Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 461

Episode 461: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (8)

Camu began to show his strength in earnest.

“I’ve been hiding my power for a while because I was afraid the others would die… … !”

As she expelled mana, the wraith tree began to shake its branches in the flow.

Skeleton-shaped specters moved ominously.

It’s like the hanging corpses sway like the pendulum of a clock.

Each one of them were heinous criminals or demons before they were alive.

Ooh-oh-oh-oh… …

Even after death, they couldn’t reach Buddhahood and became a source of magic power for Kamyu, squeezing it to the limit.

while making a bloody cry.

“I’ll show you something cool right now!”

Camus drew dozens of magic circles in the air at the same time.

Each one was intense salt-based magic and iron-based magic.

… Puff puff puff!

A surface-to-air ricochet that pursues a target to the end.

Huge iron skewers protruded from the ground, engulfed in flames, rose up into the sky in a red-hot trajectory, and soon fell towards the target and stuck.


The earth’s axis is torn and twisted, and countless pillars of fire come out.

Along with the large-scale earthquake, thick mushroom-shaped clouds were rising.

But it wasn’t just Camu who was active.

“I will show you demons the horrors of man-made capitalism.”

Sinclair. A woman who became the world’s number one wife by ascending to the position of head of the chaebol family bourgeois.

She took off the ‘rich hat’ she was wearing.

Then, the hat awakens and reveals the unique ability that has been hidden so far.


Huge amounts of gold coins started pouring out of the hat.

It was an inventory ability that could store an infinite quantity limited to money.

“Remember this money? It’s a legacy that Belial left behind.”

money is power. Wasn’t that the banner of Belial?

As Sinclair drew up the mana amplified by his vast fortune, the gold coins protruding from the hat coalesced and changed their appearance.


A huge golem made of gold coins rose from behind Sinclair.

It was as big as any large building and began to copy Sinclair’s body movements.

… Kwak! thud! Woo support!

The golden golem also raised its heavy fist and started hitting the target.

It was a scene as if he was expressing the fear of the Golden Ruler with his whole body.

“Wow- they really are another class.”

“I can’t believe the motivation.”

“Ugh! I will find out what I can and do it!”

“The only thing left to do is to train and die as much as you fall behind.”

Tudor, Piggy, Sancho, and Bianca clapped their tongues as they watched Camus and Sinclair exploding firepower in the distance.

On the other hand, Dolores was pushing back the poisonous people in the rear by expanding the divine shield.

‘I have to endure until Bikir-nim comes!’

Currently, Camu and Sinclair are showing more fighting power than expected, so there is hope.

Looking at the ground bursting and being torn apart in front of my eyes in real time, I wondered if it might be possible to hunt demons without Vikir.

… … But it soon turned out that it was an overestimation.

[Whooping- These days, young people are energetic. There is no time for the old man to wear a mask.]

An existence that emerges through a thick mushroom cloud.

He was no longer Hobbes de Leviathan.

A face that had turned into that of a beast, a black mane, eyes burning yellow like sulfur fire, and a long spear in his hand.

<‘This Poem’ by Flauros>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘Second Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“I will turn water into blood.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

this time. Among the protagonists who led the era of destruction, the second highest ranked person appeared.

Flauros shook off the flames on his skin and said.

[It’s a ghost tree, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. It would be perfect if I made it into the handle of my spear.]

After speaking, Flauros raised the spear in his hand.

It was as if two living snakes had become spearheads.

The handle of the spear was made of a dried tree trunk, but Dolores recognized the identity of the material at a glance.


[Whoops- That’s right. It is a tree that Amdusias cherished.]

Flauros grabbed the spear and swung it once, sweeping away all the golden waves.

At the tip of the devil’s spear, two snakes entwine and move.

It was the snake at that time that created the red death.

“… … Is that an artifact that creates the Red Death?”

Tudor lost his father to the plague and his eyes went back.


Pushing the ground with all his might, Tudor stretched out Gungnir forward.

A slash like a tidal wave hit Flauros.

Flauros whistled and turned his head to the side.

[Oh- Is this the body Chimeries was looking for so much? Not bad.]

Tudor’s slash missed by a piece of paper.

And the price did not end with the weight of a sheet of paper.


The spear Ouroboros struck the spear Gungnir, forcing it to twist its trajectory.

Then, two snakes, like ghosts, came in through the gap and pressed Tudor’s neck to the ground.


Tudor vomited blood and fell to the floor.

What happened in a single blow.


Bianca took the bow right away.

A powerful sniping shot while running forward aimed at the head of Flauros.

I’m sorry-

As soon as the arrow hit the center of Flauros’ face and a dull noise erupted, Bianca grabbed Tudor and raised him up.

But Tudor’s complexion was blue.

“Bianca! back!”


It was a misjudgment to think that he had hit the arrow just by seeing it hit his face.

When Bianca turned her head, she saw Flauros, who was grinning as she bit the arrowhead with her teeth.

[This is the body Andrealphus wanted. Guys, why are you in such a hurry to go first… … ]

Then Flauros reached out and took them to Tudor and Bianca.

[I’ll make you two good friends. Following the wishes of comrades… … hmm!?]

However, Flauros’ words were cut off halfway through.


A thin slash flew and grazed Flauros’ cheek.

[…] … .]

Despite Camus and Dolores’ joint attack, Flauros, who had shown a calm expression, took two steps back for some reason.

And in front of him stood an unexpected figure.


A man who stood in front of his friends while shaking his legs.

“Get away from my friends!”

Piggy swung his sword and emitted an aura.

After going through the Colosseo Academy and surviving in a barren world, the aura that has become stronger in its own way blows as a strong wind.

And there was one special thing about Piggy’s slash.

It was said that he had put his own blood on the tip of the knife.

[…] … ! … … ! … … !]

Flauros frowned as he watched numerous small scars form on his forearms.

[is it. Is it a heterogeneous body? It is also closed. That’s why he hated it so much.]

The expression of Flauros, who had been relaxed until now, changed.

[I never thought I would meet ‘homogeneity’ ahead of the great work. Is it worthwhile to abandon the civil war and come all the way here?]

Before long, the demon’s terrifying eyeballs were fixed on Piggy.


Piggy trembled, but did not back down.

Flauros’s hand was slowly draped over Piggy.

at that time.

“friend! backwards!”

“Get out! Something suspicious!”

Tudor and Bianca grabbed Piggy by the arms and fell right back.

Tudor’s spear and Bianca’s sniping ricocheted off Flauros’ arm.

said Tudor and Bianca, pulling Piggy back.

“Looking at you, it seems that he is aiming for you.”

“Well, I felt it since Naraksu. Are you sure you have something?”

The quick-witted Tudor and Bianca were protecting Piggy early on.

“Huh? Guys- I’m not that special… … .”

“Get away for now!”

A huge ax that flew from behind cut down Flauros.

Sancho hugged Tudor, Bianca, and Piggy all at once and stepped back.

And the bombardment of Camus and Sinclair fell in front of them.

… Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

As if annoying, Flauros stretched out his spear and blocked Camu and Sinclair’s combined attack.

[Annoying things.]

However, Flauros could not afford to relax.

… Fire!

The firepower that Camus and Sinclair poured into had a slightly different energy from before.

That’s holy white heat! It was a blessing that Dolores had personally applied.

Camu and Sinclair, who received the saintess’ buff, began to burn the red death by pouring fire with divine power.

Only then did Floros’ expression harden.

[You are really annoying. You don’t know what will happen in the future, so it’s right to organize it here in advance.]

The first direction the spear of Flauros was directed was the place where Camus was.

[First of all, from the most annoying four years… … ]

From the two snake heads pointed at Kamu, a level of malice that ordinary humans could not bear was emanating.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

A dark red storm arises and sweeps away the surroundings.

The fragments of the aura that scatter like powder and the poison tear and burn everything around it.


Camu gritted his teeth when he saw the wraith tree shaking greatly.

Is it because it has not been deeply rooted in the mental world yet?

It seems that it took a little more time to join the ranks of giant trees.

Parts Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu-

I hurriedly created a barrier and spread it, but I couldn’t block all the aftermath.

The thick bloody clothing on her body began to burn, revealing her bare skin.

Although he raised his mana to the maximum, it was not enough to block the power of Flauros, which was concentrated only in this direction, by himself.


I saw my comrades hurriedly running and being intercepted by poisons.

At the moment of desperation, Kamyu gritted his teeth.

After a long struggle, I came to the water source area, but there is no water.

In fact, from that moment on, I had a gut feeling of death.

Because from some moment, the threshold of death was hovering in one corner of the field of vision.

‘… … Is it this far?’

Kamyu thought as he suppressed the blood that was rising up and swallowed it.

slowly loses strength My body was slowly breaking down.

The moment she is about to sit down.

flutter –

The black blood wind covered the body of Camus, who was almost half naked.

“It’s a composition of memories.”

And a black knight stood in her way.

“… … iced coffee.”

Camus let out a weak groan.

Even in the midst of blurred vision, for some reason, I can see that man’s face as clearly as possible.

Bikir. night hound.

He was facing Flauros.

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