Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 463

Episode 463: Suwon Zone Infiltration Operation (10)

A world where red demons run rampant.

The tears of the saintess kept deep inside the Fortress of Tochika were drying up.

As the power of the holy water that the priests, led by Dolores, sprinkled all over the city walls wears out, the Germans’ all-out offensive intensifies.

The height of the castle wall, which was so high, was also greatly reduced.

This is because so many corpses of the dead fell from above and piled up that the ground became high.

The siege, which had begun at dawn, continued into the evening.

… Kwak!

A black palm rose from the top of the castle wall.

The palm, which was even bigger than the body of an ordinary soldier, was soaked in miasma and rotted away.

[That-oh oh oh!]

A mutant that easily surpassed the fighting power of a common German soldier appeared on the wall.

While crawling up to this place, it must have been because of being bombarded with oil, fire, gunpowder, and iron nails.


“A poison! No, it’s a monster!”

“No, stop! When something like that enters the castle… … !”

The soldiers brought brains and polearms and tried to push the mutant away, but it was like pushing a rock with a toothpick.

The heavy-weight monster wasn’t being pushed back at all.

[K-R-R-R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R] … ]

Before long, the mutant pulled its body completely over the castle wall.

The first German who succeeded in climbing the walls of Tochika was born.

It is truly bizarre to see a monster with a height of almost 6 meters, looking around in search of prey with its tongue dangling under its missing lower jaw.

Soon, the mutant found a child soldier who was late to run away.


The mutant raised a huge palm.

“iced coffee… … aaaaa… … .”

The child soldier, who tripped on the stone on the floor and fell down, did not even dare to anticipate the weight of death that fell on him and only wept.



An ugly mouth opened.

A mouth that had everything it needed, from protruding gums and sharp teeth to a tongue wagging from one side.

The problem is that it is not where it should be, but the whole body is attached to it.

The mouth attached to the center of the mutant’s palm pointed at the child soldier lying on the floor.


Several soldiers rushed to rescue the child soldier, but it was too late.

… … Right then.


A terrifying roar erupted.

It feels like something huge and fast has passed in front of me in the blink of an eye.

“… … ?”

When the boy soldier came to his senses, the monster was no longer in front of him.

Because it was flying like garbage towards the sky far away.

… Kwak!

The poison that flew away disappeared into the sky and was soon crushed to the ground as a clot of blood.

And in front of the child soldier stood a tall old man looking down.

Head of Orca. The great king of the New Wave prison guards.

He was guarding the top of the wall with a large club in his hand.

“Stand in your place, child soldier.”

After speaking, Orca straightened her club and walked over the castle wall.

Her attitude was as if nothing had happened.

“… … ancient!”

The boy soldier saluted loudly as if he had never cried before.

The hope that had faded from not being able to sleep or drink water was rekindling in her eyes.

Before long, the soldiers, aided by the appearance of Orca, began to push back the poisoners again.

Collect the missing oil and set it on fire with gunpowder that has been scraped off the floor.

The mindset that if there is no metal piece, I will pick up even a stone and throw it.

Orca gave instructions with a loud roar.

“Each governor, report Seongta’s situation to Chi Chong! Dare to throw away the damaged parts of the outer castle! I just need to stop it in my inner self!”

“Tell all the vigilantes in charge of security in the castle to come up! The situation in the castle is meaningless now!”

“Fly arrows mainly against poisonous swordsmen! Stop them from destroying the bottom of the wall!”

“Firemen of the gunners, do not spare oil and gunpowder and pour it out! Next drumming! Hold on until the next drumbeat!”

His gaze reached every nook and cranny of the defense.

After closely grasping in real time which areas are collapsing and which ones are holding up well, support troops are operated.

Of course, it wasn’t just about giving instructions.

He was leading the way, swinging a club and smashing the heads of Germans.

Neither the long, sharp spears nor the thick, fast arrows could pierce the thick fur coat without the Orca’s sense of the season.

… Let’s go!

When the clubs wrapped in chains flew through the air, all the mutants hanging from the walls for a long time fell headlong with their heads broken.

“Oh oh! Captain Orca! After all, the god of defense!”

“The master of siege warfare!”

“As long as Orca-sama is here, Tochika will not fall!”

The morale of the soldiers was rising.

however. It is said that many people have seen the back of a hero, but no one has seen the front.

There was no one who could properly see Orca’s expression standing on the front line.

‘… … It’s a difficult situation.’

Orca’s brow was now frowning.

His stiff gray hair, beard, and thick fur coat made it impossible for anyone to notice the cold sweat running down his temples and back.

Orca looked at the horizon below the castle walls.

It’s all dark red.

There was no end to the number of poisonous people who flocked to the red demons of death in the sky.

“It deserves a civil war.”

The Leviathan family had the power to overwhelm all the allied forces of the other families alone.

In addition, the poisoners coming in from now on are mutants with large bodies and strong powers.

No matter how much Tochika is an invincible fortress, in the end it is a heavy burden.

Even Orca, a master of siege warfare, was unreasonable to overcome such a numerical inferiority.

Even more so in this yard where ragtag vigilantes selected from among the refugees make up the majority of the troops.

“It is deplorable. At least, if only my men in Nouvelle Vague were there… … .”

The other hand holding the blood-soaked club groped for Orca’s arms.

looking for a cigarette

But the cigarettes had already been burnt, along with the charred insides, for a long time.

Orca brushed his itchy neck once because he couldn’t drink water.

It was a habit when I was sorry I ran out of cigarettes.

Right then.


A cigarette pack was pushed out from the right side of Orca.

A cigarette pack full of the thick cigars he used to smoke.

“… … ?”

Orca instinctively pulled out a cigarette.



A matchstick is held out from Orca’s left and lights the end of a cigarette.

“… … ?”

The moment the orca is about to turn its head to the side.

[That-oh oh oh!]

Two huge venomous mutants sprang towards the orca.



In the blink of an eye, the two mutants flutter into shredded pieces of meat.

One was pulverized by a raging slashing storm, and the other was pierced by countless stone thorns protruding from the ground and walls.

Before long, two shadows rose under the shower of falling flesh and blood.


“Who are you going to be the next warden?”

Two men and women proudly ask questions in front of Orca.

All of them were familiar faces to Orca.

“Dordium. Suware. How are you guys here… … ?”

Director Orca put on a slightly bewildered expression.

Then, a soft voice came from behind.

“I’m so small you can’t see it, right? I was a bit taller too.”

Orca’s gaze is directed towards a girl wearing a black helmet.


She reached out and wielded countless BDSM restraints.

Pupper puffer puck!

The poisonous people who climbed the castle suddenly fell down the castle wall, becoming fools unable to use either strength or mana.

It was less effective because it was out of the water, but it was enough to slow down the Germans’ all-out offensive.

“… … Huh.”

Orca seemed very surprised that the chiefs of the New Wave were showing up here.

and soon. Something even more surprising happened to him.

gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… …

The green color that started from one side of the field of view and gradually dyed the whole area.

It looks like moss is spreading all over the wall.

It came out from between the bricks that made up the walls of Tochika Fort and from the cracks between bricks, and soon covered the entire vast wall.

[…] … Oh Ok?]

[…] … Is it wrong?]

[…] … Kiik- Whoosh?]

The poison mutants who climbed the castle wall with their fingers in the gaps between the bricks were embarrassed by the green liquid filling all the gaps where they could insert their fingers.

It was slippery and soft… … It was blazing hot!

Chiyiyi profit!

The terrifyingly acidic green liquid soon began to cover all the poisoners climbing the walls.


The poisoners struggled as they watched the melting skin, flesh and bones, but it was already too late.

chump chump-

The liquid that flowed out between the cracks in the walls of the castle moved as if it were alive and swallowed the poisoners, and the amount grew more and more as it did.

“Did he come all the way… … .”

Orca murmured, looking at the green liquid monster that flowed down the walls and swallowed up all the poisons.

Flubber J Tarbond.

Even the ancestral creatures of unknown species, who had been living there before the discovery of the space called Newbagra, appeared here.

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