Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 405

Episode 405: Prison Break (3)

Giying- Jing-

The magic sword Baalzebub vibrates on the right wrist.

It bared its teeth into the darkness in front of it like the tip of a compass.


“Where are you going in such a hurry, Major Garreum, the ‘dog that ate the rain’?”

In the darkness in the direction Baalzebub was pointing, the Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel appeared.

“No, should I say Major Bikir, ‘Night Hound’? Whoop whoop-”

The Black Tongue was much bigger than the last time I saw it.

It is clear that every fiber of the muscles wriggling throughout the body is made of leeches.

They were jumping and jumping, stretching and contracting repeatedly.

The black tongue stretched out its arms that were longer than its legs.

Then, I crawled out of the darkness, touching the floor and walls with my palms, which were several times the size of my face.

“Are you not good?”

“… … .”

“Common sense, it’s impossible. The fact that a trashy, low-level guard will wake up one day and be promoted to a high-ranking guard at once.”

“… … .”

“Other idiots are in a mood to say that they hid their powers or whatever, but… … i am not I guess he’s the only common sense person here in New Wave?”

The black tongue laughed with a torn mouth.

Bikir also laughed.

“You talk a lot about the subject that you recognized after tasting the blood.”

“what? did you just admit it? Whoop whoop-”


There is no reason to disguise your identity when you go out.

Vikir raised the strength of the basilisk and erased the burn marks on her face in an instant.

The messy hair was pulled back and the burn marks were wiped clean, revealing Bikir’s natural features.

A black tongue stuck out in front of Bikir who revealed his true face.

“It’s not my business to break out, but I can’t help it!”

at the same time.


The darkness around the black tongue began to move rapidly.

I thought my vision was getting a little darker, but a large palm flew straight in front of my eyes.

“… … !”

Bikir tilted his head back.

The fingers of the black tongue, which stretched like rubber, brushed past her cheeks.

Joo Woo-wook-

The blood seemed to come out of the wound, but it was sucked into the fingers of the black tongue.


Patter- Patter- Patter-

Bikir’s blood lost its power and scattered on the floor as it was drawn towards the fingers of the black tongue.

The black tongue recovered its blood-sucking ability along the way.

“Hee hee hee – Come to think of it, your blood is a bit strange. It seems like it would only be bad for the body if I tried to suck it.”

It seemed that the Black Tongue had noticed the presence of a terrifying poison in Vikir’s blood.


Bikir lowered his body to avoid the palms flying behind him and ran forward.

The cut off hair flew back and at the same time, the body of the black tongue came close to my eyes.

With both arms thrown back, Bikir pulled Baalzebub from her wrist and aimed at the body of the empty black tongue.

at that time.


A disturbing vibration burns up his right arm.

The demonic sword, Baalzebub, had been showing abnormal reactions ever since.

‘… … what?’

A reaction I’ve never seen since I got it. It doesn’t interfere with battle, but something bothers me.

And while Bikir hesitated for a moment because of the vibration he felt in his right hand.


The muscles of the black tongue reacted sensitively to Bikir’s approach.

Each muscle fiber stood up stiff like a leech and attacked Bikir all at once.

It was as if hundreds of arms sprouted from all over her body.

Bikir had no choice but to give up further approaches.

Then, he swung Baalzebub and removed the leeches attached to the body of the black tongue one by one.

… Fuck! … Perpuck! patter-

In the air, the blood, flesh, and organs of the leeches began to scatter in all directions.

In the meantime, Baalzebub continued to tremble, but it did not interfere with the battle.

Meanwhile, while Bikir removed the leeches flying into the air, Black Tongue undid the strap of the bag hanging from his waist and began to shake what was inside on the floor.

It was a small ball, a leech egg.

The leeches hatched from the eggs were crawling across the floor towards Bikir.

‘It’s the same paper that was attached to Kirko’s stomach.’

Bikir’s eyes sparkled.

I don’t really like leeches that attach to the body of the black tongue and suck blood, but those leeches that steal the other person’s strength and appearance are personally greedy.

The black tongue opened its mouth with a voice mixed with laughter as if it had noticed Vikir’s gaze.

“This is an ultra-rare species that I have only recently succeeded in improving and breeding after researching all my life. Have you ever heard of a ‘doppelganger leech’?”

“No, I haven’t heard of it.”

“Whack-hump-of course. This was a top secret even within the New Wave!”

A purple tongue protruded out of his mouth, and at the end another mouth opened.

“By the way, the reason why I allowed you to use any prisoner or guard inside the New Wave as a test subject was for the purpose of researching and developing this leech.”

“allow? Who gave you that right?”

“Who is it? Orca, that single-minded old man. That old man will do anything to strengthen Newvag’s security. Maybe you’re willing to join hands with the devil?”

The tongue of the black tongue laughed and continued.

“Actually, research and development ended a long time ago~ but there are some things I enjoyed a little more without seeing that it was over~”

Hearing that, Bikir nodded quietly.

Suddenly, Kirko’s face comes to mind.

That means she and her parents lost everything simply because of a psycho entertainment.

The happiness of a family, all the joy and reward of parents, and all the love and happiness that children should have enjoyed were all sucked up by a human like a leech.

‘… … thank god. Because my dad isn’t a bad person, and because my mom isn’t a pitiful person. ‘Cause I’m the only bad kid.’

I remembered what Kirko had said.

A ghost castle in the deep sea. A child born and raised here. She is a woman with nowhere to turn.

“… … .”

Bikir took a deep breath. And he exhaled.


When all the hot exhalation came out, the vibration of Baalzebub that I felt on my right arm also stopped coldly.

The hound of the night decided to become a dog that ate rain at this moment.

“Your leech, I will take it and let you know. Not now.”

Bikir said briefly.

At the same time, Baalzebub’s blade protruded from his wrist and scraped the surroundings sharply.

… Pacan! Cadde deuk! Drooling! –

The tip of the awl mercilessly cuts through stone floors and stone walls.

Puff puff puff puff puff!

The huge number of leeches that had been crawling all burst and died without leaving a single one.

“… … .”

The black tongue opened its mouth for an instant.

They were surprised by Bikir’s ability to kill all the small leeches without leaving one in the terrible darkness.

“Anyway, you seem to be a much trickier prison escapee than I thought. Hey, it wasn’t unusual that the BDSM handcuffs were undone. Whoop whoop-”

However, the black tongue was still not losing its composure.

The source of that leeway was soon revealed.

“… … !”

Bikir narrowed his eyes.

All of a sudden, the black balls began to appear around the black tongue that had quietly retreated.

‘Did you put it in advance? You know I’m going to catch BDSM.’

Vikir carefully watched the corridor that stretched beyond the darkness.

The leeches were swollen enough to fit one or two people.

You can see them clinging to the floor, walls, and ceiling, blocking Bikir’s path.

“don’t worry. I didn’t tell anyone. It won’t help if the idiots come.”

The black tongue laughed and continued.

“I would rather my children are much more capable. Come on, let’s see. This is a new paper I developed. ‘A leech sucking oil’ and ‘a leech sucking body temperature’! It is a bit difficult to breed and is a minor species, so mass production is difficult.”

Both types of leeches were plump with their snouts pointing in this direction.



The leeches began vigorously ejecting what was inside.

The oil-sucking leech released the oil stored in the intestines, and the body-sucking leech released the body heat stored in the intestines in the form of flames.

The hot oil simmered and flew in, eventually creating a huge fire.

The firepower was strong enough to make even Vikir want to avoid a head-to-head fight.


Oil and flames sweep through the straight corridors in loud explosions.

The dampness that had been hovering around became dry, leaving only scorched stones and ashes all around.

“Whip-huh-sorry. If there were just a few more leeches, the firepower would last a little longer. Was this enough?”

The black tongue murmured as it gazed beyond the thick smoke.


“… … !”

The eyes of the black tongue also become narrower.

After the flames and smoke cleared, something appeared in front.

It is a reverse pentagram that burns with dark red light.

It was Bikir who used Dekaravia as a shield.

“hmm? Is this all? It’s over because it’s getting a little hot.”

“Hip-hip-hip- He really pisses people off.”

A black vein sprouted from the black tongue’s forehead.

Eventually, he lowered his stance towards Bikir in front of him.

“good night. you won I have no choice but to reveal my bottom line.”

What the black tongue pulled out was a long sword roughly wrapped in bandages.

A wrinkly and hard handle, like a whole piece of meat dried in jerky.

The black tongue carefully fixed the dirty bandage under it.

Bikir asked.

“Were you a swordsman? I’ve never heard of it.”

“I will. It’s because I’ve rarely taken it out against humans.”

The black tongue laughed and untied all the bandages wrapped around the scabbard.

And soon, a distorted blade came into Vikir’s eyes.


At the same time, Bikir could understand the reason why the demonic sword Baalzebub had been sending subtle vibrations to his right arm.

“… … I never thought that knife would be here.”

It was a resonance for the same people.

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