Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 343

Episode 343: Ballack (1)


[Leaved the 10th floor of ‘Paradise Lost’]

[Enter the ‘River of Water’ on the 11th floor]



Bikir felt his vision gradually brighten.

When I looked up, I was alone. She felt as if she had been separated into a different space from Dolores, who was next to her.

“You fell into a bad place.”

Bikir looked around.

Blade-sharp leaves and sharp thorn bushes.

hot and humid climate.

In the distance there is a large, gently winding river that winds around the forest.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary jungle, but there was one crucial difference.

Daylily of blood.

Those grotesque aquatic plants are spread all over the surface of the river.

colony. Bikir is what fell in the center of the place where the daylily of the blood tree grows in clusters.

“… … Are you besieging this forest? It will be difficult to go out like this.”

Every river running through the forest was full of bloody daylilies.

It was so vast that it was impossible to see it all at a glance.

In case the daylilies could emit poisonous gas, Bikir wore a picaresque mask over his face.

“Except for the daylilies, it looks like an ordinary jungle.”

Bikir looked back to the forest.


“… … !”

Bikir noticed something strange.

I didn’t notice because my eyes were taken away by the colony of daylilies filling the wide river.

The forest was showing a different look than when Bikir first looked at it earlier.

Very basic landscapes such as large rocks and giant trees remained the same, but everything except for them is changing in real time.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

It looks like leaves are sprouting from the bare branches, but it soon blooms and bears fruit.

And the fruit fell back to the ground and sprouted from the seed, and the original twig shriveled up and died.

Everything in the forest is born and dies at a tremendous rate.

It was as if time had been fast-forwarded dozens of times.

Bikir looked at the pool of water in the mud puddle.

The water was evaporating and decreasing at an appreciable rate.

And the small eggs in the puddle hatched in the blink of an eye and turned into small flying insects.

They soared high into the sky, bounced around a few times, and then fell to their death.

“… … Is that a day old?”

If a horse is a ephemera, and a ephemera, which normally lives for two and seventeen hours, dies so quickly, there must be something strange about it.

‘Time passes quickly.’

Bikir drew attention to the name of this floor once again.

<The River of Running Water>

Time flows by like flowing water.

Apparently, the name of this floor meant the rushing time rather than the surrounding river.

“It’s a forest where time passes quickly. Another weird place came out.”

To be precise, it is a forest where only organic time passes quickly.

The wind brushing the tip of the nose and the speed at which the river flows were no different from those of the ordinary world.

Bikir paid attention to his body.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

The traces of deep wounds were visibly fading.

This speed was comparable to that of a basilisk’s regenerative power.

‘… … The flow of time is much faster than I thought.’

Bikir hardened his face even more.

Considering that the resilience had become so fast, there was a high possibility that time was passing at a much greater speed than that, not twice or three times.

“I must hurry.”

Bikir felt time running after him and quickly moved his feet.

* * *

Bikir paused and looked around the forest.

As I got out of the river and entered the forest, the sunlight coming through the leaves made me frown.

‘It won’t be easy to find enemies like this.’

Blue and red, blue and purple.

The trees around them changed their leaves and turned green every few seconds, casting a riotous light on the forest.

It is splendid enough to be incomparable to the gigantic stained glass on Quo Vadis Street.

“… … .”

Bikir decided to change the method of searching the forest.

The scariest thing on the battlefield in the forest is not the enemy, but nature itself.

Vikir understood that well through the life of Red and Black Mountain.

If you are in a forest where you do not know the ecology, do not walk close.

That was the principle of Balak’s search crew.

Fortunately, however, it was only plants that had changed in this way.

Plants are probably the only adaptations in this eminent river.

Aging is a natural and familiar concept for plants.

“I’ll have to climb up the tree first.”

Bikir quickly decided on his next move.

It’s best to get out of places that clutter your eyesight as quickly as possible.

If I keep my eyes open, it only hurts my head.

When I grabbed the vines around me like that,


Tree vines fell helplessly.

In the meantime, the vines withered and new ones grew from the roots.


Bikir even grabbed the tree trunk.

When I was in the military, I tried to get tired of climbing trees.

It was a tree with an abnormally large circumference, but with Vikir’s tree-climbing skills and current physical abilities, she could climb without difficulty.

“For now, to the high ground… … .”

When Bikir muttered while rubbing his chin.

… ping!

A strange sound came to my ears.

Love, Love, Love-

An arrow that flies at such an amazing speed that even Bikir can’t react.

Fortunately, Bikir, who is well versed in archery, ducked his head to avoid the flying arrows.

However, it was unavoidable that one ear lobe was torn off.

Puffer Puck!

Arrows continued to fly from invisible blind spots.

The assailant appeared well-adapted to these forests.

However, what made it difficult for Bikir to react was in the realm of surprise.

After reading the approximate direction of the arrow, Bikir was dodging the arrow effortlessly.

‘About 74 meters.’

It was clear that the arrow was shot by one person.

All of them have their own unique heaviness.

Compared to normal imperial archery, which is only sharp, this archery properly puts power on the arrow, and it feels like a cannon.

It is different from Balak’s archery.

Somewhere quite familiar archery.

‘This… … .’

The moment Bikir tries to infer information about the attacker,


At the same time as the flying arrows pierced the rocks behind them and got stuck.


A gloomy iron light was scattered in front of my eyes.

An extremely small dot shoots right in front of your eyes.

it’s a window.

It is stretched in a straight line, so only the front view is visible, but the side view is not visible.

The spears that were shooting as fast as arrows were like lightning falling horizontally.

It was aimed directly at Vikir’s eyes.

… Tarak!

Before long, two monsters appeared in front of Bikir’s eyes.

One is a man who looks to be in his mid-twenties, and the other is a woman who looks to be in his mid-twenties.

Both were almost naked, their bodies covered with animal skins and leaves.

Judging from the fact that the man’s entire body was covered in mud and covered in grass roots, it was clear that he was probably hiding in the ground. In contrast, the woman’s mud was already quite dry.

‘Is it a combination of long distance and short distance?’

The man was holding a long spear and the woman was holding a large bow, and they seemed to match quite well.

Shh- Phat!

When a man swings a spear to widen the distance, an arrow fired by a woman will invariably penetrate the gap.

This was not a belated filling of the gaps in the spear, but a coordinated attack in which the arrow finished the bow path deliberately opened by the spear.

A high-level combination that cannot be digested unless it is between partners who have been together for a very long time.

… … However, Bikir is a seasoned veteran who has spent dozens or hundreds of times on the battlefield than they would have put together.

Kirik- Quageek!

Grabbing the bar that was digging into the stomach with his hand, Bikir turned it around and broke it.

… Wood deok!

The man tried to hold on while holding the spear, but in the first place, there was a significant difference in strength stats.

Confirming that the spearman’s wrist was broken, Vikir immediately pulled the spear.

Whoop- Whoop!

I stretched out my hand toward the neck of the spearman that came with it, and gave strength to my arm as it moved away from the door like a snake.

“… … Kuck!”

The man caught by Bikir was pinned to the floor right on the spot.

Then, the woman behind her came running in astonishment.


When the man was in danger, she displayed superhuman strength and fired as many as four arrows at once.

Even while running!

But Vikir backed away and at the same time stretched out his other hand in front of him.

You can see the arrows coming in between the five fingers stretched forward in real time.

‘Raising the reflexes stat is helpful.’

Although it increased by 1, the effect was great because it created a stat that did not exist at all.

… Chow!

Vikir grabbed all four arrows and threw them away with just one hand movement.

“No, nonsense!”

The woman muttered in disbelief.

At that time, the man caught by Bikir’s hand shouted with all his might.

“Do not come!”

The man was warning the woman.

He shouted so desperately that even though Bikir was pressing hard with his knees, his whole body was shaking.

“Run away! Even you are in danger!”

“… … But how can you not go when you are caught!”

“Go! Go and ask for support!”

“no! I can’t go!”

The woman ignored the man’s words. She then, gritted her teeth, drew her dagger from her thigh.

Even at the cost of his life, he was ready to attack Bikir.

at that time. Bikir opened his mouth with a light sigh.

“Leave it like that. Don Quixote, Usher.”

In an instant, the men and women who were struggling stopped moving.

“… … !?”

“… … !?”

I see two eyes that were hidden between the leaves wide open.

Creative Don Quixote. Usher of the bow.

It was not common to come from these two prestigious families.

Before long, both of their mouths opened at the same time.

“… … Bikir!”

The two of them jump to their feet, removing the dirt and leaves from their faces.

Their identities were Tudor and Bianca!

The two of them seemed very surprised and delighted to see their friend for the first time after entering the tower.

But it wasn’t just Tudor and Bianca who were surprised.

Bikir was also startled when he saw the two jump up from their seats.

“… … !”

The two exposed their bare faces while wearing leaf masks and mud makeup.

Because they both looked at least 10 years older.

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