Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 38

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Episode 38

Once the chains began to wrap around the body, their number gradually increased.

Who is an S-rank player?

Is it possible to be so helplessly trapped like this?

“Remaining tricks!!”

Ryohei Isaka, furious at the unimaginable situation, shouted harshly.

He flexed his arm muscles to break the chains.

That’s it.


He was suppressed to the point where he couldn’t swing the Japanese sword properly, and not only ‘hidden’ but even ‘discharge of sword’ was canceled.

In his current state, it was just a meaningless struggle.

‘It’s as expected.’

Unlike the A-grade Mine Dyke, who was the original owner of the skill, the ‘Chain of Binding’ used by Taehyun was further strengthened.

S-class physical abilities that were painstakingly raised step by step.

The newly acquired skill inherited its abilities.

“Release it now! “Know who I am!!”

In the end, realizing that he couldn’t solve it on his own, he shouted again.

He looked cornered, his previous composure gone.

Taehyun approached silently and swung a fist strengthened with ‘Stone Skin’.


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