Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 318

Episode 318: Surplus Humans (5)

Doggystyle geek wow that pole –

A sound that I don’t want to hear as some hard dried things are twisted.

Exactly 24 hours later, the giant man-eating flower awakened.

<Daylily of Blood>

Hazard Class: S

size: ?

Discovery Location: Deep in Polar Hell, ‘Unfathomable Zone – Area 4 Blood Swamp Flesh Zone’

-aka ‘Daylily of Blood’ or ‘Nightmare of Blood Swamp’

An unidentified plant floating on the red water surface of the Blood Swamp at the mouth of the ‘Lake of Blood’ located deep in Hell.

Even in the fleshy area of ​​the Blood Swamp, where everything sinks because there is no buoyancy, you can see them floating around for some reason.

It is the strongest and most vicious of all plant and animal type monsters that grow naturally in the lake of blood, and its endless appetite and gluttony make it a target of fear even from the same monsters.

It is said that in the past, a single daylily sprouted from a single seed of this plant grew to a great size and drove mankind to the brink of extinction.

A daylily of considerable size and weight. In order to grow to this point, the tree must be at least several decades old.


The noise that came out of the daylily’s mouth was like a rusty clockwork forced to turn, but it was a much louder and more unpleasant moan.

thud! Woo support!

The ruins around it collapsed as it raised its body and descended below the clock tower.

It was just by moving the position of the vines and roots a little bit to the side.

[…] Gigi Gig!]

As if hungry, the daylily moves its vines and roots to grope for the ground.

But nothing was touched.

In the cold field, he deliberately raised his body temperature to lure prey, but it seems that nothing was caught in the trap he had set.

stuttering… …

The daylily stretched out the tips of its withered roots and groped for the floor.

But the prey has already jumped far away.

They should be hiding all over the ruins by now.


Daylily felt that the more she moved, the more hungry she became.

I wanted to quickly enter the warm lake of my hometown to warm up and quench my thirst.

It is so cold and thirsty here.

Right then.

… Took!

Something touched the tip of the dry root.

It wasn’t cold concrete or rebar.

Warm and soft leather, chewy and juicy meat inside, and savory and crunchy bones inside.

But most of all, what I can’t stand is the blood that’s packed inside. blood! The sweet and refreshing taste of nectar!

shaking… …

After a long period of cold and thirst, Daylily found special food that perfectly suited her taste.

The ecstatic texture is on a different level from the cold, rotten prey that I reluctantly swallowed.

The daylily groped for food with the tips of its roots, which trembled with excitement and emotion.

A small globe that must have been a head, with its delicate features, felt at the tip of its delicate roots.

Then, the root went down the thin neckline connecting the head and body, licking the sleek breastbone and the waist and hip lines next to it.

Climbing up the two straight legs again, now the hand, which looks quite rough compared to the sleek body, looks quite hard and tough compared to the other parts.

And as I passed my hand and went all the way down, it was long and hard… … this is?

When the daylily was just trying to determine what it was.


Senses were suddenly cut off.

And the pain that seemed to burn at the tip of the root began to push.


Only then did the daylily realize.

It means that the tip of his root was cut off with a long, hard knife.

“If you wake up, move quickly.”

Bikir murmured dryly.

A bloody daylily in front of you casts a flower that resembles your face.

The creases of the terrifyingly distorted flowers, and the gaping mouths were filled with deformities that sprouted arbitrarily.

Vikir already knew some information about this monstrous beast.

‘Daylily of blood. Originally, it is a plant-type monster that lives deep in the realm. When the Age of Destruction opened, it was very difficult to find drinking water because they all grew in the lake called Lake.’

How many colleagues and subordinates lost their lives to defeat this demon.

So Bikir had a better grasp of the situation.

‘This guy is a degraded version.’

Anyone other than Bikir who lived through the era of destruction would have noticed it.

The daylily of the blood tree is basically an aquatic plant. Aquatic plants do not grow well in places without water.

In the depths of Hell, only a lake full of blood can grow this terrifying plant to adulthood.

‘… … If not, it should at least be a space full of water.’

When the war began, demons brought the seeds of this plant to the human realm and scattered them.

There was no such thing as a lake full of blood in the human world, but there were still many lakes full of clear and clean water.

The bloody daylilies drank the water from the lake and grew rapidly.

Although they were smaller than the individuals from the mainland of Hell who drank plenty of blood and grew up, they were still big enough and ferocious.

‘But this guy right in front of me must have suffered from hunger for a long time.’

It is small and dwarfed for a daylily of blood. He looked sluggish and powerless, no matter how long he hadn’t had blood or water.

… … Of course, that wasn’t something to belittle.


Just like in the video the fairy showed earlier, a supernatural god who can collapse all buildings within a radius of tens of meters with a single swing of a vine like a whip!

If you get hit by that attack, no matter how vigilant you are, you won’t be able to avoid fatal wounds.

‘Being out of the water, you’ve become very weak. However, it is an impossible monster for the students to deal with. That means… … .’

Bikir’s eyes sparkled.

‘It’s not like they were arranged to catch it!’

Up to Cerberus, it may have been for the purpose of entertainment somehow, and an extremely slim expectation that a catcher might appear.

But this bloody daylily was not.

The students who had just entered the tower couldn’t deal with this one deterioration board even if a thousand people gathered.

It made an absolute existence impossible to resist, so that it could not be caught at all.

In order to break down all ethics and laws outside the tower and form an anomie state through antagonism and discord among colleagues, and furthermore, cannibalism!

… Boooooong! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

A gust of wind brushed through the back of Bikir’s hair.

Once again, the vines of the daylilies were swaying around, making the surrounding ruins more and more filthy.

Destructive power enough to warp the entire terrain!

“I admit it. give up. As much as you deteriorated, so did I.”

Bikir raised both hands.

And immediately turned around and started running.

The destination is the meeting place where the random boxes of 68 survivors are placed!

‘… … If he wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t have broken his promise.’

Bikir jumped over the remains of the ruins to avoid the lashes of the vines.

Before long, a black line is visible under the collapsed fountain.

It was a long line of 67 random boxes in a row.

The survivors, including Gordon, had left it behind.

(The number excludes Grenouille’s mimic)

‘I’m glad there are no idiots.’

If I had lacked even one thing, I would have immediately turned around and ran away.

If that happens, at least 30 people will die and today will pass safely.

[Gigeek! Gyagyakjaem!]

The angry daylily has spread its roots and is moving this way, so there is not much time.

Bikir hurriedly opened all 67 random boxes.

Puffer Puffer Puppung-

Random boxes vomit up items with loud explosions.

Among them, there were as many as five mimics.

‘There are a total of 68 random boxes and only 7 mimics, so demons still have bad taste.’

Bikir quickly inspected the items.

Most of them were junk items that weren’t even worth looking at.

Well-forged bronze swords, brilliant marbles, fake potions, shoes with holes in the soles, stinky armor, and so on… … .

Bikir sifted through the useless items, quickly searching for the ones worth taking with her.

The first to collect were, of course, red, green, and blue candies.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’, ‘The Dog Vendor of Hell’


↳ Strength: 230 (+30) = 260

↳ Agility: 219 (+10) = 229

↳HP: 244 (+25) = 269

↳Physical Resistance: 1

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

By consuming 30 red candies, 10 green candies, and 25 blue candies, Vikir’s strength, agility, and stamina stats increased significantly.

‘Certainly, my body feels lighter.’

The power of the stats was amazing. The feeling that the condition of the body is suddenly boiling at its best.

After collecting all the candies, Bikir took the rest of the miscellaneous items.

‘These two are worth using.’

Among the heaps of clutter, only two were chosen by Bikir.

-<Sunflower Seed Shrew’s Tooth Hoe> / Farming Equipment / D

A hoe made from the teeth of a large shrew.

I don’t know anything else, but it’s useful for digging up plant seeds.

-<Oil paper bag that does not dissolve well in water> / Pouch / D

A pouch that is quite tough and does not dissolve well in water.

It has the power to block moisture, so it’s good to put something in it.

After collecting all of these things, Bikir took one last look into the pile of clutter.

At first glance, there was nothing to bring.

When Bikir is about to turn around.

“… … hmm?”

What I wanted to see was wrong, I saw it for a moment.

However, the seasoned veteran was well aware that ignoring this kind of intuition in an urgent situation would lead to regret later.

Bikir took another good look at the clutter.

… sparkle!

I saw something silvery and round buried among the garbage.

candy. Candy that glows silver.

“… … !”

Bikir’s fingertips trembled for a moment.

Of course, I thought that only red, green, and blue candies would come out, so I quickly ignored all other colored items… … I didn’t know that something like this existed.

Bikir’s gaze was fixed on the silver candy in the palm of her hand, even as the daylily, mad with hunger, charged from behind, destroying everything.

“… … shit true I don’t know if you’re using all your luck in the beginning.”

Before returning, the memories of the great heroes from the tower about this silver candy were filled with great regret, longing, and longing.

A treasure that still captivated the hearts of many great heroes even after a long time had passed since they came out of the tower.

-<Strange Candy> / Reflexes / Silver

A candy that increases the reflexes stat by 1.

It tastes fishy.

– Reflexes +1

I never thought I’d see this hidden piece that didn’t fall even after catching the monsters that were said to be in the depths of the tower like that, in the random box on the 3rd basement floor!

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