Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 344

Episode 344: Balak (2)

Tudor and Bianca.

I looked at the two of them, who had grown up before I knew it, with a strange gaze that kept them out of the way.

“… … .”

Memories before returning come to mind.

The real inner thoughts of the two heroes who have been fighting each other for a lifetime were revealed in the ‘Fifth Battle’, when mankind was most on the defensive.

At the time, the great demon Amdusias, who was leading the Demonic Tree Corps, used the roots of numerous demonic beasts to hold back the human allies.

Among them, the monster that hindered mankind the most was, of course, the ‘Daylily of Blood’.

Growing in any terrain with water, these worst monsters were a great threat to human soldiers in battle, but many times more dangerous to those who lost and retreated.

Bikir, too, was retreating with arrows stuck all over his body, and there was a moment when he waited for death as his retreat was blocked by the river that swelled due to the sudden rain and the daylilies of the blood that were infesting everywhere.

The great hero who stepped forward in the immediate situation was ‘Usher for Bianca’ of the Usher family.

She fired a fiery arrow with all her strength, detonating all the bloody daylilies that had grown innumerable, and opened the last way for the survivors to escape.

However, Bianca herself, who saved countless soldiers, was caught by the roots of the numerous daylilies and failed to escape.

… … and. The final shield that appeared in front of her as she was prepared to give up her life was ‘Don Quixote La Mancha Tudor’.

‘Run away! Even you are in danger!’

‘… … But how can you go when you’re caught!’

‘Go! Go and ask for support!’

‘no! I can’t go!’

Like the previous conversation, the two heroes fought each other at that time as well.

And in the end, Tudor blocked the explosion with his whole body to save Bianca and the other survivors, and as a result, he lost his life.

Bianca survived while being held in the arms of a charred Tudor.

I still remember the blank look on her face as she was left alone.

The death of a man who had been regarded as a bad friend, childhood friend, and lover all his life.

An eternal farewell that we faced without being able to express our feelings honestly and even whisper love once.

No one who survived could open their mouths at the sight of Bianca sitting in her arms hugging Tudor in the rain and the shower pouring down on the land where everything was burned.

And Bikir watched the whole scene from behind.

‘… … At that time, it was the point of view of the terminal soldier 1 watching the great heroes from afar.”

But now, Tudor and Bianca are standing here.

Having met Amdusias, who separated them before returning, much earlier than planned.

And this time, the reliable veteran Bikir was guarding the front of the two.

‘Don’t worry. In this life, Amdusias will die by my hand.’

That way, Tudor and Bianca won’t face a tragic future.

Bikir sincerely hoped that would happen.

“Ah-oh! Why didn’t you run away earlier! Go when you want to go!”

“I did it because I was embarrassed, why!”

“Then do better! You just grabbed my ankle!”

“You’re funny! Is it you who got caught by Vikir?”

“Did I get caught because I was weak!? Bikir is strong! And even if it was you, you got caught!”

“Are archers and spearmen the same? I can’t stand a single thing that’s really messed up!”

“From now on, go when you really want to go.”

“It’s my heart!”

They will be able to confirm each other’s preciousness by continuing to touch each other like now.

Maybe together forever.

“… … .”

Bikir quietly stroked his chin.

Now is the time to calmly analyze the reality we are facing.

Bikir felt anew that Tudor and Bianca had changed a lot since he hadn’t seen them in a long time.

He grew taller, and his bones and muscles grew.

In the case of Tudor, his chin is thick and his voice is very low, so he looks mature.

Bianca has also changed her body shape in many ways.

Above all, the auras inside both of them had increased to an incomparable extent from before.

“… … How long have you guys been on this floor?”

Bikir asked, and Tudor tilted his head.

“I think it’s been over a week since I came. It’s just a feeling.”

“I mean, roughly speaking, that’s how it feels. Calculated by the rising and setting of the sun, it is exactly 2,555 days from today. Seven years.”

Bianca gave the correct answer.

It’s only been a week or so since I came to this floor, but seven years have passed in the time of this floor alone.

Tudor, who was always optimistic, said while hissing the spear on his back.

“Here, even if you train a little bit, it’s good to see the results of training all day. Didn’t you achieve seven years’ worth of results in one breath?”

“Can’t you think of getting old that fast instead?”

“How are you? You are still young.”

“Oi, this burn. Do you know how much longer you will be trapped on this floor… … .”

“That’s something to think about when you go. The answer is to train hard now!”

At Bianca’s sharp words, Tudor only grins.

Bikir nodded.

As a result of their experiences earlier, Tudor and Bianca’s skills improved greatly.

It must have been the result of adapting to the harsh environment of the jungle and constantly training in between.

In addition, since time flowed like a flowing stream, the result would have been obtained that quickly.

‘This tower is not called the Tower of Opportunity for nothing.’

The ordeal thrown by the devil was obviously harsh, but humans have the ability to make the ordeal their foundation.

That is why, even before that terrifying destruction, humanity must have endured and survived to the end.

Then, Tudor tapped Bikir on the shoulder.

“Come on, let’s go to the hideout. I have more friends for you to meet.”

“Who else is on this floor?”

“then. Don’t be surprised! Piggy and Sancho are together! ha ha ha! If I see you, I’ll probably pass out. We’ve got a lot of food for us, let’s have a barbecue today!”

Tudor pushed Bikir on the back and headed into the thicket.

Looking forward to the tearful reunion to come in the future, with a smiling smile.

“That’s it. On the previous stage, Sinclair was also there… … Well, the mission ended badly, so I sent only Sinclair down. The other four of us fell into this forest because of a penalty or something, but the daylilies outside didn’t attack unless we got close to the water, so we managed to survive. Well, the real problem was ‘somewhere else’… … hmm!?”

But Tudor couldn’t finish his words.

The blood and smile disappeared from his face.

No wonder, because only ruins remained in the vast flatland beyond the thicket.

The hut, which seems to be made of stones and logs, is completely destroyed.

In what appeared to be a warehouse, burst sacks were rolling around, and grains and fruits were rolling around.

And in the center, two men were sitting with a dejected expression.

They grew a lot of beards and grew taller, but Bikir could recognize them at a glance.

Sancho and Piggy. The two guarding the hideout raised their heads towards Tudor and Bianca.

“… … uh!?”

The powerless gaze of the two suddenly returned to life.


Sancho, now much taller, and Piggy, now quite grown-up, came running.

“Uh, how did Bikir get here!?”

“Did we become shipowners this time?”

The two couldn’t hide their joy and grabbed Bikir’s hand and shook it wildly.

Meanwhile, Tudor and Bianca were looking around with serious expressions on their faces.

“… … Is it ‘them’?”

“They took all the food away. While we were away for a while.”

Then Sancho nodded.

“I tried to fight on my own, but I was pushed too far. And the individual strength was superior over there. It was all I could do to keep my life alive.”

As if the battle had been quite intense, Sancho and Piggy were covered in wounds.

Tudor gnashed his teeth.

“damn. This is the ‘other problem’ I was talking about earlier. These are much more troublesome than the bloody daylilies. It’s been a long time since I met Bikir, but he doesn’t look like a barbecue party.”

at that time.

Bikir found a strange thing.

It was the color of the blood flowing from Piggy’s wounds.

“Piggy. Is your blood naturally black?”

“huh? Ah, this was originally like this. omg!? Mi, I’m telling you in advance, it’s not like you’re becoming a demon! It’s been like this since I was really young! Although the doctors said it was because of the high iron content in the blood… … But it seems to have gotten a little thicker since entering Naraksu?”


When Bikir was showing interest in something completely different, not food, Bianca, who had been investigating the damage, opened her mouth.

“Now that doesn’t matter. All the food I’ve been collecting has been robbed. At this rate, let alone clear the mission, there is no food to eat tomorrow, so it’s a big deal. … … Not to mention a barbecue party.”

“What is your mission?”

When Bikir asked, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all popped up status windows above their heads.

<Mission> – Die and kill!

※ Each ship owner has a powerful power! It’s hard to live

※ Recognized only when everyone clears the mission!

Apparently, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca were fighting the shipowners who had arrived on this floor first.

“We don’t even know their identities. I’m assuming it’s a savage, but I’m not certain.”

“It is certain that they are hostile to each other. We are in a position to compete with this side for food.”

“Everyone was incredibly fast and strong. I robbed all the food I had been collecting.”

“These bow skills are extraordinary. Maybe it’s comparable to the archery of the concubine… … .”

Apparently, the power of the shipowners attacking this place seemed considerable.

Arrow marks deeply embedded in large rocks or thick logs proved this.

Holes pierced in a spiral shape round and round as if a tremendous rotational force had been applied.

A sniper that came in from all directions regardless of front, back, left, right, and all directions.

And, Bikir knew of those who shot arrows in this way.

“… … I have a guess.”

Bikir started walking in one direction, tracing the traces of the battle.

“uh? If you go there, it’s the domain of those shipowners, isn’t it?”

“A head-to-head match is dangerous, Bikir.”

“Yeah, but you’re strangely confident? Why?”

“that’s right. Until now, it was just the four of us. If Bikir joins us, we won’t know again!”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca unknowingly followed Bikir.

Heading towards the headquarters of seasoned shipowners who have lived on this floor for a very long time.

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