Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 464

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Episode 464: Suwon Zone Infiltration Operation (11)

The whirlpool of slashing rages like a giant serpent, sweeping away poisonous people.

Dordium was rotating the ax blade protruding from his forearm and crushing the poison people under the castle wall into fleshy pieces.

Suware also showed the power of the dwarves without regret.

The earthen spears protruding from the bottom of the castle walls pierced the poisons rushing through like skewers in an instant.

Ssangbyeok’s ability to tow the New Wave was the same both in the deep sea and on land.

Even though only two people joined the front line, the German offensive slowed down a bit.

Orca asked as he felt his stamina slowly return.

“How did you guys know about this place?”

“For that matter, I will explain only the urgent situation.”

Dordium replied by crushing the head of a poisonous creature.

It seems like you’ve been through a lot of things so far.

Orca nodded once.

The urgent thing now is to stop the poisoners from trying to climb over Tochka’s walls.

The situation was gradually improving.

Cheeky! Cheeky! Cheeky! Cheeky!

A huge green liquid seemed to sway and then descended down the walls of Tochka.

The green liquid that flowed along the wall, which was designed to be slightly sloped to block the shelling, eventually began to entwine all the poisonous people who climbed the wall.

Flubber. The most mysterious creature in New Wave has appeared here.


Covering a huge area, this green liquid monster began to gain weight by devouring all the poisonous people it came into contact with.

The poisons swallowed into Flubber’s body struggled desperately, but the more they did, the more they fell deeper into the bottomless prison of slime.

Push, push, push-

Orca stuck out his tongue at Flubber’s appetite, which even the mutants ruthlessly ate.

“How is that guy here?”

This time, Suware answered.

“It seems that they followed us when they had no place to live. Originally, it was an ancestor creature that was quite attached to the place called Nouvelle Vague.”

“You followed me? voluntarily? Did you have that kind of loyalty?”

“It is not. It just seems to follow the scent of its prey. There was a time when I ate a poison called sikkeul, and it seemed to suit my taste quite well at that time.”

It was as Suware said.

In fact, Flubber was eating the poisonous people of the Leviathan family deliciously, but somehow, the red death itself seemed to stimulate Flubber’s taste quite a bit.

Moreover, since they are improved objects that have a much stronger miasma than sour, the taste may be felt even more intensely.

“… … I’m glad it suits your taste.”

Orca had no choice but to say this from the heart.

That’s also true, because the poison mutants that had been persistently harassing Tochika so far seemed to Flubber to be just big chunks of candy.

But that wasn’t all.

“Chief Orca! Come on, give me orders!”

“I don’t want to follow those guards!”

“Khahaha! The only one who can command me is you!”

Behind Dordium, Suware, BDSM, and Flubber, countless figures appeared.

All of them were wearing the uniforms of the guards of Nouvelle Vague.

The guards of the New Wave.

The elite All-Stars, who spent their days close to service rather than duty, in a harsh environment under 10,000 meters deep sea.

Even if they don’t know their personality, they were here who could never be defeated with their skills.

A smile caught on the dry face of Director Orca.

Eventually, he exhaled the smoke from his cigarette and shouted vigorously.

“ruler! It’s a suppression formation! Let those dumbfounded dead know my fountain!”

Prisoners must return to where they belong. The same goes for the dead.

The guards of Newvag chuckled and gripped their weapons.

Afterwards, the guards began to take over the front line, leaving behind the volunteer vigilantes among the refugees in Tochka.

“Hey- hey- those who can’t use mana, get out of the way.”

“what? Did you go to war with your children? I’m out of my mind Back off!”

“This is a game for people like us who have nothing to lose!”

These are beings who have spent their entire lives preventing and suppressing riots.

The display of Germans began to collapse in the blink of an eye.

When the subordinates who had been together for a long time joined the front line, the skill of Orca, the genius of the siege warfare, was shining properly.

“From now on, everyone from the Nouvelle Vagues will be in charge of the ranks of Chichong and above! We will completely reorganize the system in real time! Firemen, get out of the castle! Continue beating the drum as before, but double the time interval! Push away all the canine stones in the woman’s wardrobe!”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who always prepares himself before Orca tells him to do something, took over the general command this time.

“Firemen, go down from the citadel and procure oil and gunpowder! The increase in drumming time is because the guards can last much longer than the vigilantes! Rolling the stones of women’s clothing downward is to wage an all-out war, so throw away all your brains and long spears and arm yourself with your own soldiers!”

The guards of Nouvelle Vague became limbs and limbs on their own so that Orca would not have to go through the trivial briefings.

And the rest of the guards go out to the front line and wipe out the poison.

Pupper puck!

BDSM was suppressing all the Germans around them and passing them behind them.

The poisoners, whose power and mana were sealed, became fools and were stabbed to death by vigilantes’ long spears.

Flubber continued to swallow more and more poisons with his ever-increasing size.

Dordium and Suware also wipe out the poison people at a tremendous speed.

Suddenly, Orca asked BDSM next to him.

“But. Flubber Was that guy originally that small? Wasn’t it bigger before?”


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“Now that is divided. The body is somewhere else.”

“… … different place?”

BDSM tried to answer something by opening her mouth, but she couldn’t hear it properly because of the venomous mutant screaming loudly from above.

Orca asked once more.

“for a moment. The fact that all of you are gathered here… … Are you saying that ‘that guy’ is also alive?”

BDSM immediately knew who Orca was referring to.

“If it was ‘Black Tongue’, it died without getting out of the New Wave.”

“… … is it.”

Orca clicked her tongue for a moment before continuing.

“I had to do it. It’s better not to have such a rebel. Rather, it only divides allies.”

“Um, but it’s not quite gone.”

“… … ?”

From before, unknown words keep coming and going.

So is the black tongue dead or alive?

The moment Orca thinks he needs to hear the right answer.

… Kwak!

The castle wall collapsed in front of my eyes, revealing a huge venomous mutant.

It was bigger than any mutant I had ever seen.

A bizarre appearance as if two or three mutants were mixed into one body,

His body is intimidating just by standing, and he is so big that even Flubber can’t swallow it in one bite.

[Oh-oh-oh-oh… … ]

It opened its mouth and attempted to sweep away the guards on the ramparts in one blow.

“… … Chet.”

The moment when Orca is about to raise his club and try to counterattack.


There was an incident that happened before that.

The head of the poison mutant’s head seemed to be hollowed out, and black lightning fell from above.

whip. A thick and long weapon.

It dented the venomous mutant’s skull like a spear falling from the sky, and soon made the huge body stumble and tumble down the castle wall.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A heavy vibration rises from under the castle wall.

Orca’s expression became even more frowning than the first time when he saw the thick dust.

It was because of the sound of laughter in my ears.


Opposite the wall rouge. I see an old man standing like a ghost, stepping on the bumps on top of the castle.

Marquis of Sade.

He was still looking at the orca with a dying gaze.

Orca growled.

“I thought you had already taken me out. Where are you stuck and coming out now?”

“Except me? why me? Now it’s just about to have fun.”

“… … ?”

Orca furrowed her eyebrows.

It was because I could immediately understand why Sade was so happy.

Before long, countless shadows began to fall beside and behind THAAD.


It wasn’t just the jailers who fled the New Wave.

“Kuh-Kuh-If you follow the Marquis de Sade, something fun always happens.”

“To be able to fight under Saad again is an infinite honor.”

“I’m dying to run amok.”

“Ah- Do you think of the old days!”

Prisoners of the New Wave, or now escapees.

Now that there are no prisons to be imprisoned in, and no guards to hold them in, they have gathered under the name of their former master, or their former superior, the Marquis de Sade.

Each one of them involved in the past 47-person unrest.

Although they avoided the extinction or extinction, those who followed him, intoxicated with the turbulent life of the Marquis of Sade, remained secretly.

Also, the number of those who admired the power and notoriety of the Marquis de Sade in prison and volunteered to go under him was also enormous.

The monsters of Rebel Nine followed Marquis Sade and exposed their teeth.

Descendants of the defeated countries, who had been holding their breath until now, also united to vent their resentment.

Saad chuckled and said to Orca.

“Honestly, what kind of war are you going to fight with newbies from academies or refugees? You have to be at this level to have a taste for commanding.”

“… … It’s absurd that I’m thinking the same thing as you right now.”

Orca spit out the cigarette, took a new cigarette, and turned away from Sade.

But it was an unspoken message. He will defend the castle, so you must counterattack.

Sade just chuckled, not sure whether he understood the message or not.

Before long, the Marquis of Sade raised his whip high and shouted to the escaped prisoners.

“ruler! Counterattack! Let’s wipe out the enemies who have become fools! Move on and push all the way to the water source area!”

Most of the Germans are embarrassed while wearing BDSM handcuffs.

Those who know best in the world how terrifying that prison is are the guards and prisoners gathered here.

All of them blinked their eyes in unison and gripped their weapons.

The heat seemed to explode at any moment, and Marquis de Sade poured oil on it.

“Isn’t everyone thirsty!? Go get some water!”

Wardens, prisoners, and refugees were all thirsty for insufficient drinking water.

A fire as hot as burning throats bloomed in everyone’s eyes.

Now it was time to counterattack.

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