of destruction!

Thinking of Iona, I raised my guard.



Rune, who was flying in the sky, stuck to the wall and reached into the vest he was wearing, took out a potion and drank it.



Rune’s body turned into silver paste and then instantly turned into a frog.

He then took the potion and transformed back into a sloth, this time a raccoon.

Perhaps due to bad luck today, we were unable to transform into a race suitable for battle.

‘This is a big deal!’

When Rune gets anxious, he says,

“Wow. oh my god!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s a great transformation show!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[It’s amazing! The appearance keeps changing!]


[This is why they call it Rune, the Faceless Great Sword!]


Sejun and the group were completely immersed in Rune’s transformation show.

Rune transformed by drinking the transformation-promoting potion almost 10 times.


When a strong individual finally appears,


It landed in front of Sejun’s group.

[Blue Phoenix]

Unlike the Phoenix that controls fire, the Phoenix that controls ice.

Studying other races was essential for Rune because he didn’t know what race he would turn into.

Damn it.

Rune tried to freeze everything around him so that his research materials and reagents would not be damaged. Intruders too.



Butt…no. I felt a tingling sensation in my tail.

When Rune hurriedly turned around,

he said,


“Fuhuhuhu. “It would be great if I could use this to make Chairman Park’s farming tools and Iona’s walking stick!”

Theo was plucking out Rune’s tail feathers.

“profit! “I’ll freeze everything!”

When the angry Rune tried to generate cold energy, he shouted,



[My dad, if it’s cold, you’ll catch a cold!]

Kuengyi, who had suddenly transformed into a giant one, grabbed Rune’s neck tightly with his front paws.



Thanks to this, Rune was caught by the collar and had his tail feathers pulled out.

I quickly took out the transformation-promoting potion from my pocket and drank it.


Kueng?! Kueng!

[uh?! It’s escaping!]

Kuengi tried to catch the transforming Rune, but Rune escaped Kuengi’s body like a loach and turned into an elk.

And the rune transformed several times again.


[They’re transforming again!]

Kuengi and Piyot Yuren went back into the transformation show mode and said,

“Fuhuhuu. Chairman Park, take this!”

Theo brought 7 Blue Phoenix tail feathers to Sejun.

“oh. “This is cool.”

I looked at the blue feather that Sejun received.

[Blue Phoenix’s Tail Feather]

The tail feather of the everlasting Blue Phoenix is an excellent material containing strong cold power.

If you use these feathers to make equipment, there is a high probability that you will create legendary equipment.

If you use this feather to make a weapon, you can make an ice attribute weapon. If you make a staff, you can make a staff that doubles ice attribute attacks. If you make a farming tool, you can make a farming tool that increases the shelf life of crops by 10%.

Grade: SSS

“Good job. Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Of course! “I, Vice President Te, always do a good job!”

“Hehehe. okay.”

Although he knew there would be a negative reaction, Sejun couldn’t help but praise him.

Using Phoenix’s tail feathers, make a hoe that increases crop growth speed by 5%.

The best synergy will come from using Blue Phoenix’s tail feathers to make a sickle that increases the shelf life of crops by 10%.

At that time

, mem, mem.


[Is the transformation over?]

Rune transformed into a cicada and lost consciousness.

Mem, meh.

“Capture him alive first.”

Piyo! Piyo!

[yes! I’ll catch it!]

Piyot catches Rune, who has turned into a cicada, with his beak and

holds on.

I received a cicada’s leg stamp on my slave contract.



[Is it okay, Theo?]

“It’s not okay!”

It was not a handprint of the person’s true face, so it did not seem to constitute a slave contract.

“For now, let’s go back here after informing Iona of the location.”

“I understand!”

Sejun captured the faceless great thief Rune and returned to the 99th floor of the tower with his companions.


12th floor of the Golden Tower.


A flat land where hundreds of lightning bolts hit the ground from the sky.

Sweet, sweet.

A golden cart moved slowly.



Lightning struck several times during the move, but the cart moved unharmed.

“What is that?”

“Shall we attack first?”

The elves who were hiding in the cave and keeping watch outside were whispering as they looked at the suspicious-looking cart.

It was sweet

then .

The cart changed direction and started moving towards the cave they were in.


“What do we do?”

“First, let Elder Roiba know!”

While the elves were busy moving around,


The cart stopped in front of their cave.

“Go protest.”

At Elder Roiba’s words, the elves hung wooden arrows with sharp stone tips on their bows and took aim at the cart.


the cart doesn’t move at all.

“One trillion approaches.”


At Royba’s command, the five elves moved under the tree, looking alternately at the sky and the cart, and carefully approached the cart.

They didn’t know when lightning would strike them.

As the first group approached,


The cart began to emit a golden color and created a huge golden protective shield with a radius of 500 meters, and

it exploded!

The shield completely blocked the lightning that struck the surrounding area.

And then

it rattled.

The side of the cart opens and

[Sales List]

1 Magical Cherry Tomato – 2 Top Coins (10,000 remaining)

1 Pumpkin Sweet Potato of Power – 10 Top Coins (10,000 remaining)




[Purchase List]

Land Document on the 35th floor of the Yellow Tower – 1 million Top Coins (1 piece)

– When an item is sold, it is purchased at a price. (4 types of items remaining)

A shop window appears.



Because the elves had good eyesight, not only the first group of elves but also other elves were able to see the store window and said,

“I’ll go and have a look first!”

Elder Roiva approached the cart as a representative.

10 minutes later.

“Hmm… I guess I can use it.”

Royba, who was excited about the taste of magic cherry tomatoes and kept buying them, barely managed to control his excitement and said to the elves,


“Let’s eat quickly!”

The elves also approached the cart and bought Sejun’s crops.

After a while.

It rattled.

When the transaction was completed, the side of the cart was closed.


“Come again next time!”

Sweet, sweet.

Leaving behind the elves with their arms full of Sejun’s crops, the golden cart began to wander the golden tower again in search of new customers.

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