Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 490

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Episode 490: The Hound Runs (1)

[…] … I remembered why I brought you back.]

Piggy’s voice trembled slightly.

At the same time, memories of the past come to Vikir’s mind.

It was the events that unfolded the same before and after the return.

‘When did we bully you?’

‘This is all about getting to know each other. I’ll see you for a long time.’

‘Hey, why are you crying XX? Did you decide to make us bad people?’

‘Boy. don’t cry Take a drink.’

‘Kyaaak! Oh, it’s really dirty! It splattered all over your stocking!’

‘Wah ha ha ha! Did this madman vomit? It’s been very glamorous since Oti!’

‘From now on, your nickname will be a quarrel! Avoid disputes!’

‘Until I graduate, I’ll call you Tojaeng!’

In her previous life, Piggy couldn’t stand the school violence and dropped out, becoming a low-level civil servant and living a difficult life.

He took care of his parents, who even paid debt to send him to the academy.

After that, when the age of destruction opened and the great war with the demons began, Piggy volunteered to go to the frontlines and executed numerous supply strategies, information analysis and collection plans, contributing greatly to the human allied forces.

He was a respectable comrade.

Disappointed in the world and disappointed in himself, he left, but he was a strong enough man to overcome his trauma and join the Allied Forces after seeing the academy spring up, the imperial capital burned, and his juniors and civilians dying.

But just a few months after the war begins, Piggy is assassinated.

She still clearly remembered the devastated expression on her parents’ faces when they saw their son’s dead body.

So Bikir twisted the law of causality after regressing.

‘Try to be intrusive in the academy one more time. At that time, I will kill not only you, but also your father and mother.’

The hound of the night stamped out the bullies who were harassing his friend with fear and prevented them from repeating the same evil twice.

That little kindness rolled like a snowball and in the end it made such a big change.

The final darkness, the result of driving a sword into the heart of the most powerful demon!

[I must have thought of you as my only friend, too.]

At Piggy’s words, Vikir remembered Piggy’s last moments before returning.

Vikir had collected Piggy’s body back then.

At the time of the assassination, Piggy was not dead.

When they first discovered Piggy, bleeding to death, many people simply turned away.

To give an excuse, it was during the war and the situation was very urgent.

It was more urgent to treat one of the hero’s residual wounds than to spend time and effort on reviving Piggy.

Because that would have been the way to save more people.

The world is efficiency.

The world revolves around the cogwheel of causality, and the numerous cogwheels, large and small, are assigned positions, roles, and values.

In a situation where everyone turned away, the small and insignificant gear went cold.

In distrust of the world, solitude, terrible cynicism and pessimism.

Right then.

There was a hand that closed Piggy’s eyes.

Wrinkled and scarred, covered in gooey blood, and all covered with burns and cuts, crude.

… … But very big and warm hands.

A very, very long time ago, there was a boy I had met at the academy.

Piggy looked at Vikir with a flickering gaze.

It is definitely a face to remember. An attendant to a boy who shared a room in the academy dormitory.

The hand that silently handed me medicine when I was beaten and crying.

During the trip, when no one was next to me, I would quietly sit next to him.

When I was eating alone, I was sitting across from him and looking at another place before I knew it.

Even on days when he messed up his exams, days when he misses his mother so much, and even when he just wants to end his life like this, that boy who appears and comforts him from time to time.

And after a long time, even at the last moment of death, whether by chance or inevitability, the boy’s hand is covering his eyes.

The boy who was the only one who treated him well throughout his school days.

Even if it was only a momentary, small kindness, it remained as big and warm as the sun in Piggy’s heart.

Suddenly, Piggy remembered the voice he had heard during midterms at the academy.

Looking back now, it was definitely the boy’s voice.

‘I’m fine now.’

The attendant boy closed Piggy’s eyes and said.

It had a far greater effect than any existing magic in this world, making the pain of the body and mind vanish in an instant.

The sadness of birth, the guilt toward parents, the sense of duty as a child, the burden of schoolwork, the loneliness of not being able to make friends, the world that turned away from oneself in the end, and the pain of the body.

‘… … Please go somewhere comfortable.’

It was ‘consolation of friends’.

And the moment Piggy heard the voice of Vikir, who was on the other side of the time axis, as an auditory hallucination, Vikir also heard the hallucination that he often heard.

‘… … He’s a good person.’

I remember it clearly now.

Those are the last words left by Piggy in the memory of the past beyond the time axis, no, actually experiencing it in person.

After the return, it was the identity of the hallucinations heard every time Piggy’s blood was poured into demons such as Amdusias, Cimmeries, Andrealphus, and Flauros.

[Many people say that humans are black-haired beasts, but.]

“… … .”

[The person I’ve been through is an animal that remembers the kindness I received.]

Human Piggy looked at Bikir and smiled broadly.


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“You are a good person, Bikir.”

That smile was truly bright and bright enough to light up the world.

Even Piggy, who had left the door of destruction wide open amid distrust of humans, cynicism and pessimism, could not be as cold as Bikir.

It was impossible to ignore him.

Like the intangible string that was connected between Seere and Kamyu in the past, the residual thought that Pigi left behind became a string of tough and strong ties and was connected to Bikir who went to another world line.

A string with feeble expectations that perhaps, in that parallel world, a slightly different ending would come out.

As a result, Bikir regressed. No, he skipped the parallel timeline.

By Piggy’s arrangement, which led Andras to select and summon Vikir.

It could be said that it was the result of a collaboration between Piggy from this world line, Piggy from the other world line, and Andras of the different types.

A small act of kindness inadvertently given to someone who seemed insignificant worked a miracle and saved the world.

… … And, of course, there were those who could not understand this improbable and unreasonable accidental development.

[Say something that makes sense! Who dares to mock anyone with such a beggarly foot-swapper development!?]

Andras. Jack Meridue.

Awakening from hanging himself with an umbilical cord while still in his mother’s belly, he has made rigorous efforts since childhood to get rid of the born piggy.

Sending snakes to the cradle, deliberately driving them to dangerous limbs, driving them out of the family, etc… … .

[I didn’t expect that lowly old man to run away from the imperial palace, but I should have just killed him right away. Ugh!]

However, Piggy shook his head.

[If it wasn’t for you, I would have died on my own. Falling into all sorts of human distrust and hatred of the world.]

[…] … !]

[It wouldn’t have happened if someone had said just one word to me, ‘You’re a good guy’.]

Piggy seemed to be thinking of herself in another world line.


[I, on this side of the world line, have come to know and understand many things about humans. Because I learned that my family, friends, and people around me are all valuable and valuable beings.]

Tudor, Sancho, Bianca, Sinclair, and Dolores who met at the Colosseo Academy.

And the numerous comrades who joined forces in Naraksu, and Tochka’s comrades who endured the burning thirst together.

Piggy had gone into the coffin with all of them in her chest.

And, of course, Piggy chose.

[I will close the door.]

Andras’ two selves are divided into ‘the one who opens the door’ and ‘the one who closes the door’ respectively.

The door that Andras opened cannot be closed by Andras. It should be closed by Andras.

Conversely, Andras cannot open the door that Andras closed. It should be opened by Andras.

Only Piggy can close the door Jack opened.

Only Jack can open the door that Piggy closed.

In the end, it seemed that if either of them was missing, something irreversible would happen.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The door that Andras had opened was being closed by Piggy.


Andras screamed, but it was too late.

Denggung- Denggung- Denggung- Go! F*ck!

The door closed, dismembering the bodies of several gigantic demons that were slowly pulling themselves out of the portal above.

The snake that eats the nebula, the leader of the insects, the king of the vampires, the scorpion that spews thick poison, the woman who looks beautiful on the outside but doesn’t know what’s inside, the angler that eats the desert, the priority of all rotten things, the centipede that wraps around the mountains, The one who walks under the sea, the giant tearing the earth, the lion drinking fire, the bird with wings covering the sky, the executioner by the grave, the rotting corpse lying in the swamp, the tentacle burrowing deep, and so on… … .

… thud! … Kwak! … Kurleung!

Parts of the demons’ severed bodies fall to the ground and cause an earthquake.

[Ugh… … ugh… … !]

Andras trembled with rage.

Even at this moment, the 62 dimensional gates were slowly closing.

[It can’t be! If you close it, I’ll keep it open!]

Andras squeezed out his remaining mana.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

If Piggy opens and Andras closes it, the result is the same anyway.

From now on, the key is who has more magic power and who can interfere with the door faster.


“Are you forgetting me?”

Andras felt his broken heart break into four pieces this time.

Vikir stood in front, driving a knife through Andras’ heart.

… Boouk!

Vikir continued stabbing Andras’ body.

Kazanbai has been destroyed and Asmodeus is far away in Kirko’s hands.

Only one pair of swords that symbolized Andras remained, and even that was now destroyed.

And in the end, Andras, who couldn’t take Piggy’s soul and body, ended up with only half left.

In such a situation, there was no way that Bikir, who had blossomed nine teeth, would be pushed back.

Puff pup pup pup pup pup!

Andras’ body was collapsing in real time.

The hound that bit the prey’s neck sensed victory.

And to break the prey’s neck bones, it raises its strength even more.

… … That moment.


Bikir’s eyes widened as if tearing.

Black blood splattered from Andras’ body.

It flows into Bikir’s body through his wounds.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Just as Piggy’s blood shocked the demon, Andras’ blood also caused a strange phenomenon that had never been seen before in Vikir.

[Didn’t I tell you? I inherited the lineage of the founding myth, Emperor Shi Huang.]

It’s blood as a human, not blood as a demon.

A relic of an ancient hero who was said to have the most unusual ability in human history, and was able to rise to the top of all mankind with that unique ability.

It was the ability of the royal family, no, of the Golding family, a clan of prophets.

[Okay, spoilers. I will show you your future from now on.]

Andras laughed as he held Vikir’s arms tightly.

[…] … Aren’t you curious about how your life, which has been entangled with the devil all your life, will end?]

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