Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 23

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Episode 23

The plan to raise physical stats went smoothly.

If the opponent has awakened melee skills, mainly strength and stamina.

In the case of magic skill awakeners, stamina, speed, and magic power increased.

The hard work wasn’t in vain as my charm stat rose from time to time due to the unexpected feeling of awe.

Other test takers and supervisors who were unaware of this growth rate shook their heads.

Taehyun didn’t care about misunderstandings.

“Applicant Kim Tae-hyun. Would you like to continue to the next game?”


“Go over there and get treatment. Treatment time is 30 minutes. “Before that, I will let you know the opponent’s drawing.”

Although it was a tight schedule, I did not complain about the supervisor’s words.

Even though I knew this would happen, I was the one who continued the game.


I sat down on one side of the treatment room and looked around.

Every time the game progressed, the candidates were in complete disarray.

Association healers were busy rushing around to treat them.

Waiting for your turn.

I turned my attention to the stadium where hundreds of cages were lined up.

The second test is being conducted with skill clashing with skill and body clashing with body.

Among them.

Blah blah blah.

A pillar of ice rose above one cage, drawing attention.

It was Lim A-young who achieved victory less than 10 minutes after starting the fourth game.

Even the opponent was one of the S-class awakened people.

‘There is nothing that is not desirable among S-rank skills.’

I smiled as I looked at the ice pillar slowly melting.

The power she shows is truly overwhelming.

Last month.

I wonder if he was playing around, but his skill control has improved beyond what he expected.

Even Taehyun’s stats improved in the second test to the point where it was difficult to guarantee victory.

‘You can’t assume defeat before you even try.’

Taehyun shook his head and opened the status window.

Name: Taehyun Kim

Age: 19

Grade: C

Strength: 40 Stamina: 42 Speed: 40 Horsepower: 70 Charisma: 13

Fatigue: 77%

Remaining horsepower: 12/70


Predation (X) – Can prey on the desired target. Magic power: 15

Stone Skin (C) – Can strengthen the body. Magic Power: 9

Stealth (C) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 8

Paralysis (C) – Restrains the subject’s body. Magic power: 7

Lord’s Heart (C) – Increases party members’ abilities. Magic power: 10

‘The charm point has gone up a lot.’


A feeling that all of Taehyun’s opponents had.

‘Kids have really strange tastes. ‘I’m not a pervert.’

Emotions bloom in a muddy fight that pushes each other’s abilities to the limit.

That feeling was something stronger than friendship.

Regardless of men and women.

Everyone I dealt with consistently recommended shaking hands.

A friendship that blooms amid hardships.

‘Fuck that shit.’

The healer in charge of Taehyun approached.

“Candidate number 9200, Kim Tae-hyun. “You overextended yourself again.”

It was a woman I met after the second match.

She had a shocked expression on her face.

After all, it is only five hours since the exam started.

It was already famous among healers that Taehyun was acting rough.

“Because there are no easy opponents.”

The woman sighed as she showed an attitude that it was no big deal.

“Player qualifications are important, but… Even healing skills are not omnipotent. “If you play too hard like this, your body will eventually not be able to handle it.”

This is advice from a B-grade healer.

Taehyun returned the favor by bowing his head.

“Well, I’ll take note.”

“It seems like I’m only hearing it with one ear.”

“That can’t be right.”


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The healer’s grumbling words flowed through one ear.

‘I need to learn a recovery skill as well.’

Taehyun was making long-term plans.

at that time.

The speaker in the treatment room announced that the fifth match had been concluded.

“It’s too blatant to be a coincidence.”

The fifth opponent was Lim Ah-young.

* * *

Lim Ah-young was waiting at the cage entrance first.

“Is this a coincidence?”

“… … .”

Her silent eyes were calm and subdued, unlike before.

He was so calm that it was hard to believe that he had just faced an S-class awakened person in the previous match.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

“Taehyun Kim. “Is your recovery complete?”

She asked, looking over Taehyun’s tattered body.

This is because the training clothes provided became rags due to the rough play of the previous four games.

I received treatment from a B-class healer for 30 minutes.

The wound had recovered to some extent.

‘Probably 80% of the power it can produce, excluding predation.’

It was a fight worth fighting.

“I’m curious. “What were they thinking when they put on a show like this?”

Fifth game for both sides.

If you lose here, your hard-earned win will be cut off due to a penalty.

‘Lucky luck is an emissary.’

Taehyun composed himself and entered the cage.

At either end, two people waited for the start.

“I said I’m not your partner, right? Prove it. “I plan to do my best.”

She said with burning fighting spirit.

“Why so much?”

[5… 4… 3… 2… One… .]

The game began with the end of the countdown.

at the same time.


Cage froze.

* * *

“What are you doing?”

As soon as the game started, the cage froze.

No, it would be more accurate to say that it was surrounded by ice.

Unlike the ice pillars so thick that they cannot be seen from the outside.

Because there was only frost inside the cage.

It felt like I was trapped in an ice prison.

“Taehyun Kim. “A cane suits crooked children like you.”

Saying so.

She created a blunt object made of ice.


Lots of cards.

Grade B skills ‘Weapon Strengthening’ and ‘Body Strengthening’.

Two skills were used in succession.

Triple skill.

Magic control is not easy even for active players.


“Lim Ah-young. “Are you really a kid?”


Her blunt force split the air.

This was where Taehyun was just a moment ago.

at the same time.


Ayoung’s knee stuck on the guard.

Amazingly clean movement.

‘It’s pretty good, right?’

As Taehyun was pushed back, Ayoung, who chased after him, unleashed a shower of attacks.



Blunt weapons and kicks reinforced with B-grade skills constantly targeted vital points.

‘Is this what you are looking at? It’s so damn strong.’

This is Ayoung, who will grow into the SS rank of the future.

It seems like it’s very different.

Even though the main skill ‘Ice Age’ was not used, each attack was fatal.

‘Well, I wasn’t playing either.’

Quad deud deuk.

As more magical power was injected into Stoneskin, various parts of its body transformed into stone men.

Like Bae Hyuk-soo, an aggressive form without polishing the stone skin.

The difference was that it was shaped like a sharp awl in some places.

Taehyun used stealth and hid himself in the cage.

“Hide in Stoneskin. It’s not a bad combination. however.”

It snowed around Lim Ah-young.

Toouk. Toouk. Toouk.

“It doesn’t work for me.”

Stealth was canceled due to the piling snow.

Her hand was aimed precisely at Taehyun.

“Ice pillar.”

Blah blah blah.

Over Stoneskin.

Ayoung’s magical power froze Taehyun.

[Skill use has been detected. I got caught in Ice Age (S). The speed decreases.]

[Skill use has been detected. I got caught in Ice Age (S). Body temperature drops.]

[Skill use has been detected. I got caught in Ice Age (S). Stamina decreases.]

[Skill use has been detected. I got caught in Ice Age (S). Fatigue increases.]

[Withstands powerful attacks. Stamina increases by 1.]

With just one attack, countless messages surfaced.

‘really… You’re strong. This guy.’

Trying to force my body to move.

I realized the seriousness of the situation late.

What she was aiming for was not just this one defeat.

‘Are you planning to completely freeze them and prevent them from taking the second test? This crazy moralist… .’

Taehyun pounded his frozen leg with both fists.

Pieces of ice flew out along with the crack, and my stiffened leg began to move again.

“Do you think we’ll leave it like that!!!”

So so so so so.

As soon as I threw my body to the side, a new pillar of ice appeared.

If I hadn’t avoided it, the game would have ended just like that.

Taehyun’s head began to spin rapidly.

‘Predation is sealed. The monarch’s heart is of no use right now.’

All that remains is the skill ‘Paralysis’.

However, Taehyun’s achievements in paralysis skills are not high.

Of course, it has to reach the other person.

If you have an S-level body, you need to inject it into your body to see the effect.

But in a snowstorm like this.

Moreover, with his speed so low, there was no way he could reach Ayoung.

‘The method… How to approach… How to inject bodily fluids… .’


An idea passed through Taehyun’s mind.

A method that allows access and fluid injection at the same time.

A hopeless situation.

A strange smile appeared on my lips.

I poured 70% of my remaining magic power into Stoneskin.



Taehyun rushed towards Lim Ah-young.

It was time to throw a winning move.

* * *


“hey. Camera 250. “Make sure you gain visibility quickly.”

The supervisor who was watching the match between Taehyun and Lim Ayoung frowned.

Some supervisors even raised their voices.

Ice Age was used at the start of the game.

This is because I missed out on some great sights due to that skill.

The cold was so strong that even the other cages stopped playing.

“viewer. “Shouldn’t we intervene in this?”

“her. “I never thought I would be able to use this level of skill as a test taker.”

“It’s so powerful that even A-grade players are dangerous. There is no way candidate Kim Tae-hyun can survive.”

“Even if you survive, the physical aftereffects will be enormous. “I won’t be in good enough shape to play the next game.”

“Tsk. It’s a shame. “Is the rebellion of the muddy spoon this far?”

The supervisors were optimistic about Lim Ah-young’s victory.

It was judged that it would be impossible for a single candidate, especially a C-level awakened person, to handle a skill of this level of power.

When they were convinced and tried to stop the game.

Grumbling. Rumbling.

The ice that had frozen the cage began to melt.

“Looks like the game has already been decided.”

“Candidate No. 9200, Kim Tae-hyun. Is he okay? “Quickly send in healers!”

While shouting to clean up the place.

All of the ice pillars surrounding the cage melted.


Supervisors and test takers were left speechless by the sight that was revealed.

“uh… ?”

“What is that… .”

What caught their eyes.

Ayoung and Ayoung, whose arms were suppressed and were crushed… … .

It was Taehyun shoving a chunk of ice into her mouth.

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