Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 20

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Episode 20

Player Certification Test.

Or a player license test.

The test content changes every year.

As for the location, it was always held in a building on the outskirts of Seoul.

It was for the safety of the test takers who would face all sorts of hardships for a week.

The test site was equipped with state-of-the-art medical and security equipment, and the best players were stationed there in case of an emergency.

“The number of participants this year is no joke.”

Reporter Kim, commonly known as Reporter Kim, a man with a lot of experience working at a small and medium-sized magazine, muttered as he watched the test takers entering the test room with enthusiastic cheers.

Due to tight security, it is impossible for outsiders to know what happens in the testing center or who passes until the test is over.

That is why today, candidates from all over the country gather to take the exam. This moment.

Numerous reporters camped out in front of the test center and filmed the test takers.

A place whose name appears in the media every year.

Also called player exam.

The name Gosi was given because many aspirants spend their youth trying to obtain qualifications.

Including longevity students, the number was close to 10,000 this year.

“The number of applicants is no joke.”

“Hey~ Reporter Kim. “You were there first, yes.”

“Reporter Park. “Did you get any usable photos?”

In response to Reporter Kim’s question, Reporter Park, who was once his classmate but moved to a major media company, grinned.

“Hehe. “I’m on my way after finishing an interview with candidate Shin Yun-bok a little while ago.”

“what?!! Uh, how?”

Reporter Kim, who had not been able to find any significant harvest for three hours, asked in disbelief.

Shin Yun-bok, an S-rank awakened student from Busan High School.

He has been a hot topic in the media along with other S-class awakeners for a month now.

At the same time, with the association’s personal protection program in effect, it was difficult for reporters from small and medium-sized magazines like reporter Kim to gain access.

“It turned out that our manager had ties. Since this is an exclusive interview, I can’t reveal the details yet. haha.”

Reporter Park smiled sheepishly, but Reporter Kim did not know that behind it all, he was showing off his company and position.

‘shit. ‘If only I had awakened slightly better skills.’

Having discovered the E-level skill ‘typing’, he had a history of being repeatedly rejected by major media companies.

There is no reason to hire E-grade skill awakeners when there are a lot of C and B grade skill awakeners with good academic background and good skills.

Reporter Kim felt skeptical on the inside, but did not show it on the outside.

“By the way, the competition will be particularly fierce this year. “There are ten S-class awakened people.”

“These days, kids’ abilities are leveling upward compared to ours. Also, rumor has it that the third test location will be moved?”

“I wonder how President Ji Jin-hee will treat the candidates this time.”

Reporter Kim was an avid follower of Ji Jin-hee, who serves as the president of the New Korea Players Association.

A man who builds a wall between himself and politics, who are obsessed with fighting over the food bowl, and moves only for the security of the new Korea.

The bravery he showed during his active service was so amazing that he was even evaluated as the second coming of Chungmugong.


“But our country still has a long way to go. Because it is true that there are fewer players than in Japan, which is making such a fuss right now.”

The New Korea Player Test is a test that considers quality rather than quantity of players and is particularly difficult compared to other countries.

Therefore, there were many people who were not happy with the way Chairman Ji Jin-hee of the association handled the affairs without Yudori.

Reporter Park was also one of those types.

At that time, with a loud noise, the reporters’ eyes turned to one place.

“I’m Lee Gil-san, a grade A awakened person!!”

“S-rank awakened Lim Ah-young is also coming in!!”

“Guards, get out of the way!! “Let’s just take a picture!!”

“Oh, I guess I’ll just go now.”

Reporter Park said that and squeezed in between the reporters.

Reporter Kim tried to follow along, but he was already one step behind and the association’s employees stopped him.

click. click. click. click.

In an instant, the sound of the shutter filled the room.

‘Oh, no… .’

Reporter Kim tried hard to press the shutter button, but it was impossible to get a decent photo from this distance.

The line of test takers was cut off in an instant without any significant result.

“Now let’s withdraw quickly. “It seems like all of the Named applicants got in.”

“How about going somewhere and having a glass of makgeolli?”

“Okay. ha ha ha.”

After picking up the news items one by one and leaving, the only person left at the scene was reporter Kim.

‘Fuck… ‘Can I continue to be a reporter?’

While I was thinking about that in front of the empty exam room, a man walked up from afar.

Although he was wearing jeans and a gray hoodie, it was not difficult to tell that he had a young face.

For a moment, I glanced at the outfit that did not look like a player exam candidate.

The man passed by reporter Kim in an instant.

“uh? uh… Student, wait… !!”

“You mean me?”

“Ho, are you by any chance a candidate for the player exam?”

The man nodded his head indifferently in response to reporter Kim’s question.


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‘this child… ‘Are you not nervous?’

Reporter Kim, who had been feeling skeptical about his job, began to regain his senses for the first time in a long time.

“If it’s okay with you, how about doing an interview with me? Oh, I’m Kim from SY Economy… .”

“sorry. “There isn’t much time left.”

Reporter Kim shouted at the man who tried to ignore him and pass by.

“3 minutes!! It only takes 3 minutes!! I promise I won’t ask you any questions that are harmful to you!! “I won’t even record it!!”

With those words, reporter Kim used skill typing.

E-level typing skill that allows you to quickly write down what the other person is saying.

It is usually treated as a trivial skill, but at this moment, it was more useful than any other skill.

The man who checked the magic wave smiled faintly.

“great. There are now 2 minutes and 50 seconds left. “Let’s give it a try.”

It was Taehyun’s first interview in his life, short but powerful.

* * *

“Applicant Kim Tae-hyun. It’s 1 minute before the test starts. Come this way.”

Taehyun entered the exam room and walked towards the huge coliseum under the guidance of the proctor.

The test takers who had already arrived were scattered here and there.

‘As expected, it’s a good thing I came late.’

Taehyun burst into laughter as he remembered the interview from a while ago.

I knew there were reporters lined up at the entrance.

It is also true that the media creates words according to their own taste for profit.

However, the look in the eyes of reporter Kim a little while ago did not at least look like someone who writes carelessly.

That’s why I agreed to the interview.

‘I guess I’ll have to create an image little by little.’

Taehyun’s goal is to surpass New Korea and become the best player in the world.

To do this, some help from large guilds or associations was needed.

This is because they are the only ones who have accumulated top-quality equipment and items.

‘There might be an item there that will unlock the seal of predation.’

Taehyun opened the status window, remembering the predation that had yet to be unsealed.

Name: Taehyun Kim

Age: 19

Grade: C

Strength: 36 Stamina: 36 Speed: 35 Horsepower: 65 Charisma: 5

Fatigue: 4%

Remaining horsepower: 65/65


Predation (X) – Can prey on the desired target. Magic power: 15

Stone Skin (C) – Can strengthen the body. Magic Power: 9

Stealth (C) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 8

Paralysis (C) – Restrains the subject’s body. Magic power: 7

Lord’s Heart (C) – Increases party members’ abilities. Magic power: 10

Even though I trained hard for a month, I was unable to break the seal of predation.

Instead, the stats of strength, stamina, and speed gradually increased.

Although the difference is small compared to when the grade goes up.

From the beginning, it was an unusual case to raise physical stats by raising the grade.

As a result, Taehyun’s body boasted stronger muscles than compared to a month ago.

at that time.

“Kim Tae-hyun.”

Lim Ah-young approached Tae-hyeon, who was looking at the status window.

“It’s been a while, class president.”

Taehyun said, glancing at her in blue training clothes.

On the other hand, there was confusion in Lim Ah-young’s eyes as she looked at Tae-hyeon’s body.

“you… That body… .”

“I did some training.”

‘This is a little bit?’

The moment Ayoung was about to ask that question.

[welcome!! Young people who will carry the future of the new Korea!!]

The Colosseum comfortably accommodates even close to 10,000 people.

A loud voice echoed throughout the Colosseum.

[For the first test, the admission ticket is taken away. Each person will have an admission ticket attached to their chest. Collect five of them, including your own. From the moment your admission ticket is taken away, you will fail the exam. The time limit is one hour. Out of nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five applicants, only one thousand will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. As long as it is not murder, the means and method do not matter. Then, the first test begins!!!]



“Is this really the beginning?”

Stealing exam tickets.

The time limit is one hour.

Nearly 10,000 test takers began to murmur at the sudden start of the exam.

As some quick-witted test takers used their skills, screams rang out from all directions.


Lim Ah-young’s skill ‘Ice Age’ was activated, and huge ice froze the Colosseum.

Taehyun, who had anticipated this entire situation, stepped back and used ‘Stealth’.


‘Lim Ah-young. ‘Did you really intend to drop it?’

Even though S-rank skills are unfolding before our eyes.

Taehyun was not embarrassed.

* * *

“That’s amazing. “He is indeed an S-class awakened person.”

Inspector’s seat at the back of the Colosseum.

There, players selected by proctors were watching the first test.

It was truly a melee.

And what really stood out in that melee was the skills of the S-class awakened people.

The number of test failures was rapidly increasing due to the overwhelming skill display.

“At this rate, I won’t even need an hour.”

“It seems that the rumor that you are of the same blood as guild leader Yoo Ah-young is true. I can’t believe I already have that much control in my teens… .”

“Oh~ Shin Yun-bok’s control is also quite good. “It really lives up to its name.”

“It looks like Lee Gil-san is also passing the test.”

Everyone expressed their admiration when looking at the skills of the S or A grade candidates.

“Deputy Director Go, who are you looking at?”

The examiner asked, turning his head in the direction where Go Tae-wook’s gaze was directed.

Camera number 927.

The installed cameras are equipped with a level A detection function.

The camera showed Taehyun using his stealth skill to obtain his second exam certificate through a surprise attack.

“Hmm… Hiding. It’s a good skill, but at a time like now where top-tier skills are rampant… .”

“It’s distracting. be quiet.”

Go Tae-wook’s cold words instantly made the surroundings quiet.


Go Tae-wook seemed not to care about the reactions of those around him, and just focused on Tae-hyeon, who was getting his third test admission ticket.

Taehyun obtains his fourth admission ticket at the Colosseum, where top-level skills abound.

His face was smiling.

As if the test were a fun game.

National power players who left a mark on history in their own way.

Most of the time, what they showed in the player test overlapped with Taehyun’s current appearance.

With Taehyun’s future achievements.

‘It looks like I was taken by a huge kid.’

It was Ko Tae-wook who had goosebumps on his back.

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