Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 382

Episode 382: The Breeding Ground (1)

Bikir, a low-level jailer with no name or affiliation.

No one knew the identity or intentions of this hound as it melted into the darkness of the New Wave.

‘Did you hand over the picaresque mask to Camus for no reason? I wonder if I should have had a little more.’

Bikir thought, advancing flat against the ceiling.

In order to avoid the eyes of the watch guards, it is easier to be a little smaller.

So I thought for a moment that if I turned into a puppy, it would be a little easier to hide.

… … But soon Viki Le had to change his mind.

There was not a single dog or cat in the New Wave.

If it had changed into the body of a dog and walked around, it would have been very noticeable.

Wardens occasionally kept pets, but these were usually crayfish, crabs, and octopuses, and occasionally seals, water cats, and water buffaloes.

‘If you want to raise a pet, an aquarium is essential.’

This is natural as it is deep in the deep sea.

Bikir, realizing that everyone around him was gone, got down to the ground.

5th floor. This is Bikir’s primary destination for his escape.

What I saw in front of me was a huge sea.

In the vast plaza, there were large circular pools in each section, and narrow and steep passages ran between them.

aquarium. or a farm.

This was the only aquarium in the New Wave.

“Where do you want to see what grows?”

Bikir brought a stack of ropes that were stowed away in the corner of the aquarium.

Then he threaded the pickled perch on a hook at the end, the size of a decent ship’s anchor, and tossed it into the puddle.

with a plop-

The bait went into the water in the pool.

Soon, a response came.


It was also seen above the surface. A long, huge shadow approaching the bait.

… Kwak!

I could see the rope being pulled tight.

Bikir tightened his hands and pulled on the rope.


A huge peak of water rose above the surface of the water, and soon, what was under the water appeared with a fishing hook threaded through it.

It was one huge eel.

“… … hmm. This must be a balloon eel.”

The appearance of the ‘Gulper eel’ was truly bizarre.

A head and belly that were too large to pass in love with a skinny and bony tail.

Meanwhile, the mouth, which took up more than 90% of the head, was as large and wide as the front door of a huge temple.

Its appearance was bizarre, but surprisingly it was not a monster that came over from the underworld, but an endemic species that originally lived in the deep sea.

It is also known as one-entry eel, gulp eel, and elevator eel.

[Th-oh oh oh!]

As soon as this huge deep-sea fish was pulled to the surface, it immediately became irritable.

When I opened my huge mouth, I could see gums that were packed with rows of teeth that each looked like a fishhook.

As if he would never let go once he had bitten it, there were a lot of sharp barbs protruding from the back of his teeth.

… … of course.

“It’s a spoiled eel.”

It was no threat to Bikir at all.


Having snapped most of the eel’s teeth with a single slap, Bikir pulled the limp, weeping eel all the way onto land.

“A lot is a lot. Is this one the biggest?”

Bikir watched the countless swarms of eels swimming in circles in the pools of the aquarium.

The one I just caught was luckily the largest of them all.

This balloon eel is a fish species that is being raised in earnest in New Wave.

Its characteristic is that its body is too large and its fins and tail are too small, so it cannot swim well. Instead, its body is bulky and light in weight, so it moves around the deep sea by being pushed around by the current.

Most of the body was made up of water, and the only remaining parts were bones and skin, so it was impossible to get any flesh.

Moreover, it was so fishy and had a disgusting smell that it could hardly be used for food.

As you can see, it’s not cute enough to be a pet.

… … Then, why do you decide and farm this useless fish species in New Wave?

“Because this is the only ‘elevator’ that can go to the ground.”

Bikir looked at the balloon eel panting in front of him.

The way to get down to Nouvelle Vague from the ground is simple.

A sea area that can only be reached by sailing a long distance even in harsh seas.

At 12:00 midnight, when the whirlpool that serves as the primary front door opens, put the prisoner inside the Orhalcon alloy coffin and let it sink.

The coffin with the prisoner sinks slowly along with the ocean current, and soon arrives here at Nouvelle Vague, 10,000 meters below sea level.

… … Then, how to go up to the ground from Nouvelle Vague on the contrary?

You can use this balloon eel.

Its mouth is big and its stomach is even bigger. Any number of people can ride on it.

Its flesh is soft and its skin is tough, so it survives being crushed by the far water pressure of the deep sea.

Balloon eels with such biological characteristics are bred to an appropriate size according to the body size of the occupant.

It is rare, but if there is a chance to go up to the ground, an appropriately sized inflatable eel is picked out, and the passengers open the eel’s mouth and enter its stomach.

Due to their physical characteristics, inflatable eels are excellent at enduring water pressure, but have little power to swim by themselves.

That’s why one of the nicknames it is called is ‘elevator eel’.

“… … Is it possible to break out of prison right away by breaking through that bubble?”

At the end of the passageway of the kennel, you can see the scenery of the dark deep sea.

However, in fact, between the inside and outside of the aviary, there was a water barrier of transparent mucus blocking the two spaces.

This viscous, transparent wall that looks like a soap bubble is called ‘Flubber’ by Newvag’s guards.

‘BDSM’ and ‘Plover’, these two are the core materials that make Nouvelle Vague sustainable.

BDSM creates order by restraining the prisoners’ mana and power, and Plubber blocks the water flowing into the castle from the outside so that the prison itself can be maintained.

Both have something in common in that they are unknown substances whose identity has not yet been clearly identified.


Bikir frowned at the mysterious mucus that covered the window, or rather, the entire old castle of Nouvelle Vague.

Plubber was also a material responsible for the security of New Wave along with BDSM, but it was not as robust as BDSM.

Now that the restraints were thrown off, there was no reason why Vikir, who could use mana, couldn’t pierce this substance called Plubber.


Bikir pulled the eel by the tail and approached the window.

The eel didn’t want to move from its seat, but it didn’t matter.

After all, these guys’ bodies are limp, so they can pass through narrow windows, and they don’t have the ability to swim, so they just follow the current.

“Is this for the purpose of restraining the giant? What’s so big?”

Bikir looked at the balloon eel he just caught.

It was a large eel large enough to believe that it was a restraining weapon for the giants.

In other aquariums, small ones are bred, but there are few such large ones in the aquarium.

kugu country-

Bikir fastened the reins to the eel’s tongue and soon stretched the line all the way to its stomach.

It was intended to allow eels to control the direction of their fins, even if they did not have the ability to swim.


… Bang!

Bikir kicked the eel out of the sea.

I’m going to go to the middle of the day!

Flubber slime is torn and the eel escapes into the deep sea space.

with an empty stomach.

After that, Bikir hauled in a few more eels, baited with rope, hooks, and a bunch of bass piled up in the corner.

Three of them, small but big enough for one Bikir, and two bigger than the previous one.

Bikir did the same for them, bridging their tongues and fins and pushing them out the window.

Even if the flubber window was torn, it quickly healed again, so there was no need to worry about the sea water continuing to come in.

At that time, Dekarabia asked Bikir, who was letting the sixth eel out of the water.

[human. But why do you keep sending eels out to sea? Because it won’t ride.]

“To disrupt. Chasing all these eels will take a lot of manpower and take a long time.”

[aha. One fine hair is astonishing.]

“If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to have a distraction book ready. Especially when you break out.”

[Can we ride the seventh eel now? huh? But why did you only catch six eels? Shouldn’t we catch one again?]

Dekarabia questioned Bikir, who sent all the eels he caught out of the window.

Then Bikir gave a short answer.

“I will not go out.”

[…] … what?]

Dekarabia asked as if it were absurd.

[No, if that’s the case, why did you release the eel in the first place?]

“Did you tell me? Disruptive book.”

Bikir smiled lightly.

“It’s a little later to go out on an eel. Jailbreak is not yet final.”

If you leave now, no matter how many distracting eels you release, you will be caught. Because the current is moving too slowly.

Also, there was no stockpile of drinking water or food, so it was impossible to go on a voyage that could take an unknown amount of time.

In addition, the risk that the eel may be eaten by a larger deep-sea monster in the middle and stranded on a reef or rough current cannot be ignored.

So Bikir was fully prepared and tried to break out.

This is because it is right to exclude uncertain elements as much as possible.

… … Right then.

“what? Are you a prisoner?”

A strange voice came from behind.

“… … !”

Bikir instinctively sensed the danger, wiped the burn marks from his face, and returned to his bare face.

Slowly turning around, the sound of Bikir’s forward steps drew closer.

“I thought he was a prison guard because he was wearing a uniform, but I guess he isn’t.”

The voice exclaimed with interest as it faced Bikir.

“Hmm- it looks like this. The face of the guy who broke my handcuffs.”

A being who admires Bikir’s face, not Gareum’s.

A girl with green hair, languid eyes, and a youthful face that still looks like an early teenager.

However, the restraints that were filled in several layers around her wrists and ankles were definitely familiar.

Despite wearing a jailer’s uniform, this mysterious girl wearing restraints wore a glittering rank insignia on her chest.


one star. A mark denoting a brigadier general, a higher rank than a colonel.

Vikir narrowed her eyes as she recognized her identity.

“… … Right. Was it something you made?”

It was the moment when one of Bikir’s old questions, which had not been resolved, was resolved.

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