Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1176

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Episode 1177

It was a truly strange composition.

Necromancer Ezel is completely incapacitated and sits down, and Priest Moze is trying to place his right hand on him.

And even Saint Lethe came between the two and snatched Moses’ wrist.

“Massage? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

When Moje answered calmly, Lethe laughed.

After pushing Eisel to the brink of being thrown out, Moses attempted to use his right hand, known as the ‘Hand of God’.

For a necromancer, a blessing loaded with vast divinity is extremely poisonous. Even if you touch it in a perfect state, you cannot guarantee life or death, and it would have been dangerous if you touched it in a state of complete health.


She closed her eyes tightly and suppressed her boiling anger for once, then opened her eyes and looked at Azel.

“… … .”

Azel, who was dying, was looking up at Lethe blankly. Lethe smiled as her eyes met his.

“You have worked hard to get this far.”

No sooner had Lethe finished saying those words.


A starlight flew from the side and crashed into Azel’s body. Azel flew away with his eyes wide open and fell down with a crashing sound.

<Dark Coalition Representative No. 3, Azel Bringer, was eliminated.>

His body turned blue, and a teleportation magic circle spread out on the floor.

Azel’s physical strength was at its limit to the point where he was knocked out by just that level of attack.

“why… … .”

Azel also guessed what the situation was and shook his pupils.

She just saved her life.


Before Azel could say anything, his body was engulfed in a flash of light and he was completely removed from Underling’s Lake Forest.

It was the moment when the second eliminated member of the Dark Alliance and the fourth eliminated person overall appeared.

“… … .”

Moze expressionlessly watched Eisel disappear, then turned his eyes to stare at Lethe.

“What is this?”

Lethe smiled back.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

There was a slight crack in Moje’s indifferent expression, but it was quickly repaired.

“Why did you send Ethan back?”

“I didn’t send it back, I just finished it off with my attack. Oh, if you care about achievements, don’t worry. “I’ll give you what you caught.”

“Doing something like this-”

Moje stuck out his head as if provoking.

“Do you think His Holiness the Pope and the archbishops of the Left Cathedral will accept this?”

“You are a bastard.”

Lethe did not give up and stuck her head right in front of him.

“Do you think I will tolerate you disobeying my order to refrain from killing?”

The two people’s blazing gazes collided.

It was an atmosphere in which they felt ready to throw lethal weapons at each other at any moment.

“… … .”

But now this is the Rune League, and the leader of the Holy Federation national team is clearly Lethe.

No matter who was behind Moje, what orders he received or what thoughts he had, he could not defeat Lethe for a cause.

Moses, whose wrist was still being held, opened his mouth.

“Let go.”

The moment Lethe smiled and let go of his wrist.


A comet whose size was incomparable to the one that hit Azel flew down and dragged his body into a nearby rock wall.

The earth shook and thick dust rose up.

Lethe lowered her hand and responded calmly.

“Yes, I let it go.”

Coo coo coo coo!

A large star-shaped hole had formed in the rock he hit. Inside, a certain person was walking out, looking fine, holding the back of his neck.

“Mose del Beatus.”

Lethe opened her mouth in a soft yet serious voice.

“I’m warning you. “There is no mercy twice for disobeying orders.”

“… … .”

Moses rubbed his eyes with a tired expression. * * *

Same time.


Number 6 of the Holy Federation, Hamiel, was trembling and walking away with a pale face, falling on his butt.

Around her, the spirits that seemed to be covered in white robes had all disappeared, leaving only the robes remaining on the ground.

Standing there is Number 7 of the Dark Alliance, Elijah.

All the trees and megaliths around him had been cut down.

Jump and jump.

Elijah approaches in pitch darkness. Hamiel waved his hand urgently.

“Now, wait a minute! conversation! Let’s start with the conversation! I will give up the occupied territory! The remit is just… … !”


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A gust of wind blew and lifted Elijah’s long bangs.

Brilliant fluorescent eyes that looked like jewels were staring at her.


Hamiel trembled.

The vocal band lost its entire strength. The author was strong, but the compatibility was also terribly bad.

The moment she tried to run away and gathered her legs together.


Elijah approached her like an afterimage and stepped on her head. Boom! A large crater appears with a sound, and Hamiel gasps! She made a sound and vomited her blood foam.

“Wow! omg!”

“… … Priest.”


Elijah raised his hands.

Blood began to flow steadily into his palms.

“They all deserve to be eliminated.”



The moment when Hamiel felt death and fell into despair.


The pure white greatsword flew like lightning, tore through the blood aggregates that Elijah had collected, and landed on the ground with a loud bang.

Elijah, whose technique was canceled, stumbled and took a step back due to the recoil.



A hand was placed on his shoulder.

Ancient Undead, Simon, wearing the Bone Armor of Fear, let out a long breath and opened his mouth.

[There is no need to kill.]

“… … .”

After hearing those words, Elijah stretched out his arms without hesitation.

He tried to do something, but seemed to give up when Simon appeared.

Simon raised the tip of his index finger.

‘Open the door.’


A tentacle covered in metal rose from the floor and lightly cut Hamiel’s shoulder.

With that alone, her body turned blue and the teleportation magic circle was activated.

<No. 6 of the Holy Federation team, Hamiel, was eliminated.>

The third person from the Holy Federation and the fifth person eliminated overall was number 6, Hamiel.

She fell to the ground, looked at Simon with a slightly surprised face, and with that, she disappeared from the lake forest.


Simon pushed up his helmet to reveal his face and looked at Elijah, who was walking away with his back turned.

“Talk to me for a moment. “Elijah.”

“… … .”

“You just tried to kill Hamiel, right?”

Just that attack.

No matter how you think about it, it was an unnecessary attack for Hamiel, who was completely incapacitated. Elijah stopped walking and turned completely to look at Simon.

“I just did my best on my mission.”

A somewhat unique yet hoarse voice came out.

“If you don’t like how I handle things, you don’t have to use me.”

Elijah just answered like that and walked back toward the occupied area. Simon let out a long sigh and placed his hands on his waist.

‘Realistically, that would be difficult.’

In Rune League, preventing killing is important, but winning is also important.

There is only circumstantial evidence that he tried to kill Hamiel. He cannot exclude Elijah simply because he wants to prevent killings. He won’t convince many people watching Rune League.

There is still no way to know what Elijah’s purpose is. However, there is no choice but to use someone with enough skill to overwhelm Holy Federation number 6, Hamiel, 1:1.

‘It would be best to show up at a critical moment like now and stop it, but it’s not easy.’

When Simon and Lethe first met in the Rune League’s ‘Cave of Beginnings’, there was one thing they agreed on, including the story of joining together.

Currently, the two have set up an information network throughout the Lake Forest here in Underling. Simon freed Erzsebet and the corpse spiders, and Lethe freed a divine beast with excellent information acquisition skills.

If a group breaks in while they are running each other’s information networks, or if a representative from either side attempts to kill them, they will inform each other and stop them.

Of course, the competition for victory will be fierce, but we will do our best to ensure that this Rune League does not become the starting point of war as the organization wants.

‘Let’s stay alert.’

On the second day, I tried to fully rest, but I couldn’t let down my guard either. Simon is walking again wearing Peer’s helmet.


A gust of wind blew and enveloped Simon.

‘This… … !’

Simon’s eyes widened.

The wind began to whisper in his ear.

-This year’s Holy Federation team happens to be made up of strange guys. As someone said, it can be said to be a walking mental ward.

-A blessing priest who only blesses himself and not others.

-I just refined my blessings. A blessing that was too great was a curse. Of course, it is limited to the general population.

-… … .

-… … .

Simon, who was listening to various stories, closed his eyes tightly.

Information about the very important mother.

However, the wind was lighter than usual. A phenomenon that occurs when the caster of black magic disappears. It seemed like it was a gift sent to Azel right before he was killed.

‘… … Thank you, and thank you for your hard work. ‘Senior Azel.’

The information he risked his life to convey will not be made meaningless.

Simon strengthened his resolve and walked forward. * * *

On the second day, fierce fighting continued until the ‘truce period’ approached.

The Holy Federation team tenaciously tried to defend the territory of the Dark Federation they had occupied, as if avenging the humiliation of having their base occupied on the first day, and the Dark Federation team also used its last strength to drive them out.

However, by the time the Holy Federation team was driven out, everyone’s jet black was almost completely exhausted, and there was no jet black left to devote to the occupation.

The second day of the intense Rune League ended, and the truce period began.

The delegates as well as the audience who had been immersed without sleep for almost 20 hours were beside themselves. They were shouting and clapping at the top of their lungs.

This is the cave of beginning.

The host who was relaying the situation said.

“The second day was truly intense! Then I’ll tell you how it goes!”

As he waved his arm, the number of occupied territories was revealed on the mana screen.

<Number of territories>

Dark Alliance: 3.

(1A, 2B, 3C.)

Holy Federation: 6.

(7A, 6A, 6B, 5A, 3A, 2A.)

On the second day, the number of territories was superior to the Holy Federation. Hot cheers poured out from the Holy Federation crowd.

“What do you think? Lord Ventress!”

In response to that question, Rune League Association Chairman Ventress came forward and explained.

“I think the main thing was the Holy Federation’s general offensive. Day 1 was a great victory for the Dark Alliance, but the main forces of the Dark Alliance had to take a break. The Federation took advantage of that opportunity. In particular, I think it was very important that while Representative Tergon No. 3 made a great performance by tying up three members of the Dark Alliance, Representative Rephaim No. 4 quickly occupied the Dark Alliance’s occupied territory.”

The host nodded.

“The Dark Alliance could have gone into an even worse direction than it is now!”

“That’s right. Fortunately, the flow changed significantly after CEO Azel arrived after taking a break. We overturned the unfavorable situation and changed the matchup to favor the Dark Alliance. We also perfectly exploited Representative Tergon’s weaknesses. Of course, in the end, he will be regretful that he was defeated.”

“Thank you for your words! Then, here are the representative eliminations for the second day!”


Dark Alliance: No. 3 Azel Bringer, No. 9 Claudia Menzies.

Holy Federation: No. 3 Tergon Corum Samarkand, No. 5 Diana Mullaney, No. 6 Hamiel.

<Total number of people>


This time, cheers poured out from the Dark Alliance audience.

“ah! “The Dark Alliance side has slightly more representatives survived!”

Ventress nodded.

“Yes, I think capturing the Tergon representative from the Dark Alliance is quite a big score. Above all, it was an amazing achievement to capture the outstanding firepower players Diana and Hamiel. That is why the Holy Federation entered the Dark Federation with the acquisition of occupied territory as their top priority, and in the process, three people were eliminated.”

“But the damage from the Dark Alliance appears to be great!”

Ventress cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

“As I mentioned earlier, it is unfortunate that CEO No. 3, Azel, who was the solution to all situations and was in charge of communication and movement, was defeated on the second day. Although they suffered the same 3 times, I think the Dark Federation will be a little more hurt than the Holy Federation, which lost its Tergon representative. Representative number 9, Claudia, was also greatly affected. “Throughout the second day, the representative of Arendia was building the castle and walls and deploying barriers, and the representative of Cliudia was in charge of the Dark Alliance’s siege.”

The host who heard those words nodded vigorously and clapped his hands.

“The Holy Federation has the upper hand in terms of number of occupied territories! The Dark Alliance has the upper hand in terms of number of people! Sir Ventress, which do you think is more advantageous?”

At those words, the crowd instantly became quiet.

The moment has come to make a statement that can be quite sensitive. Ventress glared slightly at the host, but he quickly sighed and answered.

“I think it is premature to say who has the advantage because the direction of each strategy is completely different. However, on the first day of the Rune League, the Dark Federation had an overwhelming advantage, but on the second day, the situation became even, so looking at the second day alone, I would say that the Holy Federation fought a little better.”

“Thank you for your words! Then, let’s share our opinions with others!”

Jump and jump

There was one person coming up onto the stage.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Suddenly, the murmur among the audience grew louder, and soon an explosion of astonishment rang out.

“oh my god! Goddess!”

“Why is that horrible person here?”

Everyone here watched him with tense faces.

That person is.

“The Saint of Judgment of the Holy Federation! Dana has come to the Cave of Beginnings!”

With hair as gorgeous as flames and wearing silver paladin armor, she walked with a graceful gait to the cave of beginning and looked down at the people.

It felt like something uproar was about to happen.

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