Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1118

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1119

Rune League.

It is an old ritual on the continent that was once called ‘proxy war’.

More than 200 years ago, there was a time when the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation were confronting each other over the ownership of a disputed land that was difficult to give up.

The land was not important enough to be fought over, shedding blood, and Sky Island and Kizen Headquarters had the respect of the Sky Island to just retreat.

The commanders of both sides, who were burdened by the war, eventually contacted each other secretly and talked without their superiors knowing.

The content was that a proxy war would be held with a limited location and number of people, and the winner of the battle would take ownership of the disputed land.

At the time, the commander of the Holy Federation who forced this action was so outrageous that it was an outrageous act from the perspective of those in power at the center. However, this proxy war actually enjoyed cult-like popularity among the people of both powers.

It was because of the title of the battle between the most powerful necromancers and priests of the time.

This proxy war, which should have disappeared into the back of history with the stigma of being a mistake and a shame in the history of human diplomacy, continued to be talked about based on the explosive popularity of the people of both sides, and wealthy people who smelled of money poured out large sums of money to support this proxy war. did.

With the introduction of various systems into such simple battles, proxy wars eventually became popular under the name of ‘Rune League’.

Naturally, the central powers of the Union and the Federation strongly denied the Rune League, but they could not stop this ritual from taking place. In years when the Rune League was not held, wealthy people would send players to fight in exchange for empty land in the neutral zone as a prize.

Young, talented necromancers and priests who wanted to make a name for themselves jumped in, considering victory in the Rune League as the ‘greatest honor’, and its popularity increased with each passing day.

However, this Rune League was only a ‘war’. It caused too many problems, such as the death of top prospects before they had even fully blossomed, and eventually, when big names of the generation, such as princes of the royal family and candidates for saints, even died, the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation felt the need to control this barbaric game. .

I knew from past events that even if it was banned, it would be obvious that it would proceed in secret. The two commands decided to officially hold the Rune League again, and instead set strict rules.

-The Rune League is a solemn ritual and is controlled by Kizen Headquarters and Afnel Sky Island.

-A rune league is held with students from Keygen and Afnel.

-Players wearing barrier artifacts and whose barriers are all damaged will be ejected.

-Intentional killing or attacking players with damaged barriers are strictly prohibited.

The overall level was greatly lowered, and the format was changed from a carnage battle of death to a competition format in which each elite student competes against his or her skills.

The citizens of both sides, who were already preoccupied with the slaughter, strongly protested, and announced that they would once again hold a ‘private rune league’ centered on wealthy people, saying that they did not want to see the milky students playing house. However, once the Rune League was held, the atmosphere changed.

They say they are students, but they are not anyone else but the elites of Keygen and Afnel. Their battles were of a high standard compared to the previous Rune League, and there were endless stories to tell, such as the young people’s unique passion and fighting skills, and especially the friendship that blossomed between students from different territories.

People on both sides became very enthusiastic about this new Rune League. It was a moment in history when a media entertainment like few others on the continent was born.

Students who were winners of the Rune League became stars of their time, showing an example to the enemy countries, and received enormous honor. In particular, the league’s top performers were treated almost like national heroes.

This was the time when education was on fire everywhere. In the Dark Alliance alone, other than Kizen, the other three major necromancer schools and military academies in each country sprouted up like mushrooms, and high-ranking families strengthened individual education at the family level. At this time, in the Holy Federation, the number of cathedrals supporting orphans increased significantly, and the number of large cathedrals and monasteries with ‘divine halls’ where priests could be made increased.

Of course, it didn’t last long.

Deciding to conduct a proxy war on important national issues was only an idealism. Soon, a real war broke out between the Union and the Federation, and since the conscription and forced recruitment of young people was a natural occurrence during the war, there was absolutely no atmosphere for a proxy war.

Due to the stormy situation on the continent, the Rune League was repeatedly resumed and suspended, and has now entered a long truce called the ‘Era of Peace’, where children who have never experienced war are born. However, as the division between the two peoples grew deeper, the Rune League was not held for 80 years.

The Rune League that I thought would be buried in a chapter of history.

<Order to recruit Rune League personnel>

<The personnel on the list are requested to stop performing their duties and wait on campus.>

“So it’s being held this year?”

“oh my god! “I heard a story from my grandmother!”

The reaction of students in the Summoning Department who saw the content posted on the bulletin board was truly explosive.

In particular, students flocked to both sides.

“Congratulations, Hector!”

“Show the hell to those Fnel guys!”

Hector Moore ranked 5th overall and, as the active 6th Corps Commander, is virtually confirmed to participate in the Rune League if it is held.


“Simon, please!”

“Lead me well, Chairman! “No, are you now a representative of the union?”

The person who received the most attention was Simon, who, no matter what anyone said, was considered the ‘strongest’ among the students of the Dark Alliance.

Naturally, it seemed certain that Simon, who was also the commander of the 7th Corps, would lead them as the representative of the representatives. Simon said with a shy smile.

“okay. “I will work hard.”

“Working hard is not enough!”

“You know that the Priests must be completely destroyed, right?”

There was an uproar not only in the Summoning Department but also in each dormitory.

-Please take care of me this time too! Elisha!

-Senior Jules! After all, you are the hope of Matuhak!

– Claudia! They said you were chosen as representative!

While cheers erupted from all over, there was one dormitory that had the most festive atmosphere.

“Kami! Kami! Kami!”

“Congratulations Kami!”

“Kami! “Our Kami is the representative of the Dark Alliance!”

It was the hematology department.


Camivarez had just come out of his dorm room in his pajamas, and people flocked to him, cheering, hugging him, patting his head, and rinsing him with rinse aid.

Only later did he find out that he had been selected as the representative of the Dark Alliance to fight against Afnel’s students.

“ah… … !”

Her face turned white when she heard the news. Only then did everyone wince and come to her senses, telling her not to be nervous and massaging Kami Barez’s shoulders or telling her reassuring words.

“Hey, kids. Congratulations to Elijah too. “It’s our gun department in name and name.”

“But where did you go?”

“You have to show to celebrate. Always alone, sabjak sabzag. “I don’t know what this guy is doing.”

While all departments were in a festive mood.

There was one department that was relatively depressed.

“… … .”

“… … .”

It was the curse department.


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Unfortunately, the department’s biggest hit, Merida Hugh Ekel, was unable to participate in the Rune League due to the Ghost Palace issue.

The Department of Curses was the winner of last year’s Dark Festival, and despite its reputation as a department headed by the famous Bahil Amagar, it was always pointed out that it had no top 10 members other than Merida.

There was a reason. Thanks to Bahil Amagar, the curse level of all students in Kizen Class 329 is quite high.

Everyone was required to take lower education from the first year. Naturally, their ability to respond to curses, including curse resistance, was excellent, so students in the curse department were particularly poor at school competitions, including duel evaluations.

Bahil’s tendency was also to be indifferent to anything unless it was the greatest talent born every 1,000 years that he liked.

And all this burden fell on one person.

<Preliminary number 2. Jamie Victoria>

“Class monitor! “You are my hope!”

“If you are a reserve, do you have any hope of filling the vacant position of a regular member?”

“When training camp starts, one person has to be put aside! Absolutely!”

The expression of Jamie, the only hope of the Department of Cursing, was tense.

* * *

Sky Island, Afnel.

Sangdong Cathedral.

In the chapel of a large cathedral, with light shining through the window, a woman with snow-white hair was sitting cross-legged, turning the pages of a book.

The sunlight sparkled, making her white hair even more shiny.

Lete Chardena is a saint of stars and famous as the student council president of Afnel.

At that time, the door to the empty chapel opens.

“Gratula mi cíbĭlis.”

Jump and jump.

A purple-haired man dressed in a priest’s uniform walked in, got down on one knee and bowed.

“I come to see the closest daughter of the goddess. You are here. Lete, student council president.”

“… … .”

She didn’t even look up.

There was silence, and the man did not move away. Soon her cold voice rang out.

“Is it okay to come in while praying?”

“I am offended, but it seems to me that you are reading, not praying.”

The man shrugged his shoulders.

“The prayers of young people these days… … okay. You don’t necessarily have to close your eyes and put your hands together. If you can connect with the great goddess, this could also be a kind of prayer. She takes another lesson to heart. Laus, Veneratus.”

Her golden eyes followed the next page without moving.

“f*ck your head.”

“Although I am humble, I have been newly given the title of Bishop General by the will of the Holy Father, so I hope you will forgive me for not being able to carry out the saint’s coercive orders.”

“They try to play with people a lot. “You shameless bastard.”

Lethe lightly closed the bookshelf, leaned her arms on the backrest, and spoke in a drowsy voice.

“Okay, what business is it?”

“Lete, student council president. “I need you to take Afnel’s faithful brothers and sisters and defeat the evil Kizen necromancers.”

“Rune League.”

She finally turned her head.

“I heard it’s been 80 years, what kind of plan is there now?”

“Student President Lethe just needs to focus on the ‘holy war’ bestowed upon him by the Great Goddess. “We will take care of the rest.”

The new bishop put his hands together and smiled.

“Can you defeat the necromancers of Kizen?”

“… … .”

Lethe clenched her chin.

“There’s nothing I can’t beat, but the way you talk is really annoying.”

“As I have been newly given the title of Bishop-General by the will of the Holy Father, I hope you will forgive me for not being able to correct my remarks.”

“I heard you have a knack for annoying every nerve. “There are conditions for entrusting work to me.”

Lethe slowly stood up. She lightly spreads and smoothes the skirt of Fnel’s school uniform with her palm and laughs.

“I will personally select the participation list.”

The Bishop’s eyes became sharp.

“May I ask why?”

She responded leisurely, taking in the gaze.

“Because we have to build a team that can win. “Is there anyone who knows more about recent Afnel students than me, who has been at Afnel for two years?”

“… … .”

After remaining silent for a moment, the bishop clasped his hands together.

“I will report your wishes to the Holy Father.”

The bishop withdrew and Lethe quietly turned her head and looked out the window.

No matter what plan they had, I had no intention of letting them suffer quietly.

‘More than that.’


The wind that entered the cathedral shook her white hair.

‘I’ll see you soon.’

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