Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1117

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1118

The day of the midterm exam came.

While all other grades stayed in school to take their exams, third graders had to take a teleportation magic circle to Pentamonium and take their exams.

The infamous DMAT.

It boasts the most difficult level of difficulty among the exams that evaluate existing necromancers, and is a test taken in a language specialized for magic called Bryn.

The third graders had to experience hell throughout the exam period because there were more things to memorize than just the words they had ever spoken in their lives. Even at the moment when they boarded the teleportation magic circle and came to Pentamonium, the students were looking at their notes or notebooks with blank faces. Of course, he looked tired and sensitive.

That’s how DMAT began. I entered the exam hall mixed with not only Keygen students but also numerous test takers. About 20 people sat down in a room that seemed to easily accommodate 300 people.

Perhaps because the room was so large, the desks were placed so far apart that it felt excessive. Simon didn’t pay much attention, thinking it might be because he was sensitive to cheating. It was a waste of time to organize the knowledge in my head right now.


After checking the last words he had prepared, Simon relaxed his body with light stretching and finally looked around.

Among the 20 people, about 3 including myself were students, and the rest were all adults. It was full of prestigious researchers, high-ranking nobles, and necromancers who appeared to be active.

‘I hope everyone doesn’t die.’

Soon the examiner entered the room and announced the start of the exam. All of the test takers lifted the quills in the inkwell like gladiators drawing their swords in unison and turned the page to the next page.

‘Let’s go!’

Simon’s hands moved quickly.

I didn’t have time to solve previous exam questions, so I focused thoroughly on acquiring knowledge and memorizing them, but fortunately, after looking at the questions, my hands started moving on their own.

Quickly check with a quill and move on to the next problem. Simon solved the problem in a trance-like state, as if he had become a machine that only dispensed information from his head.



Suddenly, an unexpected problem appeared.


It was a Bryn language that I had never learned before.

Keygen clearly specified the test scope, and I intensively learned the necessary Bryn language according to that, but a problem that was outside the scope arose.



Other test takers seemed to be at a loss as well, and sighs and sounds of resignation could be heard from all over the place. Simon rolled his eyes and saw that everyone was almost in a desperate mood, and only a few of the test takers from the research institute who seemed to have studied properly for the test were solving the problems.

‘There is someone who solves it. It doesn’t mean it’s nonsense or nonsense.’

Simon’s brain began to spin.

‘If there are problems outside the scope of the test, why did Keygen decide on the test scope? ‘Isn’t there a way to solve problems outside the scope?’

The moment when Simon’s concentration shifts from memorization to thinking in a different direction.

My mind flashed and words from the past came to mind.

-Bryn language is a ‘language’ designed to optimally explain Rune, a magical language. Continental languages ​​are adapted to human pronunciation and culture, and are a language solely for communication, so there is a lot of confusion when substituting them into Rune languages.

Aaron’s story.

It was like that.

Continental language is the language for humans, and Bryn language is the language for magic. This means that there are strong regularities in Bryn language, and if you follow them, the existing memorized content is sufficient to understand the language.

‘And one more thing!’

Simon sat down and vigorously spread his palms.

‘There was no rule against using black magic!’


Simon began to unfold the magic circle. He could see test takers rustling and raising their heads as if they were surprised.

I remembered this DMAT because it had unique regulations. It would have been enough to just add one or two rules such as ‘no cheating’ and ‘no magic during exams’, but hundreds and thousands of prohibitions were added because it was magic that should not be used.

In addition, there was a considerable distance between test takers.

After all, there is no reason to include questions on the exam that cannot be solved in the prestigious exam called DMAT.


Simon unfolded the example of the magic circle in the question and began composing the magic himself. He inserted the rune in the center and quickly laid out the circuit and formula.

As expected, the examiners did not stop Simon’s behavior.


Only then, as the circuit and formula came together, did letters that were quite similar to the ” shown in the problem begin to appear. Simon was so happy that he resisted the urge to scream and continued with the magic.


It is not a test to evaluate knowledge and abilities, but rather a fun problem-solving game. Simon’s concentration accelerates more and more. The circuit of the magic circle spread out on the desk like branches extending from a tree, and soon extended endlessly toward the ceiling.

Simon drew in the air with his finger a few times, grinned, checked the answer, and moved on to the next question.

‘Is that friend doing something?’

‘i envy you! ‘How do you do it?’

Other test takers who were watching also spread magic circles as if following Simon, but they seemed to have no clue.

There was also one person who thoughtlessly used a magic circle related to communication, wondering if it was okay to use black magic, but was immediately stopped by an administrator and disqualified.

Some people can do it, but others are disqualified. The test takers who were watching were going crazy and jumping up and down.

‘That’s Simon Pollentia.’

‘There’s no reason for the head of our school to do something stupid.’

The Kizen students sitting behind were lost in thought for a moment and then said, ‘Ah!’ As if he realized something, he belatedly unfolded the magic circle. It took some time, but the three Keygen students who entered the exam room began to solve the latter half of the questions in earnest.

Other test takers shed tears from their hearts.

‘Wow, those elites are so shameful.’

‘Let’s get to know each other, please!’

DMAT’s test changes drastically every time. And after taking the test, you have to leave with a curse that partially blurs your memory to avoid being exposed to questions.

In the end, the issue in the second half that decides the winner is the battle of ‘insight’.

If you learn Bryn language through simple memorization, like learning a normal language, you will inevitably end up in big trouble.

like that.

“Thank you for your effort! “I will collect the test papers.”

It was Simon who passed the first test perfectly.


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Simon exhaled and laughed happily.

‘Let’s go next!’

* * *

Simon passed the two-day black mechanics test and the low science test without any major problems.

The third graders finally returned to Rock Island with big smiles on their faces.

“It was so hard!”

“Now let’s get some rest.”

“I’m going to leave for the mission quickly.”

After the exam period was over and everyone was laughing and chatting, four student council members were also sitting on a park bench and talking.

“How was everyone’s test?”

In response to Simon’s question, Camivarez flapped his bat wings.

“I think I did well on the major exam! “It’s a little late to unfold the magic circle for the latter part of the problem!”

“Magic circle?”

Meilin, who was looking at her hand mirror and taking care of her hair that was sticking out, asked what that meant.

“It seems like I just memorized everything.”


Surprisingly, Meilin, who came from an ivory tower, had mastered most of the DMAT language. In addition, he was able to solve even advanced problems by memorization thanks to his ability to rank first in written scores.

‘I guess doing something like that would be the right way.’

While Simon is smiling bitterly.

“ok? “What on earth are you talking about?”


Dick gave a long yawn and stretched. Cami Barez spoke carefully.

“… … “I’m just asking, Dick, did you solve the magic circle questions on the back of the test paper?”

“No way!”

Dick gave a thumbs up.

“As soon as something difficult came up, I fell asleep right away!”

“You idiot!”

Meilin got angry.

“Are you still a keygen? “They say there are 100 graduates, but you’re not going to graduate?”

“Uh-huh! Everyone is good at different things! All you have to do is get good grades on the mission!”

Dick, who said that, flirted.

“In that sense! “Are you all going to go on that joint mission I mentioned?”

“of course.”

It is now right after the midterm exams are over. They would be scattered again on missions, but at least for now, all third-year students were gathered in Keygen.

Now, the work skills of Arthur, a second grader, and Chiella, a first grader, have improved. Four student council members decided to carry out the same mission.

“I looked into it, but there’s no such sweet mission? “I swim and play in the water at Pumpkin Island, a warm tropical area, and then finish the mission easily and return!”

“Anyway, all I want to do is have fun.”

Meilin shook her head, but the corners of her mouth turned up slightly as if she was interested.

“Then let’s go register for a mission together today!”

“Are you good at acting? Kami! “Let’s go!”

The four of them entered the mission reception area inside the Kizen campus together.


“Student President Simon Pollentia.”

The servant at the reception desk shook his head as if he was troubled.

“An order to stop the mission was given on campus. “Standby order.”

Simon blinked, and the other three were startled.


“Why only Simon?”

“We’re sorry, but we don’t know why.”

Meilin grunted and glared at Simon.

“… … Anyway, the student council president is really, really busy.”

“I’m sorry, Meilin.”

“Vice President Maylin Villenne.”

At that time, the receptionist held out a document and smiled awkwardly.

“Likewise, it’s a standby order. Please follow the following instructions on campus.”

“Me too?”

Meilin’s eyes widened as if she had never thought about it. Dick shook his head at her.

“I wonder if someone is the chairman or vice president. “There are a lot of people looking for student council elites.”

Camivarez’s bat wings flopped down.

“It’s a shame. But someday, all four of us together… … !”

“Student Camivarez.”

The receptionist was sweating profusely and handed out Camivarez’s documents.

“Standby order.”

“… … ???”

Camivarez put a question mark above his head as if he didn’t understand. Simon and Maylin also let out a bewildered laugh.

“Hey! “I understand now!”

Dick said loudly, snapping his fingers.

“Just looking at this, it’s a summons for all of our student council members! “It looks like some super big guy has requested an emergency mission from the entire student council!”

“Student Dick Hayward.”

The servant continued.

“Permission is complete. Would you like to carry out the Pumpkin Island mission as a single person?”

“… … .”


Meilin couldn’t stand it anymore and lowered her head with a gaping face, covering her mouth with her palm. She opened her mouth with a huff, as if Dick was feeling unfair to the world.

“no! “Why is it only me?”


Dick eventually canceled the mission, probably because he thought it wasn’t fun to go alone.

And it was only after we returned to our respective department dormitories that we learned why the mission standby order had been issued.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

People were gathered at the dormitory bulletin board.

Simon, wondering what was going on, was approaching, when Eshu and Toto in front waved their hands.

“Congratulations Simon!”

“It’s awesome!”


Simon came forward through the crowd and finally checked the contents.

<Order to recruit Rune League personnel>

<The personnel on the list are requested to stop performing their duties and wait on campus.>

1. Simon Pollentia. (Union representative)

2. Merida Hugh Eckel. (Not attending due to performing a level 1 mission)

2. Azel Bringer

3. Chatelle Maière

4. Hector Moore

5. Maylin Villenne

6. Elisa Celine

7. Elijah Crovis

8. Jules Vincere

9. Claudia Menzies

10. Camivarez Ursula

Reserve number 1. Elysia Rosenfeld. (Not attending due to secret mission)

Reserve number 1. Malcolm Randolph

Reserve number 2. Jamie Victoria

Reserve number 3. Fitzgerald Ingels

Simon’s eyes widened when he saw the list.

“Union… … representative?”

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