Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1177

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Episode 1178

A woman with hair as gorgeous as a blazing flame and wearing silver paladin armor arrived at the cave of beginning with a graceful gait and looked down at the people.

Dana, the saint of judgment.

The residents of the Holy Federation were reacting in a way that was so exasperating that they almost turned black, while the residents of the Dark Federation had completely hardened expressions and only rolled their pupils.

That’s because one of the most dangerous people in the hostile Holy Federation was here.

The host quickly approached her.

“iced coffee! I am so honored that the renowned Saint Dana agreed to an interview! Looking at the current situation of the Rune League, would you dare to ask for your opinion on which side would be more advantageous?”

The host bowed and held out a loudspeaker crystal ball. She blurted out what that meant.

“I didn’t see it.”

“yes yes?”

“Even if it’s great, isn’t it a proxy war at the student level?”

Sweat poured down the host’s entire body at the unexpected answer. Dana, who saw the host drying up like a sick plant, looked at the mana screen with an expression like handing coins to a beggar and then spoke.

“It is the supremacy of the Holy Federation.”

“Hmm, why do you think that… … .”

“The shape of this battlefield, and Moses del Beatus. Need more explanation? “It’s as if it’s already over.”

Dana only thought of the Rune League as a tool to bring out the organization that was disrupting the Holy Federation, and she didn’t care about winning or losing or the process.

I didn’t like the fact that the battlefield was fixed in the first place. The Dark Alliance was unlucky. If it had been him, he would have retreated and faced the enemy in another battlefield, but that was impossible and the fact that he had to compete within this was a limitation of the Rune League.

So Dana was not impressed.

“The reason I came up here myself was for another reason.”

She scanned the crowd.

“From now on, we will be conducting random screening of all visitors here. “I have intelligence that there is a hidden organization here.”

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

At those words, the audience began to whisper with stern faces.


It was a continental terrorist group whose name had now become an object of fear.

“What are you talking about!”

At that time, a man who appeared to be a noble of the Dark Alliance shouted angrily.

“If the Holy Federation thought they could detain and interrogate the residents of the Dark Federation… … !”

“Ah, everyone, this way.”

Squishy, ​​squishy.

Directly across from Dana, a man wearing a crow cloak was walking out, chewing on a tree branch.

This time it was Quinter, a crow agent from Keygen headquarters.

“We need you to participate in the joint investigation. “If you cooperate quickly, we will finish it before the start of the third day of the league.”

That’s how large-scale unexamination began.

One by one, spectators stood up from their seats and stood in a long line to undergo investigations, including physical and horsepower tests.

“What kind of sudden lightning is this?”

“I know.”

Neutral Zone employees working in the Cave of Beginnings were also busy carrying various items and food ingredients.

One of them.

“… … .”


At the Rune League opening ceremony, a traditional dancer was standing alone in a corner, holding a communication crystal ball.

“… … “What about Hieromir?”

For a dancer’s voice, it was quite an eerie voice.

After a while, a reply was heard from the crystal sphere.

[There is no movement yet. My queen.]


When the hood was lifted, a woman with dark skin and a tattoo on her forehead appeared.

Ciel, the desperate savior.

she was here

She had infiltrated here under orders to block or eliminate the actions of Hieromir, a savior who had openly declared that he would attack the Rune League in defiance of orders from the higher-ups of the Order.

“Dana and Quinter are looking for me. Hieromir must have leaked my information.”

[I will try my hand. Please be careful, my queen. These are tough people.]

After ending the communication, she pressed her hand hard to crush the communication crystal ball into powder and dropped it on the floor.

Soon I put on my hood and tried to go outside again.


An employee of the Rune League Association appeared with a frown on his face.

“What are you fooling around here! “Can’t you see the atmosphere is scary right now?”

“… … .”

Ciel nodded and walked away. Her employee’s eyes widened and he grabbed her arm.

“Where did you learn this from? Now that I think about it, why are you hiding here alone in a suspicious way… … .”


Then, the body of the employee who touched her began to quickly crack like glass. 

He looked confused and said, uh huh? And I took a step back.


It broke into pieces without a sound and was scattered on the floor, mixing with the sand. Ciel looked at the man who had disappeared as if unimpressed, then took her steps again and headed towards where the dancers were. * * *

Rune League day 3, morning.

Simon woke up early.


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I felt sore, but I was definitely in good shape because I got a lot of rest on the second day.

<The third day of the Rune League begins, an hour ago.>

The ceasefire period had already been going on for five hours.

The second day was a particularly long battle, and all of my colleagues returned to base completely exhausted. Simon suggested that we sleep for now and wake up early tomorrow morning to plan a plan. At those words, everyone fell asleep without even being able to change their clothes.

There is now one hour left until the third day of the Rune League begins. Simon, the first to wake up, sat down in his chair and drank some water, rubbing his eyes.

And I quietly summarized the current situation in my head.

‘The current difference in occupied territory is 3:6, and the difference in number of people is 8:7.’

Aside from the number of people, the difference in occupied territory was too wide.

I was worried about how the battle between the Underlings was going during the truce period. Simon cast a black spell on his eyes and examined the situation outside his mansion through expanded vision.

‘… … Wow, as expected.’

As the number of occupied territories was more than double, the group of jet-black Underlings was being unilaterally pushed out by the offensive of the numerically superior Holy Underlings. 

Area 3 was completely pushed out, and the jet black underlings were resisting as much as possible at the end of area 2. At this rate, they were going to reach area 1.

However, upon closer inspection, we found that this power difference was not simply due to numerical superiority. What Simon pays attention to is the strangely glowing underlings mixed in among the underlings.

‘It’s an Underling who received the blessing of Moses.’

Moze utilized the time given to him and succeeded in casting special blessings on several powerful Underlings.

One of them is the ‘Jockey Blessing’.

Basically, Underling died when he received Moje’s blessing. However, this rider’s blessing did not affect the user himself, but was a technique that gave a blessing effect to friendly entities within a radius. Because of this, almost all of the sacred underlings were further strengthened and were pushing the jet black underlings.

‘In the first place, the compatibility of the battlefield of Moze and Underling’s Lake Forest is very good.’

This difference becomes increasingly larger. If this is left unattended, it is obvious that the Holy Underlings will invade beyond Area 1 and into the main residence. If something like that happens, you won’t be able to sleep from now on.

‘Here’s one more.’

Simon expanded his vision and looked into the distance.

A huge wall surrounding the 5th region of the Holy Federation was being completed overnight.

Number 9, the specialty of Arendia Orvalo, nicknamed ‘The Sage on the Wall’.

She created a sacred creature factory and set it up outside, and the creatures that came out of this factory seemed to have continued construction work overnight.

Simon crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

‘I think I’ll leave the offense to Underling and focus on defense.’

It was finally clear what the Shinsung Federation team was aiming for.

Securely protect their territories, areas 7, 6, and 5, with Arendia, and at the same time push through the Underling, strengthened by the power of Moje. That is the Holy Federation’s first victory plan.

Inquisitor Warton’s ‘Vala Mortifer’, which was another winning plan, was spectacularly revealed, and since Diana and Hamiel, who were in charge of firepower, were out on the second day, the only strategy left was to use Moze.

‘Then how should we respond to the Holy Federation’s strategy?’

“Ah, Simon. Woke up?”

At that moment, Meilin, whose eyes were wide open, came up to me yawning.

Other representatives also stood up one by one. Those who attended next were Hector, Chatel, and Jules. There were some delegates who couldn’t wake up, but Simon told them not to wake them up and suggested that we come up with a plan among ourselves.

First, I explained to everyone the current situation and the Holy Federation’s superiority. The expressions of my colleagues hardened.

“That guy named Moze is so ridiculous.”

Meyrin grumbled and continued.

“Still, I don’t think I can keep using such a powerful blessing. If you take advantage of the moment when you are tired… … .”

“Nothing good comes from underestimating your opponent. Maylin Villenne.”

Hector blurted out.

This time Simon also nodded in agreement.

“In my opinion, Moje is a powerhouse beyond the standard. “You have to assume that you will be able to use such a blessing for all five days.”

Jules clasped his hands together.

“Then what should I do? “Simon.”

“Now, listen. “We have two main options now.”

First, on the third day, we risk everything to cross the walls of Arendia and capture Moze. Even if there is a limit to overdoing it, it is a way to compete on the third day.

Second, this third day focuses only on occupation. This is a way to suppress the increase in the number of sacred underlings by occupying nearby occupation areas, and to compete by crossing the castle wall on the fourth day when conditions improve.

“Of course you have to go first.”

Hector jumped up from his seat and answered immediately.

“There is no benefit in taking more time. The underling becomes stronger on the 4th and 5th days. “As soon as the third day begins, we must cross the wall.”

Maylin raised her hand.

“I’m second. “Are you saying this knowing what state the kids are in right now?”

There are currently 8 surviving members of the Dark Alliance team.

Among them, the following people are active on both the first and second days and should be given rest in rotation.

Number 2 Hector, Number 5 Meyrin, Number 6 Elisa, Number 7 Elijah, Number 8 Zul, Number 10 Camivarez.

All of them were showing signs of exhaustion, and some of them were in such bad condition that they could not fight any longer.

Meanwhile, Hector, Mayrin, and Juul said they could fight more, but they didn’t seem to be in very good shape.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that only Simone and Chatel were in perfect condition on the third day.

“The situation is the same for those from the Holy Federation!”

Hector, excited by his desire to win, snorted.

“The only ones who got a rest on the second day were Star Maid No. 1 and Wotton No. 7. Even if you think that even the second parent group will be active, the remaining members will all be returned!”

“You idiot! It’s harder for the attackers who have to get over the castle wall! And if we wake them all up now and take them away, they won’t be able to fight properly!”

Hector and Mayrin disagreed. The two people who were angry and raising their voices suddenly turned their heads and looked at Simon.

“Choose, Simon Pollentia. “I’m sure you won’t express your weak opinions, right?”

“Simon, you have to make the right choice. “There’s no need to get emotional just because it seems a little disadvantageous right now.”

Simon closed his eyes and thought. * * *

The decision didn’t take long.

– I think it’s a problem where there’s really no choice.

In the end, Simon chose the second option of beating the 3rd day of the Rune League and putting everything on the line on the 4th day of the Rune League.

Even if everything went well and he led his exhausted colleagues over the wall and captured Moje on the third day, the number of occupied territories would still have been 6:3 or the gap would have widened even further.

When the fight continued until the third day and everyone was exhausted to the limit, it seemed difficult to stop the underlings pouring in from the occupied territory. In the worst case, I might have to deal with the underlings without sleep throughout the truce period.

Hector clicked his tongue in disappointment at Simon’s words, but reluctantly nodded when Chatel persuaded him that if there was a better way to fight, it was right to do so.

And so the third day of Rune League began.

plod trudge.

Simon, Hector, Chatelle, and Mayrin had to face the sacred underlings that swarmed to the end of their field of vision as soon as the barrier around the main camp was lifted.

The number was so large that it was embarrassing.


There were already corpses of sacred Underlings who had been disposed of while trying to cross the barrier.

Although this was an experiment conducted a few times, the Underlings were able to freely cross the barrier of the main camp during the truce period.

“It’s a sight reminiscent of a horde of holy goblins from Loharon.”

Hector muttered that and frowned. Meilin looked at Simon with a worried face.

“At this rate, the goal of the third day, ‘occupation’ itself, does not seem easy. What are you going to do? “Simon.”

“Leave it to me.”

Simon walked forward languidly. He put on Peer’s helmet and stood at his lead, flapping his intangible cloak.

If the other side was pushing with numbers to secure victory, this side also had an idea.

[Come out.]

The atmosphere stirred, and the entrance to subspace began to open in the air.

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