Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 407

Episode 407: Prison Break (5)

… Flash!

The slash sent by Vikir is shot towards the center of the vortex.

The black pillars created by the aura were drawn vertically.


The screams of the black tongue became just common bubbles in the water.

… Rumble!

Black bricks crumble like sponge blocks.

The black tongue tethered to the end of that mighty plasma wave flew straight into the deep sea.

A section of the hallway he was stepping on fell off like a piece of cake and floated outside of New Wave’s true nature.

It is impossible to survive as long as it is exposed to the water pressure of 10,000 meters deep.

Even a black tongue that has reached the realm of superhumans will not be able to withstand it.


Transparent mucous membranes began to settle in front of my eyes.

Brigadier Plubber’s slime envelops the entire nature of the New Waver.

So, if there is a wound in the castle, the membrane of mucus is spread to prevent water from entering.

A slime coating appeared in the corridors Bikir had cut down.

The speed at which the water came in was noticeably reduced, and soon the bottom was exposed.

ripple ripple…

All the remaining sea water flowed down the spiral staircase along the ramp of the corridor.

Bikir stood on the wet stone floor, looking through the transparent membrane.

Right then.

“… … !”

Bikir’s red eyes, visible through wet bangs, narrowed.

Something was coming.

From beyond the darkness of the far deep sea, something huge is approaching this way.

At insane speed!


black tongue! No, ‘supposed’ with a black tongue!

It no longer had a human form.

A monster that, strictly speaking, looked like a sea snake or deep-sea eel, with countless leeches clinging to it, giving it an elongated appearance.

It had a crushed, melted face in front and sharp teeth outstretched.

Then, swimming at a terrifying speed, it was rushing towards Nouvelle Bagh, to be precise, toward the area where Vikir was located.

Upon closer inspection, Vikir determined that it was not a black tongue.

‘The black tongue is dead. That would be the true face of Asmodeus.’

The demonic sword Asmodeus sucked all the blood from his dead black tongue after his lungs burst due to the water pressure of the deep sea.

And by using that desire and thought as nourishment, he regained his true face before he withered away.

[Go oh oh oh!]

A sea snake with a bizarre appearance that could not be found anywhere else in the world opened its mouth wide.

The gums and teeth sprouted in full bloom in all directions.

Bikir clicked his tongue.

“This is why the demonic sword that eats its master… … .”

The demonic sword Baalzebub resonates in the right hand.

Bikir stretched out his finger and snapped Baalzebub’s blade.

“You don’t even dream.”

At the same time, the hounds of the night emit red light from their eyes.

Baskerville’s eighth ceremony. black sheep.

Eight teeth form a sphere and pulverize everything.

Asmodeus, who was sucked into it, let out a grotesque scream and twisted his body, but in the end he couldn’t escape his fate of being pulled into the center of the black sun.

Fast! Come on, come on!

Along with a roar, there was the sound of something being shattered.

Bikir, who is controlling eight teeth, could tell by the sensation felt through his hands.

That the demon sword Asmodeus was completely destroyed.


As the black sun subsided, a piece of a sword was seen within it, broken into nine pieces.

silence. The momentum that had been running amok until just now is nowhere to be found.

They sink one after another toward the darkness of the deep sea, silently and silently, like the remnants of a shooting star that has cooled down into the sea.

“… … A dog that bites its master is boiled.”

Bikir murmured coldly as he watched the sinking remains of the sword.

It was a fact I knew from my own experience.

In the end, the demon sword Asmodeus, one of the Chilgwitas, sank somewhere in the deep sea with 9 pieces.

It was a result that was tantamount to disappearing forever.

One of the seven demonic swords was destroyed and became six.

‘But it’s something I can’t say for sure. It’s a sword with such strong vitality that it might still survive.’

But is there a human who can pick it up and use it?

On this point, Bikir was skeptical.

It was a bit of a waste, but it was impossible to handle more than two magic swords anyway.

Bikir has completely shaken off his lingering feelings for the sunken Asmodeus.

Instead, Bikir decided to focus on the tangible harvest.

“Rather than that, I finally got it.”

Bikir raised his left hand.

The inside of the tough leather bag is quite heavy.

When I opened the pouch, the inside was full of black eggs.

This is a black egg found in the egg sac of sea leeches, often in the carapace of snow crabs.

Until the leech larva inside hatches, it is a tertiary egg membrane that forms a cyst within the strong foreskin and is hard and elastic, so it is not easily broken.

‘Is this because the black tongue is a strain made with great care?’

Bikir recalled that the leech that had been attached to Kirko’s abdomen in the past gradually began to resemble Kirko’s appearance.

Perhaps, had it been a little later, the leech would have grown into the exact same appearance as Kirko.

“A secret weapon as good as a daylily of blood.”

Vikir opened the barrier of Andromalius and stored the leech eggs in it.

It will come in handy in the future.

‘Now it’s time to catch BDSM.’

The chief entered the countdown.

Bikir left without hesitation.

To completely collapse all systems of the New Wave.

* * *

oh oh oh oh-

The symbol of New Wave, the ‘Gate of Good and Evil’, has been opened.

… thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud! … thud!

With a huge amount of seawater pouring down like a waterfall from above, countless Iron Maidens fell to the floor of the first floor.

And the balloon eels that departed from the ground also arrived through the deep-sea pier on the 5th floor.

“Open the coffin!”

At the command of Colonel Bastille, the guards stepped forward and twisted the Iron Maiden open.

Inside, the prisoners were brought out.

Prisoners who have gone through a journey through the deep sea.

Most of them were either drooling in their coffins, or were already dead.

Some prisoners even remained in the form of a thick meat porridge and bloody stew.

“Ugh, I’m going to give this to Brigadier Flubber for food.”

“oh! Is this guy alive? Send word of mouth right away! What? He just died.”

“Put the corpses together in one place. Send it to Brigadier General Flubber!”

“A hawk is medicine for madmen! Bring me back to my senses!”

There is a loud sound of clubs and whips everywhere.

Eventually, the surviving prisoners moved erratically and headed to the place of the entrance ceremony.

This time, the number of inmates was quite large, so the guards were also on the move.

Right then.

… thud!

Finally, one coffin fell.

The moment the guards try to approach it.

“for a moment! Don’t touch me!”

“We escort it ourselves!”

A booming voice came from behind.

All the guards, including Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, turned their heads in amazement.

There were Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware, who had just returned to Newvag.

Colonel Dordium and Suware’s formation grabbed the last fallen Iron Maiden from both sides and descended underground.

“This bitch is an inmate at Level 9. And because of his bad character, he will be transferred to Level Ten right away.”

At those words, all the guards swallowed dry saliva with nervous expressions.

It is not known how dangerous the monsters are, so the two wardens are so vigilant.

Meanwhile, Colonel Dordium spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Bastille.

“Chief Orca will be returning soon. Prepare for the welcome ceremony.”


Colonel Bastille quickly turned his head.

In this case, the subordinates who are good at work must move quickly.

“Gareum! Where is Major Gareum!”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille found a bright young officer he had recently recruited as his aide.

However, Major Gareum is nowhere to be seen.

There were so many newly admitted prisoners that it was not easy to find them because the guards were also busy moving around.

at that time.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille spotted a guard retreating.

Captain Kirko Grimm. She, too, was a young officer who had been heard in her entourage.

“hey! Captain Kirko!”

At Colonel Bastille’s words, Kirko raised her head.

“Quickly call Major Gareum now! The warden will be back soon, so we need to prepare for the welcome ceremony! At this point, you guys should put your eye stamp on him too!”

“yes! I’ll call you right away!”

Kirko nodded her head thinking that she was right.

Garreum suddenly gave an order to go to the 5th floor, and I was looking for an excuse to fulfill it, but it turned out well.

She quickly got away from the ceremony and ran downstairs.

The way to the 5th floor. In order to go to the balloon eel breeding grounds that Gareum had mentioned, we had to pass through several corridors and piers.


Corridor with dripping water.

Passing through the empty corridor and over the arched bridge connecting spire to spire, I saw familiar faces.

They were motives that I had known since my days as a lower guard.

“oh! Captain Kirko! Loyalty!”

Old classmates salute Kirko, who has now become a distant superior.

Then, a guard asked Kirko.

“Captain Kirko, are you going to the 5th floor too?”

“hmm? What do you mean?”

“Major Gareum just passed by here. What did you say? He told me to go to the kennel as soon as possible since I don’t have to stand guard anymore… … .”

“… … !”

In an instant, Kirko’s expression hardened.

It seems like something really happened to me.

“Don’t listen to the major.”

Kirko left only those words and ran forward.

The two lower guards who were on guard hurriedly tried to dissuade such Kirko.

“Now, wait a minute, Captain!”

“From now on, it is an area where voluntary access is possible from the rank of major… … !”

But the sentries couldn’t finish their words.

Kwak! Rumble-

A black corona rising out of the window in the distance.

A tremendous roar and shock wave shook the entire 5th floor.

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