Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1111

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1112

“This is Elisa Seline of the Ghost Fleet, head of Kizen’s Command Department! “We have found a suspect who is believed to be the savior of the death, and we will respond!”

Elisa reported, and after a while, an answer came back from the communication crystal ball.

-This is Commander-in-Chief Vector, great job! We’re going, so don’t overdo it and just hold on to your feet as much as possible!


After ending the communication, Elisa said, ‘Aaaah!’ I screamed with joy and bounced in place.

“A ‘crow’ actually accepted my call!”

“Focus, Elisa.”

Cindy Vivace, standing next to him, clicked her tongue as if she couldn’t stop him. She was waving her seven tails made of spirits.

An imminent crisis situation where a second Ghost Stream may occur.

A number of Kigen third-year students whose missions were currently vacant were dispatched to the field, led by Elisa, the head of the Command Department. Now on board Elisa’s ship were several Kizen students who were confident in their skills.

“It’s kind of ironic.”

One of them, Jamie Victoria, ranked 14th overall and commonly known as class president, twisted her hair.

“… … “I can’t believe we failed the Ghost Princess interview and are here in the ghost palace again.”

“for a moment! I didn’t fail the interview; I went out on my own! “I heard that the princess’s job was too politically risky!”

Elisa, whose face was red, got angry and raised her voice, and Jamie nodded with a smile.

Elisa quickly turned her head and looked down at the ghost ship.

“I don’t know who the next Ghost Princess will be, but it might be a good idea to take this opportunity to make a debt! Shoot! “Shoot!”



As many as 10 ghost ships began pouring out spirit bombardment with bloody force. Kilovanian, who was moving to avoid the explosion, stopped moving as if he had been directly hit by artillery fire.

“done! You’re right!”

Elisha took out a flag lying on the deck and held it up.

“Surrounded! Construct a fire net!”

Following Elisha’s instructions, the ghost ships floating in the sky spread out and spread apart. The largest and most powerful ships are also ready. When the timing was right, Elisha lowered the flag he had raised with all his might.


There was a roar again, and the hull rattled all at once, pouring out spirit shells. The bombardment range was so thick that nothing could be seen due to the billowing smoke.

Cindy, who was watching, whistled.

“I did it!”

Elisa jumped in place once.

“This Elisha Seline caught the savior… … !”


Elisa’s mouth stopped as she tried to continue speaking, as if time had stopped. A cannonball passed right next to her face, pulling her hair back violently.


A listless sound came out of Elisha’s mouth.


Soon, a large explosion occurred behind me. A ghost ship in the rear row was hit directly. Slowly, the balance shifted downward and it began to sink.

Elisa was so surprised that her legs seemed to have lost strength and she sat down.

“just now… … What and how… … .”


From the explosion, a white-coated Kilovanian without any scratches or stains appeared calmly.

He made a motion that seemed to lightly bend his knees in place, and then disappeared in a flash.


“… … !!”

Suddenly, Kilovanian appeared on the boat where Elisa was riding.

“Is this the commander’s ship?”

He came down and slammed his fist on the deck.


A single punch from a small human compared to a ship.

With that very fist, a ghost ship was literally shattered from deck to keel. Elisa, in shock, opened her mouth and quickly jumped out of the sinking ship.

Kilovanian, who had easily destroyed a ship, opened his arms wide this time.

His white coat seemed to flutter once, and several spirit cannonballs that Elisa had fired flew in a straight line. It crashed into the hull of each ghost ship and exploded.

All the ghost ships were on fire and crashing.

“No way!”

Elisa burst into tears as she made an emergency escape and was going down on a balloon made of spirits.

“Do you know how much money and time it takes to repair one of those ships?”

But it was just an empty cry.

Elisha, who had come down to the ground like that, lay down on the floor and was sobbing.


Kilovanian lightly came down to the ground where Elisa was. He scratched the back of his neck with a drowsy expression.

“It was quite intimidating. Are you still a student? “Better than most adults.”

“… … Pfft!”

Elisa, whose eyes were still filled with tears, glared with a vicious look in her eyes.

“It would be right to clean it up before it grows any further. But since I am a savior, I will give you a chance to save your life.”

Kilovanian raised his fingertips.

“Where is Simon Pollentia now?”


Elisa’s eyes widened at those words, and she pulled out a firearm reminiscent of a musket from her arms like a beam of light.


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“Do you think I’ll tell you!”


The bullet wrapped around Spirit flew, but was blocked as if there was something in front of Kilovanian. The bullet spun around and soon ran out of power and fell.


Elisa placed both hands on the floor and pretended to take a big step back. In front of it, subspace opened and a cannon aboard a ghost ship appeared.


Spirit cannon bombardment at virtually zero distance.

However, Kilovanian swung his bare hand and roughly struck it away. The shell changed direction and exploded in the empty air.

Despair flashed in her eyes.

‘Be strong! ‘I’m not at a level where I can try anything!’

“You too will die without seeing my salvation.”

Kilovanian bowed his knees.

“Stop going.”

<Cindy Remake – Soul Chain>



In an instant, a ring was caught around Kilovanian’s neck and arm, and then it was connected to a chain rising from the floor and pulled.

The seemingly absolute Kilovanian was stuck on the floor. Elisa was startled, and Kilovanian sighed with a calm expression.

“damage! “Elisha!”

Cindy, who was on a ghost ship, was coming down from the sky.

She pinned her opponent to the floor with a restraint technique and began to spin with her tail pulled down.

<Cindy Original – Misu>


Her body, centered around her tail, became the tip of a powerful spear and fell on Kilovanian.

‘It’s something different from what I heard from Professor Jane! ‘It doesn’t matter!’

Just knock it down and that’s it. Cindy gradually increased her descent speed.



At that time, Kilovanian broke the chain, sat down and scratched his head. Soon he looked at Cindy coming down from above with expressionless eyes.


Jet-black spheres were launched continuously from Kilovanian’s body. Cindy, who was coming down like the tip of a spear, was able to endure up to seven steps, but after the eighth step, the rotation came loose and she vomited blood.


Jamie, who was coming down from the sky, sped up and caught the injured Cindy. She fired a curse with her other hand at the same time, but it did not reach Kilovanian’s body.

“Let’s die now.”

Kilovanian turned his attention back to his original target, Elisa, bent his knees and lightly kicked the ground with his foot. His body appeared in front of Elisha in the blink of an eye, and his pulled fist flew towards Elisha’s face.

‘This… … !’

I can’t avoid it.

It is even more impossible to stop it.

As she saw Kilovanian’s fist approaching with an enormous wave of power, she experienced certain death.

at that time.


Suddenly, someone intervened, pushing Elisa. Surprisingly, Kilovanian’s fist, which seemed absolutely unstoppable, was blocked by the palm of his hand.

Intense waves swirled around like an upward current.

Kilovanian’s eyes widened.

“you… … !”

They look like twins, with bleached-white hair and clear facial features.

Men with similar vibes looked at each other.


And the boy who intervened clenched his opposite fist. The strength and brute force that Kilovanian had just used flowed through the boy’s body, gathered in his left hand, and he threw it straight at Kilovanian.



He was hit with a blow that combined the boy’s strength with Kilovanian’s own strength and sent him flying wide.

It hit the ground hard, leaving a crater, and then rolled on the ground several times before coming to a stop.


The boy wearing the Kizen uniform who had blocked the Kilobanian looked back, shaking his white hair. Elisha couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Woah, White? White from the Summoning Department, right? How did you… … !”

White quietly looked at his left arm.

Although he had just succeeded in blowing away Kilovanian, the left arm he had thrown at him was twisted and bleeding.

Coo coo coo coo!

And in the distance, in the clouds of dust, a Kilobanian, who had eaten a lot of dust with his butt on the ground, was scratching his head in annoyance.

“If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have put my strength there.”

He quickly raised his head and looked at White.

“More than that, why are you helping them? “Prince candidate.”

“… … .”

White did not respond and silently took a fighting stance.

“Does this really make sense?”

Buck, buck, buck.

He scratched until his hair fell out and looked at White with cold eyes.

“Is a failed test subject blocking my path?”

“… … I am.”

White, who had always remained silent, finally opened his mouth.

“I will prove that you can live the life you choose.”

“Magnus’ fake body!”

Kilovanian’s body stepped on the ground roughly twice and immediately appeared next to White. The fists and legs of the two clashed and a rough hand-to-hand combat broke out.

Took! Took!


Kilovanian, who easily caught White’s punch, stepped forward and threw his fist.


White also received the attack with his own body and then gathered all his strength into his opposite fist and threw it out.

“I am indeed.”


However, Kilovanian held on by lightly holding on to White’s wrist.

“I still think that power is simple absorption and release. “If you’re going to use it that way, spit it out.”

Kilovanian plunged his fist into White’s abdomen. Goong! Before White could do anything, he absorbed the shock along with the sound.


Kilovanian plunged his fist into his abdomen once more.


The third time, he plunged his fist into his abdomen. The power that had been absorbed too much burst out, and White vomited blood.

Kilovanian grabbed White’s hair and lifted him up as he collapsed.

“It’s unpleasant, it’s unpleasant. “What kind of prince candidate is this? If it weren’t for the elder’s orders, he wouldn’t have participated in that experiment.”

At that time, the limp White clenched his right fist.

This time it wasn’t absorption and release. White’s fist hums! A circle was drawn along with the sound. Kilovanian, who saw that, grinned.

“Did you really receive the power of ‘Cairo’? Wow, you bastard… … !”


White threw out his fist, but Kilovanian allowed the attack to continue. All of the power in White’s fist was absorbed into Kilovanian’s body.

“His strength.”

Kilovanian held onto White’s hair and lifted his other hand above his head.


A frighteningly neat circle was created on his index finger.

“This is how I write it.”


The moment when Kilovanian slowly lowers the circle and tries to reach White.


Suddenly, an intense jet-black flow poured out as if sweeping the surroundings.

Kilovanian stopped and looked back.

An ominous pentagram was drawn on the floor next to it.

“What is this again?”


Soon, a man appeared from the pentagram.

The large man was tied up with his arms crossed like a prisoner, and was spouting poisonous smoke from the iron mask on his face.

“… … “No way, you.”


Brown smoke constantly spewed out from the man’s iron mask, reminiscent of a steam train.

“Are you alive? Subject BC1… … !”

Oh my gosh!

The body of the man with both arms tied jumped up and roughly kicked Kilobanian’s chin.


For the first time, blood spurted from Kilovanian’s mouth. His body rolled roughly on the floor, creating a cloud of dust.

White took advantage of the gap and escaped, and the man wearing the iron mask landed on the ground, his beaky eyes shining.

Coo coo coo coo!

“… … “This is not some kind of meeting place.”


Kilovanian rose from the dust, lightly wiping his mouth with his sleeve and staring straight ahead.

White, a prince candidate who escaped from the Institute of Death, and the one who just appeared was an experiment subject of the dark book and a man known to have already died.

It was ‘Balak’ who was the student council president of Kizen last year.

Kilovanian burst into laughter.

“What did Kizen do to you!”

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