Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 383

Episode 383: The Breeding Ground (2)


A mysterious substance that binds the mana and power of the prisoners imprisoned in the New Wave.

Bikir once had a vague guess that the material might be a plant.

-Title: ‘Daylily Lumberjack’

↳ Inflicts massive additional damage to monsters in plant form.

Ailments such as Taunt, Confusion, Blindness, Bleeding, Burning, Deadly Poison, etc. last slightly longer.

This is because he was able to destroy this restraint, which could not be broken no matter what he did, with the power of the ‘Daylily Lumberjack’, the title he got from Naraksu.

And Bikir felt his guess was correct.

The girl in front of her had a higher rank than any guards Vikir had ever met.

Even a ‘brigadier general’ higher than the colonel rank of Suware or Dordium, who was the prison guard.

BDSM Brigadier General.

It looks like a little girl on the outside, but the contents are completely different.

A being with the strength and cunning of an old tree.

Yes. Her race was a being called ‘Ent’ or ‘Dryad’.

If the existence between animals and humans is ‘Beastman’, the existence between plants and humans is Ent.

‘… … I knew it. It’s just right to say that all the five chief wardens are pseudohumans, not human beings.’

It was as Bikir thought.

Dordium was a sea crocodile-type beast, Suware was a mixed blood of an elf and a dwarf, and the BDSM in front of him was an Ent.

Meanwhile, BDSM was looking at Bikir in front of him as if he was curious.

“I came to ask who broke my handcuffs. Was it you?”

Apparently, BDSM can feel it when the handcuffs they made are destroyed.


The five fingers at the end of BDSM’s arm seemed to hang down like a vine, but soon they turned black and turned into chains.

“How did you break it? Try again.”

As soon as BDSM finished speaking, the chains of vines spewing out of her body rushed towards Bikir like a snake.

Chakang! Chakang! Chakang!

At the end of the chain, handcuffs and shackles were interlocking like a snake’s jaws.

If you get bitten by that one, the BDSM restraints will be filled right away and your mana and power will be sealed.

Of course, Bikir had enough power to destroy it.

However, it was unsettling to cut off the flow of mana even for a short moment, less than one second, so I just stepped back and avoided all of BDSM’s attacks.

BDSM pulled out more vines as if the medicine had risen.

“Fight properly! Are you looking after me too!?”

She was pretty upset for some reason.

It seemed that he misunderstood the reason why Bikir only evaded without fighting head-on.


The sound of tree bark rubbing escaped from BDSM’s mouth.

The vines, hard and elastic like extremely concentrated rubber, fly like whips and aim at Bikir.

The hit at the moment of being hit was also a blow, but the attack that came after it was more annoying.

“This is all because of the Orca prison warden! Because of that old man, everyone overprotects me and treats me like a kid! Why is the treatment so different from Flubber!?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I can guess why you’re complaining so much.

Bikir continued to dodge Bidism’s attacks and backed away, even though he had plenty of opportunities to counterattack.

And gently scratched her nerves.

“Go and call the protector. Are you too young to fight?”

“what!? I should have lived a hundred years longer than you!”

“I don’t fight with the opposite sex. back off.”

“I have both sexes!”

“… … .”

So, why is this girl overprotected?

Vikir thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

“It is a valuable resource of New Wave, so you should take care of it. What if there is a problem with the production and maintenance of BDSM restraints?”

“… … !”

“Do you see if all the other restraints lose their power when you die?”

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

Looking at BDSM’s surprised expression whenever Bikir’s words continued, that was the correct answer.

Before long, her expression rose to uncontrollable irritability.

“So what are you saying! Stop talking about taking care of yourself! I’m dying of boredom! I have freedom too!”

Apparently, BDSM seems to live in confinement in a small room because of the production and maintenance of restraints.

And he seems to be under a lot of stress because of that.

‘Hey, I know because I’ve lived as a prisoner. The stuffiness of New Wave.’

Bikir dodged somersaults to avoid the whip and landed on the opposite side of the fish farm.

Suddenly, Bikir, who had a question, asked BDSM.

“But how did someone who is so overprotected get here?”

“joy. It’s because Orca, the old man is away.”

Orca, the warden of the New Wave.

Come to think of it, Bikir had never seen his face since entering Nouvelle Vague.

“I heard that the ground has become a very messy field these days? There were too many felons to be sent to Newvag, so the old man went on a long-term mission to the surface? I have to face some kind of huge ‘change’ or something… … What are you talking about?”

BDSM was quite talkative, probably because he spent a long time alone.

It was evident from the fact that he continued to chatter alone even against the less talkative Bikir.

“Recently, it seems that there is a lot of confusion over whether it is a devil or a gate. Hmm~ The ground work is very complicated.”

“… … !”

Bikir, who has a taciturn personality, got a lot of information from BDSM’s chatter, which boasts unsolicited words.

Bikir managed to suppress the slight impatience in his heart.

‘Devil and Gatera. The era of destruction is fast approaching.’

It was all foreseen in advance. And you can’t save everyone anyway.

Just save those who can’t let them die as much as possible.

… … Joon-dong of the great demons.

… … door of destruction.

… … The rainy season of scare.

… … Poseidon.

… … and the New Wave.

Bikir grouped together the keywords that came to mind.

and started taking action.

“First, the enemy in front of you.”

When your head is complicated, the answer is to get rid of the problem first.

… Flash!

Bikir has awakened and summoned the demonic sword Baalzebub after a long time.

Baalzebub, who had been breathing the outside air for the first time in a while, was exploding a dark red aura as if he were gaining strength.

There was no need to use the solid aura unique to the Sword Master.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

A gas aura that can be created even if it is only an expert level.

Bikir changed all of his aura into gaseous form and spread it.

“Hey, what is it? are you an expert With just that kind of attack… … omg!?”

BDSM, who looked down on the gas aura that spread like a haze and rushed at it, swallowed the wind.

A gas is just a gas, flabby and weak.

But the size was a problem.

The gaseous aura emitted by Bikir began to cover a vast area like water mist covering the entire mountain.

It was a level that a normal expert swordsman could not even dream of.

Damn it! Damn it!

You can hear anchors and ropes breaking or snapping all over the aquarium.

Each molecule of the slashing fog created by Bikir was no different from a weapon of sharp destruction.

‘Sword master’s solid aura is good for 1:1 fighting, but expert’s gaseous aura is more effective when devastating a wide area.’

Bikir had no intention of killing Bidism.

After learning about her identity and powers, there were infinite ways to use them.

‘… … I’ll still let them live.’

The power of BDSM, which I personally experienced, was a skill that I could handle.

So, in order to subdue Bidism without killing him, Bikir covered the area with slashing fog.

It was the basis of a hunting dog, a technique that gradually drove the prey into a corner.


BDSM had no space to step back as the entire space around it was covered with Bikir’s slash and aura.

Now there was only one path she could choose.

aquarium. It is to enter the seawater pool where the balloon eels are reared.

… … at last.

with a plop!

BDSM dived deep into the puddle.

Bikir felt that everything went according to plan.

‘Plants are weak against salt.’

Usually, when plants are exposed to excessive salt, they are charred from the tips of the leaves and eventually withered away.

Ents and dryads were also vulnerable to salt, befitting beings whose source of life lay on plants.

Moreover, the water here is ultra-deep water at 10,000 meters deep.

It was a jailer that felt sticky because of the extremely concentrated saltiness.

with a plop!

Bikir jumped into a pool of saltwater to capture the weakened Bidism.

Some balloon eels approached thinking that they had run out of food, but they were cut to pieces in an instant by Vikir’s slash.

‘… … Where are you?’

Bikir looked around for BDSM, who was probably sinking and weakening somewhere.

Right then.

“Ho-ho-ho- are you looking for me?”

An alluring female voice came from somewhere.

“… … !”

The moment Bikir turns his head.

Cheerreureuk- Wooddeuk!

Bidism vines, much thicker and tougher than before, flew in and wrapped around Bikir’s whole body.

It was a speed that could not even be compared to when fighting on land.

BDSM appeared in front of Bikir, who opened his eyes wide in an unexpected situation.

The sight of her with her hair flying in the extremely salty salt water was quite different from before.

The body that had suddenly matured and the face of a young child had nowhere to go.

Seeing the massive increase in BDSM’s power, Bikir had to admit he had made a mistake.

“… … Was it a seaweed-type Ent?”

I would have thought that dragging it into the sea water would rather be a handshake.

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