Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 467

Episode 467: The Beginning of the Counterattack (3)

“… … !”

The only one whose expression suddenly changed was Bikir.

It was because Bikir saw through all the malice of Flauros at the very moment when the water burst out.

‘Lying Leopard’.

That is the nickname of Flauros this time.

It is the habit and ability of Flauros to spread plausible lies in everything.

He had the ability to make others believe the lies he told, and he was good at tricking others with all sorts of tricks.

… Puff!

The dam collapsed and the groundwater inside burst.

gurgling gurgling gurgling-

A huge amount of water gushes out towards the ground.

The water of the underground lake that was sleeping under the ground was clear and clean enough for nymphs to live.

Therefore, the fact that there is no water in the water source area was a false proposition made by Flauros.

… … The problem was that Flauros’ solo spear was stuck at the beginning of the stream.


Two snakes opened their mouths against the stream of water.

The waves that brushed against the sharp fangs instantly turned red.

Yes. Flouros was releasing a huge amount of plague poison into the water at the same time as opening the waterway.

It was the same method that encroached on the Usher family’s mansion.

“What!? It is water!”

“There really was water here!”

“oh my god! I thought I was going to die of thirst!”

“But the color of the water is a bit odd?”

“It’s groundwater! Maybe some dirt was mixed in.”

The soldiers who saw the water flowing down the slope were delighted.

Then he put his mouth to the pale red water and drank it down.

… … The response came right away.

“It’s big!?”

Those who drank or came into contact with the water began to have seizures along with vomiting.

“Ahh! You are alone!”

“I turned into a poison!”

“Don’t drink the water!”

“Quickly call the priests!”

Because the priests quickly applied protection, the soldiers did not become poisonous.

However, the enormous amount of holy power was consumed and the damage was unavoidable.

“Don’t drink the water!”

“Preach backwards! Never drink water!”

“Don’t even touch me!”

The soldiers spread the message to their comrades below.

But the water flowed down much faster than the message spread.

Also, among the soldiers in the rear, there were many who protested against the word not to drink water.

“what? Leaders, why are you telling me not to drink water?”

“I don’t know. Are you saying they want to monopolize everything?”

“This much water? Rather, isn’t it because I get diarrhea when I drink something?”

“Hahaha- that’s enough! I have a strong stomach, so it’s okay!”

Great confusion was brewing in the rear units.

Those who turned into poison, those who were falling apart in pain, and the priests who were wasting their holy power to treat them.

Flauros, who was watching all this, burst into laughter.

[Ha ha ha ha ha! How about a demon hunter? Isn’t it spectacular?]

Flauros infused even stronger magic power into the hand holding the spear.

The water began to turn a deep bloody color.

The poisonous spear Ouroboros was producing an enormous amount of poison even at this moment.

The reason why Flauros was able to spread the red death across the entire continent and create an enormous number of poisonous soldiers was probably thanks to the unique ability of that spear that was no different from his alter ego.

… Chii profit!

Vikir raised Madame’s toxin and burned away all the plague poison penetrating her body.

At least Madam’s poison is needed to suppress that red death.

However, it was impossible to block all of the red death that was dissolved in such a huge amount of water.

Everyone in the death squad began to realize the seriousness of the situation.

The stream of water bursting out of the water source area would surely flow down the hillside as it is and reach Tochka Fortress.

Refugees suffering from starvation due to lack of drinking water will surely drink this water in a hurry, and the result is… … .

[Did I tell you? He said that he would turn Tochika’s scum into poison. I always keep what I said!]

Flauros grinned and twisted his face.

The rough waves going down the mountain valley were already dyed red.

At this rate, even the relief forces rushing towards the water source area will be swept away by the current and become poisonous people.

And the refugees remaining in Tochka will also grab onto their burning throats without knowing anything and drink this water and turn into poisonous people.

“… … .”

Bikir gritted his teeth in front of this terrifying fact.

I couldn’t come to the Suwon area. It was never allowed to come out of Tochika.

Even if they were dying of thirst, they had to lock the gates and endure within the walls.

In the end, as a result of falling for Flauros’ trick, everyone ended up becoming poisonous people.

Bikir quickly looked away.

Dolores was there, nodding her head with a determined expression.

“You can’t give up until the end! Miracles only come to those who act!”

Dolores put her hands together and released all remaining divine power.

… Dig!

The white pillar of light she creates purifies the surrounding waves back and forth.

but not enough. Dolores It is impossible to purify all of this huge waterway with one power.

“… … Ugh!”

Dolores’ expression darkened.

Sweat flowed like rain and my body felt as if it would collapse at any moment.

Right then.


There was a hand on her shoulder.

Bikir. The hound of the night rested on Dolores’ shoulders and gave her strength.

“sorry. Where to lean now… … .”

Dolores’s heart started to beat wildly when she saw Bikir lowering her head in disrespect.

The thing she had always hoped for had happened.

She will probably never forget the moment when the scarred hound that never depended on others leaned its head on her shoulder for the first time.

‘I can’t let Vikir down!’

Dolores’ eyes changed.

“A miracle will only happen to those who stretch out their hands first! Those who believe and act will surely rise up and respond!”

Dolores knocks on the door of limits while reciting a prayer.

As the soul resonates, a white pillar of light, pure and pure, radiates out.

And all the priests of Quo Vadis who saw the divine light she emitted also began to purify the water with all their might.


Martin Luther spread a tremendous scale of divine defense and washed away the entire wave.

The elite priests of the Quo Vadis family, including Mozgus, also followed Dolores and fiercely confronted the red current.

Surprisingly, the color of the bursting waves became clear for an instant.

The red energy was slowly fading away.


[Hahahahaha- Are you guys stupid?]

Flauros was standing on top of a rock, laughing at the priests who were trying to purify the current.

[Sacred power is not infinite, how long do you think you can stop poison? It would be more efficient if I saved that power and used it to escape.]

The devil’s words were reasonable.

An enormous amount of poisonous water flows down the mountain peaks.

Even if they could hold out for a while, the situation was practically over.

A wave of crimson death will soon overtake the reinforcements.

And furthermore, the numerous refugees who gathered in Tochka.

It seemed obvious that the whole world would be filled with poisons infected with the red death.


… Kwak!

Bikir, who produced eight teeth toward Flauros, was still not giving up.

[It’s a futile ploy, demon hunter. Soon it will be a world of Germans down there. No matter how hard you try, your world is about to end… … hmm!?]

However, the will emanating from Bikir’s eyes was to block Flauros’ mouth.

“Surely, your poison is strong. To the extent that it far exceeded my expectations.”

[…] … .]

“But at best your poison has only defeated me, not the world.”

After speaking, Bikir exploded a terrifying light from both eyes.

“Don’t underestimate this world.”

Bikir stepped forward with all his might, stepping on the ground of the world he had been living on.

Bear the weight of the whole body on the big toe and run so that the tip of the forehead comes out the most.

black sun. Eight slashes slashed furiously and tore apart Flauros’ torso.


However, even as he watched the fountain of blood gushing out of his body, Flauros smiled leisurely.

[Hahahaha- So what does this mean? The humans down there are already finished… … !?]

Moment. The face of Flauros, distorted by ridicule, hardened.

You can see the streams of water flowing through the peaks that come into view, the stair-shaped peaks that are curved and stretched in several layers.

The color of the waterfall falling below the first peak is red.

The color of the waterfall falling below the second peak is also red.

… … together?

The color of the waterfall falling below the third peak was strange.

transparent color. clear water. For some reason, the water that fell below it did not carry any red aura of death.

“Uh, huh?”

“Why is the water in the area we missed?”

“Who, who cleansed that place?”

The priests who were purifying the water were also taken aback.

The soldiers at the bottom of the hill tilt their heads after drinking the flowing water.

“what? Why did you tell me not to drink water?”

“hmm? Are you fine? It’s very clear and cool, but what?”

“Ah-oh! Didn’t the guys who went up first lie to drink all the water? There are so many!”

It was as the soldiers said.

The water that started flowing down the mountain peak was clear and transparent even though it had not been touched by divine power.

The water flowed rapidly toward Fort Tochka in the distance.

[Uh, what happened?]

Flauros stretched his neck with a puzzled look on his face.

Then, the scenery below the mountain slope came into view.

gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp-

There, a huge spider the size of dozens of adult men was standing and drinking water while blocking the current.

A spider that sucks in a huge amount of water with its head buried in the waves.

I could see the red death in a radius of several tens of meters centering on that spider, drawing a vortex and being sucked in this way.

“for a moment. Where have you seen a lot of spiders?”

“no way!?”

“A poisonous spider… … .”

“oh my god! That guy!”

“Are spiders on the ground really that big?”

The performance of the spider was so great that Kamyu, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko each said a word.

Bikir’s expression brightened.

Baby madam!

The guy who broke up a long time ago has appeared with a much bigger size and stronger poison!

However, the momentum of Flauros is not dead yet.

[What that spider can do! It’s pretty big for a spider, but that’s about it! At most, it’s just one spider!]

Flauros screams nervously.

It was an attitude that firmly believed that the atmosphere of the battlefield could not be overturned by the appearance of just one spider.



That firm attitude was breaking as the landscape beyond the land of the spiders began to reveal itself more and more.

… thud!

One more spider appeared.

It was an object that boasted a size as large as the original one.

The spider that crawled next to the original giant spider also began to absorb the red death by sucking in the water.

… thud!

And next to it, a giant spider appeared again.

… thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud!

also. And again. Spiders that keep appearing.

The number has already exceeded the limit of counting.

Even the spiders that kept appearing were much larger and more massive than the ones that first appeared.

at that time.

What Sindi Wendy said a while ago came to Vikir’s mind.

‘Ah, I thought of it when I heard Balak… … It seems that a new guardian deity has appeared there recently.

They say he’s quite a ‘reliable friend’.’

Balak’s new guardian deity. strong friend.

‘Come to think of it, was it already dark like this?’

The night that had been hanging over the surroundings was unusually dark.

But when I looked up, the sun was still hanging at the end of the sky.

… … Then, why is it so dark here?

[…] … !?]

Flauros raised his head.

There, I saw something huge that almost obscured the sky.

At first glance, it is so large that one would mistake it for the night sky.

sssssss… …

The leaves of the nearby sea of ​​water move in unison.

It was casting a denser darkness over the mountain peaks here.



any of that

without sound.

when to here

I don’t even know if I’ve come


… … But with a clear purpose!

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