Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 317

Episode 317: Surplus Humans (4)

“… … I will be the food.”

A hand that catches the attention of all students.

Bikir stepped in front of the students.

His calm, nonchalant face seemed to belong to someone who was willing to do trivial tasks such as cleaning the room or washing the dishes today.

… … .

Everyone in the audience fell into silence.

Few people here knew Bikir’s face.

A first-year super rookie who gets a lot of attention.

If it’s sports, it’s sports, if it’s grades, it’s grades, if it’s ability, it’s ability, if it’s appearance, it’s no choice but to be quite a celebrity in many ways.

The case in which both the aristocrats and the barons were watered at the same time at the auction was rumored even among the professors.

Gordon, a third-year aristocrat, asked in a bewildered voice.

“you… … You’re going to become a victim of that man-eating flower?”


“You don’t know what the offering is? No, aren’t you a bit crazy? I fell and hit my head somewhere.”

They did not see Bikir hunting a pack of hellhounds and Cerberus.

However, I knew that Bikir was much stronger than most of the seniors, so I was just curious about this situation.

But Bikir only repeated the same words in a nonchalant tone.

“I will be the food. If you don’t like it, find another volunteer.”

After speaking, Vikir turned his head to look at the students lined up on either side of Gordon.

Expensive clothes that were covered in blood and sweat, but all of them clearly looked like luxury items.

They are probably aristocratic students.

Everyone who caught Bikir’s gaze shrank and hid behind them.

“Is this what our group members absolutely can’t do?”

Gordon and other aristocratic students averted their gaze at Bikir’s question.

In such a situation, Bikir calmly continued to speak.

“you. Didn’t you intend to hunt other students and use them as fertilizer for daylilies?”

At those words, all the students’ eyes widened.

Vikir was convinced that the aristocratic students were plotting a scheming because of what he heard from behind.

‘That man-eating flower. Even if I threw the corpse, would they eat and fall asleep?’

‘I will. Because there was no saying that only living people were eaten.’

‘… … If so, that’s it. It will make things easier.’

‘I’m of the same opinion. Rather, it might be easier than the previous stage.’

However, the students of the aristocratic faction turn white upon hearing Bikir’s words.

“W-what are you talking about! it’s crazy!? How could a person think like that!”

“Wasn’t it?”

“Of course not!”

“… … .”

“Really! Trust me!”

Gordon exclaimed as if he was unfair.

But it’s already too late.

Hearing Bikir’s warning, the other students, those who were not aristocrats, secretly began to distance themselves from the aristocratic students.

Now, the aristocrats couldn’t dominate the atmosphere like before.

Gordon scratched his head as he watched the students sneaking away from him.

“shit! So what! I came here because I wanted to say something, you!”

“Didn’t I tell you at first? I said I would be the food.”

“Then just eat it! do it yourself!”

“It will be anyway. … … but.”

Bikir paused for a moment and looked back at everyone.

“I’m just trying to tell you how no one will die after me.”

At those words, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Vikir again.

All of them desperate expressions.

Starting with Gordon, hesitantly approaching Vikir with the momentum to kneel at any moment.

“what? uh, is there such a way? What? If you change your mind and try to lie… … .”

But Vikir didn’t listen to Gordon until the end.


“… … what?”

Gordon stopped talking and put on a blank expression for a moment.

Bikir spoke again.

“I will catch the daylily of the blood tree.”

At that, the expressions on the faces of the students around him changed to dazed.

“What bullshit… … !”

“I didn’t see the video the fairy showed earlier… … !”

“Oh really. I just wasted my time… … !”

The moment when complaints are about to explode here and there.

… Kwak!

A terrifying explosion pounded as if it would tear everyone’s eardrums apart.

Bikir, who raised his fist, slammed down the clock tower wall.

Damn it- rumble!

Diagonal cracks stretched out and tore down one stone pillar of the clock tower as a whole, and also collapsed the piers beyond.

“… … .”

All the students’ mouths fell open.

Bikir spoke again.

“I will catch the daylily of the blood tree by myself tomorrow.”

“… … .”

I mean, what do you have to say? The students just mumbled their parents’ words with their mouths open.

Then, Bikir crossed his arms.

“But there are a few things that are essential in the process.”

“… … What, what is that?”

Vikir answered Gordon’s question as if it was not a big deal.

“Random box. candy.”

“… … !”

“I need all of you.”

At that, the students looked at each other’s faces.

Students who open the random box hesitate to pick up candies or miscellaneous items from the box, while students who do not open the box hold the random box itself.

So was Gordon. Holding 15 strange candies that came out of a random box, he was sighing inwardly.

‘If I had known it would be like this, I would have eaten all the candy as soon as I received it.’

But Bikir knew all about their thoughts.

“From now on, people who eat candy will be excluded from trading. Even those who have nothing to offer.”

“What do you mean exclude?”

“Think on your own. I have plans for everything.”

At that, everyone bit their lips.

Actually, there was nothing to worry about for long.

In the first place, the random box and the items that came out of it were paid to survive from the daylily of blood.

If you can save your life by consuming them, it is a business that remains unconditionally.

But the human mind is such a cunning law.

It is not easy to give away what you hold in your hands for the public good.

Gordon, who was the leader, is hesitating, but the other students are shocked.

Bikir said to the hesitant Gordon and the aristocratic students next to him.

“Earlier, he looked at me as if he could never lose his people. Was it such a cheap relationship that you couldn’t even pay the price of a random box?”

“Oh, how can that be! I’m not doing this because I hate the random box! You might eat our random boxes and candy and jump, so I’m on guard against that!”

“You might think so. Then don’t hand over the random box to me yet and keep it. When the daylilies wake up tomorrow, I will go and stand in front of them. Then, leave a certain distance and stack the random boxes there. You guys are a little further away than that.”

If the contract seems to be broken, it is a way for each other to come up with countermeasures.

If Bikir betrays the students, all they have to do is run forward and retrieve the random box.

If the students betray, Bikir will just run away to the other side using his quick feet and strong strength.

“I will not betray you. As long as the random box and the number of candies are kept well.”

“… … Mmm. But does it have to be a random box and candy? Shouldn’t it be something like giving money when you leave the tower or unconditionally assigning you a good job?”

“no. It is unconditionally a random box and candy. All of the other items, too.”

Even the students here know that promises outside the tower are empty.

When everyone wants to give up

“Here it is. Bikir.”

Grenouille was the first to step forward.

His eyes were shining bright for some reason.

“If you ask for it, I will give it to you. We are ‘friends’. Trust each other!”

Bikir tilted his head for a moment.

Before long, Vikir accepted the random box given to him by Grenouille.

and the moment you put it on.

… Kwap!

The random box didn’t explode and bit off Vikir’s wrist.

Mimic. Grenouille’s random box was ‘bang’. From the outside, nothing was known, so it was inevitable.

Blood drains from Grenouille’s face.

“Aaaaaaaaagh!? oh my god! Bikir are you okay!? Oh no! I didn’t even know! Gee, it’s real! I really didn’t know, uh… … ! No, that’s not important right now! approximately! Come on, take the medicine!?”

But Bikir just laughed.

“Calm down.”

Vikir clenched her arm in Mimic’s bitten arm.

And then.


With the other hand, I hit the Mimic on the stomach and broke it as it was.

When the box-shaped exoskeleton is broken, the tongue, intestines, and teeth pour out of it along with blood.

There was not a single wound on Bikir’s wrist that he took out of the mimic.

“I just need to get my heart.”

“… … .”

Grenouille made a dazed expression, but then sent a sparkling gaze again.

“also! After all, my friend!”

All the students who saw it stuck out their tongues as if they were fed up.

It was because I had just seen a fairly strong 3rd year cadet lose his wrist in vain after being attacked by a Mimic.

Furthermore, Bikir’s request was still not over.

“And one more. There are things I must hand over.”

“… … Damn, what else is there?”

“This is the most important thing.”

Bikir opened her mouth and said one final request.

“It takes one person’s body.”

“… … !”

The complexion of everyone, including Gordon, changed dramatically.

A request on a different level from the random box or candy requested earlier.

“Wow, what are you talking about? Why do you soothe a person’s body? You mean you’re stepping out to make sure the body doesn’t come out in the first place.”

“The human body is needed only once, the first time. Currently, the daylily of the blood tree is too dry and the skin is very hard. It’s slowed down because of that, but it’s also hard for me to put in an attack.”

Grenouille had seen Vikir painstakingly slicing the flesh of a daylily of blood.

In addition, the other students also saw the hellhounds annihilated without leaving a single scratch on the vines of the daylily of blood, so everyone had no choice but to agree with Vikir’s words.

Then, Gordon asked curtly.

“Shit. yes do it your way So, whose body are you going to sacrifice?”

In the end, we have no choice but to repeat the discussion we had before.

who will die

A student who can’t study?

A student from a poor family?

A student with few friends?

Or simply a powerless student?

Faced with all these questions, Vikir once again drew his sword.

“I will decide that from now on.”

right at that moment.

… clattering! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The stone pillars that Bikir had just broken with the power of his fists collapsed.

Upon seeing this scene, the students suddenly realized that Bikir had weakened 100 times inside the tower.

And while denying the reality several times, he had no choice but to bring out the conclusion that had to be drawn inevitably.

“… … Are you a sword master by any chance?”

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