Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 356

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Episode 356: Crime and Punishment (2)

The lines Bikir left last night made headlines on the front pages of all the newspapers the next day.

[Extra] Night hound arrested!

[Breaking News] The identity of the night hound is revealed… … , The identity is a freshman at Colosseo Academy!?

[Exclusive] “I am the hound of the night.” The identity of the night hound, the villain who terrorized the ecliptic!

[Additional] It was shocking to be revealed as a child of Nightlight and a child of the family of 鐵血劍家… … !

night hound. Its true identity is ‘Vikir Van Baskerville’, the illegitimate son of the iron-blooded swordsman Baskerville!

Officially, Bikir’s allegations were as follows.

1. Accusations of murder and escape committed inside the Baskerville family.

2. Charged with assassinating Evangelist Quilty, Cardinal Humbert of the House of Quo Vadis.

3. Accusation of assassinating Bartolomeo, head of the bourgeois family.

4. Allegations of involvement in the assassination and disappearance of numerous other prominent figures.



Even if you summarize a few important charges, the weight is considerable.

The terrifying villain ‘Night Hound’ that has shook the empire.

After the identity was revealed, the place where the aftermath was the strongest was, of course, the Colosseo Academy.

The students of the Colosseo Academy said that story unconditionally whenever three or more gathered.

“oh my god… … That scary monster was our motive. I can’t believe it.”

“How did you hide so calmly? The world is really scary.”

“Yeah, but I was helped by him when I was trapped in Naraksu, right?”

“It must be a coincidence. Or is it because of the two faces of the killer? I really don’t know what the world is like.”

“Anyway, it’s really terrible. He I know he was in the newspaper department, so he wrote a self-criticism column? There is no deception like this.”

“Hey, I was in the room next to him~ It’s really creepy! I always heard something like a knife sharpening in the next room… … .”

“me too! I once had a meal with him during group practice! It was expressionless, so I felt cheap.”

“Oh, I ran into them every day when I was exercising~ I almost got killed too!”

Public opinion was generally negative. Well, that’s normal.

Because the image of the night hound that has been steadily formed through newspapers has been the villain itself that threatens the peace of the empire.

But there were also a few who disagreed with the majority.

They were Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca and others.

“Did you already forget about Naraksu? On the topic of being saved thanks to Bikir… … Things that do not even know grace.”

Hearing Tudor mumble, Sancho nodded.

Sancho, always deep inside, didn’t mind what happened with Bikir yesterday.

“Because Bikir calmly drew the line first, he must have shaken off even the slightest burden in his heart. A deep-seated guy to the end.”

“that’s right. Bikir made sure the sparks didn’t fly to us. I deliberately took some off.”

Piggy also muttered in a sullen voice.

Then Bianca, who was next to her, snorted.

“joy. If you act so obvious, who’s being fooled? It’s me, Bikir and Sinclair too. Hiding your inner feelings is really immature.”

“Are you immature? How could you do that at that moment, when you squeezed out all your tears and mucus, calling yourself a traitor?”

“what!? My, when will I!”

Tudor’s sarcasm makes Bianca furious.

However, their bickering, which normally would have lasted for hours, faded within seconds.

Because they didn’t have the strength to fight.

Even Tudor, always witty, had a dead voice.

“What can we do for Bikir?”

“… … One thing is for sure, it can’t just stay like this.”

“that’s right. I have to do something! It’s a trial soon! Shall we attend as a spectator and shout slogans?”

“Arthur. Then you’ll be dragged out right away? It should be a little more realistic and immediate… … ”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca crossed their arms and began to butt heads.

Right then.

“Let us help too.”

A low voice came from behind.

Where I turned my head, several students were standing hesitantly.

Gordon. Underdog. Grenouille. Hive Bro, Middle Bro. low bro.

They were people who were somehow entangled with Bikir in the Tower of Naraksu.

“I, no, we all survived because of Vikir. You have to repay the favor.”

“I was able to repent of my sins by meeting him. If it weren’t for Bikir, I’d be the devil’s plaything forever.”

“I don’t like Bikir, but… … One of the girls I care about seems to be very concerned about Bikir.”

“The lord is ours to protect.”

“We protect.”

“Keep it.”

Besides Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca, there were others who thought of Bikir.

And one person walked out from the back of the group.

Student President Dolores.

She has been a secret supporter of the night hounds since ancient times. From the days when everyone, even Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca, cursed the night hound.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca’s faces brightened when they knew that they were members of the same newspaper.

Meanwhile, Dolores spoke in a calm voice.

“The situation is very bad right now, boys.”


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Everyone was nervous at her words.

Bikir cut off all ties right before surrendering, so no one around him was harmed.

However, because of that, no one defended or defended Vikir, and Vikir had to bear all the sins alone.

Dolores continued speaking in a calm voice.

“In the Baskervilles, the illegitimate son who murdered the second son and fled was arrested because he did not know that it was his own. He said that the red whistle that summoned the knights was also stolen. In the first place, the Knights said they were dispatched to retrieve the red whistle.”

tail cut. The Baskervilles took an official position stating that they had nothing to do with Bikir.

At least, the forces that would treat Bikir as a nobleman and avoid the death penalty turned a blind eye.

Dolores bit her lip.

“Vikir will most likely be sentenced to death with a high probability. So we have to convince the people who will be on the jury in this trial as much as possible in advance.”

The judge who judges the night hound is the emperor or the emperor’s representative.

The jury consists of seven members and sends the head of the family or the representative of the head of the family from the seven families that support the empire.

Dolores looked around.

Fortunately, the social status of students here is generally high.

Dolores gathered students with the same goals and aspirations and divided the work.

“Tudor convinces the head of the Donquixote family, and Bianca convinces the head of the Usher family. Sancho appeals the truth to the mercenary guild in the north, and Piggy makes a newspaper with me. Of course, I will also inform the Pope of Quo Vadis of the whole truth and appeal. Gordon and Underdog, please convince the aristocrats, barons, commoners, and student council executives, respectively. Hive Bro, Middle Bro, Low Bro, you guys gather as much information as you can from the Baskervilles. I don’t know if it’s possible to extenuate the normalcy… … .”

After speaking, Dolores closed her eyes and bowed her head.

“Please, guys!”

Then Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca and everyone nodded their heads with determination.

“You don’t have to ask. It’s something we long for too. I will do everything I can.”

The students who gathered in a circle with Dolores at the center agreed in one accord.

“… … thank you.”

Dolores looked back at everyone with wet eyes.

Even though there was nothing I could do right now, I felt as if my chest, which had been feeling stuffy and stuffy, had been slightly pierced.

It’s a little bit, but I feel like I’m moving forward.

… … Right then.

“what the. It’s a real kids idea.”

A sarcastic voice came from behind.

Where everyone’s eyes were directed, they saw a naked female student smiling like a flame.

“hi? Bikir told me to be friendly with you guys, so I came.”

On her chest, you can see a name tag with the name ‘Morgue Mu Camus’ written on it.

“… … ?”

Dolores narrowed her eyes and looked at Camus.

His expression seemed to be asking for an explanation of what he just said.

As expected, Camus brought up the matter right away.

“The intention of persuading the jury to reduce Vikir’s sentence is good. Would Bikir really want that?”

“… … What do you mean?”

Representing everyone’s doubts, Dolores opened her mouth.

Then Camus shook his head and tapped his head with his fingers.

“Use your head.”

“… … .”

At Camu’s words, everyone swallowed up empty wind. I never thought there would be someone who would say this to the world’s Dolores.

But Dolores was unfazed.

“I thought this was the best I could do… … Do you think differently?”

“of course. What you’re trying to do isn’t the best, and it won’t be what Vikir wants.”

Dolores’ expression hardens at the continued provocation.

she asked in a firm tone.

“What does Vikir want? And what are your plans?”

Then Camus smiled even thicker than before.

“I used to be just like you guys. I didn’t know a thing. What Bikir wants.”

“… … ?”

“But I think I know now. What is he preparing for, what is he waiting for, and what is he fighting for? All.”

“… … !”

In an instant, the smile disappeared from Camu’s face.

“Leave Bikir alone. He is not a man who needs your concern.”

“Yeah, how do you know?”

When Tudor asked, Camus gave him a pitiful look.

“Then don’t you know? That he’s very smart And that ordinary people are shouldering such a heavy mission that they do not even dare to understand.”

“… … .”

Everyone knows that.

It was because he had seen the numerous achievements that Bikir showed at the Colosseo Academy and in Naraksu.

Camus continued.

“Vikir’s every move is probably thoroughly calculated. It’s probably a lifelong plan. It is not something we dare to worry about or interfere with.”

“… … I admit that. So are you saying there’s nothing we can do about it?”

At Dolores’ words, Camus shook her head.

“We should do what we can.”

“what is that?”

“Simple. We do what Vikir used to do. blocking it.”

“… … blocked? You said that what Vikir-nim has been doing up until now has been to block it? what?”

Everyone sympathizes with Dolores’ question.

And in front of those gazes, Camus took out something from his chest and put it on the table.


Everyone who saw what was placed on the table hardened their expressions.

It was a mask with bloodstains stuck to it. It was a ‘picaresque mask’ that symbolized the hound of the night.

When everyone raised their heads in bewilderment, Camu opened his mouth.

“The gate that will open soon. … … You mean ‘Door of Destruction’.”

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