Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 408

Episode 408: Prison Break (6)

… Kwak!

All the triple-layered steel doors were smashed.

All that remains now is a lattice-shaped wire mesh made of BDSM.

Brigadier BDSM stood up on the bed on the other side of the wire netting with a startled expression.

“what? What’s the fuss?”

She had the appearance of a young girl, as if she had completely recovered from the previous incident.

Biddism frowned at Bikir striding through the broken door.

Her gaze rested on the rank insignia on the chest of the uniform worn by Bikir.

“what? Where does a major come into my room with such arrogance? it’s crazy?”

But when Bikir took off his hat and revealed his bare face, BDSM’s expression turned white.

… pop!

The bed mattress exploded like an explosion.

She threw herself into a fit and then jumped up on the bed.

“This, this bastard!? Didn’t you escape from prison?”

But that’s just her wish.

It was just an excuse that I didn’t check properly to avoid reprimand.

The conversation with Dordium that day passed through my mind.

‘Where did the prisoner go?’

‘Lord, he’s dead!’

‘… … dead? Then where is the body?’

‘… … He went out into the deep sea on a balloon eel.’

‘Then he’s not dead.’

‘It’s as good as dead! He didn’t seem to have any idea what a circulating current that goes to the surface was. So he has no choice but to get caught in the trap current. He’ll be stuck in the deep sea for the rest of his life.’

‘… … would it have been It sure sounds like you haven’t seen it.’

‘It’s done! It’s done! Whoa, I definitely saw it! Before he passes out, he rides a balloon eel out of a hole in the wall!’

‘… … Is it true that I really witnessed his end?’

‘Oh, that’s right! What are you looking at me for! And anyway, I care… … Don’t look at me like that!’

Of course, Biddism passed out, so he didn’t see what became of Bikir in the end.

… … The result was this.

Cold sweat gathered under his chin and dripped like a shower.

The eyes and eyebrows are drooping down, and the focus is unfocused and shakes anxiously.

BDSM shuddered and said, as if it were an aspen-type entry.

“What, what, whatever, you are doomed! I will call Dordium and Suware right now!”

It seemed that she was trying to buy time by hiding behind the BDSM wire mesh she had made.


Wood deok!

Bikir laughed and broke the BDSM wire mesh just by putting his hand on it.

Passsss… …

The stems of the charred, withered plants crumble like burnt matchsticks.

A hole large enough for one person to pass through was pierced in the BDSM stem and wire mesh, which dried up only where Bikir touched it.


Bikir walked in without hesitation through a large dog hole.

“Ugh… … ugh… … .”

BDSM snuggled behind the bed, as if the fears of the past were reviving.

A hunting dog walks in the dark with red eyes.

“Make your neck longer.”

It is time for the suspended death sentence to be handed down.

However, BDSM did not easily accept the fate of becoming a defendant.

“Eh! After all, I am also the prison guard! If you don’t pay attention, you won’t be easily defeated!”

Huge kelp leaves grew around BDSM.

Each was a seaweed whip with strong binding power.

Let’s go!

In no time, the kelp leaves that formed a dense seaweed forest began to surround Bikir.

“Do something useless.”

Bikir swung Baalzebub and cut off all the seaweed leaves.

But BDSM did not attack Bikir.

He just slid across the floor riding the seaweed leaves like a surfboard.

“Ho-ho-ho- if I make up my mind and run away, no one will catch me!”

BDSM shouting confidently.

However, Bikir did not show much reaction to her words.

I just quietly questioned it.

“… … no one?”

And as soon as the words were finished, something wrapped around BDSM’s body as she slipped through the torn-off door.


It was a vine of a plant.

“… … uh?”

BDSM hung upside down in the air with a blank expression.

Kkudeudeuk- Kkudeodeok- Crispy-

The slippery kelp leaves that were burning quickly dried up.

smal smal smal smal smal… …

The roots of plants I had never seen before began to grow on the boards that had become tiny pieces of kelp.

<Daylily of Blood>

Hazard Class: S

size: ?

Discovery Location: Deep in Polar Hell, ‘Unfathomable Zone – Area 4 Blood Swamp Flesh Zone’

-aka ‘Daylily of Blood’ or ‘Nightmare of Blood Swamp’

An unidentified plant floating on the red water surface of the Blood Swamp at the mouth of the ‘Lake of Blood’ located deep in Hell.

Even in the fleshy area of ​​the Blood Swamp, where everything sinks because there is no buoyancy, you can see them floating around for some reason.

It is the strongest and most savage of all animal and plant blood monsters that grow naturally in the lake of blood, and its endless appetite and gluttony make it a target of fear even from the same monsters.

It is said that in the past, a single daylily sprouted from a single seed of this plant grew to a great size and drove mankind to the brink of extinction.

The name of this bizarre plant that cannot be found in the human world is ‘Blood Daylily’.

The seeds Bikir had sown at the entrance had sucked up the damp moisture of the New Wave and germinated!


BDSM gasped in surprise and swallowed up the wind.

Plants in the human world and plants in the demon world are in a perfect top-down relationship in the food chain.

For the monsters who have adapted to the barren and harsh environment of the demon realm, the plants of the human realm are just weak and defenseless prey.

Therefore, all plants in the human world have an instinctive fear of plants in the demon world.

BDSM was like that too.

“iced coffee… … aaaaa… … .”

BDSM clearly realized where the unprecedented fear that Bikir felt when he first showed off his starvation ability came from.

But after realizing it, it was too late.

Her body was already entwined with the stems of the daylily, and her moisture was being sucked at an astounding rate.

“Daylilies of the Blood Beasts are famous for their ferocity among demon beasts. In the colony where these grow naturally, even other monsters around them will wither away and die. What is more, the plants of the human world.”

Bikir looked up at Bidsm, who was caught in a daylily vine.

Even the powerful seaweed, adapted to the far-off environment of the deep sea, was unreasonable to overcome the daylily.

Bikir approached the dangling BDSM.

… Knock!

The rough grip pressed hard on both cheeks of BDSM.

“Oooh! Oops!”

As the inside of her cheek meat dug between her upper and lower teeth, BDSM had no choice but to open her mouth.

In that situation, Bikir put something in BDSM’s mouth.

“If you don’t follow me from now on, I’ll put this in your mouth.”

“Heh, hehehehe!?”

BDSM was frightened.

The one that casts a shadow in front of her eyes. It was just a handful of seeds.


Daylily of blood. Lots of seeds that haven’t germinated yet.

If all of these go into BDSM’s mouth and go straight to the stomach, it’s obvious what will happen next.

“right… … woo woo… … .”

Tears of fear welled up in BDSM’s eyes as she imagined something terrifying.

“My, my dear Jeba… … .”

BDSM licking her lips with a tear-stained face.

It was only when Vikir relaxed the force in her hand that she could hear her words clearly.

“Please help me… … I will do anything.”

As BDSM, who already knew through previous matches that there was no chance of winning, this was the only thing that could be said.

Bikir nodded.

“As it is, it’s quicker to just kill it.”


BDSM’s face turned blue.

However, Bikir moved the blade of the awl and smoked something else.

“… … But there is one more thing I want. If you do well, there may be a way for you to survive.”

“What, what is it? what is that!”

BDSM, who came from hell to heaven in an instant, hurriedly asked,

It was a joke.

“I want two things. The first is the original purpose. BDSM is to release handcuffs, shackles, and cages.”

“Is it possible! It’s possible but… … can’t you do it yourself Seeing you earlier, you broke it well.”

“Not mine. It belongs to all the prisoners that exist here in the New Wave.”

At those words, BDSM’s expression hardened.

now i get it

Why did this man not break out of jail even after he was released from restraints?

No, why did I step into this hell-like place with my own feet while turning myself in in the first place?

He was trying to break not his own restraints, but everyone’s restraints, the very system that controls the individual.

rattling… …

BDSM was avoiding Bikir’s gaze, desperately lowering her pupils, which were so trembling that they couldn’t even focus properly.

huge dog. A monster with glowing eyes is right in front of you.

While clinging tightly to his own life-and-death rights.

I’m so scared and afraid that I’m going crazy.

I can’t even imagine how much chaos this monster is trying to bring to the New Wave.

I don’t know the purpose or meaning. A truly great horror.

“do not want to do it? Shall we go a little easier?”

As Bikir shoved a daylily seed into Vidism’s mouth, she struggled with a dying sound.

“I will! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! let me do it!”

“good night. Then the second.”

Bikir whispered in BDSM’s ear what to do next.

“If you wait outside the window of the kennel on the 5th floor, a person will come out. that person… … .”

BDSM, who heard that, frantically nodded.

Bikir nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Do you know what will happen if these two promises are not fulfilled?”

“… … uh, what’s going on?”

“You will definitely see me again, but I will leave it to your imagination. whoop whoop… … .”

Bikir laughed sullenly.

Perhaps this was the first time in my life that I had laughed out loud.

And Bikir’s laughter had a tremendous effect.

“Hee hee profit… … .”

BDSM’s crotch is dyed yellow, and the top as well as the bottom gets wet.

It seemed quite terrifying.

Bikir stabbed BDSM in the throat with an awl.

“Come on, fulfill your first promise.”

“Oh, I see. wait.”

BDSM closed her eyes tightly.

… Pod!

And after a few seconds, I opened my eyes again.

“I’m done.”

It was an incredibly easy and quick response.

Bikir frowned.

Is this really all?

Are all the systems of the long history that have maintained the Nouvelle Vague really gone?

In such an absurdly short amount of time?

Do you really mean that the BDSM handcuffs, shackles, and cages that nullify mana and physical power have all disappeared?

“I’m sure you’re not trying to cheat… … .”

The moment Bikir is about to reveal the light of doubt.

… thud!

The floor rang once loudly.

A massive shockwave that I have never experienced before. A short, thick stroke.

The intuition characteristic of an experienced hound was shouting.

‘The BDSM restraints have disappeared.’

Bikir opened his eyes and quickly scanned the surroundings.

Indeed, all the BDSM materials nearby were charred and dead.

The fragments I hid in my pocket just in case, and the BDSMs who are quite far away are all.

At this rate, all the handcuffs, shackles, chains, and bars that restrained the prisoners downstairs would surely have been destroyed.

“Gee, it’s real! really unlocked! Sprout from the 1st floor to the 9th floor! Trust me please!”

BDSM screams with a pitiful voice.

The truth of her words was clearly conveyed both aurally and visually.

Bikir nodded.

“… … okay. I guess so.”

Normally, it would be better to cut off BDSM’s breath for sure, but her usefulness still remained.

The hounds of the night turned back mercilessly after hunting.

This brings the jailbreak plan to an intermediate stage.

A cataclysmic riot unprecedented in history.

The collapse of the New Wave has just begun.

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