MEMORIZE Chapter 539

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00539 The peaceful days are over. ————————————————– ———————-=

A quiet, pitch-black underground training hall with no one but me.

I wipe the sweat from my forehead and look away nervously.

Three swords that catch your eye. The Sun and Moon God Sword, Caligo Abraxas, and Victoria’s Glory… .

Three swords are floating in the air in all directions, about 2 meters away. If I looked a little closer, I saw that all the swords were spinning around me, emitting a reddish glow.

How much time has passed?

Soon, I gradually felt the limits of my magical power. It seems like an hour has already passed since training began.

Thinking that I should finish this now, I calmly took a deep breath. And as I divide the magic power into three branches and move it, the swords floating in the air fly like living birds and fall into my hands one after another.

After recovering all the swords.

“after. “Is it only 5 minutes longer than last time?”

I opened the user information, feeling empty inside.

< User Information (Player Status) >

1. Name: Kim Soo-hyun (3rd year)

2. Class: Secret, Sword Specialist, Master

3. Nation: Free mercenary

4. Clan: Mercenary (Clan Rank: S Zero)

5. True name · Nationality: Demonic nature (demon-like nature that deceives or deceives people.) · Master of the sword · Republic of Korea

6. Sex: Male (27)

7. Height/Weight: 181.5cm/75.5kg

8. Tendency: Moderation • Chaos

[Strength 96(+2)] [Durability 94(+2)] [Dexterity 98] [Stamina 100(+2)] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 90(+2)]

* You are in a state of anger in your heart. (Currently, the second awakening is in progress.)

* Not a single waste product can be found in the body. (The flow of magical power doubles.)

* The imprint of an ancient shaman is engraved on the heart. (The magic circuit becomes stable, efficiency increases, and flow also increases further.)

< Achievements (6) >

< Unique Ability (1/1) >

1. Third Eye (Rank: S Zero)

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. Shingeomhapil (Rank: EX)

< Potential (4/5) >

1. Close combat (Rank: EX)

2. Cannot be defeated (Rank: A Plus Plus Plus)

3. Mind’s eye (Rank: EX)

4. Protection of the battlefield (Rank: EX)


(The remaining ability point is 1 (Special, Latent) point.)

< Power: Gyeol (A swordsman expert can cut or cut anything.) >

< Dragon's Blessing: The Power of Magna Carta, the Dragon of the End (2/5) >

1. Polymorph (limited).

2. Balaurization (limited).


4. –


Also, I thought for a moment that the user information had been updated.

“… … .”

The moment I saw that the 5th slot was still empty, I couldn’t help but laugh. This was because I felt bitter at the fact that my potential had not yet fully blossomed.

After closing the user information in disappointment, I fell into deep thought.

Two months ago. More precisely, after receiving the message about conquering the Steel Mountains, I felt the need to become stronger. This is because the enemies that appear after the Steel Mountains have a level of strength that is different from the enemies we have faced so far.

So what I came up with was Anima Oratio (when used, one of the unique, special, or potential abilities is randomly created as an additional slot).

Anima Oratio was the surest way for me, who had reached my limits in almost every area, to go a little further.

Afterwards, I started developing my fifth potential, and soon came up with a good idea. I decided to develop the Igigeo sword that I had read about in a martial arts novel before.

Of course, even if it was called Igigeogeom, it was just a name, and in reality, it was a different method. It was just a matter of forcibly controlling it by connecting the sword and the magic circuit using the enormous magical ability of 96 points.

Anyway, I think the intention itself is good. Considering not only the rediscovery of swords that are not normally used, but also the special abilities inherent in each sword, such as the sword’s light, it will be possible to exert tremendous power.

… It seems like it was just yesterday that I thought this.

A little problem arose.

It wasn’t a horsepower issue. It was expected from the beginning that the magical power consumption would be enormous.

The real problem was the potential that was still blank. Even though he had been training for two months since that day, there was no sign of his potential blooming.

It’s not that there isn’t something to point out. If there is no result even with this level of intensive training, it is quite possible that my training direction and settings are misaligned. In other words, there was a high probability that Igigeoreom was judged as an ability rather than a potential ability.


The reality was that it was difficult to make a judgment rashly because admitting that fact meant giving up the practice that had been devised. In some ways, it can be said to be a dilemma.

“Tsk. “Have you been too complacent?”

… I guess it seems like that.

I put in two months of effort thinking it would work, but it turned out to be all in vain with no results.

Thinking that I would have to make a decision sooner or later, I lightly held my tongue and turned around. And then I left the quiet underground training hall.


In the past, there was only one attempt to conquer the Steel Mountains, and it failed spectacularly.

no. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to say that it looks good? Nearly 5,000 people entered, and 90% of them died or went missing within 5 days, so it would be more appropriate to say it was gruesome.

The central management organization used the experience of that time as a guide and organized three times the number of expedition members this time. Even if we estimate the number of people, there are 15,000 people.


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Considering the current situation, personnel is not a big problem. However, the most unusual thing about this expedition is that the expedition team was divided into four units.

Right to the East, West, South, and North.

“As you all know, our mercenaries are participating in the southern expeditionary force in this attack on the Steel Mountains.”

All the clan members were sitting in the conference room, watching me. Perhaps because it was the first official meeting held in the Steel Mountains, a slight look of tension was visible on everyone’s faces.

“The Southern Expeditionary Force was ranked as the second force this time… .”

It was then. After a moment of silence, someone slowly raised their hand. It was Shin Jae-ryong.

“Clan Lord. “I have one question.”

“yes. “Questions are permitted.”

“Why on earth did you divide the expedition into four? “It seems better to just go all at once.”


This is a question that cuts to the core.

“There are quite a few people who have doubts about that. “If I had to say it, it’s a difference in perspective.”

“Difference in perspective?”

“yes. The central management organization cited the cluttered command system as the number one reason for the failure of the last attack. “We judged that if a large number of people gathered at once, our ability to respond in an emergency situation would be significantly reduced.”

“Hmm. Even so, dividing it into four is a bit much. So, that means there are less than 4,000 people per expedition on average, so wouldn’t there be a risk of each of them being defeated?”

Most of the clan members nod as if they have similar thoughts to Shin Jae-ryong.

But I calmly shook my head.

“no. The motto of the central management organization for this attack on the Steel Mountains is safety first and safety second. According to the official, even if it takes a long time, they will go as safely as possible. There’s already a plan in place. Having said that, I’m sure you have something in mind. … And perhaps the plan for this part will be revealed in detail in the following Barbara summons after the organizing work currently taking place in each city is completed.”

In short, it meant that we should wait for now. Unless the central management body goes crazy, there is no way to stick to a plan that has many complaints. Or maybe they’ve come up with a surprise plan that will blow everyone away.

Eventually, I looked at the clan members who had calmly calmed down and spoke softly.

“Everyone is probably curious about a lot of things, but anyway, this is what has been revealed so far. As for other things… . Except for the things mentioned above, the rest will not be much different from the conditions of three years ago. Years 0 and 1 cannot participate, but they can participate as a clan. “Maybe this much?”

After pausing here for a moment, I slowly looked around at my clan members. Their faces were still clearly tense, and even though they had barely said anything, they were waiting for something.

As if the most important thing still remains.

“… and.”

Should I speak up? Or should I not?

I felt worried for a moment.

But it will be revealed anyway. I thought it would be better to give at least a rough idea in advance, so I quietly opened my mouth.

“Most of the people who will participate in this raid on the Steel Mountains have been confirmed.”

I knew it. The moment those words were said, the clan members looked at each other in turn with surprised faces. Then there was a slight commotion.

In fact, this is probably the part that the clan members are most concerned about at the moment, whether it is a strategy or something else. Participation or non-participation. As a clan lord, my point of view is bound to be quite different.

… Anyway, the murmur is getting worse.

“stop. stop.”

The commotion seemed to be getting worse, so I clapped a couple of times to get their attention.

“I said it’s still the majority. Everyone may have a lot to say, but please refrain from making hasty speculations at least until the appointments are officially announced.”

“Then when are you going to make an official announcement?!”

Then I heard someone shouting urgently, and I answered right away.

“That will also be after Barbara’s summons. You have to listen to the details on the spot and adjust personnel selection accordingly. The number of people confirmed now is only the first round. So, for now, please do your own thing and wait calmly.”

Only then did the clan members manage to calm down the commotion.

As I felt during the last war, the announcement of personnel appointments is always a sensitive issue. Since each person’s tendencies are different, what they accept will also be different.

Eventually, I slowly took out the tobacco and continued speaking quietly.

“What I can say to you now is always the same. “Be strong.”

“… … .”

“If we stop everything now, we will have plenty of time. I won’t touch it separately. You can use any method. You can practice alone or take your results out of storage. Or, like me, it would be a good idea to exchange user information with clan members.”

“… … .”

“One thing is certain… . When the appointments are announced later. “Based on my criteria, I have selected those who I think are most suitable for this strategy, and I will inform you that I may select others again.”

“… … .”

The clan members responded with serene silence.

But I’m sure you understood. The true meaning of what I just said.


After the meeting ended.

“ruler. “Everyone take these.”

I called Yujeong and Hanbyeol separately and brought them to the office. I didn’t bring them here just to have fun, because they both had something to give.

Soon, when I put a seal and a jewel on the desk, Yoo-jeong rushed up to me and got in my face.

“Oppa~. What is it? “What are you trying to give me?”

Soon after, I checked the Hanbyeol that was slowly approaching.

I handed the seal to Yu-jeong and the jewel to Han-byeol.

“These are the achievements we achieved last time in the mountains where the dragon sleeps. I should have given it to you a long time ago, but I’m sorry. “I had forgotten about it all this time.”

“huh? No, that’s okay. “Isn’t this a seal?”

“The name is Vegas Stigma. On the outside, it looks like a seal, but could it be said to be some kind of magical device imbued with mysterious power? “After checking with Goose Appraiser, I thought it would be perfect for you to use.”

“I? then… . Are you saying this is a dagger? this? how?”

“iced coffee. Stop fussing. First, channel your magic power and apply it anywhere on your body. Then you will find out naturally.”

“Jji, you want me to take a picture?”

I sighed softly as I looked at Yu-jeong, whose eyes were as wide as a flower lantern. Then he picked up the jewel that had been pushed to one side and this time turned his attention to Hanbyul.

Cordelia, a jewel with a calm sea color. An unfortunate gem that was originally planned to be given to Han So-young, but was rejected.(?)

However, after thinking about it carefully, I think Han So-young was right, so I changed direction by giving it to Han Byeol. It’s not that there is any particular intention, but rather that Hanbyul’s credit is the biggest one for resolving some of my physical stamina issues. It could be said that he is simultaneously paying off his debt.

“Hanbyeol. This is a gem called Cordelia. “What are the effects when taking it?”

“iced coffee. … “I know its efficacy.”

“okay? Well then, that’s explained. take it. “I will give this to you.”

“… yes? “To me?”

I nodded my head again toward Hanbyeol, who asked blankly.

And after a while.

“Ouch! Oppa is the best! “I love you~!”

“ah… . hmm… . Well, so… .”

The reactions of the two were sharply different. While Yu-jeong cheered and jumped into my arms, Han-byeol shook her head and took a step back. Until he started wiggling his hands and biting his lip.

no. Why is this happening all of a sudden? If I want to take it, I will take it quickly. Why are you taking such a long time?

I quickly opened my mouth, barely able to push away Yujeong who was rubbing my face like a cat.

“It’s okay, take it. “I have something to be thankful for.”

“Oh, no. brother. “How can I do this?”

“Uh huh. Anyway, personal achievements… . hey?”

“brother Brother!”

at that time.

So, the moment I was about to conclude my sentence by saying, “Hey,” I suddenly felt my gaze shift away from Hanbyul.

Soon, I calmly closed my eyes and opened them to see Yu-jeong smiling brightly with excitement. Inseok grabbed my face with both hands and forcibly turned it towards himself. As if to tell Hanbyul not to worry.

“Oppa~. Where should I film this? huh?”

Yu-jeong has been showing off her cuteness by secretly lifting her clothes. She seems quite happy to have received the result.

But even in the midst of all this, I didn’t miss the cold look on Hanbyul’s face. It seemed like he had sensed the intention of Yu-jeong’s actions. If you notice, isn’t it Kim Han-byeol?

“Do whatever you want,” I muttered, then barely raised my left hand and shook the jewel. The meaning was to take it quickly and take it in moderation.

It was then.

Hanbyeol, who was glaring at Yujeong, suddenly took a step forward with a solemn look on her face.

And I stared at the jewel held in my finger for a moment.


Suddenly, his face popped out.

And after a while.



The sticky feel of my fingers made me faint for a moment.

Hanbyeol. That Hanbyul opened her mouth and sucked my finger, or rather Cordelia’s. And with the mouth, so intensely that it makes a sound.

For a moment, a heavy silence fell.

“brother. thank you.”

Hanbyeol greets us politely with one cheek puffed out, as if nothing has happened.

“… under?”

Yu-jeong stared at Han-byeol with a puzzled expression.


Then Hanbyeol also snorted with a cold face.

… If I see a tingling discharge phenomenon between the two, is it my mistake?

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