Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 491

Episode 491: The Hound Runs (2)

A member of the imperial family who has the ability to foresee astrology, astronomy, and various futures.

The first prince, Jack, inherited the ability of the founding emperor, who was the beginning of the empire with the ability to see the future.

Andras is currently using Jack’s body as a host, maximizing his abilities within the bloodline.


Broken intestine fragments and black dead blood spurted out from under the lower jaw, which had sunk to the chest.

The cracks that spread throughout his body were burning red.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

It was slowly, gradually, crumbling like the ash of a burnt-out body in real time.


[…] … see!]

Even in the midst of that, Andras was constantly emitting magical energy from his eyes like dark clouds.

The flow of mana gathers in one place and creates red veins.

Those veins gathered in one place again and formed the shape of a huge eyeball.

Eyeballs floating high in the air, casting eerie glances down toward the ground.

In a situation where the life of the body had reached a critical point, this one wicked demon was displaying an unprecedented heightened foresight, squeezing out all the vitality.

[…] … see! see! Your future!]

And soon, a future prediction so accurate that even the devil would shudder came out of the prince’s body.

A swamp of blood and flesh, a mountain made of piled up bones, an atmosphere where all mana dried up, and a huge mushroom cloud rising over the distant horizon.

Up to this point, it was a common scene in the Age of Destruction that I had seen several times in Naraksu.

Because the image world of Bikir, who was floating in the residual thoughts of Amdusias, looked just like this.

however. The scenery unfolding from now on was definitely something Bikir had never experienced before.

… … An endless barren desert.

… … A huge tower towering in the middle of the desert.

… … An old man in black walks alone towards the tower.

Each illusion pierces Bikir’s brain in fragments, broken into pieces.

Those are unfamiliar memories that Bikir has never experienced.

But nonetheless, they were also memories that I had experienced indirectly a few times before.

‘… … Is it time to face Amdusias in the Naraksu? It’s definitely the scenery I saw when Piggy’s blood closed the pit. And also when I dealt with Cimmeries.’

A burned world, an age of destruction.

The moment of the end when the ground melted and the breath of all living things burned.

However, the future that Andras’ blood showed now was suggesting a much more future landscape than that.

[see! The look of you who has grown old over the years! The four shadows left alone!]

Of course, the scenery Andras saw was the same to Vikir.

A desolate, endless desert. An old man hurries his lonely steps with nothing around him.

When the dry wind blew the hem of his long gray beard and black blood wind, he let out a dry cough.

No one can be seen around the old man crossing the vast desert.

After that, a few sparse images flashed by, but it was too fleeting to see them clearly.

[see! That looks smart! You say you value your relationships with people around you, but in the end you are alone! All of them are left alone in their old age and are wandering without rooting anywhere!]

Only Andras burst into madness.

All the while, the scenery continued to flow rapidly.

The old man crosses the desert.

The old man who steadfastly made his way through the strong wind and rapid quicksand looked lonely and lonely.

[see! You guys are being chased! You are running away from the people pursuing you!]

A long beard blows in a sandstorm.

The old man stopped for a moment when he noticed something towering over the endless desert horizon.

it tops. A single tower sticking out like a knife.

Andras’ bloodshot eyes flashed.

[A life in which you have to run away and run away from pursuit until the end of your life! Words that dwell on loneliness and solitude! But those who pursue you will find you! And in the end, you will reach where you are! You cannot run away from them! forever! forever! Ha ha ha – I see! The angry expressions of those pursuing you! Your miserable future that will forever be bound and bound by them!]

It naturally made Bikir recall the trauma of his previous life.

The memory of running away with a false name.

In the end, the memory of being caught by the hounds of the Baskerville family and covered in blood.

The memory of being dragged to the guillotine while making a path of blood on the floor.

I remember having my throat cut at the end.

Cold sweat runs down Bikir’s face.

Before long, Andras prophesied the end of Vikir.

[Five pieces will come in the end!]

Five body division. A terrible punishment that was popularized by the emperor of the suzerain state of Mado during the Warring States Period.

Bikir also almost suffered this before he was sentenced to the guillotine in the past, so naturally his back is wet.

“… … .”

The hound gritted his teeth.

I am short of breath. Along with the cold sweat, both lungs were shrunken and my mind was becoming distant.

‘Cradle’ and ‘Tomb’.

… … The time between these two places at the ends of the timeline of life is life.

what kind of life was that?

And again ‘grave’ and ‘cradle’.

Bikir recalled the middle link of memories that connected the end of the first life and the beginning of the second.


he struggled

It was always a struggle life.

bastard. son of a concubine.

So half middle name.

He was not born with the surnames such as ‘Ra’ or ‘Re’, which his half-brothers in the family freely received, and because of that, he had to work hard hundreds of times more than others.

But the end was not so good.

He has crossed countless dead ends, but in the end, luck has forsaken him.

The moment when he is accused of being a spy for the demons and executed along with an unfair false charge.

The hound thought intensely.

want to live

want to come back to life

… … And a miracle happened.


The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in a previous life. A very small and insignificant change.

And the end of that change drastically changed the world.

… … Of course, the hound didn’t achieve it alone.

Countless faces who fought hard to make him come this far.

Even at this moment, thinking of them fighting bloody battles with monsters outside the imperial palace, it was impossible to sit here in a cold sweat.

“The devil kills.”

Despite a series of terrifying prophecies that were true one hundred percent, Bikir did not faint.

When I think of my colleagues, I can’t afford to be sentimental here.

It is impossible to stop the huge wheel of causality on the subject of a single praying mantis.

But even so, we must do our best to resist the reality we are facing right now.

That side was a much better choice than being swayed by the devil’s tricks.

But Andras laughs with his mouth wide open.

And until the end, he teased Bikir with his black tongue.

[Think carefully, in your words, all you see is a ‘grave’! Only a terrifying fate awaits you, splitting your body and mind into five pieces! If you change your mind even now, you can change this future!]

The devil does not reap the magic of playing tricks on humans until the last moment.

… Whoop!

At the same time, thick darkness rose from Andras’ entire body.

There, including nymphets, all the illusions Vikir had seen so far were blooming.

Comrades who could not be saved, friends who had been sent before, and countless dead people who expressed their condolences are looking at Bikir.

As before, he raised his tongue like a dagger and aimed forward.


… Flash!

The red light emanating from Bikir’s eyes saw through all these visions into reality.

Void with nothing.

An existence like a dark nothingness that forms the abyss of magic.

Bikir suddenly realized.

In the end, Andras is empty.

Nothing (Nevermore).

He was just like The Raven, visiting a weak and weary body in the middle of a dismal night.

“… … .”

Suddenly, Bikir was about to say the phrase ‘the devil kills’, which he always dogmatically repeated.

It seemed that this emotion boiling inside him could not be relieved with just that line.

Hatred for the devil accumulated over the course of two lives, self-blame for oneself, regret for things that could not be achieved and things that could not be done, lingering feelings and guilt for past relationships, and complicated thoughts about father Hugo.

Frustration, feelings of waste, resentment, and tantrum about all these things swell greatly with inhalation.

… Pacan!

Bikir drew a long sword.

And he broke through the visions right in front of his eyes and vomited out of his blood-stained throat all these old, stale emotions he had accumulated in his lungs.

[…] … !?]

Andras’s eyes widen as if they were about to tear.


Bikir’s sword fell like a lightning bolt.

A final leap that cuts through nothingness. human will.

Just before the head of the last enemy, the last devil, was blown away from the body.

The hunting dog, which had been biting and killing demons all its life, opened its mouth with exhaled breath.

“Fuck you.”

It was the first personal empathy.

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