Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 404

Episode 404: Prison Break (2)

There is a door here.

It is really huge and solid.

perfect circle. A white door at the top and a black door at the bottom forming a Taegeuk pattern.

Magnificent scale that overwhelms those who see it, and once closed, it is sturdy enough to block anything in the world.

Diameter 70 m. 5 m thick. Weight 6,535 tons. The material is mithril and adamantium, and a little copper applied to the surface to prevent corrosion.

It is in the form of a round circle, and people in the world call it the ‘Gate of Good and Evil’.

This circular door is the main gate of New Wave and the symbol of New Wave, the final boundary between good and evil inside and outside.

Beneath this huge gate that forms the ceiling at the top of the Nouvelle Vague Castle, Bikir admired.

“… … Hopefully, even if the New Wave is shattered, only this door will survive.”

[I agree. How did you make such a sturdy door with human technology?]

If even Dekarabia, who has the nickname of ‘Wailing Wall’, admired it, that would be enough.

The door of good and evil, a symbol of the New Wave, was much larger, stronger, and grander than the safes I had seen in the bourgeoisie.

Even Vikir, who had seen the end of the War of Extinction, couldn’t possibly imagine it being destroyed.

[By the way, human, why are you staring at that door from earlier? Are you really trying to pierce it? I don’t think it can be penetrated by human power?]

At Dekaravia’s smirking words, Vikir replied in a low voice.

“Do you like surfing?”

[…] … ?]

Dekarabia just rolls her eyes as if she doesn’t know what’s going on.

[Tell me what you are thinking. Don’t just keep your mouth shut because it’s stuffy to see all the time!]

“Was it frustrating to see?”

[…] … You’re not asking because you don’t know, right?]

Bikir smiled lightly and looked away.

“sorry. I was trained to live with my mouth shut for the rest of my life. My talkative colleagues and brothers have all died mysteriously.”

[…] … Chet.]

Meanwhile, numerous high-ranking guards, including Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, were waiting at the door of good and evil.

They are waiting for word of mouth that will open in a few hours.

“Finally, Director Orca is back. It’s the first time I’ve been away for so long. He’s over two years, maybe?”

“In addition, it is reassuring to hear that Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware are returning together. It’s been a long time since the Big 3 of New Wave gathered together.”

“By the way, are there so many prisoners to escort that the warden and the two colonels had to go up to the ground at once?”

“They say this time is the best ever. It seems that the security on the ground has collapsed and the number of criminals has exploded.”

“ground? Why is the security of the earth collapsing? Did another coup happen?”

“This person, in case someone doesn’t belong to Nouvelle Vague, the news is so good. I guess there was a civil war. It’s not at the group-to-group level, but at the level of war between nations. There are rumors that demons have invaded.”

“That is nonsense. Whether it is destruction or the end is only found in religious books.”

“Well, whatever. It is said that the earth has now become as chaotic as during the Warring States Period. Originally, this Nouvelle Vague, which was known as hell, has become a paradise.”

“Oh, did you hear? This time, a person scheduled to transfer to Level 10 is coming in. He was immediately sentenced to Rebel Nine without trial. but it’s a girl It’s even pretty.”

“Are you crazy? It must be a monster among monsters to the point of being thrown into Level 9 right away without a trial. I mean, it looks like a woman.”

The prisoners seemed to be nervous, having conversations with each other, preparing for the future in their own way.

And, of course, Bikir was not at all interested in their conversation.

‘… … It’s an opportunity when everyone’s eyes are focused on the word of mouth.’

New prisoners come in wearing BDSM restraints.

Wardens will pay all their attention to the entrance ceremony to overwhelm new inmates while monitoring them.

And in the meantime, the original surveillance and control over the prisoners is slightly weakened.

All of these were rhythms I had firmly grasped during my years as a jailer.

Targeting just then, Bikir plans to assassinate Brigadier General Vidism.

Vikir recalled the time when he fought her in the past.

‘Oh, no, no… … If I die… … Prisoners’ restraints and bars… … Everyone lost their power… … That’s all… … That’s all… … ‘

What the shriveled BDSM desperately said while crawling on the floor.

It was a voice so desperate that no light of lies could be felt.

‘Didn’t I say that if the BDSM brigadier dies, all BDSM restraints lose their power?’

She kindly spilled all of her secrets, but Vikir had already guessed this before that due to several circumstances.

‘… … Taking advantage of the guards’ eyes on the entrance ceremony, he kills Brigadier General BDSM. Then the restraints of all the prisoners in New Wave will be released.’

The BDSM handcuffs and shackles that bind mana and power, and the prison bars are all released.

At the same time, that of all the prisoners in New Wave.

In that case, the prisoners who had been admitted for the first time would immediately change.

The guards will first fall into confusion while dealing with the new prisoners, and then face enormous secondary damage coming from the underground.

Level 1 on the 1st floor. Level 2 on the 2nd floor, Level 3 on the 3rd floor… … As time goes by, more and more strong prisoners from the lower floors will rise up to the front door where word of mouth is being heard.

It was clear that a riot on a scale that had never happened before in the history of the New Wave would break out.

‘A crisis is an opportunity. Opportunities that will completely change your life will flood you every second.’

And Vikir planned to get out of the prison after activating Poseidon for the chaos.

Finally, the complete meaning of jailbreak is completed.

‘To do that, I’ll have to work on BDSM in advance.’

Bikir quietly backed away.

All the guards were looking at the gate of good and evil with nervous expressions, so it was good to slip into the rear.

‘Wait, before that, I’m going to stop by for a while… … .’

Bikir took some time off before putting his plan into action.

Because there were two people to meet before that.

However, the first person came to Vikir before she did.

“… … !”

As Bikir fell backwards, he felt a touch on his back and suddenly turned his head.

Kirko was staring at Bikir from behind.

I opened my mouth in a calm tone, getting out of the way of her eyes, unable to guess what she was thinking.

“What are you doing here, adjutant? I know you are off duty today.”

“… … My boss is working, but I can’t rest alone. I am here to help.”

She was perfectly dressed, even in her uniform.

Bikir let out a small sigh.

“I was just on my way to your room.”

In an instant, Kirko’s face turned slightly red.

“Well, if you think my room is such an easy place just because it happened that night… … .”

In response to Kirko’s reaction, which seemed to be misunderstanding something, Bikir shook his head.

“No, don’t go back to your room today.”

“… … .”

Then, Kirko’s face turns even redder.

“Is this an order? If you say it so firmly, I can’t help it. Because it’s rich, because it’s rich… … .”

“… … ?”

Vikire frowned for a moment at the conversation that had been going on and on since earlier.

Eventually, Bikir spoke to Kirko in a voice that was extremely cold and sharp.

“Go to the 5th floor right now, the balloon eel farm.”

“… … ?”

“Don’t ask why. Wait there unconditionally until I go there. This is an order.”

Kirko tilted her head, but nodded at Vikir’s serious look.

“… … It feels like something extraordinary is about to happen. All right.”

Kirko is a smart person.

Her answer is trustworthy.

Bikir nodded and turned around.

The second hand moves relentlessly.

Anticipated bloody wind.

Now it was really goodbye here with New Wave.

* * *


Corridor with dripping water.

Bikir was walking across an empty corridor and over an arched bridge connecting spire to spire.

Several lower guards stand guard and salute Bikir.

They were acquaintances because the room where they stayed when they were junior guards was nearby.

Bikir waved his hand and accepted their salute.

And said a word.

“There is no need to stand guard any longer. Go to the 5th floor and wait. The kennel is currently unavailable, so the closer you are the better.”

The only way to survive an imminent disaster.

Bikir said the same thing to most of the jailers he met.

After hearing Bikir’s words, the lower guards only tilted their heads as they faced each other.


Black corridors and spiral staircases continue endlessly.

A distant abyss 10,000 meters below the sea floor. Bikir continued to sink into the damp, damp silence.

A deep-sea fish passes through a window made of flubber slime, emitting a dim light.

If you turn the corner in front of you two more times, you will find a room where BDSM is staying.

… … Right then.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, Major Garreum, the ‘dog that ate the rain’?”

An eerie voice came from the darkness ahead.

“No, should I say Major Bikir, ‘Night Hound’? Whoop whoop-”

A laugh I had never heard before.

Bikir curled up the corners of his mouth dryly.

“okay. I was going to see your face once before I left.”

There is only one entity in the New Wave with such an eerie voice.

A man with ominously wriggling dark skin, ghastly eyes and teeth.

Black tongue lieutenant colonel.

He was waiting for Bikir, buried in the darkness.

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