Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 37

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Episode 37

About 10 minutes had passed since I finished my conversation with Narendra Nehru.

Taehyun, hiding on one side of the secret passage, was watching the only entrance.

Because the space is not large, even if a group gathers, they will not be able to freely roam around.

Although it was possible to use ‘Knight King’s spirit’, the decision was made to reduce magical power consumption as much as possible.

Since the fatigue potions and magic potions I brought with me were not infinite, I had to be careful about using my skills.

“Anyway, the effect is no joke.”

A man of unknown nationality who died with all his bones crushed after being predated.

A grade mine dyke.

Is it a whim of predation?

Unlike usual, the body did not disappear.

Taehyun, looking down at him, was quite satisfied.

Phoenix potion, an ultra-rare item made using S-class monsters.

Now, 10 minutes have passed since I ‘unintentionally’ drank that potion.

I felt strength welling up in my body.

Finally, the body has completely digested the power contained in the potion.


[Health increased by 20.]

[Magic power increased by 20.]

Taehyun opened the status window to the message he had been waiting for.

Name: Taehyun Kim

Age: 19

Grade: B

Strength: 107 Stamina: 125 Speed: 103 Horsepower: 180 Charisma: 30

Fatigue: 45%

Remaining horsepower: 150/180


Predation (B) – You can prey on the desired target. Horsepower: 40

Stone Skin (B) – Can strengthen the body. Horsepower: 30

Stealth (B) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 25

Paralysis (B) – Restrains the subject’s body. Horsepower: 20

Lord’s Heart (B) – Increases party members’ abilities. Horsepower: 30

Knight King’s Awesomeness (B) – Designate an opponent and overwhelm them with your agility. Horsepower: 35

Chain of Binding (B) – Designates an opponent and binds them. Skill tracking and cancellation are possible. Horsepower: 27

‘It’s an income beyond imagination.’

It’s already been a month since I got grade B in the 3rd player exam.

Afterwards, I conquered numerous dungeons, but it was not easy to raise my stats.

Those abilities increased by a total of 40 with just one Phoenix potion.

It was natural that Taehyun’s mouth caught in his ear.

‘There are chains of bondage. This guy also has endless uses.’

As the player’s level increases, the skill level and proficiency they use become proportional.

I was just thinking that I needed a variety of skills to compete with the ranked players in the Asian Player Friendly Match.

As before, we must avoid the unfortunate situation of feasting on any skill and then having the skill sealed.

This is the best environment for Taehyun to flex his skills.

And now.

Taehyun was waiting for the person who would be the greatest fortune at this auction house.

‘ruler… Now, it would be neat if we just grab Narendra Nehru and be done with it.’

The skill of this notorious terrorist is ‘monster summoning.’

In Taehyun’s memory, monsters from E to S levels that he was said to have summoned appeared.

As it is a vicious skill, the magic power and maintenance magic required to activate it will be enormous.

There was a high possibility that the Mainers were saving Narendra Nehru’s skills as a last resort.

‘You have to feast before using the skill. But if the plan fails.’

Taehyun assumed that this guy was at the highest level, classified as the top of the S class.

‘I guess I’ll have to run away then.’

If you’re an opponent who can’t use predation, or if you can’t create such an opportunity, you have no chance of winning.

The purpose of visiting this place has already been achieved to some extent.

It wouldn’t have mattered even if he couldn’t subdue Narendra Nehru.

A terrorist attack occurred and Taehyun saved dozens of people.

Some of them would have already contacted headquarters in their own way.

‘One hour at most. Just taking that much time is enough.’

It is an auction connected to one of the world’s leading guilds.

If they knew that a terrorist attack had occurred, they would do whatever it took to open the gate and get here.

That’s why Taehyun didn’t force himself to be aggressive.

Until then, minimize sacrifices and feast on skills.

It was a plan to kill two birds with one stone.

‘Welcome. Fanatic believer.’

Taehyun concentrated his energy to the maximum while checking his gradually decreasing magical power.

After a while, I felt many footsteps approaching the secret passage.


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As expected, I was not alone.

Dozens of people entered through a secret passage.


‘These guys… .’

To the appearance of unexpected people.

Taehyun had no choice but to hesitate in the surprise attack.

* * *

A woman in a suit identified the body.

It was A-class Mine Dyke, a man who died with all the bones in his body crushed.

“He died. Judging from the residual magic response, it is clear that the skill is there.”

“What about the items?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Ryohei Isaka’s expression crumpled after hearing the woman’s report.

“It’s difficult. “Spread out and search.”

At his command, the main body of the escort, including the women, quickly dispersed.

“Tch. They said we were going to meet here. Annoying… .”

Ryohei Isaka was spitting on the floor and swearing.

For a moment he stopped talking.


He raised his magical power and activated the skill ‘Stealth’.


A body that disappears as if assimilated into its surroundings.

at the same time.

He made eye contact with Taehyun, who was watching from the corner.

“What are you doing there? “Player Kim Tae-hyun.”

There was sarcasm in his voice.

Taehyun’s body trembled in an unexpected situation.

‘Did you see through the secret?’

Even though no harm has yet been done to the body using the skill.

Taehyun realized that Ryohei Isaka was accurately specifying his location.


Taehyun, who had canceled his hiding, made a puzzled expression.

“what. How did you know? “The skills must have been perfect.”

Like a child caught by a tagger.

It was an innocent smile.

‘This bastard…’

A thin tendon rose on Isaka Ryohei’s forehead.


He also broke hiding and appeared.

“As the general manager of the escort, I ask once again. Why are you here? “Player Kim Tae-hyun.”

Ryohei Isaka’s hand went to the Japanese sword on his waist.

It was an expression of his intention to cut down mercilessly if he did not answer correctly.

Taehyun also strengthened his hand holding the talisman and took a step closer to him.

“Ah, it seems like things are going interesting. Could it be that demons are breaking into the West Point auction house? “There’s no benefit in being noticed by them for no reason, right?”

Ryohei Isaka raised the corners of his mouth at the sly answer.

“Oh dear. The auction house is currently in chaos due to a sudden terrorist attack. In times like these, S-rank players need to step up. You, who just got your license, are acting like this… “You can understand the level of the new Korea.”

It was an obvious provocation.

And this time, Taehyun also had a reason.

“haha… Whether it was before or now, it’s still as cheap as ever. “I don’t think this would come from someone who is called a demon.”

Cheezy. Crackling.

Sparks flew around Taehyeon and Ryohei Isaka due to their fierceness.

The intention is not to gather momentum like in the previous game, but to tear the opponent to pieces with all his might.

“I’m disappointed. For me, it meant that I wanted to at least borrow the help of a new Korean player.”

“You didn’t have the intention to stop it? “It feels uncomfortable to listen to bullshit.”

Taehyun shed his pretense and spoke coldly.

A sinister smile appeared on Ryohei Isaka’s face.

“Ha ha ha ha ha. You don’t have the heart to stop it? “If this mission fails, my image will suffer greatly?”


Seeing him making excuses until the end, Taehyun opened his magic.

“More than that, haven’t you seen a single auction item here? “It’s something called the Phoenix Potion.”

Ryohei Isaka asked as he unleashed his magic power.

The two people took a step closer to each other.

“well. “It has been like this since I came.”

“That’s right. That’s different from what I heard. “I heard you would be waiting for it.”


Ryohei Isaka’s Japanese sword, which was on his waist, was swung.


Taehyun’s talisman, which was being prepared, narrowly blocked it.

“How much did you agree to receive from the demons?”

“Hehe. You have nothing to know. “Where did the items get stolen?”

Ryohei Isaka, who revealed his true colors, changed into an expression that could be called a demon of manners.

“That kind of thing.”


Ryohei Isaka was pushed back by Taehyun’s fist using Stone Skin.

“After you beat me, ask me.”


Two S-rank players at the same time.



Stealth skill was used.

* * *

In a place where no one can see except those who have fallen.

Kyaang. Kyaang. Wow.

Taehyeon’s talisman and Isaka Ryohei’s Japanese sword clashed, making an eerie sound.

Both people were using stealth.

“I can’t believe you’ve managed to hide to this extent. “For a young guy, he’s pretty good.”

After saying that, Ryohei Isaka went behind Taehyeon and cut his back.


There were no significant injuries from Stoneskin, but I felt that the amount of magic I had used for defense was being drained.

‘This guy. I don’t feel any presence. Besides, I have full knowledge of my location.’

Taehyun widened his distance and frowned.

Unlike myself, who uses his senses to continue a close battle.

Ryohei Isaka knew Taehyeon’s location precisely.

Even in speed, he was slightly ahead of Taehyun.

‘Is there a difference in unique skill proficiency here?’

It is said that as you grow, the level of your skills increases.

Mastery was a matter of individual magic control.

There was bound to be a difference in the proficiency of Isaka Ryohei, who became an S-rank player with stealth as his main skill, and Taehyun, who only used it as an auxiliary skill.

‘The second skill proficiency is also quite impressive.’

Ryohei Isaka’s second skill, ‘Potency Release’.

To the extent that A-grade skills were used on items presumed to be unique.

It felt sharp enough to cut through cast iron.

If Taehyun hadn’t strengthened his body with stone skin, he would have been cut dozens of times more.

But still.

Taehyun was able to laugh.

Battles with the strong always bring growth.

This is because we have finally figured out Ryohei Isaka’s skills.

‘It’s not enough to use predation.’

At that moment, Ryohei Isaka flicked his tongue as if looking at some tasty food.

Just like Taehyun, he has also finished understanding Taehyun.

“Are you crazy to know the difference in rank? bantling.”

“That’s it. Let me ask you just one question. “Why would someone as strong as you join hands with a demon?”

“Tsk… Sigh. That’s a stupid question. “Isn’t it because he’s strong?”

“Tsk. “You’re a kid.”

Ryohei Isaka, a similar age to himself in his previous life.

Taehyun looked at him and cursed.

Talented enough to become an S-rank player.

It was pathetic that this guy could only use something like this.

“Hey, this is not the time to be laughing like that. “Don’t think that just because they are S-ranked they are all at the same level.”


Ryohei Isaka’s Japanese sword once again skimmed Taehyeon’s stone skin.

‘surely. This guy will be mid to low S grade.’

Convinced of the estimate, Taehyun checked the remaining magic power.


I used my newly acquired power.


[Use the skill Binding Chain (B). Explore your destination. The target has been specified.]


Taehyun’s eyes turned red after using the skill.

It was a change that Taehyun was not aware of.

at the same time.

Dozens of chains overflowing with dark red magic rushed towards Ryohei Isaka.


Ryohei Isaka was released from hiding as soon as he touched the chain.

He looked visibly embarrassed.

“Hey, what about S rank?”

Taehyun, with red eyes flashing, laughed at the trapped prey.

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