Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 460

Episode 460: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (7)

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One huge venom opened its mouth wide.

Then, his wide-open mouth was thrown back, and he fell off his chin and fell to the ground.

… Cheeky!

Bikir, who slashed off the face of the poisonous person who stood in his way, landed lightly on the ground.

However, there were still a few Germans left on the slope leading up to the mountain peak in front of me.




Venom fighters are larger and more powerful than normal venoms.

And the Germans here were much larger and grotesque than the common combatants.

Those with three or four heads belong to the ordinary axis.

Beneath their long, contorted bodies, they had clusters of grotesque appendages that could hardly have been thought to have once been human parts.


An individual born with an extremely rare probability in the process of ordinary poison people crossing the line of death many times, accumulating experience, and accumulating improved poisons in their bodies.

The miasma and zest emanating from his body were making the surrounding grasses charred.

And among the poisons blocking the mountain peak, an unusually larger and more hideous individual began to emerge.

[Gyeak… … Gyagagakjae… … Read that!]

Bikir recognized the identity of the poisoner.

‘hmm. It must be the guy who came out of the barracks earlier.’

An object that had just crawled out of a poison filling station I saw from afar.

It was a mutant so large and powerful that it was unknown why it was placed in such a backward position.

[That’s- Ah… … Buggy… … In the devil… … hey… … I’m sorry-]

Seeing the mutant muttering incomprehensible words with a bizarrely changed oral structure, Bikir quickly judged the situation.

‘If this kind of guy goes to the siege tomorrow, it’ll be a nuisance. I’ll have to get rid of it beforehand.’

The moment when the hound of the night is about to reveal its teeth at the giant venom mutant right in front of its eyes.


I heard Tudor’s voice behind me.

When Bikir turns around, he sees that Tudor has a determined expression on his face.

“Go first. We’ll take care of this.”

“… … .”

“It is more important to open the water. We’ll do something about the poisonous mutants, so don’t worry… … .”

“i get it.”

Vikir left before Tudor could finish his sentence.

It was decided that it would definitely be more efficient that way.

Tudor laughed as he saw Bikir shoot forward without looking back.

“boy. Please refrain from saying something.”

“Now it must be proof that Vikir trusts us this much.”

“know. So, to be honest, I felt a little better.”

At Sancho’s words, holding the axe back to back, Tudor grinned and fixed the spear.

Eventually, the members of the death squad sent Bikir first and started blocking the poisoners behind him.

“Come on, you scumbags! Let me show you something hot!”

Camus waved her hands and drew a large magic circle in the air.

Her specialty, octa-casting, is the ability to use as many as 8 elemental magics at the same time.

It started to rain eight pieces of fire and metal.

… Puff pup pup pup pup!

As soon as the iron skewers protruded from the ground and pierced the bodies of the poisonous people, they were melted by the heat and burned the bodies.

“eww… … If this happens, even my gold will melt. What, does it matter?”

Sinclair raised Mana and brought it to the ground.

Then, the entire gold vein that was sleeping under the stratum was pulled up and raised.

Wooji Jiji Jik-

A gigantic golden golem tore through the ground and climbed up onto the ground, throwing heavy fists at it.

The gold that had melted due to the salt system magic created by Kamyu was boiling and the poison people were burning to death every time the liquid was sprayed in all directions.

“Everybody take as little breath as possible! Don’t get away from me!”

Dolores was blocking the evil spirits of the red death by setting up a divine shield over as wide a range as possible.


The blood and pus exhaled by the poisonous people vaporize into ordinary steam as soon as they touch the white light emitted from Dolores’ body.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca were also emitting their own auras and blocking the advance of the Germans.

“Bikir! What do you see up there!?”

Tudor shouted as he pierced a hole in the middle of the German man’s large palm.

show- show- show- show-

Tudor’s struggling voice echoes in layers and spreads among the lush trees and cliffs.

And Bikir, who had just climbed the mountain peak, recognized Tudor’s voice, which was small but distinct.


“… … .”

Vikir could not answer Tudor’s earnest cry.

does not exist. water is.

No matter how much I looked under the crater, I couldn’t see anything like water.

“… … .”

Bikir took a few deep breaths, then slowly looked at the landscape below the crater.

You can see the hillside with dry lumps of soil rolling down under the thicket of miscellaneous trees.

If you move your gaze along it, there is only an empty wasteland.

There was no sign of water in the crater, which was filled with dry sand and hard rocks.

Only dead tumbleweed was rolling around.

The information on the minipin was wrong.

Bikir gritted his teeth.

I was dubious because it was information I didn’t know before returning.

The point of relying on uncertainty came back as a fatal defeat.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Vikir slashed and part of the peak collapsed.

But still no water came out.

‘… … This is dangerous.’

Now that this has happened, I have to change the route as soon as possible and return to Tochika.

However, the rear was already besieged by the Germans.

Bikir flew down the rock face to join the line.

The confusion at the German charging station had not yet been completely resolved, and the Germans were sparsely placed, so the urgent fire seemed to be able to be put out.

‘After getting rid of the poison people here, we head to Tochika by taking advantage of the commotion. It’s probably moving in the opposite direction, so the boundary of the siege will be less… … All that remains is to hope that the leeches will last as long as possible.’

Bikir came down the cliff, making various plans.


“… … !”

An accident occurred that instantly destroyed Bikir’s plans and judgments.

“Whoop whoop… … All of Tochika’s nuisances must have gathered here.”

A sharp hooked nose, tightly closed lips, a face with a dark shadow under the black hair and deep, sunken eyelids.

A middle-aged man with a gloomy appearance in a black priestly robe appeared among the Germans.

There was no one among the members of the death squad who did not know his face.

A genius who knows the recipe for all poisons and medicines in the world.

A terrible character that even Hugo of the Baskervilles is reluctant to deal with.

Duke Hobbes de Leviathan.

He is the head of Leviathan, an extremely poisonous man, and is the key figure in the current civil war in the Empire.

In front of Hobbs, who showed up much earlier than expected, Bikir had to gnaw his teeth.


“Hmm. I can roughly understand why you came here.”

After taking a quick look at the faces of the nightwalkers, Hobbs smiled grimly and held out a long spear.

A spear blade with the appearance of two long snakes entwined on a hard, withered tree trunk.

“good. ‘Ouroboros’.”

The moment when Hobbes’ order is given.


The spear began to wriggle as if it were alive.

Every time the spear is swung, the red spirits of death spin round and round around Hobbs.

Huge, hideous venom mutants were standing behind Hobbs along the red mist, spewing terrifying death.

Bikir saw that his comrades and Hobbs were facing each other across the hillside, and accelerated his steps even more.

‘… … That guy is dangerous.’

This poem.

During the Age of Destruction, the demon king had never been defeated in many-to-one, one-to-one, and many-to-many battles.

The most venomous and most evil of the Ten Sangshis.

If Vikir was a seasoned demon hunter, he was a seasoned headhunter.

“Don’t fight! There is no chance of winning against him… … !?”

However, Bikir’s cry for his colleagues did not continue until the end.


A bolt of fire that came out of nowhere hit Hobbs.

As soon as he appeared, Hobbs, whose head turned, flew backwards and spurted blood.

“… … ?”

While Vikir was opening his mouth in an unexpected situation, terrifying pillars of fire fell one after another over the pit where Hobbs was thrown.

Wow- Jijijijik! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak! … Whoops!

It was a fire with huge iron skewers that were all hot like a pencil lead.

“Ho-ho-ho- I guess I’ll have to hunt demons until Bikir comes. What’s good? Now that I can get the King right away.”

Camu, who had been adjusting her pace so far, completely released the limit for the first time in a long time.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

A black, bony tree began to grow enormously above the red-hot flames created by Camu.

Ghost Tree.

It had fully bloomed and become a mature tree, and was already bearing fruit.

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