Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 468

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Episode 468: The Beginning of the Counterattack (4)

“… … Miracles will surely arise and respond to those who believe and do them.”

Dolores muttered in a low voice, covering her mouth with both hands.

Even if you weren’t a member of the Rune Church, anyone could say that if you saw what was happening right in front of your eyes.

A group of giant spiders, and one of them by far the biggest.

Time passed like this before I knew it, and the young madam, who was small like a lump of dust in the past, has become a mother with a huge body.

A huge mother with small (?) children who look just like her under her umbrella!

“… … I can’t believe it.”

“It’s much bigger than Madame Eight Legs.”

The young madam was so huge that even Camus and Iyen, who had seen the mother before, could not hide their surprise.

It was to the point where I felt as if a mountain was moving.

gurgling gurgling… …

A wall of spiders blocks the stream of water polluted with red death.

A boundless spider monster.

For those who live on poison as their staple food, the red death was no different from greasy food they hadn’t seen in a long time.

The strength, size, and gluttony of the spiders, which even demons were reluctant to face, blocked even the seemingly unstoppable wave of red death.

gulp gulp gulp gulp-

The streams of water that the spiders put their mouth on become clear and transparent again.

The red energy of death was being completely removed by countless spiders.

Priests on one side and spiders on the other stop the red death.

Flubber, too, swallowed poisonous people at random and grew in size, while inhaling more and more red death.

Camus and Iyenne said, putting their arms on the shoulders of Dolores, who was next to them.

“Hey, holy water vending machine. Earlier, my boyfriend and I were in a good mood. It’s a pity that I have less work now. What should I do?”

“Ah, sorry!? And who’s the vending machine! Blasphemy! That, and why is Vikir your boyfriend in the first place?”

“Oh- I also benefited from this holy woman’s juice in the past. hahaha-”


Behind her, Sinclair was barely holding back a laugh, and Kirko stood alone with a sullen look on her face.

at that time. The young madam bowed her head in front of everyone.

Koo-goo-goo-goo-goo… …

The young madam slowly lowered her face to where Bikir was standing.

The sound of carapaces rubbing against the carapaces surrounding the joints was transmitted through the ground like an earthquake.

It’s a little strange to see him become a fully grown adult while he hasn’t seen it.

Bikir also faced the young madam with a bit of a wary attitude.


bread sit-

The young madame bowed her head in front of Bikir and smiled broadly.

Back in the dormitory days at the Colosseo Academy, she was waiting alone in her room while Bikir went out to take classes, and when Bikir opened the door and came back, he always had that expression.

[Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear-]

The young madam rubbed her head at Bikir.

A strong hug, as if he had no idea of ​​his own size.

“… … hmm. that, yes You’ve grown a lot. A lot.”

[Keeing- Moaning-]

When Bikir petted him, he shook his butt like the old days and dug into his arms.

Even though he has grown in size, he is definitely a kid.

At that time, familiar voices were heard above the young madam’s head.


“Brother! I’m here to help!”

How can I forget this voice

Where Bikir raises his head, you can see the faces of those who made a relationship in the flood.

Ahul, whom I met at Naraksu, and Ahhun, who had not known whether he was alive or dead, were looking at Bikir holding a bow.

Behind him, all of Balak’s warriors, who were thought to be dead, are seen laughing at Vikir, showing their white teeth.


A roar erupted from behind Vikir, who was about to shake his hand.

Vakira, who became Iyan’s phantom beast, was roaring towards the sky.

Then, even in the place where Balak’s warriors were gathered, a roar in response was heard.

A wolf that looked exactly like Vakira stuck out its head.

Viola became Ahul’s partner. Bakira’s daughter.

The wolf woman also shares a long-awaited reunion.


Puff! puck! Per-billion!

The terrifying archery displayed by Balak’s warriors began to push the poison people straight ahead.

In particular, Ahyul’s performance was almost unrivaled.

Based on the stats she got from Naraksu, she was overwhelming even the strength of quite a few elder warriors in Balak.

“You’ve grown a lot, ah.”

“… … Hunter!

Ayen roughly stroked Aheul’s head.

As soon as Ahyul saw Ayen’s face, her eyes filled with tears.

Meanwhile, Bikir asked Ahun, who landed sideways.


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“Who is the chieftain?”

“He was attacked by a demon in the form of a horse. It was because of the aftereffects you suffered from the battle with Adonai. Still, he broke the tip of its horn… … .”

Hearing Ahhun’s words, Bikir nodded quietly.

Perhaps the reason why he was able to defeat Amdusias right after coming out of the Maw Tree was because of Aquila’s struggle before.

Amdusias also could not overcome the aftereffects caused by Aquila.

At that time, there was a hand tapping Vikir’s shoulder.

Kirko. she said, her eyes shining.

“Now is your chance. It is time to counterattack.”

Bikir also nodded in agreement.

Before long, all the reinforcements began to push towards the peak.

“Catch the head of the Leviathan family!”

The Baskervilles, the Morgues, the Quo Vadis, the Bourgeois, the Tochka reinforcements, and even Balack and the Spiders.

Flauros has become a target for everyone gathered here.

[…] … her.]

Flauros laughs as if it is absurd.

However, the situation has definitely turned.

Even the poison release, which was a secret weapon, was destroyed by the priests of the Quo Vadis family and the spiders of the Sea of ​​Water, so the situation became quite embarrassing for the devil.

Furthermore, the warriors of Baskerville and Morgue were tearing apart the poison people with fearsome momentum even at this moment, so there was a risk that the battle would end in an instant if they continued like this.

Flauros looked back at Vikir and smiled.

[okay. Admit it. It seems I took your world too easily.]

A declaration of defeat came from the devil’s mouth.

But Vikir knew better than anyone else that even if you won, you didn’t win unless you put an end to your enemy’s life.

Especially against demons.


At the same time as Vikir kicked off the ground and ran, Flauros also pulled back.

‘… … I have to catch it here.’

Flauros is a strong and cunning being.

All demons are like that, but among them, Flauros was a being with a much higher risk.

Bikir ran up the mountain peak with the determination to kill.

The Germans tried to block it, but the five-person cover following Bikir was blowing away the obstacles to open the way.

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, Kirko.

Scorching flames, iron skewers, powerful arrows, divine protection, golden giants, and blood-sucking snakes broke the walls of poisoners who tried to protect Flauros from Vikir with overwhelming force.

And Vikir broke through the walls of the crumbling poisons and caught up with Flauros.

“The devil.”

black sun. Eight ferocious teeth are exposed.


The hound was carrying out a murderous intent.

Right then.

[…] … Oh, my son!]

Flauros suddenly flipped his face.

A black shadow swayed in front of Flauros, who pulled back the leopard skin and exposed the leather on the face of Hobbs, the head of the Leviathan family.

at the same time.

… Caang!

Bikir had to lift Baalzebub to block the heavy scythe from falling over the top of his head.

flutter –

After numerous melees, the tattered black long guns flutter.

harvester. He was emitting a thick poison mist, blocking Bikir’s way.

Quaggie Geek!

Swords and scythes collided, creating countless sparks.

However, the harvester was no match for Bikir.

The more teeth grew, the more dizzy the swordsman was, the more the harvester was being pushed back by Bikir.

“A lot of poison doesn’t work on me.”

After speaking, Bikir removed the scythe with his sword and at the same time slammed his palm into the reaper’s chest.


The sound of the collarbones breaking open came from the harvester’s chest.

But Flauros didn’t care at all.

[Hold on for a while, son! The moving magic circle will be activated soon.]

The line was spoken more to mock Bikir than to encourage the reapers.

Flauros wiped Hobbs’ face off again and sneered at Vikir.

[Now, write ‘it’.]

Hearing Flauros’ command, the harvester immediately pulled out a handful of something from his bosom.

Black spheres, barbed spines sprouting out one after another.

Bikir immediately recognized what it was.

“The seed of Naraksu!”

[Yes! Will you come out if you’re bored?]

Flauros answered instead.

A red, poisonous mist was rolling in again.

The feeling of distorting space isn’t just because of the Naraksu’s seeds.

“It’s space-shifting magic!”

“It’s quite high-class, hyung!”

The urgent voices of Camus and Sinclair came from behind.

Bikir gritted his teeth and increased his speed, but it seemed that he could not completely block the numerous seeds of Naraksu flying in front of his eyes.

I don’t know what will happen if I get hit by that.

‘If I am dragged into the dream world again, there is no answer.’

It would be a really big deal if they were dragged into Naraksu once more in such an urgent wartime situation.

Vikir had no choice but to give up the frontal breakthrough.

… … But at that very moment.

“Bikir! go!”

There was a voice that opened the way for Bikir.

… Puffer Puck!

An existence that opens the way for Bikir by blocking the seeds of Naraksu flying like volcanic bombs with his whole body.

Bikir had no choice but to open his eyes wide at the unexpected help.


He was clenching his teeth with his bloodied body.

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