Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 355

Episode 355: Outside the Tower (5)

Will the end of the wooden horse that captured the impregnable castle in the legend be like this?

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The huge horse’s shape slowly began to crumble.

From the tips of the broken horns to the tips of the hooves, they turned to ash and scattered, letting everyone know that this long nightmare had an end.

Amdusias, the five rulers. It was the moment when the ‘Nara’s Unicorn’ was completely annihilated.

“… … Turn off, it’s over!”

“The devil is dead!”

“The Naraksu is breaking down!”

Excited exclamations erupted from everywhere.

Parents who found a child they thought was dead, children who met parents they thought they would never see again, teachers who lost and regained a disciple whom they cherished, and a disciple who returned to the arms of a respected master.

Everyone cheered and shed tears of emotion.

The gaze pours toward the center of the crater where Naraksu has disappeared.

The seven knights of the Baskervilles were lined up there.

The Seven Headed Horse Cars intervened on the battlefield at the decisive moment and led the final discussion.

Had it not been for them, surely the crowds gathered at the Colosseo Academy would have suffered much greater damage.

“Thank you! Thank you Baskerville! If it wasn’t for you… … ”

“I will never forget this grace of mine!”

“Well, but why are the Baskerville knights here?”

“Wasn’t the iron-blooded swordsmen an extremely closed family?”

“Surely, that boy called the knights! I saw you blow the whistle!”

The crowd started to hum.

Before long, the attention of the audience began to focus on one place.

A hero who broke through Naraksu’s tower and jumped out.

The Sword Master who erected a pillar of aura that seemed to reach the sky.

A freshman who was once attending Colosseo Academy.

… … And the existence that summoned all the hounds of the Iron Blood Swordsman to this place.

Bikir. Bikir Van Baskerville!

Bikir released the back belly that he had been hiding so far without any filtering.

And the seven hounds prostrate themselves in front of Bikir.

“Order completed.”

Iron-Blooded Swordsman Baskerville’s Sogaju Osiris, and afterwards Isabella, leader of the Doberman Knights, German, leader of the Shepherd Knights, Metzgerhunt, leader of the Rottweiler Knights, Cucullin, leader of the Wolfhound Knights, Boston Terrier, leader of the Pitbull Knights, and Mastiff Knights’ leader. Leader Great Dane all bow their heads.

Everyone who saw it was shocked.

Not another family, but that Baskerville.

Those gathered here can be said to be the whole of the Baskerville family. Even Osiris, the next head of household, is included.

The fact that they were bowing their heads toward an unknown boy was an event that felt beyond shock and even surreal.

And soon, the mouths of some quick-witted swindlers opened.

“… … Seriously, could it be Vikir van Baskerville!?”

“The Underdog’s sub-consul! The legend of the Baskerville family that even received a commendation from His Majesty the Emperor!”

“Huh, wasn’t that a rumor? I thought he was a fictitious character because of his ridiculous performances!”

“I am right! A golden statue with the same face as that child was standing in the Red Awl Castle in Rue Morgue!”

“Was the hero who opened the way for peaceful trade between the Baskervilles and the barbarians a real person? oh my god!”

“Aren’t you the student who was said to have retrieved the Wraith Tree from the second exam of the College League!?”

And that wasn’t all.

After escaping from Naraksu’s tower, some students began to praise the heroic deity Vikir showed in the tower.

“dad! It was thanks to him that I was able to escape from the hellhounds!”

“That friend saved me from a daylily! Oh, Bikir! my friend! How can I repay this favor!”

“Thank you for forgiving us! What about your bowl… … ! damn! You are a true hero!”

Regardless of whether they were nobles, barons, or commoners, everyone was giving Bikir respect, admiration, admiration, and gratitude.

That would be the case, because Bikir always stood at the forefront and made all the sacrifices.

Of course, no one noticed that it was to monopolize the rewards in the tower.

“Mr. Bikir! Please have a look here! Take a screenshot of Mana!”

“I know that you are credited with resolving this Naraksu incident! A word from your feelings… … !”

“Is it true that you are the hidden power of the Baskervilles!?”

“Why have you been hiding your identity for so long!?”

Soon after, the reporters, feeling the scoop among the scoops and the jackpot, rushed at Bikir like bees.

When they were fighting, they didn’t even show their noses, so it was a wonder why so many of them had gathered all of a sudden.

“West! Eight! Everyone get out of the way! You can’t see it!”

“Ban! Now, I’ll pass by for a while!”

Camus and Dolores tried to get closer to Bikir, but it was impossible to move forward because the crowd was so large in an instant.

In the meantime, when their eyes met, they were two women who did not back down an inch and gave strength to their eyes.

Meanwhile. Friends who boasted of close friendship with Bikir also shrugged their shoulders.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca waved at Bikir.

Fortunately, they had been around Bikir from the beginning, so it wasn’t difficult to get close to them.

“Bikir! You finally did it, kid! We shouldn’t pretend we don’t know just because we’ve become great heroes!”

“Wonderful, friend! that’s really cool! By the way, I didn’t know you were descended from the Baskervilles! You were hiding such a secret. Tonight’s side dishes must be very rich, right?”

“Aww! Bikir! I’m glad you’re safe! I’m most glad you’re safe!”

“Whiyu. Anyway, he’s the one who makes me tremble.”

“… … .”

Sinclair, who was standing at the very back, was also walking toward us with a complex and delicate expression.

… … .


Bikir was just looking at all these situations calmly.

no inspiration whatsoever. No, rather with a terribly cold gaze.

Bikir quietly stretched his left hand to the floor with his back to all the cheering crowds in his direction.

and whispered softly

“Follow Aheul and the others. It’s goodbye for now.”

Those were the words she said to the young madam attached to her left wrist.

[Nuclear nuclear-kiing… … ]

The young madam whined as if she didn’t want to go, but eventually jumped to the floor at Vikir’s urging.


The young madam crawled along with Aheul’s group, who turned into dots and disappeared in the distance.

Looking back several times.

“… … .”

Eventually, when the young madam was completely out of sight, Bikir finally turned his head toward the crowd.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca came to Bikir’s side.

“Come on, reporters~ Take your turn! Our Bikir is tired now! Now, I know you are excited to meet the great hero of the century~”

“Bikir. Are you okay with your body? It seemed to radiate all of the aura earlier, but maybe you need some medicine or potion.”

“Don’t you think there are too many interviews? I think rest should come first… … ”

“Wow, where did these reporters come from? He didn’t even show his nose during the battle. Hey, how can I tell my dad to cut the crowds?”

A tribute to a friend who has crossed countless lines and finally completed a great task that everyone thought would be impossible.

It was evident in the attitude of his friends.

… … however.

Vikir’s response to this pure and boundless kindness of his friends was brief.

“go away.”

At those words, the bodies of the friends stopped for a moment.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca tilted their heads as if they had heard the wrong thing.

“huh? Bikir, who did you tell?”

“Who else?”

“omg! who is this! Who bothers Bikir!”

“First of all, I have to tell the professors first to bite the reporters… … ”

Then Bikir spoke once more clearly.

“I told you to turn it off. trash.”

It was at this point that Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca realized.

That Bikir is now flashing the enemy’s young eyes at them.

“Hey, hey… … why are you like this? Why are you suddenly straight… … ?”

“Uhm. Did you think we’d stick to your honor? misunderstood We think so… … ”

“Oh, that’s right, Bikir! I’m just genuinely worried about you… … ”

“Where did you hit your head? What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

The reaction of friends who seemed to be very embarrassed by the unexpected attitude.

But Bikir cut it off.

“I’ve never had weak people like you as friends. Know the fountain and rub it.”

cessation (終止符).

It was a line that cut off all affection, karma, and relationships up until now.

Shock. rough hit. Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca froze in their seats with their mouths half-open.

Tudor, who was the first to come to his senses, stammered with a tear-stained expression.

“why? What’s wrong, Vikir? Eh, did you make only you use the order form in the last stage? Ha, but at that time, neither of us had an order form… … ”

However, Tudor did not follow through.

Because Bikir shoved Tudor in the chest and walked out into the center of the crowd.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca felt an insurmountable line in Bikir’s gaze looking down at them like insects.

clearly drawn lines. A distance that can never be narrowed.

Tudor collapsed on the floor, not knowing why, and Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca next to him.

They weren’t all those who couldn’t approach Bikir’s cold gaze because it was unfamiliar.

Camus, Dolores, Sinclair, and all who were saved by Vikir within the tower froze in place.

Bikir drew a line and abandoned everyone he met and dated at the Colosseo Academy.

No, everyone I’ve ever had a relationship with.

And he went out in front of countless reporters and spoke.

“I … … all.”

The line was so unexpected that it was hard to understand what Vikir was saying except for a few people in the front row.

When the reporters behind them frowned and opened their ears to ask, Bikir took something out of his arms instead of answering.


… … !

Everyone who checked the items that came out of Vikir’s arms had to take a step back and panic.

red blade. Reverse Pentagram Necklace. and the plague doctor mask.

What these symbols meant was very clear.

With the audience in front of the moment of silence, Bikir opened his mouth in a low but clear voice.

“I am the night hound.”

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