Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 21

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Episode 21

Not knowing that he was being observed using the stealth skill.

Taehyun was aiming for the fifth admission ticket.

The guy who used the instantaneous detection skill came after me.

Taehyun easily dodged it and jumped right into the middle of the Colosseum.

If you subdue him like this and take the fifth exam ticket, the test will be over.

‘I can’t miss this great opportunity.’

It was a good opportunity to compete with S-class awakened people.


‘There is no sacrifice as big as S to make an impact.’

Since the test scores were given by the proctors, it was necessary to keep at least one S grade admission ticket for later use.

[Skill Stone Skin was used.]

fault. fault. Ta-tat.

In just three leaps, Taehyun approached the owner of the fifth test result he had marked.

at the same time.


Blue electricity struck the area as if to protect the caster.


Shin Yun-bok, who used the skill ‘Rage of the Thunder God’, pointed his finger at Tae-hyeon, who was hiding.

He had a relaxed expression, as if he could see through that much.

‘It’s pretty good.’

I only lightly brushed it while using Stoneskin.

Nevertheless, the arm that touched it tingled as if it had received an electric shock.

“If you want to come in, come in.”

Shin Yun-bok grinned and gestured, but Tae-hyun did not respond to the provocation.

Rather, I unlocked the stealth skill I was using.

This is because I know that the location is being read anyway due to the spark generated by the ‘Rain God’s Wrath’.

In that case, it was better to save a little bit of magical power.

“I collected four admission tickets, so why dare you attack me? Are you crazy? or not… .”



“you… .”

Fazizik. Pajik. Pajijik.

Taehyun spun around and threw a piece of the ground that rolled like a stone.

What was just a simple stone, when combined with Taehyun’s stats using stone skin, gave off the same power as a shot put.

Shin Yun-bok frowned and surrounded himself with a barrier of lightning.

I controlled the skill with my other hand and struck the thunderbolt.

bang. bang. bang. Quang.


“What the fuck!!”

Taehyun’s quick movements only harmed the nearby test takers.

Fazizik. bang.

Pajijijik. Quang.

“haha… What is that… .”

“Isn’t this movement unusual?”

“Taehyun Kim. A C-rank awakened person who can avoid S-rank skills… .”

The supervisors watching from beyond the Colosseum burst into laughter at the unexpected sight.

This is a Colosseum where countless skills are overused and there is a lot of confusion.

Even if you are a high-level active player, it is a dangerous place.

Things started to get organized with two test takers.

“You rat!! “Why don’t you try avoiding this too!!!”

Shin Yun-bok’s blitz, which used a wide range of skills, ended up chasing one person, Tae-hyun, and Tae-hyun was shaking the Colosseum.

‘The anger of the Thunder God. If only I could feast on this.’

With that thought in mind, he threw another five rocks.

Dismissal!! Dismissal!! Dismissal!! Facet!! scrap paper… … .

The powerfully flying stone was unable to penetrate Shin Yun-bok’s barrier and was reduced to dust.

Just one.

The last stone thrown did not turn into dust and bounced beyond the barrier.

The corners of Taehyun’s mouth rose as he watched this.

I felt that it was finally time to end this boring game of tag.

Avoiding another lightning strike, I picked up a rock that was twenty times the size of the previous one with both hands.



“Ugh… !”

Shin Yun-bok groaned as he blocked a boulder flying at incredible speed.

Perhaps because the magic power had dropped to less than half, not even half of the stone was destroyed.

It was natural for that much damage to accumulate on the body through the barrier.

Kwaang!! Kwaang!! Kwaaaang!!!


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It only took a moment to change the face of the battle.

Shin Yun-bok was on the defensive to the point where he had to keep his feet on the ground and focus only on defense.

“This bastard… A low-level move… .”

There were quite a few people in Busan who were rumored to be S-class awakeners and came to fight.

However, they all bowed down with an overwhelming difference in skill.

Overwhelming talent.

With that alone, 19-year-old Shin Yun-bok almost defeated the Busan teenagers.

He was not used to dog fights like this.

“Yoonbok. “Did Gwangan Bridge collapse?”

‘What kind of thing…? Wow… !!’

Is it because I was distracted by this provocation?

Shin Yun-bok’s barrier was broken, and at the same time, scattered fragments hit his entire body.

Taehyun’s sword approached in that gap and hit the back of the neck.


Shin Yun-bok’s body collapsed helplessly.

“boy. Why does a healthy bridge suddenly collapse?”

Rummage and rummage.

I searched the arms of Shin Yun-bok, who had fainted.

Taehyun, who added four admission tickets, raised his hand.

[Candidate No. 9200, Kim Tae-hyeon. I passed the first test.]

Taehyun’s name rang loudly in the Colosseum.

It was about 20 minutes after the first test started.

* * *

30 minutes after Taehyun heads to the waiting room for active duty applicants.

The first test has ended.

Of the nine thousand nine hundred and fifty test takers, eight thousand eight hundred and fifty failed.

‘I always say that the difficulty level of our country’s exams is extreme.’

Just looking at the neighboring countries of Japan and China, at least 1,000 players are born every year.

The death rate of players is high, but these days, the number of players is evaluated as a national strength.

New Korea is going against that trend.

“Nonsense! “I got four too!!”

“Ssssssssssssssss!!! “I’ve been waiting for this test for so long!!”

“I am a B-class awakened person! There’s no way I’m falling!!”

“Tell the president of the association to come out!!”

Immediately after the test ended, test takers appeared who were unable to accept reality.

A test that only takes place once a year.

This was a somewhat expected backlash as the test results came out immediately.

‘It doesn’t seem like anyone else’s business. Still, it’s dangerous if it comes out like that.’

Taehyun clicked his tongue as he looked at the hundreds of test takers acting unruly.

at that time.

Shin Yun-bok, the man who found Tae-hyun, shouted.

“You coward! Stick again!! There’s no way I can lose to a guy like you!!!!”

Shin Yun-bok, who was shaking, came over and grabbed Tae-hyeon by the collar.

“ha… It’s ugly, Yunbok. “It’s going to be a long way to Busan, so let’s not waste our energy.”

It was a simple provocation, but Shin Yun-bok was out of his mind.

It was natural that the string of reason I was holding on to was broken.


I’m so sorry!!!!

It lives up to its name, Thunder God’s Wrath.

Electricity began to fly through Shin Yun-bok’s enraged body.

Papa pa pa pa paak.

Electricity struck Taehyun’s body as he used Stone Skin.

‘Tsk… If I had been hit directly when I was fine, I would have retired right away, right?’

at the same time.

The message I was waiting for came to mind.


[Withstands powerful attacks. Stamina increases by 1.]


The corners of his mouth rose.

It’s always nice to see a message that your stats are rising.

However, Stoneskin would not have been able to withstand if it was hit directly by this attack once more.

At that moment, there was a man walking in front of Taehyun, who got up.

“Get to that point, candidate 202.”

A man with a wooden sword on his shoulder.

He said this to Shin Yun-bok, who had lost his temper.

Taehyun opened his eyes wide when he saw the man’s face.

‘no way… Park Seong-jin?’

Seongjin Park.

An S-rank player in New Korea and a top ranker who will reach SS-rank in the near future.

The public opinion was that his martial arts skills were comparable to Japan’s national power player Shinji Nakata.

There’s no way a normal test taker wouldn’t recognize it.

Shin Yun-bok had lost his senses to the point where he could not recognize Park Seong-jin.


It’s a joke!!!

Dozens of lightning bolts targeted Park Seong-jin.



Except Taehyun.

A technique so fast that no one notices.

Without even knowing what happened to me.


Shin Yun-bok’s body collapsed.


Taehyun swallowed his dry saliva quietly.

‘This is a true S-rank player.’

Of course, S-class awakeners and A-class players.

Its strength is on a different level from that of A-grade demons.

Everyone trembled before that overwhelming power.

Taehyun was the same.

‘This is the next step I need to overcome.’


Suddenly, strength went into the hand that clenched into a fist.

Either that or not.

Park Seong-jin, who left Shin Yun-bok alone, opened his mouth.

“Hey kids. “Is it difficult to come out like this?”

“Bah, Park Seongjin… .”

“Seed… punishment… .”

They are rioters who seemed like they were going to destroy everything just a moment ago.

They started shaking.

That time when everyone was silent and avoiding eye contact.

A man boasting massive muscles stepped forward.

“Fuck you!! I want you to touch me too!! Go out right away and tell reporters… .”

The moment when a man with reckless courage unleashes his magic power to use a skill.



The man’s arm fell.


“Is what I said funny? Candidate No. 1257.”

Then a fountain of blood spurts out.

A man who lost one arm cried out in the fountain.

“Aaaah!!! My arm!!!!”

“Hey, did you have that much determination to become a player?”

Park Seong-jin clicked his tongue and opened his mouth once again.

“Article 12 of the Player Testing Act. Candidates are aware that they may lose their lives at any time during the test and are expected to accept any damage resulting from this. “You guys signed it too, right?”

He mentioned the candidate contract.

At the same time, a tremendous amount of magical energy was released.


As if to strengthen gravity, the number of test takers kneeling here and there increased.

‘Tsk… Is there even a spirit-type skill? .’

I felt dizzy along with a headache.

The moment when Taehyun’s knees, which had been holding up for quite some time, were about to bend.

“Player Seongjin Park. Let’s stop there. If this continues, all test takers will faint.”

Another association employee came forward and calmed him down.

Some had already fainted, and the S-class awakeners were also kneeling and panting.

‘It’s ridiculously strong.’

I felt the dizziness subside.

Taehyun looked at Park Seongjin.

A goal that you will surpass in the near future.

Park Seong-jin was also conscious of Tae-hyun.

It only lasts less than 10 seconds.

Just because he released his energy, all the test takers fell to their knees.

Even those S-class awakened people were said to be outstanding.

‘But this guy in number 9200 survived?’

Even though it was closest to me.

Park Seong-jin looked at Tae-hyun with an interested expression.

It has been five years since I participated as a player test proctor.

I felt like I had finally found a talented person who could be my opponent.

“Number 9200. “What’s your name?”

Park Seong-jin, with a wooden sword on his shoulder, asked.

Taehyun’s face twitched at the unexpected question.

“Kim Tae-hyun.”

The near future.

Asia Player Ranking TOP 10.

It was the first meeting of the two men who would be named there.

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